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4/7/2018: So the FBI "seized" and raided the owner's house in New Age Spa enclave resort town of Sedona, AZ,
not far from the "Therapy on the Rocks" center of John Barnes PT Myofascial Release...
(looking for prostitution ads?  Just look under "Massage" on Craigslist or in the AT&T Fraud Yellow Pages!)  FOSTA passed so easily because it wasn't supposed to work!  Congress is corrupt, lazy, & stupid!
Let's all meet John and Cindy McCain at the massage parlor to celebrate FOSTA passing!  The entire Pentagon staff is invited, and all of John's veteran buddies too!  How many brothels are there within 1 mile of Congress?
Last night I had dreams of being back in Law School, since this and being discriminated against by the American Physical Therapy Association, and the efforts by the 
American Massage Therapy Association and more precisely the California Massage Therapy Council, to use massage as a front for promoting prostitution,
were key points of my Law School application essays back in 2010.
I am excited about having ordered John Barry's book about the founding of the State of Rhode Island by Roger Williams, who was expelled from Massachusetts for religious reasons.
I think Roger Williams's case should be mandatory reading for any American, expecially any voting American.
Roger Williams case clearly provides a precedent case for understanding my arguments with the religious fanatics running (ruining) the APTA. 
Maybe more useful still for me personally actually was reading the authro John Barry's bio, and how he went from coaching football, to almost getting an MA in History,
to being a widely read author and expert on a variety of topics, from infectious diseases, to floods, to religious freedom debates leading to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.
So maybe studying Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, and Biological Psychology weren't necessarily "off topic" so much as a launching pad for further projects.I actually should be reading about Bacteria and Biodiversity Hotspots for my next exam...
I'd still like to take Biochemistry this Summer, but I can't shake that dream I had last night about being back in Law School...
I wrote a Disability Lawyer about suing the American Physical Therapy Association, before their next convention in Orlando, Fl in June. 
Why does the APTA spend more time & money promoting discrimination and hurting people, than helping people?   Ask my mother's church (Billy Graham-ites).  Ask the Pope.  They love hating people, these are their priorities.
This is not what Roger Williams was talking about, nor is it what America is supposed to be about. 
3/31/2018:  I do not have time right now to properly address the recent passage by Congress and the Senate of FOSTA/SESTA, and the removal of "Personal" ads by Craigslist,
nor my finally noticing the Reason Magazine article posted a few months ago about Massage, though I continue to note that Reason is not and has never been "Libertarian"-
the Libertarian approach would obviously be to follow the Bill of Rights in a logical and coherent manner, giving 2nd Amendment Rights to prostitutes, instead of perpetually 
only talking about the rights of corporations to make money off of prostitution; ie: Google, AT&T, etc.
Some Islamic Middle Eastern territories, I recall Dubai in particular, are talking about deporting individuals who distribute "Massage Parlor" (prostitution) business cards,
leaving them on Ferrari's, etc.
I am mainly posting today to announce that by some bizarre stroke of luck arranged a meeting with famous disability rights activist Alice Wong, who met with President Obama
via telepresence robot at the White House.  I think Alice Wong will be quite disturbed and perturbed to learn how the American Physical Therapy Association has continuously 
and viciously discriminated against me, because of the relationship between my body and technology

It is also important to note that the Dean of the Michigan State University Osteopathic Medical School is in jail aas I write this, yet Massage Magazine (Chiropractic publisher too!) is insisting that

boundaries should be crossed, intentionally, without consideration or thought of any kind.  Are Massage Magazine's editors and publishers as completely stupid as it seems?  Look at Hearst, etc...

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi

Thank you for contacting Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

We have received your information, and will get back to you shortly. 
777 sent me a "Happy Birthday" note, which gives me something good to think about since I just got back from Atlanta
where I stood over my little half-brother's grave.
I will "Oslo" note that I emailed DNA Norwegian Tania Storm, lead CorePower Yoga Teacher Trainer in Portland, and mentioned how bizarre and incomprehensible
my treatment by the local Chiropractic College (Western States) there has been over the last 2 years. 
Big Gay Power (& the Sex Work Supremacists) hard at work stabbing me in the back again?  Maybe.  While Tim Barnett (and you) looks the other way?  Maybe.
Did you see that silly story about Depeche Mode's Massage Therapist working for the Men's USA Hockey Team at the 2018 Winter Olympics?  WTF?  Are you kidding me? 
Having Ola Grimsby write to me is revolutionary, and central to the story I have tried to offer here, because:
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) was founded in Rochester, Michigan. During the summer of 1991,
at the urging of Norwegian manual therapist, Freddy Kaltenborn, a group of manual therapists met at Oakland University to discuss
common issues facing manual therapy in the United States. This was the first time that leaders of various manual therapy residency programs
had come together under one roof. Recognizing their common interest in advanced manual therapy in the United States they proceeded to form the AAOMPT.
The members, Richard Erhard, PT, DC; Joe Farrell, PT, DPT, MS; Kornelia Kulig, PH.D, PT; Michael D. Rogers, PT, OCS; Bjorn Svendsen, DHSc, PT;
Stanley V. Paris PT, PhD; Ola Grimsby PT; and Michael Moore PT became the Founding Fellows of the AAOMPT. The first officers were:
President, Joe Farrell; Vice President, Richard Erhard; Secretary, Michael Moore;
Treasurer, Ola Grimsby; and Member-at-Large, Stanley Paris.
Note that I have been blacklisted and shunned by the AAOMPT, and prevented from getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy by the AAOMPT and APTA since 2003, because like members of the Norwegian Royal Family, Kings of India and the Maya,
and of course the Buddha, and many esteemed and respectable others, I have pierced ears.
The APTA and Stanley Paris compared my pierced ears to a crime akin to rape or murder, and said I should be expelled on sight, and shunned for life. 
Then Ola Grimsby sends me a Happy Birthday note.
There is also the interesting fact that Norway is kicking ass and taking names at the 2018 Winter Olympics...
Someone asked me why I haven't commented as yet on the Polaris Project report about Massage Parlors in America, I'm sorry but today all it makes me think about is that journalists are mental mercenaries, like the attorneys who Shakespesare suggested should all be killed... I feel like I am drowning in a sea of bullshit, and studying science right now is my ballast, keeping me afloat...
I talked to the founder of Polaris Project, Derek Ellerman, about all this 15 years ago over the phone, about the map of Washington DC brothels he has on his wall...
1/14/2017: I can only watch, helpless and horrified, while MSU & former Team USA doctor Larry Nassar is facing prison for giving sexual massages, while simultaneously the sports and business icon Arnold Schwarzenegger created California Massage Therapy Council continuously and unapologetically uses massage as a front for promoting prostitution massage, run by people whose only concern is promoting sexual contact massage. 
If I sexually harassed Summer Tompkins, tower of power dweller Susie Tomkins Buell would go completely apeshit
and call for my head on a platter.  I would go to prison.  I woud be registered as a sex offender.
...but what happened instead is Summer Tompkins sexually harasssed me during a massage that Susie paid for, at Susie's house, leading to the exact same result- Susie Tomkins Buell and the tower dweller elites went completely apeshit, and want my head on a platter. 
For being the victim of sexual harasssment.  I love you too, Susie.  That knife in my back feels great.
For trying to report it, and trying to tell the truth.  So ; I think it's funny that I also asked for Vail dweller James Hetfield some time ago, but I wrote Shaun White today, asking for his personal interest & intervention in my case. 
My gay black Education Psychology Ph.D./profesor semi Ivy League best friend from 4th grade emailed me. 
He knows I am telling the truth about everything I am saying here.  He knew me when I was 9, he knows I am as smart if not smarter than he is, and we both should have been forwarded to college,
but were held back by the teacher's unions and our parents on the false premise
of needing to be with our "peers" who don't understand or really like either one of us very much.  How was this beneficial, and to whom?
How is any of this possible? 
1/1/2018:  An article just came out about my former massage client Susie Tompkins Buell saying that she gave $500,000 to fund accusations of sexual harassment against acting US President Donald Trump.
After taking a blood pressure lowering pill, I felt I should take the time to post something about this paradox here.  Susie's daughter Summer used to flash her tits at me and moan during massages at her mom's house.  Susie knows everything I am saying here is true, and that everything I am saying and have ever said deserves a just and proper public hearing.
Would Susie support me in filing sexual harassment charges against her daughter?
What did Susie have to say when Al Gore was accused of sexual assault by a Massage Therapist?  Nothing.  Actually, she gave money to Al Gore, and she gave nothing to the woman accusing Al Gore of sexual assault.  Susie was in fact funding the accused sexual harasser in this case.
Please note the extraordinary validity that should be given to what I am saying here: Susie Tompkins Buell called me to give her a massage the day Al Gore lost the Presidential election to George Bush, because she had a headache. 
I might have an opportunity to move to San Mateo soon, in which case I can seriously consider running for office against serial sexual harassment coverup specialist Jackie Speier, or that identical hypocritical lying nutcase
the CAMTC just gave an award to, Jerry Hill (with a 100% LGBTQ+ Voter Approval rating!!!), who was awarded by the CAMTC in fact for promoting sexual harassment and sexual assault of Massage Therapists,
while absolutely everyone in American media and law enforcement
winked and wanked and nodded, and looked the other way.  "Gay sexual assault is good sexual assault" is a motto to live by, isn't it Susie Tomkins Buell?  "Democrat sexual assualt is good sexual assault", right Susie?
What support have you given me Susie Tompkins Buell?  I remember clearly when you gave my friend Nancy $200,000 to open a Pilates studio- I believe it was Nancy who introduced us to each other.
I have to say I am not surprised by this blatant hypocrisy or corruption any more, by Susie, or the media, or the churches, or anyone else, really.
The Winter Olympics starts soon, and that is the New Year I will maybe take more seriously than today, because it reminds me how I met CAMTC director Mark Dixon, who promotes sexual assault of Massage Therapists for a living now,
and has threatened to have me assassinated twice, with the full support of Democrats, Republicans, Christians, and Jews, and everyone in between.
It is unclear to me if Paralympic rock Climbing will be part of the Summer Olympics in Japan in 2020, but I couldn't help but notice that Evolv's prosthetic foot promotional video is 3 Minutes and 7 Seconds:
I can't wait for Susie Tompkins Buell to call me so we can talk about the MassageTherapist allegations of sexual assault against Al Gore, and why the APTA blocked me from getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy,
while Susie & her various puppets ignored everything.  It's business as usual in America!  Would you like to fund me completing my Pre-med classes Susie?  How about my MCAT prep, or my tuition? 
I need Biochemistry, Bio 2, and one lab to be ready to apply to MSUCOM.  With proper funding I could complete these classes by May.  I still like the idea of running for President of the APTA, which needs ethical leadership,
but to be honest right now I'm maybe most inspired by University of Chicago Ph.D. scientist Josiah Zayner, who is experimenting on his own DNA in his garage.  Instead of giving $50K to my dentist, I want my DNA to tell my mouth to grow new teeth.
Please note that the main reasons my teeth are damaged is because: 1) I was mugged in San Francisco, dragged up a flight of stairs by my head, for the $20 bill in my pocket; the muggers threatened to rape and murder me.
When I called the SFPD they literally laughed at me and hung up on me, refusing to take a report or do anything at all.  2) I was struck by a dropped snowboard while skiing in Salt Lake City during my volunteer work there in 2002 at the Olympics.
The stoned snowboarder said, "Sorry dude".  There are all these billboards all over trying to sell the idea that a stoned society will save money on healthcare.  I don't know about that; you might have less fights, but you also have more forgetfulness,
I can't wait to hear from you Susie Tomkins Buell.  Maybe William Randolph Hearst or Robert Mueller, or the APTA will get in touch with me too, while we're at it.  Let's pretend that someone cares.
Someone asked me if I have seen Lady Gaga's personal documentary about her getting massages, etc. as she apparently has fibromyalgia.  I know it exists, but I can't say I've seen it.
Listening to Lady Gaga makes me sad; it reminds me of the death of my younger half-brother, who was a DJ in Atlanta.  
12/8/1017: I want to reiterate that, yes, I am running for President of the American Physical Therapy Association, and I want you to vote for me.  I am 100% commited to reversing the damage Stanley Paris and every President since has done to the profession,
and to healthcare in America and worldwide.  Their bigotry, racism, anti-science, and discriminatory policies and practices are horrible and horrifying.  I am thankful to CUNY Hunter DPT Chair Gary Krasilovsky for suggesting I sue them.
Let's replace these relics with truly better leadership, shall we?  I still can't believe that when I was at the University of St. Augustine the PT Department Chair claimed that "I thank Jesus Christ the Lord for inventing Human Anatomy".  That's a quote.
I read the Wikipedia page about Buzzfeed, so now I know why Buzzfeed is crap- it's a spinoff of the Huffington Post, Politico, and other assorted assholes.  My blood pressure is too high because I read this nonsense;
I should be meditating,
listening to flowers flow in the breeze.
I also read the Wikipedia page on intellectual giftedness which recomended two books I would like to read, 2003's "A Nation Deceived" and it's 2015 update.  It's basic point apparently is to suggest that gifted students skip grades.
I think many teachers don't like this idea because it shows that some students can in fact become quite educated with access to education materials, and teachers would maybe have less power or pay in this type of system. 
I have read many books critiquing the education system; I highly recommend "The Word Police", for example.  "Conspiracy of Ignorance" is another informative and thoughtful read.
In my case, I think my life would have been more productive and effective if I had been allowed to skip Grades 5-12, and gone straight from 4th Grade to College.  I should have earned my BA before I could drive a car,
and my first Master's before I was 18.  I am not being egotistical.  I like to use the analogy of height, or girls developing breasts at a young age.  My brain simply worked at a Master's level for reading, writing, and analyisis when I was 9 years old. 
I should have earned 3 Ph.D.'s before I turned 40, had I been given proper opportunity, awareness, understanding, and support.
I want to thank my current Biology Professor Nidhi Ahuja, Ph.D, a native of India, for offering significant kindness and respect to me as I described these challenges and aspirations to her.
I can only imagine how she felt when I told her about the APTA's policy of comparing women with pierced noses to rapists or murderers, who like me deserve to be expelled on sight and shunned for life.
I was telling one of my friends about my past relationships with the DuPont family, and the Hearst's, Google-related people, and I bagan to wonder what the current monetary value of this website is?  Isn't James Hetfield worth $200Million now?
My roommate Ben Harding beat James Hetfield up in the 80's, drunk at a party. 
I want Hope Solo's vote for me, as I am offering her my vote as well to be President of US Soccer.  We need serious progress, and when I say this I do not mean the socialist distortion of the word, "progressive". 
I want Michael Jordan's vote.
I want Sean White's vote.
I want Team USA to support me, completely, 100%.
BTW, having Nancy Pelosi accuse Al Franken of Sexual Harassment and ask him to resign is the pot calling the kettle black.  How is Nancy Pelosi so pure?  I have thought for years my book about San Francisco would be called "A Toilet with Two Bridges". 
Nancy Pelosi should resign.
When is Jackie Speier going to talk about the sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, in her district, while she winks and nods and takes her piece of the cash?  What a hypocrite! 
I want to breifly mention that the easiest way for Justice Sotomayer and others to understand that a wedding cake is not food, and is in fact a ritual totem, should look to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, you can read the book or see the movie.
There is a famous scene about a wedding cake saved for decades by a jilted Bride-To -Be.  People take pictures of wedding cakes and frame them.  You don't do that with any other "food".

12/6/2017:  I have announced that I am running as a write-in candidate for President of the American Physical Therapy Association, with elections in Summer 2018; they need to modernize and secularize!
the irony being the APTA has not allowed me to become educated or Licensed because I have pierced ears.  The APTA has a policy of "Fuck you America!"
On a similar note, I told my Mom and my very religious cousin in Georgia, Jeff Goodwin, that I want to be written out of their wills,
and everything should be donated to Atheist Ireland, the most important organization for promoting peace there.
I have been asked to weigh in on several topics: Gay Wedding cakes before the Supreme Court, Sexual Assault at Massage Envy, and gays using public restrooms for sex,
Fox News/WND/John Stossel promoting legal prostitution, and the question of whether I have Asberger's.
Gay Wedding cakes: I agree with both sides of this argument, and think justice Kennedy's question about making a sign to put in your window makes sense.  A Wedding cake is not "food".  It is a ritual totem.
Massage Envy sexual assault: The problem with Massage Envy is it's owners and management, it's Board, and being owned by Roark Capital, which really doesn't care about it's customers or employees.  It's about profit only.
The bigger problem is the bullshit media, which only talks about male Therapists "attacking" female clients.
How often are Massage Envy Therapists attacked, propositioned, sexually harasssed, by clients?  I would easily venture to say that number is over 200,000 incidents since ME started business.
Does the media care?  No, because it makes money promoting sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, like the AMTA, Massage Magazine, etc.
If Massage Therapy was recognized as healthcare, I could bill indurance, and could easily apply to a Physician Assisstant program with over 28,000 hours of clinical experience/patient contact hours.
Republicans and Democrats say "No!"- they want prostitution, and lots of it, without having to admit it or take responsibility for anything, ever.  Like the APTA.  The APTA owes me about $2million, and apology, and an education. 
Gays using public restrooms for sex:  Some gays are suing the City of San Jose about somehow saying they have a right to have sex in public restrooms, and someone even challenged me to a face-to-face debate about this right applying to highway rest stops.
I think when commuters have been driving for hours drinking coffee and soda, when they stop to use a restroom, they want to use it for it's purpose.  You want to hsave sex, find somewhere better.
Many gay bars in fact completely remove the doors to their bathrooms.  Why?  Because they make money selling people beer, who then need to use the restroom for it's actual purpose. 
John Stossel's story promoting prostitution, like the Massage Envy sexual assault story, aren't even news, since it's over a decade old, just they've been covering it up instead of covering it.  Why didn't Stossel explain why "sex work" is a "better" term?
He doesn't have a rational argument.  Furthermore, as usual, REASON magazine pushing this is not Libertarian.  The true Libertarian position should focus on gun rights for everyone, including prostitutes, and their clients.  That's Libertarian.
Asberger's: No, I do not have Asberger's.  I am intellectually gifted.  There is a rather significant difference. 
Fuck Massage Magazine, & Fuck the American Physical Therapy Association.  America deserves better. 
11/11/2017: I was talking to a female U.S. Attorney earlier today, and I thought about mentioning to her that I know Bob Mueller, Gavin Newsom (let's say Gavin knows me), and others who might have a hard time answering
her specific questions about why actual Massage Therapy is not covered by Health Insurance in California.  I would love to see her take that up, as well as the various issues I have brought up here for 15 years.
Why is the American Physical Therapy Association commited to destroying my career, basically killing me, my mind, and my message, and covering it up? 
Why has the American Massage Therapy Association threatened to have me assassinated, twice?.
On a related note, one of my female friends apparently is getting an Assistant Professor assignment at Stanford University.  Congratulations!  She's taking a huge pay cut to take that job, but it's a good investment for her.
I think both might have interest in asking why and how uneducated fraud Maxine Doogan came to have such a strong influence over Massage regulations in California. 
Republican Catholic Arnold Schwarzenegger knows why and how because he helped her do it. 
The supposed recent posting by the FSMTB and Massage Magazine claiming to address these issues is empty handed and hollow-hearted.. 
Follow the money...
(at my alma mater, Sonoma State, where I studied Sports Medicine, Psychology, & helped teach Anatomy, I also co-founded the Outdoor Adventure Club and the Environmental Activism Club
lI should add here that it was during my environmental activism heyday at SSU that I met the now much more famous "Pope with earrings" of the Lakota Tribe,
Arvol Looking Horse, who was central to the recent "Standing Rock" protests, note again here the ongoing conflict between the Princess Francis fashion-style, and the Arvol Looking Horse style
and the obvious fact that the American Physical Therapy Association is unethically and illegally preventing me from getting my Doctorate because they are more focused on being religious bigots than being healing arts professionals)

As usual, the wink and wank from Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association, because they're so Professional... so Christian! 
Please note again as I believe I have already stated elsewhere that several years ago when I contacted Maxine Doogan,
she explicitly insulted me, threatened me, and told me, "THIS IS THE DEAL!" Massage Therapy is run by prostitutes, for prostitutes. 
My voice and my opinion, and that of actual Massage consumers, is irrelevant, silenced, censored, and shunned. 
This policy couldn't be more blatant or obnoxious than when being paraded by a State-funded, taxpayer subsidized University Nursing Department. 


9/16/17:  Several significant and profound incidents have occured since my last post.  

Los Angeles banned Christopher Columbus Day, an incident celebrated at City Hall by males with pierced ears, and others but that detail matters here, because Columbus slaughtered and enslaved males with pierced ears and made his dress code the Law.  I am perpelxed by claims this offends Italians, since Columbus was not Italian, and Italy did not exist during his lifetime.  read about THE PEACE OF LODI.  Columbus was a mercenary.

In light of my recent posts, former 6th grade teacher Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) might make a lot of money charging people $50K to meet him, and

Adam Ondra made 9/3/17 famous, as well as pollitely giving thanks to his new Osteo/Physio...

I have been thinking quite a bit about when I started studying Honors Biology as a Freshman at Lodi High School, and how while

my teacher could not bring himself to teach the core them of Biology, Evolution, because that's too controversial,

he decided instead it was perfectly normal to spend days showing Honors Biology students the propaganda film Silent Scream, and lecturing about the horrors of abortion.  

And people wonder why I dropped out of science for so long...

I am further reminded of the fact that the female Massage Envy co-worker who stalked and assaulted me while Massage Envy turned a blind eye, over and over, does not believe in dinosaurs, because they are not in the Bible.

She does beleive that we are married, despite the fact that we have never dated, and she is married to someone else. 

I think all Massage Therapists, and/or Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, etc. influenced by Ida Rolf should think about my friends who can't get raises or promotions at Stanford University, because they are women,

or wonder why the APTA won't give me my Doctorate, because of my ears.  Look at Ida Rolf.  Why would a Ph.D. in Biochemistry be doing wacky yoga/massage philosophy?  Ida Rolf couldn't get a real job in her field, as a woman.

I just think people should be treated fairly.  My female science friends should be offered the promotions and raises they deserve by Stanford University.  I should be offered the promotions and raises I deserve as well.

 APTA is silent as usual.  Instead of studying Rolfing, I'm going deeper into the concepts behind Ida Rolf's psychology and methods by studying Biochemistry and cellular physics, at the moment.  I don't think my Stanford science frineds know I have the Human Genome Project poster published by Science, or that the first thing I did after my dispute with the APTA began was A) read a book about John Adams and B) read a book about molelular cell biology. 


8/10/2017:  Two profound (to me) incidents occurred recently leading me to hopefully find a way to return to deep scientific scholastic study asap. 

I watched a youtube review of 12-year old Tye Trujillo (famous for being Robert Trujillo of Metallica's son) playing bass while touring with Korn,

and noticed how much Tye looks like his mom, Chloe.  Robert is now worth over $20 Million.  When I met Robert and Chloe (and James Hetfield, etc.) his son Tye was 4 years old,

giving the ridiculous delays and bullshit I've been fed by the APTA for 12 years more fire than ever.  Someone should sue the APTA.

That and a painful conversation with a Genentech scientist who left Stanford due to their sexist refusal

to giver her a bonus or a raise (I know a lot of female scientists from Stanford being screwed over by senior faculty on a regular basis, as a matter of policy)

made me remember in again vicious and horrific detail how I had a subscription to Science when they published the Human Genome, and in 2014 when I was

trying to go back to school studying science with the specific intent of getting a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State, alas! woe!

A female co-worker at Massage Envy stalked me, sexually assaulted me, destroyed my motorcycle, and the police, the judge, and my lawyer said:

"If you were a girl you would get $250,000 in less than 90 days from Massage Envy for negligence and conspiracy to create a hostile work environment,

but you're a boy, and sexually assaulting boys is OK in California.  No-one cares.  Juries don't care.  Politicians don't care.  It is not an issue or concern.  Go away."

So anyways, while I am still excited to have the time and money and hopefully friends and supporters willing to bolster my application to the DPT in NYC at Hunter,

I might instead simultaneously go back and at least finish that one biology class that was interrupted by the crazy lady trying to kill me.

The whole process of applying to grad schools is so often so absurd.  I need only 2 biology classes to apply to full Medical School, but for the inferior DPT I need

another math class, I have to retake 4 science classes in Chemistry & Physics, and more!  Some still say I should just give up and do something else, Chiropractic... Why?

Then again there is rent.  A studio apartment that needs to be torn down on the Silicon Valley Peninsula will set you back $2K a month.  I can buy a mansion in Iowa for that. 



7/13/2017:  I watched a motorcyclist die last Sunday; he was tailgating and took a header off the car in front of him during a 3-car pile-up, pretty typical Silicon Valley accident.

I was at the Ironworks Touchstone (indoor rock climbing) gym in Berkeley today and both Beth Rodden and Alex Honnold were there; Alex was being incognito since he's a bit of a celebrity now,

but I think he remembered me and maybe my letter to John Long at Rock & Ice and a card I sent to to Hans Florine somehow made it to Alex, he smiled at me several times.

I let Alex be, but enjoyed watching his workout style, still very endurance focussed, but definitely increasing his finger strength is an obvious and clear goal.

He did a hangboard session the same day he "freed" El Capitan.

I think these stories are all related, since in many of my letters to Physical Therapy Schools recently, I talked about German climbing coach/author Ludwig Dicki Korb's nose piercing as being fashionable yet irrelevant. 

So I wrote approximately 111 Professors at Physical Therapy Schools around America, and maybe two things happened.  I am 99% positive I have a meeting coming up at Hunter College at City University of New York;

I think the campus atmosphere and intellectual environment at Hunter College CUNY and it's Doctor of Physical Therapy program are likely to be quite sympathetic and warmly welcoming to me, despite my ears.

However, the other main result of my letter writing campaign is this: Just like the APTA has deleted all of my efforts to communicate with them for 14 years,

Wikipedia has appeased the ivory tower and deleted the very useful page listing all Physical Therapy Schools in America.  It's gone!

Also, I need to point out that TWO of my former classmates from the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Stanley Paris's University of St. Augustine are now

Department Chairs, Dr, Creelman at Idaho State, and better still Patrick Pabian at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, who was two years behind me, so I should be his senior mentor!

Let me know when the American Physical Therapy Association starts caring about public health, students, or ethics. 

List of physical therapy schools in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All accredited and developing Physical Therapy Schools offer the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree. Some institutions offer joint degrees, post doctoral residencies and fellowships as well as PTA programs.

Current Physical Therapy Schools[edit]

City, StateSchoolDegree, Post Doctoral Residency and/or FellowshipWebsiteTwitter
Alabama, MontgomeryAlabama State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Alabama, BirminghamThe University of Alabama at BirminghamDoctor of Physical Therapy
Alabama, MobileUniversity of South AlabamaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, State UniversityArkansas State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, SearcyHarding UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, ConwayUniversity of Central ArkansasDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, MesaA.T. Still University of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, GoodyearFranklin Pierce UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, FlagstaffNorthern Arizona UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, GlendaleMidwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, PhoenixNorthern Arizona UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, AzusaAzusa Pacific UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, FresnoCalifornia State University, FresnoDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long BeachDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, NorthridgeCalifornia State University, NorthridgeDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, SacramentoCalifornia State University, SacramentoDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, OrangeChapman UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Loma hi LindaLoma Linda UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Los AngelesMount St Mary's CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, OaklandSamuel Merritt UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, San FranciscoUniversity of California, San Francisco - San Francisco State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Los AngelesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT-MPH, Neurologic Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Sports Residency
California, San MarcosUniversity of St. Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, StocktonUniversity of the PacificDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, PomonaWestern University of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, San DiegoSan Diego State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Colorado, DenverRegis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Colorado, AuroraUniversity of Colorado DenverDoctor of Physical Therapy, Pediatric Residency Program
Connecticut, HamdenQuinnipiac UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, FairfieldSacred Heart UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, StorrsUniversity of ConnecticutDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, West HartfordUniversity of HartfordDoctor of Physical Therapy
District of ColumbiaHoward UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
District of ColumbiaThe George Washington UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Delaware, NewarkUniversity of DelawareDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, TallahasseeFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Fort MyersFlorida gulf Coast UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, MiamiFlorida International UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Fort LauderdaleNova Southeastern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, OrlandoUniversity of Central FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, GainesvilleUniversity of FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Coral GablesUniversity of MiamiDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, JacksonvilleUniversity of North FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, TampaUniversity of South FloridaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT-MPH
Florida, Saint AugustineUniversity of St Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Georgia, SavannahArmstrong State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaEmory UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/MBADPT-MPH, Orthopedic Residency Program
Georgia, AugustaGeorgia Health Sciences UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaGeorgia State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, DahlonegaNorth Georgia College and State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaMercer UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency
Iowa, DubuqueClarke UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Iowa, Des MoinesDes Moines University - Osteopathic Medical CenterDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT-MPHD.P.T./MHA
Iowa, DavenportSt Ambrose UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency
Iowa, Iowa CityThe University of IowaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Idaho, PocatelloIdaho State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, PeoriaBradley UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Illinois, University ParkGovernors State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, Downers GroveMidwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Illinois, DekalbNorthern Illinois UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, ChicagoNorthwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Illinois, North ChicagoRosalind Franklin University of Medicine and ScienceDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Fellowship Program in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Illinois, ChicagoThe University of Illinois at ChicagoDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Indiana, IndianapolisIndiana UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Indiana, EvansvilleUniversity of EvansvilleDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency Program
Indiana, IndianapolisUniversity of IndianapolisDoctor of Physical Therapy
Indiana, Terre HauteIndiana State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kansas, Kansas CityUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT/PhD
Kansas, WichitaWichita State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kansas, LeavenworthUniversity of Saint MaryDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kentucky, LouisvilleBellarmine UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kentucky, LexingtonUniversity of KentuckyDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDTransition D.P.T.
Kentucky, Bowling GreenWestern Kentucky UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Louisiana, New OrleansLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New OrleansDoctor of Physical Therapy
Louisiana, ShreveportLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center in ShreveportDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Wound Management Residency
Massachusetts, SpringfieldAmerican International CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Massachusetts, BostonBoston UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.,
Massachusetts, BostonMGH Institute of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Orthopaedic Residency
Massachusetts, BostonNortheastern UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Massachusetts, BostonSimmons CollegeDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Massachusetts, SpringfieldSpringfield CollegeDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT/ATC,
Massachusetts, LowellUniversity of Massachusetts LowellDoctor of Physical Therapy
Massachusetts, WorcesterMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Maryland, BaltimoreUniversity of Maryland - BaltimoreDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Maryland, Princess AnneUniversity of Maryland - Eastern ShoreDoctor of Physical Therapy
Maine, BangorHusson UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Maine, PortlandUniversity of New EnglandDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Michigan, Berrien SpringsAndrews UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., DPT/DScPT, Orthopeadic Residency
Michigan, Mt PleasantCentral Michigan UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Michigan, Grand RapidsGrand Valley State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Michigan, RochesterOakland UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Orthopaedic Residency, Neurological Residency, Pediatric Residency, Oncology Residency
Michigan, Ann ArborUniversity of MichiganDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., CardioPulmonary Residency, Geriatric Residency, Neurology Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Pediatric Residency
Michigan, DetroitWayne State universityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Minnesota, DuluthCollege of St ScholasticaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Minnesota, RochesterMayo School of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Minnesota, MinneapolisSt Catherine universityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Minnesota, MinneapolisUniversity of MinnesotaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDDPT/MS, Geriatric Residency
Missouri, St LouisMaryville University of Saint LouisDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, SpringfieldMissouri State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T
Missouri, Kansas CityRockhurst UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, St louisSaint Louis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, BolivarSouthwest Baptist UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, ColumbiaUniversity of MissouriDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, St LouisWashington University in St LouisDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD, Women's Health Residency, Movement Science Fellowship, Diagnosis and Management of Movement Impairment Syndromes Fellowship
Mississippi, JacksonUniversity of Mississippi at the Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT, Neurology Residency, Sports Physical Therapy Residency
Montana, MissoulaUniversity of Montana - MissoulaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition DPT, Sports Residency
Nebraska, OmahaCreighton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopeadic Residency, Pediatric Residency, Geriatric Residency
New Hampshire, ManchesterFranklin Pierce UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, StratfordRutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Graduate School Camden and School of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, South OrangeSeton Hall UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, GallowayStockton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, NewarkUniversity of Medicine & Dentistry of New JerseyDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Mexico, AlbuquerqueUniversity of New MexicoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Nevada, Las VegasUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasDoctor of Physical Therapy
Nevada, HendersonTouro University NevadaDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, PotsdamClarkson UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Staten IslandCollege of Staten Island - The Graduate Center (CUNY)Doctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New YorkColumbia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BuffaloD'Youville CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, AmherstDaemen CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, OrangeburgDominican College of BlauveltDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New yorkHunter College - The Graduate Center (CUNY)Doctor of Physical Therapy
New York, IthacaIthaca CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BrooklynLong Island University - Brooklyn CampusDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Dobbs FerryMercy CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, RochesterNazareth College of RochesterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Old WestburyNew York Institute of TechnologyDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, ValhallaNew York Medical CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New YorkNew York UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BrooklynState University of New York Downstate Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New york, SyracuseState University of New York Upstate Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Stony BrookStony Brook UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, TroyThe Sage CollegesDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Bay ShoreTouro CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency
New York, BuffaloUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New YorkDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, UticaUtica CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, DurhamDuke UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Cardiopulmonary Residency, Women's Health Residency, Pediatric Residency, Sports Physical Therapy Residency, Fellowship in Sports Medicine, Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
North Carolina, GreenvilleEast Carolina UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, ElonElon UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, Chapel HillThe University of North Carolina at Chapel HillDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT, DPT/PhD, Pediatric Residency
North Carolina, CullowheeWestern Carolina UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, Winston-SalemWinston-Salem State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, High pointHigh Point UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Dakota, BismarckUniversity of MaryDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Dakota, Grand ForksUniversity of North DakotaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, ClevelandCleveland State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, CincinnatiCollege of Mount St JosephDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, AthensOhio UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency
Ohio, ColumbusThe Ohio State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDDPT/MS, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Pediatric Residency, Neurologic Residency, Geriatric Residency
Ohio, FindlayThe University of FindlayDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, CincinnatiUniversity of CincinnatiDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, DaytonUniversity of DaytonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, ToledoUniversity of ToledoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, North CantonWalsh UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, YoungstownYoungstown State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Oklahoma, LangstonLangston UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Oklahoma, Oklahoma CityUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Oregon, HillsboroPacific UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Oregon, NewbergGeorge Fox UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, GlensideArcadia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghChatham UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaDrexel UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghDuquesne UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ErieGannon UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, AnnvilleLebanon Valley CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, DallasMisericordia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, AstonNeumann UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, LorettoSaint Francis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency
Pennsylvania, Slippery RockSlippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaTemple UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD, Orthopeadic Residency
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaThomas Jefferson UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghUniversity of PittsburghDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency, Women's Health Residency
Pennsylvania, ScrantonUniversity of ScrantonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaUniversity of the SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ReadingAlvernia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ChesterWidener UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Puerto Rico, San JuanUniversity of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences CampusDoctor of Physical Therapy
Rhode Island, KingstonUniversity of Rhode IslandDoctor of Physical Therapy
South Carolina, CharlestonMedical University of South Carolina[[Doctor of Physical Therapy Neurological Physical Therapy Residency, Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency, PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science[1]]]
South Carolina, ColumbiaUniversity of South Carolina - ColumbiaDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD
South Dakota, VermillionUniversity of South DakotaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, NashvilleBelmont UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, Johnson CityEast Tennessee State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, NashvilleTennessee State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, ChattanoogaThe University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, MemphisThe University of Tennessee Health Science CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, KnoxvilleSouth CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San AngeloAngelo State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, AbileneHardin-Simmons UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San MarcosTexas State University-San MarcosDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, LubbockTexas Tech University Health Sciences CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD/ScD
Texas, HoustonTexas Woman's UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD, Neurologic Residency, Woman's Health Residency, Transition DPT
Texas, San AntonioThe University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Texas, GalvestonThe University of Texas Medical Branch at GalvestonDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency, Transition DPT
Texas, AustinUniversity of St Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, El PasoUniversity of Texas at El PasoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, DallasUniversity of Texas SouthWestern Medical Center at DallasDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency, Prosthetics-Orthotics Residency, Orthopaedic Residency
Texas, Fort Sam HoustonUS Army-Baylor UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Manual Therapy Fellowship
Texas, Fort WorthUniversity of North Texas Health Science CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San AntonioUniversity of the Incarnate WordDoctor of Physical Therapy
Utah, Salt Lake CityUniversity of UtahDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency
Utah, ProvoRocky Mountain University of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, HamptonHampton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, ArlingtonMarymount UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, NorfolkOld Dominion UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, WinchesterShenandoah UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/MSAT
Virginia, RichmondVirginia Commonwealth UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, LynchburgLynchburg CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, RadfordRadford UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, EmoryEmory & Henry CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Vermont, BurlingtonUniversity of VermontDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, SpokaneEastern Washington UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, TacomaUniversity of Puget SoundDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, SeattleUniversity of WashingtonDoctor of Physical Therapy Neurologic Residency
Wisconsin, WaukeshaCarroll UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MequonConcordia University WisconsinDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MilwaukeeMarquette UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency
Wisconsin, LaCrosseUniversity of Wisconsin-LaCrosseDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency
Wisconsin, MadisonUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDoctor of Physical Therapy
West Virginia, MorgantownWest Virginia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
West Virginia, WheelingWheeling Jesuit UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy




 **Two important updates: My old San Francisco client, former Federal Prosecutor, former FBI-Director, Robert Mueller is back in the center ring of the circus, having been asked to investigate "the Trump Russia thing".

I wonder if Bob has a perspective on the things I am writing about.  I know he is an evangelical Christian Republican, but he's also clearly a "get the job done" Marine, and I tend to think he would sympathize my case,

perhaps moreso because I know Bob and his wife personally, but my case obviously has merit, and you know it.  The APTA knows it, which is why they are covering it up.

When I met Bob in San Francisco, he was referred to me by the ultra-wealthy Evangelical Christians that live across the street from Senator Diane Feinstein on Presidio Terrace.

I think Bob would see my 2nd point here today as further infuriating as I do: While I was writing every Physical Therapy Dept. in America (200 to go!),

I discovered that my former classmate Bob Creelman is now Chair of the Physical Therapy Dept. at Idaho State University.  

We were on campus together at Stanley Paris's University of St. Augustine in FL in 2003, both enrolled in the Doctorate degree.  So now I've been shunned for 14 years, and he's a Dept. Chair.

He has a "cop moustache"; I have pierced ears.  I grew one of those a few times, and I have to admit it's amazing, like something out of a Eddie Murphy comedy, all the cops and firefighters see it as a code, and wave at you.

I'm "white", of course, which probably helps pull that off.  

Seeking balance, I started by writing every PT Dept in Alabama, who may not support me, then I wrote the University of Vermont, who I imagine may be more likely to vote for me.


Dear Whom It May Please Concern at the University of Alabama at Birmingham,

I am writing to you today after literally fourteen years of being discriminated against by the APTA, and prevented from getting my APTA promised Doctorate in Physical Therapy to ask for your immediate, serious, scientific and academic concern, interest, and vote of support on my behalf as soon as possible, please. I have no further realistic options in American Physical Therapy other than to write every PT-degree offering University in America to explain what the APTA is doing to me, and ask why. Writing you is special, because I originally wanted to become a PT so I could marry a debutante from Birmingham, AL, Amy Pfaffman. Amy wanted me to become a PT. I tried.

After running a University Anatomy lab, working for the International Olympic Committee, working in a Physical Therapy rehab hospital, and working for US Ski Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, M.D., I applied to and was unconditionally accepted to the DPT program at FAPTA founded and owned University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Florida. Note that founder Stanley Paris was President of the APTA, and founder of the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, as well as co-founder of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

After moving to Florida from the San Francisco Bay Area in May 2003 and buying a condominium near campus, on the 3rd Day of school I was informed that, because my ears were pierced, I should be compared to a rapist, and deserved to be expelled on sight, and shunned for life. This position has been backed over and over by the APTA, CAPTE, and specifically by Wanda Nitsch of the APTA Education Board. My grades in Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry are irrelevant?

This and everything the APTA has done to me since 2003 violates the APTA Mission Statement, and it's Code of Professional Conduct. My ears don't have anything to do with anything related to Physical Therapy, science, or academics. I am not transgender, or gay, though these things are also irrelevant. My ears are pierced because I am a product of my generation & culture. Look around you. I look like David Beckham, the highest paid professional athlete in the world.

In 2013 the APTA made my Birthday, October 5, “Diversity Day” while discriminating against me for a full decade, with complete contempt and disregard for the APTA/CAPTE's own Mission & Ethics.

I should be a APTA Physical Therapy Fellow by now, and a full professor, with over a decade of experience. Instead I have nothing but the APTA's hypocrisy and lies, and a knife in my back.

Do you have the power or ethics to explain why I don't have my DPT, or reach out to me today, stand up for me, and see to it that the APTA/CAPTE follows it's own rules, and gives me my proper, appropriate, deserved respect, License, Degree, and Authority? How about doing that right now, today? You won't let me study/practice Sports Medicine because I look like a professional athlete?

The APTA has prevented me from treating over 10,000 patients. Why? I have been prevented from having a promised heath-care career and providing for my self and my family. Why?

Is it religion? Buddha had pierced ears. Jesus did not. Noone told me studying science was actually a beauty contest based on religious costumes.

I sincerely Thank You,

Brian Keith Goodwin Longcor 

... ... ... ... 

San Francisco Ballet's Massage Therapist, Jeff Cohen, sent me an email. 

...   ...   ... 

4/25/2017: After some time away, perhaps inspired by recently reading Dave Barry's incisive analysis of Florida, "Best. State. Ever.",

I am trying to write a piece for the AAAS / American Association for the Advancement of Science's "Science and Human Rights Student Essay 2017 " competition.

I am very curious how this might actually play out, since it really boils down to being a criminal indictment of the systematic corruption, racism, and idolatry

within the Science establishment (of course centering on my experience with the American Physical Therapy Association,

which has blocked me from getting my Doctorate since 2003, because my ears are pierced...),

preventing education or science from even waking up & getting out of bed...

I brought up Congresswoman Jackie Speir's tiff with Science over their headless transgender prostitutes cover some years ago as essential evidence of inherent power-based conflicts and was forced to speculate that Science would not be scientific when it came to reading my essay with an open-mind, since the rules here are clear, ""cover-up, deny, and ignore, In the Name of Jesus!"...

They say the prize is a subscription for a year of Science and a trip to a conference on Science & Human Rights,

but clearly for me the real prize would be the opening of a truly formal and open debate regarding the perpetual bullshit happening in my reasonable efforts at getting

the promised reasonable education from the promised reasonable American Physical Therapy Association, etc.  Maybe now is a good time to point out that

William Bernstein is a very successful trial lawyer who made literally piles of money off of an unscientific lawsuit filed against DuPont

on the claim that it's breast implants caused cancer- they don't and never did.  He is Jewish, and his office is adorned with pictures of Democratic Party royalty...

This story gets even more absurd when I read Science's essay rules and I am told I have to pay money to either Adobe and/or Microsoft in order to use the only allowed formats-

Open Office (free!) is not allowed.  Note that my past client base includes the architecht who designed Adobe's new campus, and that

Microsoft's Bill Gates has made clear his interests in prostitution investments along with Warren Buffett, and Steve Forbes is on the train too... 



I wonder if the next issue of Fast Company or American Spa Magazine, etc. will cover this: 


Seoul faces dilemma over ‘comfort women’ statue in Busan

...Caving to pressure, District Mayor Park Sam-seok held a news conference two days later, allowing the monument’s reinstatement and apologizing for the withdrawal and aggressive dispersion of the activists...

...The girl statue has been a perennial source of contention between the two countries. The Busan memorial is the second to be installed in front of a Japanese diplomatic mission,

following the one near the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, and there are 37 others around the country...  

...Under the Dec. 28, 2015 settlement, Seoul promised to work to “properly resolve” the issue through consultations with related organizations. 

With the steadfast Busan district office and citizens, the Foreign Ministry is struggling to find a solution, prompting criticism for passing the buck to local governments. 

“This is basically an issue that should be dealt with by related institutions according to law,” ministry spokesperson Cho June-hyuck said at a news briefing Tuesday. 

“However, our position is that it needs a prudent decision from the aspect of international protocol and customs regarding the protection of diplomatic relations.”  


Quite frankly all American and European coverage of this story in Korea is complete propaganda and total garbage, likely to quell debates surrounding prostitution issues in Germany and Israel, San Francisco and Washington DC, grumpy old men, etc.

It is important to note that following the 2005 massive federal raid of massage parlors in San Francisco-

the Hearst Corporation issued an absurd and sickening apology- not to the women, or to Massage Therapists- they apologized to Korea! 

However, I am very curious if my recent letter of inquiry to the University of Bridgeport may have influenced this development in some way,perhaps via it's Korean-run Martial Arts degree, though technically I was writing it's Chiropractic program, Bridgeport is unique with it's multiple disciplines, including Nursing and Physician assistant programs, and proximity to NYC... 

Real students are still waiting for real justice, and real education, from the utterly corrupt American Education system, the racist bigots at American Physical Therapy Association,

and of course the American Medical Student Association follows the protocol:

cover up, deny, and ignore. (don;t forget the BBC referred to child sex trafficking as "entrpreneurship"- because the sex toys in question were boys from Brazil. 



12/2/2016: How good is Sergey Brin's son at baseball?  


I still think it's funny that when Torben Ulrich asked me if I could do a house call for his son Lars, at the time I didn't have a car,

I've been hesitant about being solicited for sex doing house calls for a very long time (it's not paranoia, it's reality), and

I only do house calls with people I know and trust, and Lars lived way out in Tiburon, so I still wonder if that gig will happen someday.

Lars was interviewed recently by the Toronto Star.

 "I'm not sure that you grow old gracefully.That's the great unanswered question... We're doing everything we can to slow the aging process down.  

We put a lot of resources into healthy living and making the right coices and working out and we have a couple guys with us who keep us in shape.  

But I don't know how long we can keep doing it.  Everything's a fucking process.

Before I play drums now I've gotta have my shoulder rubbed and worked on and massaged for like 15 minutes.  It certainly doesn't get any easier as you get older. 


Lars, if I was recommended to you by your Dad, maybe you should give me an audition.

It is this slight relationship with Metallica that made me think I should try to reach out to Carnegie Hall Physical Therapist Shmuel Tatz to perhaps help negotiate my bizarre and frankly psychotic treatment by the American Physical Therapy Association. 

However, when you consider how I've been treated by the Hearst's and/or the Olympics, etc. I am left wondering where this saga will really go, if anywhere.  I keep trying anyways...


11/29/2016:  Happy 70th Birthday Mom!  Congratulations are also due for my old "friends" James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo of Metallica, who currently have one of the best selling albums in the world. 

Some people say I should avoid topics like this, but I have to wonder if this reality, and Kirk Hamett's famed collection of horror movie classic paraphernalia laid sway to the very recent redesign of Watercourse Way (Spa) in Palo Alto,

to include posters from Fight Club and Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I have been told I should inquire about working there, though it should also be known I recently wrote the University of Bridgeport's Chiropractic program about

the totality of circumstances I currently face.  It should be noted I have never met Kirk Hamett, but Robert Trujillo told me that one of Kirk's Phillipino cousins has toured with Metallica as their Massage Therapist/"healer".

When I was at Evo Spa working with James, Robert, and Lars Ulrich's Dad my supervisor was adamant I had to give two weeks notice if Metallica invited me to tour with them.  It never happened, and after Jenny (my Manager)

asked me out things went pretty crazy pretty fast.

The University of Bridgeport claims to be one of the most racially diverse in the United States, so I speculate they winced when I told them how I had been treated by "Palmer is for White People", the APTA, etc.

I told Robert Rujillo about my hobby/habit of tripping Skinheads (note there is a huge difference between a White Supremacist Skinhead and a bald guy skinhead) in the pit, and

Robert turned around and looked at me very seriously, saying, "That's a bold move".

I'm whiter than every White Supremacist I've ever met, so I figure they are obligated to get out of my way or be subservient to me.

I might add Adam Ondra took one day over my guess of when he would finish his first go at sending the Dawn Wall.  I enjoyed following your ascent on Instagram.  Congratualations Adam, I hope Hans Florine put you guys up at his house. 

I bought new winter motorcycle gear with the thought of heading out to Yosemite before Thanksgiving, but then I backed off that idea due to worries about hitting black ice. 


11/17/2016:  So now, while we still have the New York Times slandering Adidas, Elizabeth Arden, L'Occitane, me, etc. because they'd rather do that than actually report unbiased news,

(though they did publish a fake apology, followed by fake reports by fake Facebook and fake Google hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites supposedly opposing fake news...) 

Adam Ondra is likely sending El Capitan's Dawn Wall in record time by this Sunday, and I contacted esteemed pierced climbing coach admired by Physiotherapists worldwide,

though still scorned and hated by Stanley Paris, the American Physical Therapy Association, various bigoted Catholics (Roman for their haircuts & their lust for war),

Ludwig Dicki Krob, co-author of Gimme Kraft, maybe Dicki has some sway to say about how the APTA has treated me for 13 years... because of my ears, not my grades in Anatomy ("A")...

Maybe more importantly, I have not heard a peep from Hilary, while my friend J. Mannuel Herrera was covered by all 3 major news networks, and in the San Jose Mercury News, who wanted to cover

his event centered on developing intercultural and intrafamilial peace following the election.  his brother, a Spanish-speaking evangelical preacher, voted for Trump.

Furthermore, the LA Times and many other media chose to glorify Maxine Doogan's supposedly difficult quest to speak to Governor Jerry Brown about decriminalising prostitution 

when everyone knows that Maxine Doogan emailed me over a decade ago, insulting me and putting me "in my place" when I tried to request respect and dignity for

physician prescribed (including US Ski Team & Diane Feinstein's Orthopedic Surgeon) health insurance covered Massage Therapy -

Maxine Doogan pointed out to me that she and her prostitute colleagues owned the entire Massage profession in California, via a "deal" brokered by Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Kamala Harris, etc. 

and systematically lied about by every journalist and every news network in America.  Maxine Doogan is superior to me and every actual Massage Therapist, in every way, and is worshipped by Kamala Harris & Co.

Then Kamala Harris pretends she doesn't know what anyone is talking about and files a fake lawsuit against when this is clearly a political stunt which any Judge with 2 seconds to actually read the law would throw out...

and my old friends at Kimpton Hotels are doing brisk business, aren't you Kay? 


11/7/2016: Speaking of defamation lawsuits, 16 years ago, when George W. Bush was elected over Al Gore, Hilary Clinton's best friend, Susie, called me

and asked me to come to her penthouse in Pacific Heights in San Francisco to treat her headache...

The San Francisco Chronicle refers to Susie's penthouse as, "The Tower of Power".

I'd like to ask Hilary herself to call me.  There is a conversation we should have, face to face. 


The New York Times used this picture to intentionally miscover & mislead re: the issue of prostitution in Oakland, California

and moreso, to intentionally slander the rock-climbing community (Getty pic below points out that GWPC Gym is next door), and/or the beauty industry,

and perhaps me, because they don't like my website

or the questions I am trying to ask about Obamacare, the American Physical Therapy Association, Chiropractic, Massage, Spas, etc.

and their incredibly biased & stupid NYT Magazine cover story about prostitution published May 8, 2016, (the day before Erica O'Connor's Birthday)

President Obama & NYT, Inc, Hearst Inc, etc., Why are you lying about this, why are you covering my story up, while you know I'm right,

while you know I was FBI Director Robert Mueller's Massage Therapist

and Hilary Clinton's best friend's Massage Therapist...etc.  WTF?


Kristen Monsell of the Center for Biological Diversity, which sought the listing, said agencies must act to protect future generations of a species, not just the current population, and take measures with enough time to do so.




when growing facial hair was an excommunication-worthy offense

he excommunicated half of all Christendom—for having beards. 


Remarkable, impossible; I met an angel investor who helped create Google. 


I don't see any readable or useful articles available at this time explaining the current legal circumstances of or (though it did not lend credibility to's newsworthiness to read their claim that was created in 1986 - when there was no web at all until 1992...)

Is anyone really taking Kamala Harris seriously?


I have come to believe that among a few curious onlookers of this web/blog, we now have Fast Company on board...  "What is going to happen next?"


Watch GOOGLE "autofill" distort your brain and control your thoughts!  Sometimes Google will try to suggest you participate in "Global Citizen Day" or care about "Women's rights"...

Simultaneously, Google autofill will always change a search for "sex work" to a search for "sex workers rights" or "sex workers union", etc..  Why?

If you search for "Massage Therapist" there is no concern to lead you to think about "Massage Therapist's rights" or a "Massage Therapists Union"-

because Google's policy is to oppose respecting Massage Therapists, while only glorifying prostitution and the interests of prostitutes.

I work on Google's Developers, Programmers, Marketers, etc. though I have yet to met Sergey Brin or someone in top management.  Sergey knows what I'm talking about, and he knows he is full of shit;

,a hypocrite and a liar, but so is just about everyone else, so who cares?   The puppets, the profiteers, the slaves... I haven't covered the Keith Naz story because it isn't unique or interesting, really, is it Gavin?

777  In the majority of anglophone countries, paraveterinary workers with a formal scope of practice, and a degree of autonomy in their role,

are known as a veterinary nurses. The primary exception to this is in North America, where both the United States and Canada refer to these workers as veterinary (or animal health) technicians or technologists.

Human nursing associations have often claimed rights over the term 'nurse' and in some countries, this is protected by law...

777  ...The secret deal that allows sauna owners in Edinburgh to sell sex legally

...a 30-year-old document was signed by politicians, police and a senior Crown Office official in 1986 amid 

fears the city would be devastated by an Aids epidemic... Lothian & Borders Police, Edinburgh Council and NHS officials agreed

saunas could have prostitutes on the premises on the basis that they promoted safe sex and supplied condoms.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) yesterday confirmed the existence of the no-prosecution policy. 


9/23/2016: I had another dream last night about being married to Amy Pfaffman, which always leaves me in this strange happy/sad state the following day.

I continue to blame San Francisco's massage prostitution community (Gavin Newsom, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) for my financial challenges which led to our separation.

How ludicrous and psychotic can it be, to have the Hearst's and DuPont's on my client list in San Francisco, while being completely cockblocked from running a "normal" massage spa by the plethora of sleazy cokehead politicians on the take?

I'm 99% convinced that the new legal case in Honolulu that extradited sex traffickers from CA to Hawaii is being overseen by my friend Matt Chapman,

who is likely running for Governor soon.  He's a "CS Lewis" Christian, and owns most of Maui. 

I also continue to blame the supposed "loving" Christian community running the American Physical Therapy Association for fighting tooth and nail for 13 years straight to keep me out of the Physical Therapy profession - because my ears are pierced.

What does the APTa have to say?  Silence.  What does the AMTA have to say?  Silence.  What does anyone in "loving" America have to say?  Silence.



9/16/2016: As a person becomes astutely aware of political inbreeding and incest,

then awakens to find the New York Times coverage of the Oakland Police Department's new prostitution policy

is headlined (WTF?) by a picture taken next door to the only rock climbing gym in Oakland, Touchstone's Great Western Power Company, where Michael's sister Alayna works,

I'm thinking, "This can't possibly be happening,this is wierder than Jay-z going to Iceland" and yet it is.  This is on the heels of the other day the San Francisco Chronicle putting Harbin Hot Springs on it's cover...  Is it the election?  Or is this actually important in the long run?  Is the money and the image management creating a conflict of interests?

Note noone in Oakland or the New York Times is talking about any of the deeper actual issues at hand, or massage prostitution, or gays.  Reminds me of how when I lived in SF,

during Christmas the animal rights protestors would throw blood on fur buyers at Macy's, while never daring to step one foot into Chinatown, because they knew they would get stabbed or shot

and their body tossed in the bay for the sharks to eat, and noone would say a word...  If the New York Times reads this, and this is some odd acknowledgement, I'm humbled, perhaps, but maybe a little offended and pensive.

I double-checked the maps, and the  recent New York Times headline article about prostitution in Oakland, intentionally misreported and simply outright lies (as usual)

claims that the heart of prostitution is 2.5 miles away from the actual statistically documented and very well-known area of International Boulevard known as "the track".  

I've said it for years, ever since I met William Randolph Hearst III at his house and met FBI Director Robert Mueller and his wife at their home as well... especially after MPA Media slandered me so they could protect David Palmer's lies...

"The Media is The Mafia".

Why is the New York Times slandering the rock climbing community and endorsing a campaign of fraud & terror?  Because someone upstairs hates me, and they hate this website.  

They respect my knowledge, perhaps, but they fear the results of honesty. 

I outed Hilary Clinton.  I outed Gavin Newsom.  I outed the Catholic Church.  

I outed the AMTA, the APTA, the AAOMPT, the CAMTC... I'm hopefully not done just yet... simply asking for something resembling peace, justice, honor... 

It's valuable to note that since "Celeste Guap" is entering PTSD psychological rehab at Stanford University, Yoga Nidra scholar Richard Miller, Ph.D. is following your story too, at least trying to, a challenge, since the media lies so often.





9/14/2016:  Stanford University has completely revised their Physician Assistant Program from a Certificate to a Master's Degree, reducing it's required prerequisite healthcare experience hours from 3,000 to 500 hours,

and deleting the recently added bullet point specifically stating that Massage Therapy was not healthcare.  I read this while re-applying to the UWS Doctor of Chiropractic, in stripclub utopia Portland, OR, also HQ for Nike, etc.

I realize I need to explain that the photo above is not me, it is the singer Keali'i Reichel from the cover of his album Lei Hali'a, which has two spa-ish tunes I have added to my playlist, Ku'u Pua Mae'ole, and the title track.

I recently met a woman from Honolulu who told me that she danced to these songs at prom, and at her wedding, they always make her cry.

Perhaps more interesting still is the fact that I was actually introduced to this album and Keali'i Reichel by a Roman Catholic monk, closeted gay, senior instructor at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco,

an award-winning teacher, honored equally by the Vatican and Oprah, who taught me to love and appreciate traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian culture.

OK, so where is my diploma, Dr. Paris?  Where is even a single moment of consciousness from the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists, or any of their WHO/UN colleagues? 

Sensing silence, and my mother is going blind?  Did she stutter and pause, lastly realizing her church has condemned me to poverty, her hero Billy Graham has nothing but gasping hollow hate to offer our family & the world,

no answers, no questions even...?

I had a dream that Chris Sharma was my friend.  Scary thought, since I can't possibly keep up with him.  Still might do my Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist for the NSCA by 2017, statistics, microbiology, lot's to think about.

How can you spend money to make money, when Stanley Paris won't make peace with Keali'i Reichel?  When Billy Graham and who's that asshole Barack Obama had oversee his Inauguration?  The "purpose" clown?  You know who I'm talking about.

Will he make peace, or think about peace, or tell the truth for 90 seconds? 

Speaking of porpoises, I've been showing a lot of people the Dolphin video my friend Mark Peters made, that is still sponsored by GoPro, and got Mark on CNN, covered by Smithsonian, etc.  Have you seen it? 



Again, it is impossible to comprehend, yet true, that Team USA and the American Physical Therapy Association

holds, without debate or consciousness, that my simple Michael Jordan/David Backham-like pierced ears are grounds

for being "expelled on sight and shunned for life"- Yet here we have this (no, really, read this!):

"When someone has an artifical heart, we don't see them as a cyborg.  But when someone has a Terminator eye,

we all of a sudden see them as something that stands apart.  

There's a psychological impact here, what I call "speciation syndrome"-

when you can change certain parts of your body, sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't." 


NOTE: All of the arrogant assholes at Team USA, the APTA, etc. expelling and shunning me because of microcopic scars on my ears

ALL have transhuman technologies for cosmetic or pragmatic purposes - eyeglesses, artificial hips, pacemakers, botox, smartphones, etc.

All of them. 



"Transhumanism is often described as the real religion of Silicon Valley." 


8/4/2016: I spent the last two days watching surfers north of Santa Cruz, and climbing the mountains around Big Basin Redwoods, coming home to find:

Why have you been such a tireless crusader to get surfing in the Olympics? 

...I read Duke Kahanamoku’s autobiography. In it he says: “Even as early as that day [early 1920s], I was already thinking of how surfing could become one of the events in the Olympic games. Why not?…I still believe surfing will one day be recognized and accepted.” This is the guy that we look to as our founding father.

He was asking for surfing’s inclusion in the Olympics, 80 years earlier. I thought, We can do this. 

But getting to this point was like going out on a dawn patrol. It’s foggy, it’s dark, and you don’t know what you’re paddling into. It took me 20 years of paddling... 


8/1/2016:  I was unofficially queried by a marketing guru from Garmin today... Apparently one of the top-dogs for Garmin lives on the Silicon Valley Peninsula.  I'm not quite sure what that was about just yet.

Are Garmin's technology and products "transhuman"?


7/30/2016: "..."Obviously we want to be cutting-edge stylistically when it comes to the Olympic Games,"

says Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs, who won gold in London and will return to the Rio Games.

He calls this year's uniforms "very patriotic and representative of American culture."

***The American Physical Therapy Association and TEAM USA continues to claim that being a male with pierced ears is an EXPULSION ON SIGHT, SHUNNED FOR LIFE OFFENSE, COMPARABLE TO RAPE OR MURDER... 


It would appear I owe Hans Florine the benefit of the doubt,

since I have previously speculated here that it was Hans, the Libertarian Ayn Rand fan,

who decided to put Bibles and gun magazines in the lobby of Diablo Rock Gym.  

In the August 2016 issue of Rock & Ice magazine Hans clearly states that an area of intellectual rapport he has with Alex Honnold

is in fact that they are both Atheists.  Hans's new book, referred to by rock-climbing legend Peter Croft as "bat-shit crazy", is launching September 1st

When I asked Hans if he would co-sign a loan or think about finding a way to help me finish graduate school,

he was quite serious when he said, "I'll think about it" and I truly appreciate that.

He says my website is likely an issue of contention to some of my professed programs of interest.

I have yet to find any particular support or direct attention from the APTA, AAOMPT, AMSA, etc. and am still getting the run around from Palmer, Life West, etc.

so I re-applied to University of Western States in Portland, where I was first accepted in 2006, ten years ago, no problem, no questions asked.  




25% of customers showing up at Karma Tantric, a London-based Massage Company, are looking for lesbian prostitution, specifically.


I'm researching the recent buy-out of Earthlite by Branford Castle, will post updates soon: [Basically Jim from LEC is CEO, Branford Castle appears to have invested controlling capitol.]


I read the article in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star about Sister Rosalind Gefre,

the sole Massage Therapist in the USA to ever have had an occasionally rational conversation with me about the general topics and questions of this website

and all I can say right now is I called her last year and they told me she retired.  I have her home phone number somewhere, she gave it to me in 2008.





Derek Jeter was recently married in Napa.  I don't know why, but if you search Google images for Derek Jeter Massage, a picture of me comes up.  

My cousin Jason did pitch for Gonzaga (he's part Czech and about 7 inches taller than I am), but he has kids now and can barely throw a Nerf football.


Somehow everything in my life and this blog makes a lot more sense when you realize Rolling Stone did a cover story about California "Sensual Massage" over 40 years ago...
I've been reading these stupid posts about "Dr. Dot" doing "revolutionary" chewing massage techniques for years.
I think it's pretty nifty that she was nicknamed by Frank Zappa, but due to the recent deluge of articles, again, about how unique this technique is claimed to be,
I have to point out that chewing techniques are obvious and common.  I learned about this studying Cultural Anthropology 27 years ago.
Here is a picture of an Alaskan native chewing seaslkin to make shoes, over 100 years ago.
At this time, it was also common practice for a Native Alaskan wife to chew her husband's shoes every morning, to make them soft.
Personally, it seems TCM cupping or Gua Sha would get the same physiological effect with far less work, and is certainly more hygienic.
Dr. Dot can contact me anytime to clarify or talk about these issues, though any reader knows I have bigger fish I want to talk to. 



7/21/2016: Particularly in light of the recent Seattle Police Dept/Seattle Times hypocritical raving rant about abusive heterosexual men sexually harassing female Massage Therapists,

and of course the fact that RNC convention is in full swing,

I thought it would behoove readers of this attempted limited-budget blog to note

"It was rigged. It was wired, and they have no interest in public input," she said. "And I think that's an affront to every citizen in the county."

Note that Congresswoman Jackie Speier is talking about the most famous prostitution "john" on this blog, Sheriff Greg Munks, being replaced by the other most famous "john" on this blog, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos

both of whom were caught by the FBI and the Las Vegas Police with trafficked teenage prostitutes from Korea and methampetamines, and were let go because they blamed their taxi driver.

Note as well that Congresswoman Jackie Speier and said Sherriff's represent the county seat of Google, Apple, Oracle, etc.

and that several years ago Jackie Speier personally picketed Craigslist for promoting sex trafficking and exploitative prostitution, 

also she raised quite the ruckus when the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which I support) published a cover photo of transgender prostitutes that was deemed "offensive".

I have contacted Congresswoman Speier many many times about my situation, but she has adeptly avoided acknowledging or representing me

In a possibly related story, UFC fighter Mark Hunt, fed up and frustrated with being screwed over by the UFC, has announced an interest in starting an Association to represent fighters.

"These guys have lined their pockets with our blood", says Mark Hunt.

Have I ever talked about what happened the time a Massage Envy owner, rolling in cash but too cheap to hire an actual maintenance worker, incorrectly installed a bathroom doorknob without setting the screws right,

so it sliced a one-inch laceration in the back of my first finger on my right hand, which is now permanently scarred, 

and his only response, and the only concern of the Massage Envy franchise was "keep working" (while I am bleeding)

and "We're hiring a massive corporate attorney law firm to attack you before you attack us"

This is the same response ME had when I was sexually harassed and stalked, twice, by crazy female coworkers.  In fact, Massage Envy fired me last year, for trying to defend myself from crazy stalker co-workers.

I am very appreciative of my current employer, imperfect as it may be, and I still miss the $44 an hour plus tips I was making in Mill Valley at Evo Spa, where I met Metallica's James Hetfield & Robert Trujillo & Lars Ulrich,

as well as the openly gay Chief head-honcho MD for Kaiser Permanente, and lots of other wealthy and interesting people... I saw Susie Tomkins Buell (Hilary Clinton's best friend) there a few times, too... Always a Bentley in the parking lot in Mill Valley...

My point again though is that I have never found anything resembling competent professional representation from anyone, anywhere, in my 26 years of Sports Medicine studies.

The way I have been treated by the National Athletic Trainers' Association has been a bitter disappointment, the APTA has been genocidal, the AMTA has been violent, and the AAOMPT has been invisible.

Palmer has been racist, Life West has been the hypocritical bible-thumpers I was warned about, and the University of Western States, though still maybe a good option, has been quiet as a summer breeze... 

So it's fairly insulting to read ESPN's reporting on Mark Hunt wanting respect,

while I personally attest to being screwed over on a daily basis by my former friend and confidante William Randolph Hearst III, who owns 20% of ESPN...

I bought the original copy of Black Belt Magazine from March 1970 with my Sensei Ron Marchini on the cover, and I agree with the editorial by Sensei Uyehara criticizing honorary rankings.

I am not now nor have I ever asked for a fake Professorship.  I am asking the American Physical Therapy Association to honor it's own Mission Statement, and it's own Code of Ethics.

I am asking Life West to also not be hypocritical, and accept me acaemically one day, then give me the silent treatment the next day (current situation parallels that with University of St. Augustine and the APTA, AAOMPT)

I am asking William Randolph Hesrst, III, the FBI, Hilary Clinton's inner circle, Team USA, etc.:

Stop stabbing me in the back.  Give me the respect I deserve.  Look me in the eye and shake my hand.  Be honest.  Be the Promise Keepers you say you are.

In closing this post I need to note since people keep asking why I 'm not talking about the Oakland Police Departments "scandal" in being pegged by teen prostitute Celeste Guap as facilitating and using her as a prostitute-

I've noted for years the link between Governor Jerry Brown (former Mayor of Oakland) and teen prostitution, and this is why my former Law School Dean, USF graduate and former head of the California Bar,

had me expelled from Law School - note as Mayor of Oakland's wealthiest neighborhood, Piemont, Dean Barbieri was in fact the biggest pimp in Oakland, for years.  I've seen this BS going on my entire life.

Look at Lodi, all brothels and churches every five feet, where "Mormon" pot-smoking Dad of my best friend Mike is Chief of Police, Mayor, and the biggest pimp in town.

Kamala Harris is so corrupt she can't see straight. 



I'm short on time, but I should briefly note a few things:

A researcher at a University in Singapore claims to have developed the first modern and truly therapeutic massage robot, EMMA, quite a leap forward from the Massage Recliner chair. 

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau saves 3,700 women, girls from prostitution

Thailand's Tourism Minister is claiming to be pushing for an essential elimination of Thailand's prostitution industry, including it's prostitution massage parlors.

The Seattle Times published an article about the Police arresting over 200 "johns" in a police-run massage parlor,

which had lots of heated language critical of macho men harassing Massage Therapists,

yet with "business as usual" at the Seattle Times and the Seattle Police Department,

absolutely nothing is ever said or done about gay prostitution massage... :"Celebrate Sexual Harassment!"

This goes hand in hand with the never ending hypocrisy and corruption at the Hearst Corporation: "Rape Speech is work!".  Thanks Will!  Love the way you've treated me! 

German prostitutes are apparently complaining at being called prostitutes on their new ID cards and want to be called "modern" "sex workers" -

failing to note that the term "sex work" was created to miscommunicate, to be meaningless, to avoid using the term prostitution, and

to confuse and conflate the author of the Song of Solomon, the Love Poetry of Ovid, etc. with "sex work", including junkie street prostitution.

This is in fact all clearly explained in Carol Leigh's book.  Sorry, German prostitutes. 

Since the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Massage Therapy Association continue to, on the one hand, ignore me and refuse to honor their promise to educate me and give me my Doctorate in Physical Therapy because I have pierced ears,

and on the other hand, threaten to kill me because I am not a gay prostitute,

I joined the American Medical Student Association, which promises to advocate for it's members and for public health.  We'll see if this goes anywhere.

I sent them copies of letters where I am accepted for my DPT in 2003, then declined even dialogue some years later.  

I still have the letter from the AAOMPT completely denying authority or responsibility- outright lies

The APTA's sheer cruelty and blatant corruption leaves me pretty pessimistic about American healthcare. 



I'm excited to be adding the word "syncretic" to my vocabulary.  All three forms apply to my efforts to refine this website, and my career, to some coherent pathway:

I still like my previous term, "trans-tribal", which has the alliteration I enjoy so much, but obviously "syncretic" is the current accepted term.

Maybe the easiest and most interesting way to approach this term, and understand it's broad and powerful influence on pretty much everything is to read this:

The Catholic Church appears to define syncretism as a folly, yet simultaneously throughout Ireland, Scotland, Asia, and South America, etc.  

you will see example after example of Catholics blending old RC ideas with native culture. 

Lady Gaudalupe?  Is she Catholic?

If Catholicism truly cracked down on Syncretism, the so-called largest Church in the world with over a Billion members, would shrink overnight to being virtually irrelevant.

There's a reason the term "Cafeteria Catholic" is so easily understood.  

"Oh, please I'll have a wedding, and a funeral, but no exorcisms or confessions, and noone really believes in transmogrification, do they?" 

While conducting this line of research I did quite a bit of reading on the legendary and famous Teacher, Professor, Friend: Chiron the Centaur.

If it is true that this half-man half-horse Chiron is the emblem of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and

the centerpiece in the logo of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons,

How ridiculous and insane is it, how the American Physical Therapy Association has treated me, and countless other students and potential professors?  

Pierced Ears?  Shunned for Life!  Hindu?  Shunned for Life!  Buddhist? Shunned for life!

Why is Catholicism hatefully driven by a man wearing a dress who tells everyone to hate men wearing dresses?  People believe this?

"Princess Francis is wearing a new dress..." 

Furthermore, this research made it clear to me, what noone had taught me in grade school, that in fact while Kevin Sorbo's claim to fame is emulating Hercules, (and God's Not Dead!)

yet Hercules was actually famously BISEXUAL,

noted by Plutarch to have had countless male lovers...

Ready for that role, Kevin Sorbo? 

As I contemplate signing up for "23 & Me" and discovering my true DNA, will I really bre Scottish? Can I wear a Kilt without the APTA accusing me of wearing a plaid dress, and be expelled on sight and shunned for life by a man in a white dress? 

Aren't all the ceremonial graduation robes really dresses? 

What if 23 & Me says I'm part Cherokee, and/or Jewish, as some say? 

Will you hate me?  Dr. Paris?  Dr. Grimsby?  APTA?  Princess Mary of Denmark, what do you say?



China is to unroll the fourth national survey of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) resources to ensure a better development of the industry, said a senior health official on Sunday.

With the public need for TCM therapies growing, the number of medicine resources has decreased and people have turned to the cultivated ones.

However, due to a lack of standards, the cultivated TCM resources are sometimes less effective or even unsafe for human use, said Wang Guoqiang, director of the State Administration of TCM, at a TCM seminar held in Kunming, Yunnan Province in southwest China.

There is a pressing need to protect TCM resources, Wang said. “I’ve heard people saying that medicine quality will spell doom for the TCM industry, which I must admit, is no exaggeration,” he said.

The survey has been piloted in 922 counties in 31 provinces in China since 2011.

According to its official website, it will draw a clear picture of the variety, distribution, storage and growth trends of TCM resources, including herbs, animals, minerals and synthetic materials.

TCM includes a range of traditional medical practices originating in China. It includes such treatments as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tuina), exercise (qigong) and dietary therapy.

Although well accepted in the mainstream of medical care throughout East Asia, TCM is considered an alternative medical system in much of the western world and has been a source of controversy.

A milestone in the recognition of TCM came when Chinese pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for her discovery of Artemisinin, a medicinal herb, to help treat malaria. 


This posting is too personal, you're right, but it cannot be believable or properly understood without the context of noting that the author and publisher is in fact an Initiate of and former Ordained Chaplain for and my cousin Jeff was Georgia State Master Councilor. 

Jeff's father is a 33rd Degree Mason 

I think Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom's smell sensitivity is a direct and common result of being a well-known cokehead and habitual prescription drug abuser.  All the signs and symptoms are readily apparent.  He'll make a great Governor, yes?


It's intellectual jujitsu time! 

4th of July, 2016: There have been several notable developments in American politics, and perhaps, maybe, I'm really not sure, in my completely ridiculous relationship with the American Physical Therapy Association

which has blacklisted and shunned me from getting my Doctorate, or even engaging in dialogue of any kind whatsoever, since 2003, because I have pierced ears.

I originally pierced my ears in the mid-90's after the last time Joyce Breckenridge broke up with me, perhaps as part of an effort to forget her, or perhaps it was to appear fashionable and cool like Charles who she left me for.  I'm not "transgender", maybe being of mixed ethnicity and my background in Psychology and Anthropology and Sports Medicine lets me say

I'm "trans-tribal"...

I shaved my head completely bald, and got four ear piercings, two in each ear, but it didn't matter, since I still think about Joyce and wonder if we could have married, but we've never got back together...

Before you read today's posts here noting the Florida Baptists complaining about the Department of Defense allowing transgenders somehow creating "weakness", note that

my friend Greg did his Ph.D. work developing missile technology for Raytheon with a perfect old-school black Mohawk while listening to Cannibal Corpse, Nine Inch Nails, and Public Enemy.  He still works for Raytheon. 

So anyways, I'd like to recommend a reading of the APTA's just posted article about treating transgenders (nothing at all is said about transgender PT's or PT students or faculty)    "We haven't taken steps to be respectful and inclusive of your community."

Then here is the new Department of Defense Transgender Policy steatement:  

Then of course I would be beyond naive to not post this statement by the Florida Baptist Witness,

which likely states the views on these topics of my Mom and many others who claim to love me:  

Carver cited specific concern for Southern Baptist military chaplains and requested prayer for them.

Among Carver's unanswered questions regarding the new policy:

"What role will our military chaplains play in the education and implementation of this new policy?

What protections are in place for our chaplains who freely express their religious convictions in opposition to gender transition and sex reassignment therapy/surgery?

Can our chaplains co-pastor a military congregation with a transgender chaplain?

What are the implications of a military chaplain whose biblical counseling approach advises a service member away from making a decision regarding becoming transgender?"

Carver additionally wondered whether "military medical providers, opposed as a matter of their religious beliefs

to performing or providing gender transition or cross-sex hormone therapy," will be "protected from discrimination or military discipline." 


This story has further personal impact because of my 20-year friendship of sorts with Roman Catholic Father David Deibel, who was the lead Catholic Chaplain at Travis Air Force Base for many many years-

and primary counselor to the local Archbishop. 

Father David wrote my letter of recommendation when I applied to Law School, and like the entire local Catholic Diocese in St. Augustine and Sacramento, has been completely aweare of the APTA's discrimination against me,

"in the name of Jesus", ever since this bullshit started.  Father David is known to the New York Times and Boston media for his work in pedophile priest legal cases, sine he is a Lawyer, a Priest, and a Psychologist.

Note that when the Catholics in Florida at the University of St Augustine, Stanley Paris, former APTA President and founder of the Orthopedics Section,  in particular,

discriminated against me because of my ears, the Catholics in California gave me sanctuary and a job, until I started outing all the closeted gay Priests and Brothers that the Church doesn't want to talk about.


I also want to briefly notice the amusing coverage of "Pandrongeny" promoter Genesis P-Orridge by the New Yorker and a few others.  I think I've mentioned this elsewhere, but s/he used to come over to my house in Santa Rosa a lot and visit the runaways downstairs- this is when he was still married to Paula.  I think the articles would have better perspective if they pointed out how unusual Cazadero is, and it's proximity to Guerneville, CA means the Genesis was hardly the wierdest person in town.

To people like my friend Jerry, Genesis's "cult" interests are hardly limited to Gen's role in Psychic TV, note for example that he wrote the Introduction to at least one major textbook about Aleister Crowley, "Portable Darkness". 


What is Donna Sachet saying about all these things, being it was through Donna that I donated my Suzuki 500 to a San Francisco GLBT Charity and Donna is 100% aware of all the BS I have gone through via the APTA,

and Donna is easily the most visible "trans" in NorCal, as the perennial MC of SF Pride... 


Furthermore, noting that Hans Florine designed the rock-climbing wall at West Point, and Touchstone has gyms in San Francisco, Hollywood, Berkeley, and Oakland,

what might El Capitan Florine have to say about this turn of events?



Bernice Jay was born on the Big Island of Hawaii on January 11, 1923. 

Her mother was of English-Hawaiian ancestry and worked as a secretary for the Hawaiian Free Kindergarten Association.   

Her father was of Chinese descent and worked as court interpreter for the Hawaiian court. She had five siblings, three brothers and two sisters.

As a child, she learned Hawaiian Lomilomi massage from her Great Aunt Maile Moku (Auntie Maile, was Bernice's grandmother's sister and was full blood Hawaiian) She was a Hawaiian Kahuna-Lomilomi.  Auntie Maile lived in Nuilii, four or five miles from Kohala on the Big Island. According to Bernice, " Auntie Maile started teaching me at 8 years of age. She was a bonesetter and people would come to her when they were sick or injured. My Great Auntie used Hawaiian herbs, massage and other healing techniques. As kids we never liked going to her house because she made us massage her.  She would tell me how to do the massage. If we didn't do it well, we had to start over and that would delay our going out to play. When she massaged me it would hurt."  Bernice also learned their family style of " walking the body" from her great aunt.  "She always wanted me to lean on the wall so we could put more pressure on her back." After walking the body, "Auntie would ask me to massage her head with my hands," Bernice said.  

In school, Bernice was very active in sports.  She participated in softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton.  She had a very good eye for shooting baskets and could sink a basketball from anywhere on the half court line.  She was also said to possess speed on the baseball field and was considered a "dangerous shortstop". In the middle of high school, Bernice moved to Honolulu and entered Farrington High School where she graduated in 1941. She and Wally Jay were married on 6/7/41 in Pearl City.  On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  Bernice said that Wally got on the roof of their house to watch the battle.  She had a very difficult time getting him off the roof. The Japanese planes strafed the house of a neighbor while she was hanging her sheets to dry.  Fortunately, she was not killed or injured.

Bernice began her studies the martial arts in 1944. "I wanted to be involved so I could learn what Wally was doing and talking about."  "I started learning jujitsu from Wally and Tony Gonzales.  I also learned from Moon Watanabe who specialized in Kodokan Judo."  She studied Judo and jujutsu form Jerry Tarutani at the Palama Settlement.  She also learned "chokes" from Wallace Takabayashi. 

She received her Shodan in 1947 and her Nidan in 1949.  "Professor Okazaki did all my promotions except my Sandan."   She states, "I was awarded my black belt just in time to go to the special class that Professor Okazaki taught every ten years.  "There is a picture of me with the scroll Professor Okazaki gave me."  The black belt students were not allowed to take notes at this special class (Special Black Belt Class of 1948) so she and Wally would go home at night and write down as much as they could remember.  "I don't know what happened to those notes. I think they got lost when we moved."

Professor Okazaki trained Bernice in Seifukujutsu.  "Once I was injured in jujutsu and Professor put a mustard plaster on me.  It got real hot.  I asked him when I could take it off.  Professor Okazaki told me to leave it on until you're about ready to scream." 

When a young boy named, John Noah, was stricken with polio, Professor Okazaki showed her how to massage him.  This way, Bernice could treat him when Professor Okazaki was not available. She took John to see Okazaki on a regular basis for two years.  "That is when I learned Seifukujutsu."  Not only did the little boy survive, he completely recovered.  "You can't tell he ever had polio", Bernice said.  

During World War II, Bernice recalls using talc instead of oil.  She also used Ivory Soap with a little water to do massage.  "Massage oil and the ingredients for liniment were hard to get." 

Bernice delivered her first two children in the hospital.  Professor Okazaki provided her pre-natal care during her third pregnancy.  "He prescribed lots of walking and exercises and he showed Wally how to assist." A Japanese mid-wife, who was recommended by Professor Okazaki, did the delivery. 

The Jay family moved to Oakland on 12/31/50 and stayed with Dominic and Helen Carollo who were students of Professor Ray Law.  Six months later the Jay's moved to their present home in Alameda, California.  This became the family home and the headquarters of Island Jujutsu.  This is where her husband, Professor Wally Jay, founded Small Circle Jujutsu.  This is the home where a young Bruce Lee came over to learn from Professor Wally Jay.

In the 1950's, Bernice was busy raising small children but found enough time to volunteer at the Kaiser Hospital in Oakland.  She studied electronics and went to work as an assembler and an instructor for the Seven-up Bottling Company.  She later worked for E-H International.  Bernice also taught jujutsu classes when Wally was out of town attending a conference or teaching a jujutsu seminar.

Auntie Bernice and her husband, Professor Wally Jay (deceased 2011) have four children (Alberta, Alan, Antoinette and Leon).  They also have five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  These days, Auntie Bernice enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  

She is slowly teaching a granddaughter the ancient Hawaiian Lomilomi and Okazaki's Seifukujutsu.  "I will teach anyone who wants to learn."  She is a very remarkable lady.


Bill H.169189th (Current)

An Act relative to the Blue Laws

By Mr. Coppinger of Boston, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 169) of Edward F. Coppinger for legislation to authorize massage therapy services to operate on Sundays and holidays. Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. 


6/6/2016: People keep asking, "Did you read...?" So of course the answer is "Yes", I read Jimmy Carter's editorial in the Washington Post regarding prostitution policy,

and noting the extraordinary lengths President Carter went to to completely avoid talking about male prostitution,

I immediately shipped President Carter a copy of Mike Jones's book about his male prostitution "massage" relationship with the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, Reverend Haggard.

I also read the amusingly titled "Keep the Quirk" article in London's Guardian about the pending re-opening of northern California's Harbin Hot Springs, with it's New Age Prostitutes,

which was co-founded by my ex-girlfriend Joyce Breckenridge's father... Joyce warned me life as a Massage Therapist would be tricky... so she dumped me, after 4 years...  I still miss Amy every day.

Which contrasts considerably with the recent prison sentence for the Arizona prostitution Temple Priestess...

Stay tuned for updates and a possible re-organization and re-direction of this website and my life path... We'll have to wait and see if this works out as hoped... 

It's hard to not keep wondering who among my younger circle of rock climbing friends will want to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.  

Obviously world-record speed-climber Hans Florine must be obsessed anew with seeing his sport on the global stage... 




The Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 proposed

(Will Team USA, the APTA, the AAOMPT, etc. be inspired by this proposal to recognize this emerging reality?  I've been waiting for my call from any of these clowns for 13 years...)

the "new" sports

in response to the new flexibility provided by Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC’s strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement,

to encourage innovation in the Olympic programme.

karate, skateboarding, sports climbing, surfing and baseball/softball

significant popularity in Japan and beyond 



NB: Do you have a favorite spa treatment?

Ivanka Trump: As a working mother of three, it’s not often I get to enjoy a spa treatment, but when I do, I love a classic deep tissue massage.

This is especially helpful right now, as my neck and back are always sore from carrying around my two toddlers and infant son. 


After much deliberation, I bought an Oakworks ProLuxe Mechanical High-Low Table, which I think will provide years of hassle-free service for my Manual Therapy and Massage Practice. My first Oakworks table was delivereed to Kevin Stone, MD's office in 2001.

Here's an idea!  
Crosses into Carabiners!  
Convert churches to indoor climbing gyms!  
I knew those high ceilings were good for something!: 
May, 25, 2016: I wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein's Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, MD who I worked for before
I was expelled by the American Physical Therapy Association (for being an American),
pointing out the fact that I am practicing medicine without a License,
I have been practicing medicine without a License for 26 years.  
Stanford University knows and is covering up everything.  Harvard hosted the Fascia Congress, but is covering up everything anyways.
Governor Jerry Brown knows, Hillary Clinton knows, Bernie Sanders knows, Barack Obama knows, and Donald Trump knows...
The New York Times knows, the Lancet knows, the Hearst Corporation definitely knows...
Why am I practicing Medicine without a License?  
Because the American Medical establishment hates Americans, and doesn't want Americans practicing Medicine.  
Jackie Speier knows that Sherriff Greg Munks likes raping little girls...
in the name of Jesus!
 25 May 2016 The Federation of Thai Spa Associations (FTSPA) has urged authorities to clamp down on sexual services being offered at some massage parlours.
Apichai Jearadisak, an adviser to the FTSPA, revealed that some government officials and influential people have used growing spa services and legal loopholes
to open "pretty spas" or massage parlours where tourists can buy sexual services 
Thailand Spas cry foul over sale of sex services Sector's image under threat, warns FTSPA

 La Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes du Québec a mandaté une lobbyiste pour l’aider à mieux encadrer la profession afin notamment de faire la distinction claire avec les salons de massage dit «érotique» dans les municipalités.

«La problématique des salons de massage érotique est super importante, car ce ne sont même pas des massages qu’ils offrent. Pour nous, ce sont des services sexuels», précise la lobbyiste Sylvie Bédard, qui est une ancienne présidente et directrice générale de l’organisme.

Elle ajoute qu’encore aujourd’hui, il y a de nombreuses confusions entre les deux services. «Ça frustre énormément les massothérapeutes, car ce sont des professionnels de la santé», se dé-sole-t-elle.

5/7/2016:  Stanford University's Physician Assistant program requires a minimum of 3,000 hours of direct patient care before applying.  I have 26,000 hours of Direct Patient Care.
They specifically refer to Physical Therapy as an ideal profession to prepare a prospective student applicant for the PA program.
Considering my story, my extraordinary insults and discrimination by the American Physical Therapy Association, and my personal relationships with Stanford professors,
including Phil Zimbardo, Robert Sapolsky, etc. and famous Stanford Physical Therapy Ph.D. Donald Chu, who is now the CSCS for the Oakland Raiders,
I plan on communicating further with Stanford soon about my unique situation.
I am Licensed in Washington and Florida as a Health Care Provider; California refuses to recognize Massage Therapy as healthcare to appease the pro-prostitution lobby.
What will Stanford say?  What will Stanford say about how the APTA has treated me?  What will Stanford say about Sherriff Greg Munks and his proclivity for teenage massage prostitutes?
5/7/2016:  I was talking recently with an airhead attorney who complained my blog is "too long"; without going into detail on that ridiculous encounter,
(the more interesting recent encounter was when someone called me thinking I was a representative for G5- in fact,
if you look up "Derek Jeter Massage" on Google Images, a picture of me comes up(!!!???)- I told her I broke all my G5's, maybe I should tell G5 about this...
Derek Jeter is on the G5 website and is probably one of the most famous baseball players of all time, a Yankee pitcher... The New York Times will still tell you I don't exist...)
I wonder what she might think about the New York Times huge advertisement promoting prostitution:

Should Prostitution Be a Crime?

New York Times-May 5, 2016
"The words they often use to describe themselves — dominatrix, fetishist, sensual masseuse, courtesan, sugar baby, whore, witch, pervert ..." 
I'm losing count of how many times the New York Times has obliquely referred to this blog, but I can't imagine they will ever have the balls to talk to me honestly... 
4/20/2016: Anyone who reads this blog knows that the American Physical Therapy Association has prevented me from getting my Physical Therapy License,
and/or my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and/or my Fellowship in the American Acaemy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists since 2003,
because I have pierced ears.  So it's more than a little bit hypocritical, and frankly outright lies, to see the current headline for the APTA's website
saying, "...nothing you do (or don't do) in your first year is going to close any doors on your future".  
The man who stated this quote, Oregon APTA President Derek Fenwick, has been contacted by me vie LinkedIn, and he knows he is lying,
to protect the APTA and Stanley Paris, etc. from their due scrutiny and debate of their
discriminatory and absurd policies and practices... "Business as usual"...
The corruption is especially amusing to me now that I'm working with neuroscience professors from Stanford, next door to a Manual Physical Therapy clinic,
near the headquarters for Oracle, and I drive by Google, Tesla, Apple, all the time...
Atherton has the highest home prices in the entire country.  The APTA won't talk to me.  Derek Fenwick pretends I don't exist.
The New york Times says "shaman" Massage Therapists charge $400 a session...
They say it's "new", which is truly ridiculous to me, since I attended (free) ceremonies by Corbin Harney to cleanse the Nevada Test Site of nuclear weapons damage 25 years ago,
and in fact I brought Corbin Harney to Sonoma State University as well when I was still in touch with the Shoshone.  Corbin was on the cover of Shaman's Drum magazine...
I'm thinking about trying to go to the IESC Conference in Las Vegas and/or hiring Bryan Durocher to analyse my situation.
Today I'm talking to the guy whose father created/negotiated the creation of Bangladesh.  Are pierced ears ok in Bangladesh?  Atheism?  Where is John Kerry? 
 "massima trasparenza e serietà" (translates to "maximum transparency and seriousness", and is a quote from


April 7, 2016: I testified before the San Jose, California City Council about "Massage" regulations on Tuesday, the 5th, did anyone see that?
In the two minutes I was allowed to speak, I somehow managed to make the Mayor stutter, squirm, and sweat.
I pointed out the fact that the California Massage Therapy Council is a total fraud created by prostitutes, for prostitutes.
I talked about the intermittent death threats I have received ever since I was on the cover of Massage Today in July 2004 debating gay anarchist David Palmer, twelve years ago.
I pointed out I am not a prostitute, and I used to work for Senator Diane Feinstein's Orthopaedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, MD, and the Olympics.
Noone on the San Jose City Council seemed to grasp the concept that there is an extraordinary double standard when some Massage Therapists are expected to provide sexuial services,
while others with the exact same title are accused of "rape" or sexual assault, for doing the exact same thing.
Noone on the San Jose City Coucil seemed to notice the absurd fact that they had just spent two hours claiming to be working against gang activity, and pretending to be focused on keeping girls out of gangs,
then without blinking an eye moved straight to passing a "massage" law based on San Francisco's, written by gangs, for gangs, to exploit girls, for the money. 
Noone on the San Jose City Council seemed to care that Massage Therapists, and the public, are systematically subjected to sexual harassment, sexual assault, degradation, and humiliation,
so they can pretend that they are regulating massage and/or prostitution, when they are in fact doing neither, in the name of Google, with San Jose's purported 300 operational public brothels aka "massage parlors"... 
I tried to find a decent article in English to blog about France's new prostitution law.
There are no such articles, since every media is spinning this subject, and for some reason France's new law, more absurdly than I have ever seen any article spun,
the worst coverage, by far, is the nonsense being published by Time/CNN. 
So all I can say is, if you can read French, this article seems relevant and worth your time:  He's not going to buck the Party, or interfere with anyone's pimping parade, but we know John Kerry can read this fluently...

La France a rejoint mercredi 6 avril le camp des pays européens sanctionnant les clients de prostituées. La proposition de loi socialiste renforçant la lutte contre la prostitution a été définitivement

adoptée par les députés, au terme de deux ans et demi de vifs débats. Ce vote, qui reprend un engagement de François Hollande lors de sa campagne présidentielle de 2012, met fin

à un long parcours parlementaire commencé en décembre 2013.

Le désaccord entre le Sénat et l’Assemblée nationale portait sur la mesure « phare » de ce texte qu’est la pénalisation des clients. A l’issue d’un ultime vote de l’Assemblée,

l’achat d’actes sexuels sera sanctionné par une contravention de 1 500 euros (jusqu’à 3 500 euros en cas de récidive).

Les prostituées ne seront plus verbalisées pour racolage et, si elles souhaitent arrêter leur activité, elles pourront bénéficier d’un accompagnement social, ainsi que

d’un titre de séjour temporaire pour les étrangères.

La France devient ainsi le cinquième pays européen à pénaliser les clients de prostituées, après la Suède, pionnière dès 1999, la Norvège, l’Islande et le Royaume-Uni.

Le premier ministre, Manuel Valls, a salué sur Twitter « une avancée majeure pour le respect de la personne humaine, pour les droits des femmes ». 
3/17/2016:  United States Senate passes Resolution 377, holding the CEO of, Carl Ferrer, in Contempt.
96 yea's.  Not Voting: Boxer, Sanders, Cruz, and Vitter. (the story is the No's)
I thought about having a nervous breakdown when I read that.  I have a better feel now for why MPA Media and Doyle Publishing, and Hearst, etc. are terrified of me. 
I wonder if Kamala Harris read my email?  Some have asked, "Are you really endorsing Kamala Harris?".  No.  I am lobbying Kamala Harris, trying to get her to do her job.
I am proving to any readers I may have here that I am quite real, and that this is all really happening.  I should have gotten my picture taken with Tim Barnett of New Zealand, and Robyn Few... 
When I saw Kamala Harris speak, all of the big applauses were for jobs she refused to do.  If you refused to do your job, would you get a standing ovation, and a raise?
Note the sparse and spotty reporting of this story by any American or international media, with maybe one written for intelligent readers by ABA Journal.
  Does Anonymous really have solid info on presidential candidate Cruz doing business with prostitutes?
Who would be surprised by that?
The death threats I have received, the shunning, the lies, make so much more sense today in light of the passing of Senate Resolution 377 on 3/17. 
So it's clear someone cares about some of what I have posted, my decision to use "37" as a symbol, but who and why?  What do I do now?
Do I apply to Chiropractic College at Life West (Palmer's leading students told me flat out, "This College is for White People", how charming!) and can I get the Financial Aid I need?
Do I keep trying to get in touch with my friend from High School at Integrative Mediciine San Francisco, who might find this story compelling, disturbing, so close to home? 
I mailed Brandi and Laurie copies of the movie banned in China, "Touch of Sin"... Every Massage Therapist should see that movie.
I also recommend "Embrace Of The Serpent" for John Kerry and company, since he's so concerned about genocide, as a Roman Catholic...
After Adele told me a story about someone she knows in the high-end beauty industry who makes money on the side doing some kind of S & M activity,
I was reminded of this story that came out last year.  I never posted it here, but decided today I should go ahead and do that.
The subject, a 57-year old UK woman with enormous debts from trying to have an IVF baby, wrote a book you can buy on Amazon, titled "Out of the Red". 
I can't say I'm surprised, but particularly in light of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia,
I looked up Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, curious about the hilarious hypocrisy of his saying,
"We allege these massage parlors are epicenters of illicit activity that exploit women and blight communities",
while it's obvious he spends more time and energy covering up prostitution in massage than actually enforcing laws or caring about women or commmunities-
no mention is ever made about his caring about Massage Therapists or actual Massage Therapy patients... 
You guessed it!  Mike Feuer was in fact endorsed and put into office by the pro-prostitution/"sex work" activists, including Sheila Kuehl and the Stonewall Democrats...
Classic "fox guarding the henhouse" bullshit.  What a fraud. 
Why can't you come out of the closet and admit you and the LA Times are more corrupt than anything that ever happened on, Mr. Feuer?  Noone cares.  Do it.
It's only a few months until the Pride Parade, Mike.  Go for it!  Be the hero!  "Mike Feuer for the Supreme Court!".  You're a fine replacement for Scalia, so honest, so brave.


2/12/2016:  I've been thinking a lot about America's double standards,

such as when I was recently fired by Massage Envy for reporting being stalked and sexually harassed by two of my coworkers-(the stalkers were kept on staff)...

Everyone knows if I was a girl, the sexually harassing stalkers would have been disciplined immediately and severely, and I would be seen as some kind of heroine.

In fact, the last time I had something like this happen, coincidentally again at Massage Envy, I had a coworker physically assault me at work, stalk me,

come to my house to spy on me, try to break in to my house, sexually harass me every day for 4 months, 

go through my backpack (getting to know you), and tell all of her kids I was their Dad-

I won a restraining order against her, and she immmediately did over $2,000 worth of vandalism to my motorcycle.  I had it repaired; she vandalized it 10 more times,

including the equivalent of cutting the brake lines twice (that's called attempted murder in my book) 

I went to hire an Attorney about suing the Massage Envy franchise owner for creating a hostile work environment.  The Attorney told me, point blank,

"If you were a girl, I would have a quarter-million dollars for you in 90 days, or less.  But you're not a girl.  Noone cares.  Case dismissed." 

Could things be worse?  I was at my storage unit today and I found famous winemaker DLSI Catholic Brother Tim Diener's "Blessing of the Grapes" Prayer he gave me,

and I found my employee manual for when I worked as a Massage Therapist for the Bernard Osher Marin Jewish Community Center.

Gems from the Jewish Community Center employee manual you won't see at most Massage Therapy jobs:

Page 5, "Bomb Threat"... Ask for Security to escort you to your car if leaving in the dark...

Maybe Massage Envy could learn a thing or two from the JCC about respecting reality, and respecting their employees... 

Why did Massage Envy cover it up and fire me, when I was their #1 employee, and I was trying to fairly seek justice about being sexually harassed and stalked?

Does it really matter, when this story simply reminds me of the fact that the San Rafael Police solicited me for prostitution and bribes, at City Hall?

That the lobbyist who created the California Massage Therapy Council threatened me with bodily harm, ordering me to leave the state, and the profession?

How many death threats have I had, again?  I've lost count now. 

How the Mayor of your college town solicited you for prostitution while you were studying NATA Sports Medicine, and the Catholic NATA Director (& the NATA)

covered that up... note that the Mayor did, in fact, go to prison for what he was doing sexually to boys at the high school next door to Sonoma State -

but what he was trying to do to me was covered up, by everyone, because it's always "business as usual" for "Massage" in sunny California... 

That these actions and policies of atrocity go all the way to the Governor's office

(Don't blame Jerry Brown, it started with Arnold, who you think should respect sports medicine, and oddly enough is widely respected for promoting Chiropractic?  Noone cares...

Did you know that when Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in the United States, he was picked up at the airport by a Chiropractor? 

You think the New York Times cares about you, and is going to save you?  You think Hilary Clinton cares?  She should, but she's kissing big gay power's ass... Bernie?

You know Jeb Bush's signature is on my Florida Massage License from 2003 when the University of St. Augustine & APTA discriminated against me... without apology or debate...  

Are you fucking kidding me?  These are all true stories... Breathe and relax.  "Life is suffering", said the Buddha.



2/11/2016 : I'm writing today in response to the absurd move to shut down prostitution massage businesses in LA by the City Attorney.

The original politician chosen by the AMTA to promote prostitution massage in CA is LA City Councilmember, Sheila Kuehl.  This fact makes me think about

writing a comparison contrast essay about lesbian politics, being Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of Iceland fought to make stripclubs illegal.

Who is talking about lesbian prostitution?  Susie Bright?  Why does Sweden have such harsh talk and penalties for typical heterosexual prostitution, yet it completely ignores

any type of homosexual prostitution.  I was talking to some lesbian massage prostitutes here in California recently about this, and they seemed confident that

for them there were no rules, and they could get away with anything.  They really didn't care how their business effected others, and certainly didn't care about "women's rights", in my eyes.   

I found my printout of Kamala Harris's editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle about the major prostitution/massage bust in SF in 2005,

which the SF Chronicle has deleted and covered up, as has Kamala Harris, and I suppose the most difficult part of that editorial is Kamala Harris's inability

to address the issue, without arguing about the ridiculous term of propaganda, "sex worker", a term made to sound leftist, coined by a capitalist entrpreneur.

In her 2005 essay, Kamala Harris argues against using the term.  Now Kamala is running for office to replace Babara Boxer in the US Senate.

So I was reading about Iceland, as well, and it reminded me about the bizarre conflict in the definition of "manliness" between dickhead Catholics

and men like Iceland's Magnus Ver Magnussen... 

I have come to believe that my website is read by and influences Donald Trump's staff, and I already know it influences Hillary Clinton... it has to. 

(While I'm here I want to say I noticed that the CIIS bought the ACTCM in SF,

and I also noticed that Elena Herschberger was tapped to do a "I love this college" video for AIMC Berkeley-

I wish my parents could pay for my entire graduate school education in cash, congratulations Elena, good luck with your TCM career...

If I could get a scholarship for Chiropractic, or get the APTA to answer my phone calls with respect, I would say I had the support I need today...

Lesbian massage prostitutes and the LA City Attorney's hypocrisy make me want to read the new neuroscience book, "Why We Snap"...

Maybe Donald Trump will give me a new job... Dosvidanya) 





Pictured below: Ola Stenegard, ‎Head of Vehicle Design at BMW Motorrad

Apparently someone forgot to tell BMW that males with earrings aren't supposed to get high paying jobs respecting their intellect.

Don't you worry now.  The Catholics, Evangelicals, and other assorted assholes will let you know how much you don't deserve your job, or any job.

BMW should take it's guidance from real men, like Stanley Paris and the dickheads running the American Physical Therapy Association, right?

Thank you again for your support, Ola Grimsby.  

Oh yeah, I was first in line to see the opening of Ip Man 3 here in San Jose, CA.  Tearjerker. 



1/20/2016 : Massage Envy has a new CEO...  How many #1 awards did I get for you?  Let me know when you want to say, "Thank you,  or pay me what I deserve, or decide to play by your own rules...

"I've never heard of Roark Capital", he said...

 Gary Numan has announced that his first hit, "Are Friends Electric?" was about robot prostitution...

Have I mentioned that one of my roommates is related to the Vice Mayor of San Jose? 

Who can explain to me how in the world is it possible that I can be warmly welcomed to live with a branch of the family of one of the most powerful politicians of one of the most powerful cities in the world,

yet I cannot find a way to be welcomed by the American Physical Therapy Association?  Explain that to me, Stanley Paris.  Why is it that noone from the APTA will talk?

Since when did you care about me?  or REsearch?  Let me know how your bike trip is going.  Call me anytime, bro. 

I cannot try to have a civil conversation with the American Massage Therapy Association?  but isn't it stranger still to be in this odd affair with MPA Media and Doyle Publishing?

Or did you see NBC News call Bernie Sanders a Republican Sunday night, solely to confuse people because they support Hillary Clinton, and realize how insane everything has become?  How can Al Sharpton give a shit about these lunatics and Oscars? 

 In anticipation of the release this Friday of the movie Ip Man 3, starring Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson, I finally visited the local San Jose gym of Cung Le. 

If you don't know Cung Le, look him up on youtube, most notably his scene with Donnie Yen, though I know Cung is trying to grow his own stardom.  He likes to point out, that scene is not "special effects" - there are no wires or CGI.

Don't try this at home, kids. 

I think it's funny to read one grandmaster say, "Look how Donnie Yen is promoting the tradition of humbleness by martial artists,"

yet Donnie Yen is one of the highest paid actors, certainly in this genre, and in his next film is working for Disney and Star Wars... I can only imagine what he got paid to do that. 

Why?  He has demands and limits, like any star.  Is Donnie Yen humble?  I'm not so sure.  Who can do what he does?

Following up on my previous critiques of the absurd stupidity of the idiots running the American Physical Therapy Association,

note that Cung Le's primary personal trainer is a black man with earrings.  "Unprofessional conduct!" screeches the APTA...  



1/3/2016:  So much to say, should I wonder about the death of Susie Buell's ex-husband Doug, founder of North Face, and how odd it is to now kind of "know" North Face sponsored professional adventurer Alex Honnold?

I read his book, Alone On The Wall, in one sitting, in one day.  "Did he get the girl?"  No.

I moved all my stuff to the Silicon Valley, since theoretically now I'm probably going to Palmer West for my Doctorate in Chiropractic sooner or later,

and I found the motorcycle helmet I put on Doug Tompkins grandson's head when he was about 3 years old, while visiting at Summer's house in San Francisco several years ago...

Too many crazy women at work. Again.  Wait, Isn't that a Black Flag album titile?     


11/12/15:  Some people have wondered, "Que Pasa?", since I haven't posted anything in awhile.

OK, so I went to Taft Point in Yosemite (on my new BMW!!!) a few days after the memorial to Dean Potter was taken down.  Standing there scared the crap out of me.

I haven't talked to Hans Florine too much about it, I think it might be a touchy subject.  I noticed Alex Honnold "came out" as an atheist in a documentary...

After Hans became manager at Touchstone, Adidas came on board, but I also noticed Bibles and Gun Magazines in the lobby a lot... So maybe Alex and Hans don't talk about that topic... 

I noticed George Kousaleos is doing an NFL-related sports massage class, with some "speed guru", and wondered if

maybe my letter and call to George a few months ago (& this website) had an impact of some kind.

I talked to George about the assholes running St. Augustine, and the APTA, and the AAOMPT, i

n addition to what a complete and total prick William Randolph Hearst III has been to me, for about 15 years now.

So it's interesting to see the NFL working with George now, while still stabbing me in the back, "business as usual"...

I'm mainly posting today to note that while I think the media's absurd covereage of the murder of Marin County sex guru Steve Carter

(one paper in the UK actually got it right!) (everyone else seemed to call him a "Massage Therapist" or "Yoga Teacher")

the most ridiculous coverage I may have ever seen of any story, ever, is the coverage of Catalonia's recent vote to secede from Spain.

My friend Colleen went to the University of Madrid in 1995, and she showed me pictures of men in black walking around with machine guns-

Catalonia has been on the brink of civil war for decades!

Don't expect to learn the true story from pretty much anyone- like the legal status of prostitution in Washington D.C. and New York, and Miami, and San Francisco -

the story is too "loaded" for unbiased coverage...

I still haven't told Katie I started taking ballroom dancing lessons, in hoped that we might dance together...

I think I have enough money organized to start studying for my Doctorate in Chiropractic soon, but I am still reticent, and still hopeful to see an open discussion of my situation by the APTA, Obama, Hillary, etc.

You would think Susie Buell would be pissed off, being I posted her home phone number, and maybe the FBI too... I hope I got your attention.

But you're still covering up everything, denying everything, and ignoring everything, aren't you? 



7/11/15: Please note that my request for full public debate of my being expelled and shunned by the AAOMPT and APTA is fully endorsed by AAOMPT founder Ola Grimsby, Ph.D.

Note that this letter from the AAOMPT completely avoids and covers up the fact that my debate is in fact with AAOMPT and IFOMPT founder Stanley Paris regarding his

unprofessional, racist, unconstitutional, and unethical policy of expelling males with pierced ears... which has what to do with science?

Note that this letter claims I was not accepted to the University of St. Augustine for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, that Stanley Paris did not personally shake my hand and welcome me,

and this letter intentionally misinterprets the notion that my query was regarding acceptance standards- as they well know, I was accepted unconditionally, and moved to St. Augustine where I bought a condominium near campus -

only to be told on the 3rd day of school that males with pierced ears and anyone with any facial piercing of any kind would be "expelled on sight" and shunned for life.

Yes, this policy would expel Buddha, and shun him for life, because he had pierced ears.  How is this policy not worthy of discussion by a claimed global healthcare authority of an organisation recognized by the UN and the WHO?

Why is the AAOMPT still lying, still protecting Stanley Paris, still covering up all debate?

Everyone knows that by now Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, etc. are well aware of my situation, yet they cover it up as well.  I prepared Robert Mueller to run the FBI after 9/11, and prepared Hilary's best friend's daughter for her wedding.

Hilary's best friend called me immediately when George Bush was elected- she had a headache and needed a massage right away... So why are you so silent on this Hilary?  Susie? Will Hearst?

My recent visit to Palmer Chiropractic College West went smoothly... Of course Silicon Valley would collapse and implode if it expelled all males with pierced ears, and anyone with a facial piercing, a la APTA and company...

I'm thinking I should maybe contact Fakir Musafar, the pioneering Sun Dancer of Menlo Park, who is about the same age as Stanley Paris and Ola Grimsby, but perhaps more shamanistic...

Of course the greater question today, which of course still forces me to again question the APTA's intense hatred and racist policies towards the world, 

I have been invited to, instead of immediately attending Palmer for my Doctorate in Chiropractic, - go to INDIA and meet my extended family in Mumbai...

I would like to visit BKS Iyengar's main campus as well if I go; of course I really need to pay some other bills first, but I think a trip to INDIA would prove to me I am right- 

Stanley Paris is small-minded... and the American Physical Therapy Association is racist, racist, racist... Maybe go to North Thailand and climb Buddha Buttress...

Note that when Dean Potter died, he jumped from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. 

Taft Point is named after my relative William Howard Taft, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and President of the United States of America.

The APTA and Stanley Paris, and of course the AAOMPT, have no excuse or intelligent argument to offer for their obnoxious and uncivilized behavior... Too many assholes...

Maybe I can get Hans Florine to take me to Taft Point... Put me on trial, Stanley Paris!


6/22/15: Far from simple symbolism or "a comic", please note that should you purchase and actually read PROVIDENCE, in addition to it's revisioning of Lovecraft and

repeated wonder about what is "hidden below the society we show the world",

you only have to make it to the title page to read, "that darned Hearst, he dragged us all into the gutter.  Time was, journalism was known for it's courage, but look at it now.  It's a badge of shame, is what it is."

I'm trying desperately to move away from my thieving prostitute meth-head neighbors, perhaps closer to attending/completing Chiropractic College this time around.

I noticed that on Thursday the National Athletic Trainers' Association is hosting a keynote speech by former Massage Therapist and Paralympian Amy Purdy.

I find this timing "touching", since somehow I ended up working with a top-ranked Sports Medicine specialist for the NFL's Oakland Raiders yesterday, who clearly noted I was overeducated and underpaid...

He knows Don Chu, Ph.D. &  Kyle Prusso, etc.  (I doubt he knows the health policy lawyer I hired as a consultant to my analysis, Ms. Chu... she paradoxically used to work for the pimps at Reuters...)

Note that Kyle Prusso, DC, the head Chiropractor for the Raiders, is now the Clinic Director for the only Chiropractic College in the Silicon Valley, Palmer West... oh look, it's Sherriff Greg Munks! 

Still, it's business as usual: Christians/Catholics will not talk, or face reality, ever, nor will the puppets at the American Physical Therapy Association, etc.  "That's America for you!", she said, laughing...

When will I finish moving?  What else will the meth-head prostitutes steal/destroy?  Is this all to be appreciated as a Zen-ish lesson, to let go of all these ashes... 

The more they steal/destroy, the less I have to move or pay to store...  You wouldn't believe how high rent is now in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, etc.

Amy Purdy found fame and fortune out of loss and torment?  Would I trade a leg to be "safe and secure" like Amy?  

Would you pay $900 a month rent to live next to thieving meth-head prostitutes who make the whole house smell like meth fumes?  You would if you lived in the San Francisco Bay Area...  "What a deal!"




I contacted NY Physical Therapist Shmuel Tatz (Samuelis Tacas in Lithuanian) and observed that as a Carnigie Hall resident, with a technical and scientific education and background so similar to mine

(watch the video, we are nearly identical) (yet, Thanks to the APTA, Shmuel makes over ten times more money than I do, and the APTA refuses to acknowledge my existence.

maybe he agrees that the convention next week of the American Physical Therapy Association is an insult to America and to Physical Therapy...

Above Zankel Hall (Hi Ken!), how can Shmuel ignore me, his memories of Lou Reed, or the gift I sent him of the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration, "Lulu"?

I have observed and been influenced by Shmuel ever since he was featured in the September/October 1988 issue of Yoga Journal, which was edited by my Yoga Teacher  Stephan Bodian (Meditation for Dummies)

and the cover feature was John Robbins, of all people (I ended up meeting and working with John and his son Ocean for years in the 90's, while my uncle owns three Baskin Robbins franchises...)

I read about the meltdown of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/Sofia University, and somehow this made my endless tiff with Stanley Paris and the APTA seem fresh and new... *"Basically, what King did was a big 'fuck you' before he left," Frager said. "You can quote me."


Emergency Live is the only multilingual magazine dedicated to people involved in rescue and emergency



In other news, I must say I am very surprised, yet perhaps proud to notice, I am apparently now in the Top 25 Worldwide most popular Massage Therapist/Yoga Teachers searched/visited on LinkedIn...


To give society a veneer of morality,

the French Senate voted 3/30/15 to fine prostitutes 3,750 Euros

and two months in prison for selling sex;

a Socialist proposal to punish clients via the "Nordic Model" was rejected


Congrats, of course to Tommy Caldwell and his Santa Rosa friend Kevin for climbing the Dawn Wall;

I think my friend Will Masterman still has the GriGri you lost Tommy? Will you guys come by Touchstone and give a talk?


What about the recent City of Seattle and it's DA's "modern" decision redefining prostitution as exploitation?  How will Kamala "clown allah" Harris handle that?

Is it a cultural influence, noting that the local hospital is "Swedish", and the locals are aware of the current "Swedish Model" for regulating prostitution? 

It's fascinating, of course, that the Hearst owned Seattle newspaper refuses to cover that story...  No suprise, really, considering the size of the knife they've stuck in my back... and the hundreds of stab wounds...

I love you too, William Randolph Hearst III...



   Forms of Retaliation                Forms of Retaliation          Forms of Retaliation

A person makes a complaint to management (or to Massage Today, Massage Magazine, the HEARST CORPORATION, or the American Massage Therapy Association,

American Physical Therapy Association, etc.) or to the human resources department.

Soon after, that person is terminated, demoted,

passed up for a promotion or moved to an undesirable position with lower pay. It is clear that he or she has been retaliated against.

Retaliation is illegal when it is a reaction to:


Someone asked me, "Why in the world would you post Susie Buell's freaking home phone number at the top of your website?  Are you insane?"
Susie is the money, the prestige, and the power, behind anti-Massage Therapy, pro-prostitution extremists like: Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Kamala (Clown Allah!) Harris, etc.
and yet appreciates and trusts my therapeutic treatments enough to invite me to her home, to sleep in the same bed that President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton have slept in,
sent both of her daughters to me, as well as world famous chef Alice Waters, and her daughter too!, etc. 
Why. Susie, are you unapologetically connected to promoting and defending the sexual harassment of Massage Therapists?  That's the question here.  What happened to my career, Susie?  Why?
Note that Susie, when she was married to Doug Tompkins, founded both Esprit and North Face.  The San Francisco Chronicle called her penthouse in SF "The Tower of Power".
Oh, I almost forgot, Susie also sent me the inheritor of the DeYoung fortune, Nan McEvoy, whose family, like the Hearst's, who also screwed me over,
(love that Elle Magazine reference to me though!  Thanks Will!  Call me anytime, bro!) made it's money in the "news" business...
PERSPECTIVE BONUS ROUND: In 1997 MPA Media, which lied about me and stabbed me in the back in 2004 and every day since, reported that 
the Chiropractic program at the University of Southern Denmark is FULLY STATE FUNDED and emphasizes studying back pain...
but still I want to know what the American Physical Therapy Association and Stanley Paris, and the United Nations World Health Organisation have to say about
the pierced ears and gold earring of Judge Ronald K Creighton of Contra Costs County, CA?
Because it's all about the money, right?
Let's watch as Rick Warren, the APTA, etc. tell Judge Creighton he is an abomination, who should be expelled on sight and shunned for life...
11/28/14 Quite frankly it's disturbing to read The Washington Post and others frantically reporting the language retractions and choices made by Japanese newspapers
about the difference between prostitution and "sex slavery"while it is perfectly clear that the Hearst Corporation, AP, Voice of America, Congress, etc.
believe that there is no problem whatsoever with convoluting massage with prostitution because we all know William Randolph Hearst III says
What is Norwegian Stav?  Stav is a 44-generation, 1500 year old (living) runic tradition that has been preserved in Norway by the Hafskjold family. Stáv contains many aspects,
including healings arts. Stáv Healing contains the use of postures, breath techniques, herbalism, joint manipulation, massage, counseling (via the runes) and many other aspects.
This is interesting to me personally for several reasons: Currently you might say my primary practical mentor in Biomechanics is from a Danish family (rock climber Hans Florine)
and/or that my most famous client connection is via Danish tennis pro Torben Ulrich... (father of Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich)
I'm really excited to say I'm working on an article for Ironmind's world famous MILO Magazine, they have to approve and edit it of course...
If I leave a legacy of sorts as a deep-tissue orthopedics sports whatever Massage Therapist, this training regimen for finger strength might be enough...
I ordered "A Touch of Sin"...
I've never really understood the point of Crossfit, but Ironmind and Scottish Games make sense to me- paint your face blue, pick up a boulder,
the pursuit of manhood through Rites of Passage and archetypical mythical feats honoring Hercules and Thor...
This makes sense to me where 24-Hr Fitness seems superficial and stale...No wonder Ironmind's owner is a PHD Psychologist...
I was reading a Tibetan Buddhist monk's statement that ten thousand hours of meditation is enough to start advancing quite a bit;
if massage is a meditation, and I've done twenty-five thousand hours, what does that mean?
Time to follow Jed Johnson to Iceland, meet Magnus, and develop an Ironmind... 


MASSAGEWELL.COM : BECAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS BULLSHIT... and Oprah's actual religion is "Hearstianity"...


"I scrubbed the backs of the Yakuza" in massage parlors says Takeshi Kitano (see Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman, which he directed and starred in, a film which portrays a transgendered geisha assasin, in addition to typical Zatoichi tales, btw)

But which Yakuza, Takeshi?  Pope John Paul?  Queen Elizabeth?  Ted Turner?  Billy Graham? We have more in common than you might think, Takeshi... a comedian making splatter murder movies... "Cover it up" is my favorite line from Sonatine...

{Note- the health care fraud and well known Christian Mafia running the American Physical Therapy Association just added a sarcastic "Well To Do" blog... assholes...}


Note again, the Hearst Corporation via Cosmopolitan Magazine has decided that since it owns the Democratic Party, Oprah, & the Associated Press and too much of Disneyland (see CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.), it owns the English language and America's citizens are it's slaves, who should think and talk as ordered, "OBEY!":


Stop Calling Sex Workers "Prostitutes"

"Activists" (the Hearst Corporation) are (is) trying to get the Associated Press to stop using that terrible word.

"'Prostitute' is not only a term which is often derided, it is a legal term which will always be associated with committing a crime."

(A crime the Hearst Corporation makes money from promoting, including publishing editorials by author of Unrepentant Whore, Carol Leigh, the inventor of the term "sex work" as a euphemism of "massage";

"..."sex work" is wonderful, as long as it's not me, my wife, or my children, of course"- WRH)

(Maybe here is an appropriate time to point out that Lori Revnes I believe dated both Gavin Newsom and Billy Getty, inheritor of the Standard Oil Company (Chevron) fortune, again a point of interest to Middle East/Dubai readers of this website)

Yet His Holiness the Gavin Lama and WRH of the Hearst Corporation remain incapable of engaging in a rational conversation with me... call me anytime "bro"... How about a "massage" Gavin?  Will?


October 15, 2014: I don't mean to be arrogant or rude here, but simply to remind everyone why this website matters, and who it matters to:

In the picture below, I am quite literally sitting in Christa Revnes's lap.

Christa Revnes was married to the President of Royal Cruise Lines, Richard Revnes, and a long standing member of the highest niches of San Francisco socialite society.

This picture was taken at her penthouse loft in the San Francisco's Marina District, the very tallest, highest, building in the area

(Note I've spnet plenty of time at Susie Tompkins Buell's place too, the highest in Pacific Heights, but without the rooftop garden)

If I can sit in Christa Revnes's lap, and design and build her wheelchair ramps, why can't I get the American Physical Therapy Association,

or William Hearst, Gavin Newsom, or Jerry Brown, or Barack Obama, or Hilary Clinton, etc. to take me seriously?  Tell me Gavin Newsom doesn't remember Christa's daughter Lori.

I think Royal Carribean Cruise Line takes me very seriously, as does Viking, etc.



Thank you again, Ola Grimsby, for your support in my debate with the arrogant Anti-Science assholes running the American Physical Therapy Association, Stanley Paris, etc.: Viking Ocean Cruises Announces Captain Of Viking Star Viking's Nordic heritage, The Spa onboard is designed with the holistic wellness philosophy of Scandinavia in mind—from the centuries-old tradition of the sauna to a "snow grotto" where snowflakes gently descend...

930-passenger all-veranda Viking Star – has two sister ships, Viking Sea and Viking Sky


ok fine, here's that uber-hypocritical editorial by the pimping profiteers at the Seattle Times: Originally published Friday, October 3, 2014 at 4:20 PM Editorial: State Supreme Court should act on online sex trafficking


Chartered Society of Physiotherapists: Karen Barker, clinical director and head of physiotherapy at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford, stressed that physiotherapy was a ‘broad church’ (while covering up it's hate-based discrimination towards David Beckham fans, etc. as the cult known as the American Physical Therapy Association celebrates "Diversity Day" while shunning me, because my earlobes have microscopic scars ("the horror of it all!"), and preventing me from receiving my Doctorate, again- yes it's now 11 years of relentless unapologetic hate!)

and note that Reason Magazine is NOT even remotely Libertarian, they are simply pro-Capitalism (sometimes) & pro-prostitution (sometimes),
while actually being anti-Second Amendment, like the Wall Steet Journal and many similar media propaganda profiteers
but at the very least this article gives intelligent readers an opportunity to at least try to connect the dots a bit
while talking about how the owners of Google and many in the Tech Lobby could be held criminally liable for conspiracy to promote child sex trafficking,
potentially sending the likes of Michael Bloomberg, William Randolph Hearst III, Craig Newmark, etc. to prison for up to ten years-
and so now we understand why the "massage" industry, Massage Magazine, Massage Today, the AMTA, etc. and related publishers are as easily as hypocritical, as corrupt, if not actually worse..
and my brief foray at a Catholic Democrat Law School was the biggest load of horse-hockey I've ever seen...
and the many glorious wonders of "sin"... for some reason I keep thinking about my mother's obsession with hating some "sins" as preached by the Reverend Billy Graham and his ilk
yet how nevertheless I spent virtually every holiday, sometimes every weekend, in my youth being dragged along for her trips to the Casinos of Reno and Tahoe, surrounded by smoking drunk prostitutes...
Because gambling is Okey Dokey Karaoke!  It's in the Bible!  (No, it's not...)
10/5/14: While on the one hand it may seem fascinating or revolutionary to read the extremely critical editorial in last week's Seattle Times about prostitution promoters and the pending lawsuit against
it gives me pause and even fall out of my chair laughter to read the Seatlle Times Wikipedia page describing their own long career of promoting prostitution and sex trafficking as par for the course while working with
the equally hypocritical and corrupt Hearst Corporation...
Meanwhile, just over Mount Rainier in Yakima, you can read about the supposed morality play Massage Parlor Prostitution drama not far from their osteopathic medical college, or find even greater context by reading about the Yakima Wars...
Qualchan, a Yakima chieftain , was "hanged on sight"... then had a golf course by Catholic Gonzaga University named after him...
My yoga teacher Tina is doing an advanced Yoga Works training with founder Maty Ezraty (should I ask her about the "37" shirts for sale at Larkspur Yogaworks?  WTF?)
I know I talked to her a few years ago about my 37 project, my Olympic Massage signs...she's an art professor as well, with past shows in Amsterdam, Oakland, NYC, etc....
Anyways, Tina says trying Revolved Triangle on my Birthday is not enough, and I have to do 44 Sun Salutations... I suggested 4 four-minute Four-Legged Staff poses...)
Corporate Shamanism
Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill that acknowledges that the state's last attempt to regulate the massage industry struck the wrong balance...
Um, sorry bro, (can I call you "bro" Mike B?  Did Will Hearst let me call him "bro"?  Will offered to let me use his box seats at the Giants games, so that works for me...),
So bro, paradoxically enough major sports medicine and Chiropractic advocate Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger created a "massage" council run by hookers for his LA pornstar pals
and business associates, based on the Rhode Island legal spa prostitution precedent, while failing to even consider the German model of legalized prostitution, or any vaguely intelligent or rational approaches to this issue,
all while claiming to be a loyal Catholic and refusing to allow condoms in prisons...because that would be sinful!!!...(WTF?)- Call me anytime bro.  We should really talk about this multi-trillion dollar industry...

Scientists Search for Solutions to Stress... part of a Neuroscience and Society Series organized by AAAS


30 September 2014 - 3:24pm

Cannibal Corpse will not sing songs violating anti-extremist laws in Krasnodar, according to a decision of prosecutors of the Karasunsky District, as a response to a complaint from Roman Pluta, the head of the Orthodox Union public organization, reports.
Only songs that underwent a linguistic expertise will be performed. The local police will also prevent any extremism attempts during the concert.

The band Cannibal Corpse will not sing songs violating anti-extremist laws in Krasnodar, according to a decision by the prosecutors of the Karasunsky District

in response to a complaint from Roman Pluta, the head of the Orthodox Union public organization, reports.

Only songs that undergo linguistic analysis will be performed.


Marin County based Yoga Teacher Richard Miller worked with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the United States Department of Defense studying the efficacy of iRest Yoga Nidra.

The iRest protocol was used with soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Based on this work, Eric Schoomaker, Surgeon General of the United States Army endorsed Yoga Nidra as a complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) for chronic pain in 2010 

Continuing studies are being conducted with the use of the iRest Yoga Nidra protocol as a treatment for PTSD and related symptoms.


I've been reading the reviews about Ibsen's political spa play being staged in Toronto... Ah Ibsen!  Dostoevsky!  Remember when I was an English Literature major? Crime and Punishment and James Joyce's sexy priests...


9/29/14: I started talking with a Public Relations consultant (I think she's who got Hans Florine on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle twice, three times?) who asked me,

"What do you want to work on"?

I've thought about this for well over a month and I wish I knew what to say exactly, or where to begin. 

I am arranging an interview at the Jewish Touro Osteopathic Medical School (off of Highway 37, South of Napa, Northeast of SF)... which may prove enlightening and persuasive...perhaps ideal.

I could talk about the new apparent relationship betweeen evangelical Christian NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and Massage Envy, which doesn't surprise me really,

or I could talk about the supposed rise of the new owners of in creating a new business model,

or Mark Hurd's position back in leadership at Oracle,

or I could talk, as I have previously, about the non-stop, unapologetic, uncompromising, 24/7, 365 campaign to promote absolute corruption,

and the superiority of incompetent, illiterate whores like Carol Leigh, over and above the interests of any Massage Therapist or massage consumer, 

by the American media at large, especially the American Massage Therapy Association, the Democratic Party, the Hearst Corporation, etc.  Massage Magazine is so silly, so corrupt I'm almost past noting it even exists. 

I'd rather read the Weekly World News for updates on Batboy!

I could talk about being completely and totally screwed over by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Physical Therapy Association, Team USA, etc. (in the name of Jesus!)

{I love it in Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, when he talks about having a Muslim house-mate, and visiting the Quaker churches for prayer meetings because he just sleeps though the whole thing...

my new house-mates are super-nice Christians from India, I moved becuase I got tired of the constant sexal harassment and racist comments by one of my "gay" housemates...

when a Hispanic unemployed gas station cashier tries to teach you the scientific genetic basis of his quasi-Aryan psuedo-Nazi ideology,

yet has a perpetual fetish for having sex with your other house-mate, who is black, moving is the best short-term solution...he doesn't hate blacks, like old-school Mormons, he just doesn't think they are human...)

but maybe today I feel somewhat like my Great Uncle Taft, who in his older years stopped wanting to argue with me about environmental laws, or the essence of Republican values,

and instead turned his energy towards perfecting his recipe for organic peach pie...

Sunday October 5 I turn 44 and hope to begin my day by doing a solid, liquid, ephemeral yoga class with the ever metaphorical and lithe Tina...

I've been amused following the media's difficulty in discussing Stephen Hawking's recent interview on religion and science. 

Ask any physicist, even a 4th grade physicist, to talk about what happened to Copernicus, etc.

when science claimed the earth wasn't flat, and the earth wasn't the center of anything, really...



MotoGP Mobile Clinic's Doctor Claudio Costa cried during the funeral service of MotoGp rider Marco Simoncelli outside the Santa Maria church in Coriano, Italy, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011.
Italian sport was in shock after Marco Simoncelli died following a crash at the Malaysian MotoGP motorcycle race. He was 24.
Simoncelli - nicknamed Sic or SuperSic - died of chest, head and neck injuries Sunday after he lost control of his Honda at turn 11, four minutes into the race, and swerved
across the track, straight into the path of American rider Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi of Italy.
9/20/2014:  Wes says the hardest yoga pose (besides sivasana) is "revolved triangle"... I followed the money, and where did I end up?  Did I find a pile of gold, and/or did I find a shiv in my back? 
My friend Joanna says she's still on summer break because UCLA changed it's scheduled start time to accomodate the Jewish calendar... Skin Inc. (and the NFL!) is "concerned" about domestic violence?  Just in Time for the Folsom Street Fair!  LOL! 
Let's talk about Epithelial Tissues, baby!  They said it couldn't get wierder!  My current Biology professor at UC Berkeley has a "day job" at UCSF studying HPV, cervical cancer, anal cancer, etc. and
I believe it it his boss, in fact, who conducted the HIV research in "Asian Massage Parlors" in San Francisco a few years ago... I'm starting to wonder if I should really just go into pure research, maybe in physics or nanotechnology...
The funniest thing to me about the Air Force's recent ludicrous ban on atheists, is that I personally know one of the lead developers of jets and drones for the Air Force (he works for Raytheon)- who is quite the athiest.
He wants to design, program, and build "the perfect wife"...
Look up the religion of the scientist who designed the jets that got us to the moon, the namesake of Jet Propulsion Laboratories, I'd love to see NASA and the Air Force talk about that!...

Aung Chein

TitlePostdoctoral Scholar
SchoolUCSF School of Medicine
Address513 Parnassus Ave, Med Sci
San Francisco CA 94143

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Which leaves me recalling the conversations I had with SWOP founder Robyn Few about her relationship with the AMTA, and my virtually identical email exchanges with Erotic Services Providers Union founder Maxine Doogan, who both openly talked about
the "established and accepted partnership" between the AMerican Massage Therapy Association, the Sex Workers Outreach Project, and the ESPU...
Sorry, Massage Magazine, as usual your coverage of this story is bullshit.  The CAMTC was created by sex offenders, for sex offenders... someone has to "get real", don't you think?
9/14/14: Last night I dreamt I had a very long conversation over lunch with Margaret Hearst.  I can't recall talking to Will or their children; just one-on-one with Margaret.  We were at a quiet restaurant in San Francisco...
Margaret Hearst believed everything I said, and she cried.  She asked me to forgive her and her husband for their pivotal and incredibly powerful influence over what happened to me
since I went from the Hearst's house to the Olympic Village, to my career, as they idly watched, uncaring and cold...their extraordinary disrespect, cruelty, and total disregard.. openly and proudly spitting on me while worshipping Carol Leigh...
Margaret knows that she could not have concieved, nor given birth to, her third child without my professional help... Who cares?   The Hearst Corporation?  Maxine Doogan? Carol Leigh?  Me?  ME?  Do you care?
Will I ever meet Margaret Hearst's third child?  If/When I do, will Margaret and Will cry cry cry???
Il massaggio continua, la sua pelle viene accarezzata da mani esperte che scivolano sul suo atletico corpo e mi allontano un poco per rispettare quel rituale.
9/10/2014: Continuing comments, curiousities, and insights into massage, prostitution, and medical/Physical Therapy and/or yoga in "My America":
San Rafael, CA's utterly corrupt newspaper the Marin IJ just published a propaganda piece about how the City supposedly shut down a massage brothel
(more likely it was behind on it's bribery payments or failed to give enough free sex to the local Judges, being I've been solicited for sex & bribes by the Police there myself and seen their crooked judges in action, this is no joke...)
This is all so amusing nevertheless, since last week at UC Berkeley I ran into my old boss,
Barbra Rosenstein, Operations Manager of Fitness and Aquatics at the Osher Marin Jewish Comunity Center,
(Hey Jon Stewart, want to talk about Rosewater?)
(Note that I quit working at the JCC to go to Law School, only to discover that the Dean of the Law School was both the former Ethics Chair of the California Bar, and the #1 Pimp in Oakland...with the help of his friend the Governor)
who hires and fires Physical Therapists, knows about all the APTA/Stanley Paris & prostitution corruption, and helped cover up everything including the fact that
Osher Marin Massage Therapist Stacey Degooyer (also of the California Massage Therapy Council and American Massage Therapy Association) participated in threatening to have me killed
(along with CAMTC President Mark Dixon and original CAMTC lobbyist Beverly May, student of Margo St. James and Carol Leigh) last year in Sacramento as retribution,
Protecting Mark Leno, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, welcome to business as usual...
9/8/14: I was reading on the New York Yankees website about how for Derek Jeter's going away party the head Athletic Trainer Steve Donohue gave Derek a G5 massage machine. 
I don't know which model it was (for those unfamiliar with G5's, they are basically much higher quality Thumper massagers, I've never paid for the thousand dollar models,
but I have broken their two smaller models, including the GBM)- anyways, my point at the moment is that
certainly the Steinbrenners and the Yankees can afford better gifts for their Captain, the face of their franchise- they could have easily donated $2 Million to Derek's foundation instead of the measily $222K, 
and sure G5's are great and have their place, but what about the vastly superior massage devices made by Game Ready (of Concord, CA, btw) or the cheaper yet likely more therapeutic ArmAid?
I was watching LouderThan Eleven's recent footage of the Psi Competition in Park City, created by Chris Sharma, and realized,
"Holy Crap! I've belayed that guy" when I watched Chris compete against up and coming 23-year old Benjamin Parkin, who lost to Chris,
but Ben was proud to be among the 16 seeded male climbers to even qualify for that brutal 55-ft overhang speed-climb... the $30K purse is substantial for climbing (which doesn't pay like baseball)...
Way out of my league... I need to write Kevin Stone, MD, and let him know I'm thinking about becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon as well... we'll see how this all works out in the long run,
I started teaching yoga again... though I was doing deadlifts the other day and I really think any serious massage school should train it's MT students to strenghten thair hands better, including deadlifts...
9/4/2014: Granting further bridges from science to comedy to my everyday reality, my ever eloquent biology professor explained hydrocarbon bonding
by explaining what happens to a human body when the Mafia gives you an "acid bath"...
I was at my bank in San Francisco in the Financial District today, and ended up explaining to my teller, in graphic detail,
the simple and obvious relationship between organized crime, the Hearst Corporation, Clown Allah Harris, etc., using the brothel down the block as an example,
but her supervisor was clearly not happy with my lesson plan, and made me stop talking about the money that makes San Francisco tick-tick-tick...
You think that $47 million fine against Elements Massage in Florida for negligent tolerance for risk of sexual contact is interesting or relevant?  You knew the mainstream media would cover it up, but why have I ignored it? 
It's chump change and does nothing anyone will notice or take seriously.  Add a zero or two and something might happen... Mr. S mystery?
Sometimes I feel microbial enough to consider the idea that Trent Reznor's recent massage music comments reflect a consideration of things I have posted here. 
I think Mr. Reznor might find an odd truth to know that I think Massage Envy, of all companies, has given the excellent collaboration between Les Joyaux de La Princesse and Death In June a whirl,
and have at least one very similar tune to Ostenbraun on their current playlist... is it an homage?  I don't know.
August 30, 2014: I was sitting in my UC Berkeley Biology class on Thursday, listening to my lecturer expound at length about his Nobel Prize winning friend Shinya Yamanaka

"orthopedic surgeon trained in biomedical research in the 1990s, before returning to San Francisco in 2007 as a Gladstone senior investigator and a UCSF Anatomy professor.

“Dr. Yamanaka’s story is a thrilling tale of creative genius, focused dedication and successful cross-disciplinary science”

My professor chose, for some reason or another, to speak at length as well about human protein structure and it's relationship to the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Where I sat listening to all this is about a mile from where I met Robyn Few and Tim Barnett in 2006; it is also about a mile from where I studied Cyriax technique, etc. at the Institute of Orthopedic Massage

which is two blocks from the world famous gay bath-house Steamworks, while shared with the campus of the advanced Physical Therapy school of Marion Rosen.

Where I sat is also less than a mile from where I studied for the LSAT with Kaplan; just down the street is the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College of Berkeley, whose Tui Na/Shiatsu/Nuad bo Rarn teacher got me into the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco...

and of course Alice Waters restaurant Chez Panisse is right there, and Alice is esteemed and admired by Susie Tompkins Buell, best friend and hostess to Hilary Clinton...

But none of this exists, I don't exist, none of this ever happened, and none of this matters (and my bills are killing me...the APTA shuns me, etc.)-

apparently, especially, to the Hearsts, the Washington Post, etc. - even World Net Daily that interviewed me years ago is terrified today of touching any of this,

and of course the smear piece by Massage Today on me and this subject seems like a dream today, almost mythical...

I wonder if my professor has seen Tounch of Sin?  He says he doesn't speak Chinese, but I bet he knows more than he wants to admit... Besides being a lab dork, he says he likes studying psychology and "the unknowable"...

August 30, 2014: It should come as no surprise to anyone to discover that the California Assembly appears to have passed it's new massage law, AB1147, with little to no honest coverage or debate of any kind by anyone anywhere.
It's nice to see that Libertarian magazine REASON managed to offer a (weak) (any Libertarian debate of this issue is incomplete without talking about GUNS) (I think I still love you sometimes, Amy Pfaffman, but are you really a Libertarian if you support gun control?)
rebuttal to the outright lies and propaganda, especially by the "investigative reporting landmark" Washington Post, about Rhode Island's prostitution/massage/spa history and practices,
but noone wants to talk about the reality of the California Massage Therapy Council (the San Francisco Chronicle published yet another bullshit editorial about this a few days ago, with the amusing lie that

"In 2008, the Legislature passed a measure that created a state-sponsored council to regulate massage parlor licensing. The idea was to show that the industry was professional, not a front for illicit behavior.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite has happened."

They know they are lying; these clowns even gave Carol Leigh a freaking editoral (along with a virtually identical editorial by California's acting Attorney General, Kamala Harris) glorifying the superiority of prostitutes working as "Massage Therapists"

AB1147 gives a permanent seat on the CAMTC to the AMTA, which has repeatedly used threats of violence and brutal intimidation tactics to attempt to silence me and anyone who honestly approaches this issue.

The CAMTC was created by prostitution lobbyists, for prostitution lobbyists, - the exact same group and mindset that created Rhode Island's prostitution=massage=spa laws, which aren't really that far off from New Zealand's, if you think about it rationally.

AB 1147 changes California's zoning of prostitution, but does absolutely nothing to associate massage therapy with healthcare or adsvocate for consumer safety- it actually opposes this vehemently, while moving chairs in the smoke filled poker room of the Titanic:

At 12 p.m. Pacific standard time on September 15, 2015, the term of each member of the board of directors established pursuant to subdivision (f) shall terminate, and the terms of 13 new members of the board of directors who shall be chosen in the following manner, shall begin...

 "I didn't know" - William Randolph Hearst, III


I sincerely doubt that the new high school football movie, "When The Game Stands Tall" about Catholic De La Salle tells the truth, that the administrators that hired the star coach are all gay...
I remember while working at Mill Valley's Evo Spa in 2010, hearing Tiburon resident Robin Williams voice in the hallway...
8/21/14: I suppose it's important to offer a brief commentary on the death of the famed yogi BKS Iyengar, whose name "Iyengar" has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. 
It can certainly be claimed with some validity that I personally changed my name to BKG Longcor (Brian Keith Goodwin Longcor) as influenced by BKS. 
Iyengar and Longcor even sound a little bit alike, and in 1995 when I was the only male student in the first Yoga Master's degree offered in America, teaching yoga full-time was my original intent,
before my tiff with the White Christian KKK (American Physical Therapy Association) began... 
Note that the US Marines uses my teacher Richard Miiler's protocol to treat PTSD... Richard is on sabbatical from teaching meditation at Larkspur Yoga Works! as he writes a new book...
Since the San Francisco Board of Supervisors announced "BKS Iyengar Day", wouldn't it be hilarious indeed if someday they announced "BKG Longcor Day"? 
Particularly since in reality they sem to fear and hate me so much today?
But who has done more to promote and legitimize Massage Therapy in San Francisco and California, really?
Iyengar was and will continue to be influential, but did he really "bring Yoga to the West" as so many sillly journalists have said?
Wasn't Autobiography of a Yogi given out at Steve Jobs formal Memorial?  Wasn't Crowley's Eight Lectures on Yoga published in 1939, well before Iyengar wrote Light on Yoga?
Iyengar began teaching in Pune in 1937.
Sure Iyengar was a "rock star" to some, but who got Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Woodstock, and Ozzy Osbourne to think about Yoga?  Yogananda, Crowley, Satchitananda...
"Meanwhile in America, the Hindu American Foundation launched a campaign to Take Back Yoga and reclaim its Hindu roots instead of treating it as just a form of exercise while
evangelical Christian groups want it banned for public school gym classes because they consider it part of a heathen religion and
a Southern Baptist preacher practically likened yoga to the work of the devil.
But then again, arch conservative and the very all-American Sarah Palin does yoga."
...his quirky English
Ken Cooper, MD claimed that in Brazilian Portuguese the word Cooper means Aerobics; he also told me Yoga has no impact on aerobic health...
which I took to mean that as a Southern Christian, Dr. Cooper knew nothing about Yoga, and didn't want to know anything about Yoga...
It's hilarious reading the Washington Post's attempt to vilify Thailand about sex trafficking today, in light of the fact that
a couple weeks ago the Washington Post issued 14 press releases denying that Rhode Island's legal spa prostitution industry was created intentionally, or that anyone even knew it existed...
Everyone knows Margo St. James created the California Massage Therapy Council AFTER having successfully legalized prostitution in Rhode Island using similar
methodical political insider mind games and media-supported corruption... Sure, the Washington Post took down Nixon, but they will do anything and everything to protect Gavin Newsom...
To me the funniest thing about Thailand is that is considered impolite to lick stamps, because the King is on them.
If you travel from Chiang Mai to go rock climbing at Crazy Horse Buttress, or visit Sankaphaeng Hot Springs, you will be taking Super Highway 1317...
Chiang Mai is also home to the prestigious International Training Massage School and Old Medicine Hospital...
Note: Ken Cooper was on the short list to be appointed Surgeon General by President Bush.  I was studying at the Cooper Institute on 9/11; many of my classmates at the time were active duty military, and had to leave class to go to work.  Our Strength & Conditioning teacher was an active duty Navy SEAL.  Ken Cooper deveoped the modern science of Aerobic conditioning while serving in the US military and retains close ties with them.
Another classmate here was theoretically full-blooded Cherokee, spoke Cherokee fluently, and his Cooper education was being subsidized by the US Government so he could open a gym on Cherokee land-
he told me flat out he thinks I look part-Cherokee and am very likely "mixed" even if noone else wants to admit that...
The blend of these two stories lays a strong foundation for my ongoing and very serious debate with the American Physical Therapy Association about it's ongoing unlawful discrimination against me, it's vehement refusal to educate me or even talk to me...
But who is surprised by this?  Isn't it true that my own family is just as bad, just as hypocritical, if not worse?
Dear Mom,
Your Church destroyed my life, and continues to destroy my life, every day, in every way. 
Your Church destroyed my career, my friendships, my family, and my love.  You know this is 100% true, and you simply don't fucking care (in the name of Jesus!).
Your Church is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
Why?  Why do you keep giving those assholes money?  Someday maybe I'll get to vomit on Reverend Billy Graham's grave... Prick...


Germans most likely to go nude... no self-respecting German resort would be without its own area for FKK – Freikörperkultur (Free Body Culture), the official term for going in the buff. At Germany's many superb spa and sauna facilities those who insist on sneaking in with their swim suits on will often face public rebuke...


One hundred thirty-seven is a magical and bizarre number for physicists. 
It is the value of a number called the fine-structure constant. This constant, 137 (or actually, 1/137), is the way physicists describe the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon:
it's the square of the charge of the electron divided by the speed of light times Planck’s constant. It combines electromagnetism (the electron charge), relativity (the speed of light), and quantum mechanics (Planck’s constant), and, strangely enough, is a pure, dimensionless number. 
It has fascinated physicists for decades.


Throughout the Thirties and Forties, the greatest scientists of the day tried and failed to figure out the magic number 137. Wolfgang Pauli sought dream analysis with Carl Jung and made Kabbalistic considerations about 137.

The great Werner Heisenberg told his friends that the problems of quantum theory would disappear only when 137 was explained, and spent years trying to explain it; fortunately, the problems did go away despite his failure.


Richard Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of this century said that physicists ought to put a special sign in their offices to remind themselves of how much they don't know.

The message on the sign would be very simple. It would consist entirely of one word, or, rather, number: 137.


Dr. Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate, in his book The God Particle said "I tell my undergraduate students that if they are ever in trouble in a major city anywhere in the world they should write '137' on a sign and hold it up on a busy street corner.  Eventually a physicist will see that they're distressed and come to their assistance." (It should be noted that Dr. Peter Higgs, an atheist, coined the term "The God Particle" as a joke).

Take a deep breath! August 13, 2014 It is now mandatory(!) in CA to pay the government sponsored pimps to even think about participating in democracy: California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, will participate in an urgent Q&A session during the Advanced Education Conference Program at Face & Body Northern California on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 5:30–6:30 PM. The purpose of this emergency session is to provide California estheticians with an opportunity to understand the nature of certain proposed changes to the regulation of their licenses and communicate directly with their board (to talk or even listen to the California Board, you have to pay a Chicago-based corporation!). The changes include the proposed master esthetics license, LED operation requirements, the ability to perform services on inflamed skin, and more.Registration for the Advanced Education Conference Program is required to attend the emergency session. Registration is available online at (note this posting by pro-prostitution=massage media/magazine Skin Inc. and their pro-prostitution=massage sponsors the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals originally focused on defining 2 words: "massage" and "perform"). Again, none of this should come as any surprise to anyone today, following last week's extreme pro-prostitution=spa/massage articles posted by FORBES and THE ECONOMIST; of course no shock either about the HEARST owned KCRA TV story about this...So yes I guess I'm glad I'm spending the day studying biochemistry and yoga...What are you doing?


8/10/14: Following our current theme of hypocrisy, it was by reading Hearst owned ESPN that I first learned that famed rock climber Chris Sharma's mom, Gita Jahn, now deceased, was a Massage Therapist/"healer"... Chris is apparently Buddhist, and "very Santa Cruz"...

His first name is Christian, his middle name is Hindu and means "Brahma's light"... he's Buddhist... Does this make sense to you?

His most famous climbing routes have names like: "Mandala" and "Big Love"...

 The Dictionary of American Family Names lists the name Sharma as "Indian: Hindu (Brahman) name from Sanskrit šarma ‘joy’, ‘shelter’." Other theories suggest that origin of the name Sharma lies in the ancient Sanskrit word "Sharman" which means teacher or master.


Note that Chris Sharma's parents were named Sharma, and married, by the founder of the Mount Madonna yoga retreat near Santa Cruz.  Note that "yoga teacher" Mark Morford's lies and smears about me (via my past clients the Hearsts who own the Hearst Corporation, which owns Oprah, who made Deepak Chopra popular in the first place) explicitly violates the Yoga Teacher Code of Ethics, again like the APTA and AMTA, without kindness, conversation, or debate of any kind, ever.


I can't believe I was climbing yesterday with Scott Cory- Scott taught me some of the most important skills I now use as a Massage Therapist, specifically how to strengthen and use my fingers efficiently...

Pick up a copy of pro-Massage=prostitution propaganda like Massage Magazine or similar nonsense, and you will see ad after ad claiming to "save your hands"- none of which actually talks about developing strength or good biomechanics.  Why?  The reality is this takes time, and I guess I'm lucky to have studied martial arts as a youth, where I was introduced to "Iron Palm" type training via the likes of Leo Fong, who taught Bruce Lee to box and still teaches in LA.  I was telling a Persian (don't say Iran!) nursing student yesterday about the American Physical Therapy Association's entrenched bigotry and racism, how they have scorned me despite my scholarship, despite my endorsement by Ola Grimsby etc., and


she cringed... knowing that the APTA is simply "the American Taliban".  -This Persian friendship easily relates to my previous comments about Gita Jahn, since my Persian friend Gity Joon used to have a very high end religious icon and incense shop in San Francisco on tony Union Street.   Once Keanu Reeves parked his motorcycle on her sidewalk, miffing her somewhat, until he walked in, bought a $10,000 Buddha statue, and had it air-mailed same day delivery to London, and left, apparently a last minute gift for someone's birthday... I believe Jay Leno calls that "more money than brains".  More political still, Gity's husband was an attorney for the San Francisco Police Association... her entire family was slaughtered during the revolution in Iran... She personally revered the teachings of the Indian guru Satya Sai Baba.  I met and worked with Gity Joon when she was a Massage Therapist in Calistoga in the early 90's...


Scott is featured in every tourist brochure about Yosemite, seriously, look it up... he's quite the celebrity... if you're into rock climbing prodigies at least... In collegiate terms, I'm in 3rd grade; Scott is at University.


It's hypocritical for the Hearst Corporation and ESPN to simultaneously pretend to respect any Sports Medicine practitioner or Massage Therapist, for example me or Chris Sharma's mom, while simultaneously spitting in my face, stabbing me in the back, and glorifying Carol Leigh and other uneducated whores as superior to actual educated healers...

I imagine someday carrying a picket sign around San Francisco City Hall or in front of William Randolph Hearst's house that says "Orthopedic Medicine is Work" and/or "Be Nice to Orthopedists"...





The Democratic Party propagandists at the San Francisco Chronicle published several lame articles claiming to address the issue of importing cheap sex labor "immigrant sex trafficking" via the California Massage Therapy Council over the last few months; I've never really seen the point in posting them because they were so biased and absurd...


I find it fascinating that while SF-based prostitution psychologist/researcher Melissa Farley has been severely criticized nationwide for her scathing testimony to Congress that helped takedown Redbook, Craigslist "erotic services", etc. the Chonicle won't even mention her name (or mine, thanks Will & Margaret Hearst for your ongoing support) (now that's sarcasm!) and they know that SAGE's founder Norma Hotaling weakly apologized to me for her work promoting massage parlor sex trafficking (along with the SF Chronicle, Carol Leigh, Robyn Few, Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown, etc.)...anyway here's two of them: 


SFGATE: Human Trafficking a blight in Progressive Bay Area


SFGATE: Fighting Human Trafficking

I recently discovered that SFGATE/San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford is a Yoga Teacher trainer for Yoga Tree (endorsed by the Yoga Alliance). 
This is truly ludicrous, being Mark's insulting, rude, obnoxious, sarcastic, hate-based smear piece about me and the Massage Therapists working at the 2002 Olympics inspired & laid the foundation for the current intent of this entire website, and a very contentious relationship indeed with the Hearst family for the last 12 years...
Mark Morford vehemently opposes responsibility & the very foundation and claimed purpose of the Yoga Alliance, and any similar organizations related to Massage, Dentistry, or any of the Healing Arts... how can the Yoga Alliance recognize him as a member or Teacher?

April 17, 2014: “When I joined Yoga Alliance, the one thing that everyone seemed to agree on was that we should do more to promote safe and competent teaching and improve the oversight and credibility of our system,”

said Richard Karpel, President of Yoga Alliance. 

Editor's note: I recently decided that the best use of any "free" time or money I may have is best spent studying biochemistry and genetics, with a current goal in mind of attending the D.O. program at Michigan State University (massage therapist/bodyworkers reading this might know, John Upledger was a Professor of Biomechanics there).
Along the lines of my endless dispute with the bigots running the American Physical Therapy Association, note that the American Osteopathic Association specifically promotes "cultural competence and literacy", which the APTA opposes and calls "an abomination" and "sin"
This is even more ludicrous when one notes that Stanley Paris's entire credibility essentially comes from exposure to Ostoepathic methods.
The D.O. dress code at Michigan State University requires "business-like attire"; my new manager is a male Central American with large ear piercings and tattoos... The APTA remains commited to "cultural incompetence", dedicated to discrimination...
Amusingly, a friend of mine heard about the US. Military's new Leviticus inspired "expulsion"/"unprofessional conduct" policy regarding tattoos, and of course immediately got a tattoo of his Valor medal for service in Afghanistan...

from Tod Schimelpfenig, WMI Curriculum Director

"In 2010 a group of wilderness medicine providers wrote “scope of practice” documents for Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Wilderness First Aid (WFA). The WFA Scope of Practice document was published in the Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal. These documents describe what these first aid providers should know and what skills they should be able to perform.

The WFR Scope of Practice has recently been revised. ...The most current version is available here:
There are no significant changes in skill or knowledge scope, a lot of work was done to clarify language.

These documents are not curriculum, a set of lesson plans or supporting text. There are plenty of these available to those who wish to teach. The writing group has no enforcement ability or agenda and our work is non-binding.

We do hope it sets some boundaries and helps clarify these credentials."


What if instead of going to New Zealand to take the LSAT for my Birthday, October 5, and mock the APTA, instead I put that off for now and instead work the Ironman in Kona and study some Active Release Technique (which also effectively mocks the APTA, it's racism, it's discrimination, etc.)?  Would superlawyer Matt Chapman of the Hawaii Supreme Court put me up?  I wonder if his Korean lawyer wife has read the Wikipedia page about Prostitution in Korea for the US Military?  Reading that somehow everything made sense, especially the FBI's corruption in pretending to oppose sex trafficking, with Korean War US Marine Vet FBI Director Robert Mueller covering up the denial, and denying the coverup...



General Chae Myung-shin, the South Korean Vietnam Expeditionary Forces Commanding Officer, also commented on the comfort women units during the Korean War in his memoir Beyond the Deadline (死線을 넘고넘어, 사선을 넘고넘어) published in 1994. Chae says, "The adopting of the military comfort women system strengthened the morale of officers and soldiers, and prevented sexually transmitted disease. There was a viewpoint that the army internalized unlicensed prostitutes who were spreading in society and protected their human rights." Chae also remarks, "I don't want to expose the military to dishonor, but I record these as the undeniable facts."


Editor's note: July 28, 2014: I was talking with someone yesterday who was told by someone else that I was their Massage Teacher, and that I had taught ("certified"?) this person my version of techniques I spent over three years and over $7000 studying under Tom Hendrickson, DC.  I knew said person was "a little loopy", but this blew me away, being this person has never received this work from me, nor seen me perform this technique, nor read Tom Hendrickson's text about Orthopedic Massage.

This person claimed I had specifically taught "spinal rocking" (Dr. Hendrickson actually calls this "wave mobilization"), yet during my only session with this person incorporating anything remotely resembling this, said person talked throughout the entire session and seemed solely interested in attempting to romantically seduce me...

The "spinal rocking" was really just a nonverbal attempt to treat said person like a crying baby, please hush, and let me do my job... Another WTF? moment...

(I'm still trying to find out why the NSCA is run by White Mormons...and trying to comprehend the blatant discrimination and utter hatred behind why the American Physical Therapy Association destroyed my PT career...(in the name of Jesus!))


(Feel free to ignore the anti-Second Amendment nonsense Rabbi Levy attempts to link to the Civil Rights Act through slippery slope logic, but
his descriptions of what happened to him in St. Augustine 50 years ago are identical to what the University of St. Augustine and Stanley Paris are doing today,
with the full 100% backing of the "liberal" Jews in Los Angeles (and Marin County where I worked for Bernard Osher, and San Francisco County, and New York, and Florida...),
the American Physical Therapy Association, and, of all people, President Barack Obama and his new corporate-sponsored appointee to head Veteran's Affairs...Why?..."follow the money"...)


1999 New York Times article describes sale of San Francisco Chronicle (1/3 owned by Nan McEvoy) to Hearst:: Nion McEvoy, the son of Mrs. McEvoy and a board member, said: ''For the Chronicle staff, at least their future is clear. For the Examiner staff suddenly everything has shifted. I'm just speculating, but I imagine they will have to retool their psyches.''

California Assembly Member Chris Holden's 3-minute 2014 youtube video where he announces his sponsorship of new Massage legislation specifically in response to Pasadena's 20 currently open massage/prostitution parlors (Both he and Massage Magazine, the LA Times, etc. have erroneously claimed that the CAMTC was not intentionally created to promote prostitution and trafficking, anyone with the brains of a goldfish knows otherwise...calling Chris Holden there even a point, really, knowing he'll cover "the Party"?  Note again how ludicrous it is to me watching this & San Francisco's coverage of this issue, since I have been sought out for my expertise by both Will Hearst AND Nan McEvoy (Nan is the inheritor of the DeYoung fortune, DeYoung founded the SF Chronicle, Hearst founded the SF Examiner, so both owners seek me out for my expertise, but today neither "news"paper will talk to me, nor can I even get an interview in SF???)


Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea Jordan’s new director of spa & wellness Suraj Jokhushankar Dubey has told Hotelier Middle East the property’s Zara Spa & Climate Therapy Centre will be introducing new services over the next few months.

“We will introduce several new services at Zara Spa in phases to keep pace with evolving wellness trends and in line with being a leading spa destination for a global audience," he explained.

"...Korea is hiding the fact that it exports its women for prostitution from citizens,” says the editor. “They are making it seem as if it doesn’t exist.” (A.T.)

Source: “Nihon no ‘Kanryu deri heru’ HP ha Kankoku de ha etsuran kinshi ni natte ita,” Shukan Post (July 4, pages 135-136)

From November 3–7, 2014 hundreds of United Kingdom spas and salons will be taking part in National Spa Week_(NSW), an annual nationwide campaign organized by the UK Spa Association aimed at increasing awareness of the mental and physical benefits regular spa treatments can bring.
Physical Therapy "news": (Note: I have written and delivered an appeal to Laureate Education, new owner of the University of St. Augustine, including a copy of Hillary Clinton's best friend's home phone number, since they claim to be concerend about global corporate social responsibility and an affiliation to the Clinton Global Initiative) Stanley Paris and the APTA unflinchingly and without debate destroyed this editor's Physical Therapy career due to my ears alone, my resemblance to King James's business partners in India] Confirmed and committed St. Augustine bigot & Master Racist Stanley Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA, FAAOMPT donates $500,000 to the Foundation for Physical Therapy. The donation, made with his wife Catherine Patla, was matched by Laureate Education Inc to bring the total Foundation contribution to $1 million.


In 1612, James I instructed Sir Thomas Roe to visit the Mughal Emperor (son of Akbar) Nuruddin Salim Jahangir (r. 1605 – 1627) to arrange for a commercial treaty that would give the company exclusive rights to reside and build factories in Surat and other areas. In return, the East India Company (eventually controlling 50% of the global market) offered to provide the Emperor with goods and rarities from the European market.

This mission was highly successful as Jahangir sent a letter to James through Sir Thomas Roe:

"Upon which assurance of your royal love I have given my general command to all the kingdoms and ports of my dominions to receive all the merchants of the English nation as the subjects of my friend; that in what place soever they choose to live, they may have free liberty without any restraint; and at what port soever they shall arrive, that neither Portugal nor any other shall dare to molest their quiet; and in what city soever they shall have residence, I have commanded all my governors and captains to give them freedom answerable to their own desires; to sell, buy, and to transport into their country at their pleasure.
For confirmation of our love and friendship, I desire your Majesty to command your merchants to bring in their ships of all sorts of rarities and rich goods fit for my palace; and that you be pleased to send me your royal letters by every opportunity, that I may rejoice in your health and prosperous affairs; that our friendship may be interchanged and eternal"

—Nuruddin Salim Jahangir, Letter to James I.
Dear Jay Mellette, Director of Performance Medicine, Cirque du Soleil... Why is the NATA's "diversity council" all Christian blacks? Why is the NSCA run by White Mormons?... How do I even apply for your job opening when the NATA and APTA refuse to educate me or even talk to me?... Idiots, racists, bigots...


Akbar, also known as Akbar the Great or Akbar I, was Mughal Emperor from 1556 until his death. He was the third and one of the greatest rulers of the Mughal Dynasty in India... known for his policy of religious tolerance.
[Emperor Akbar is a typical man from India Christopher Columbus was ostensibly trying to meet and do business with in 1492, when he got lost and "discovered" what is now the USA]
Note that the American Physical Therapy Association maintains that males with pierced ears (like Emperor Akbar) are aberrent, unprofessional, and deserve to be expelled on sight and shunned for life-
while insisting that they support "diversity".  The APTA destroyed my Physical Therapy career and continues to shun me for one reason: my ears; my similar appearance to Emperor Akbar...
Recently I noticed some pictures of yoga master BKS Iyengar wearing earrings as well; how can the APTA justify it's hatred for BKS Iyengar?
Our Cirrque du Soleil team of therapists and athlete support professionals has many experts who have extensive experience with top athletes of about 20 nationalities from seven different disciplines.
Working closely with coaches, art directors and other circus artists
in an unconventional environment, the specialists of this team have the chance to travel around the world and push the boundaries of their medical knowledge and creativity.
[Note again: Despite my lengthy 24 year resume' of success and excellent academic grades in Athletic Training, Anatomy, Physics, etc.
I have been systematically and categorically hated and shunned without apology or debate of any kind for over a decade by:
the American Physical Therapy Association, the National Athletic Trainers' Association, etc. because of:
my pierced ears and idiotic "Christian" hatred for diversity or creativity...]


USA Climbing will host the first ever Paraclimbing National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia at Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness on Friday, July 18, 2014.

Friday, July 18th: Paraclimbing Top Rope Competition

Saturday, July 19th: Meet & Greet and Adaptive Climbing Workshop

Event Categories: Male & Female- Leg Amputee, Arm Amputee, Visual Impairment, Neurological Disability, Seated

For more information, ask:

(Remember, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, it's OK to have a three pound metal leg, but if you have a .001 gram metal rod in your ear or nose, you are worthless, and should be expelled on sight and shunned for life.)

Please tell me noone believes the bullshit about the California Massage Therapy Council being published by the LA Times...
The CAMTC was created by and for friends and supporters of prostitution rights activist Margo St. James, the same Margo St. James who decriminalised "spa" prostitution in Rhode Island in the 80's.  The LA Times lies lies lies...
When singer Don Henley was arrested in 1980, was it for "statutory rape" or was it for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor"?  What's the difference?
The girls were 15 and 16, not 13 BTW...
Special Thanks to TennisWorldUSA for re-posting this (sure China Daily says Felix Wong at the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton won't Kiss & Tell, but I for one am proud of my work with tennis legend Torben Ulrich, the Olympics, etc., and wouldn't Lars Ulrich,
or maybe Death Angel (greatest hit: Mistress of Pain) (Thrash Metal Trivia questions: where was DA's first live show?  How old was their drummer at that show?) producer/fan and $37 ticket FearFestEvil Kirk Hammett really, love to know about where I live now!  Still getting my snail mail in Sausalito, can't make the Dipsea Double this year, so instead I bought a 37m rope for lead climbing, might do the Stinson Beach 37K instead...October 25 for that one...still owe the pimps at JFK Law School $26 thousand dollars... )
Remember some numbers have scientific as well as poetic symbolism: 98.6 F = 37 C, it's not all OCD madness...

Full facebook post by Frank Dancevic about Wimbledon

I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed at the player services at Wimbledon Qualifying this year. Given that it is the biggest tournament in the world you would think that the payers would feel welcome and comfortable on site. Let me give you my experience last night.

I played my second round match starting at 6pm . I got through 6-7, 7-6, 6-2. The match lasted nearly two and a half hours. Given the fact I just arrived from Clay courts on Saturday and that I have to play last round Qualies 3-5 set match on Grass thursday, I needed to move quickly and do as much regeneration-Nutrition as quickly as possible. My plan of attack was to take my recovery drink,Stretch, Ice bath, Massage, and eat dinner. I need to move as quickly as possible to be able to wind down and rest afterwards. Here is how it actually panned out!!!

It is now 8:45 after I showered, I find out the player restaurant closes at 9pm. So I have no choice but to drop my tennis bag in the players lounge and eat first. No problem. I got to see the choices..Left over thai curry or pasta with meat sauce. Not an idea meal for after a match but ok I pound a bowl of pasta with Meat sauce.

Next I rush to the physio's hoping that they are still around to get a stretch. I see that they are in fact there and there is a few guys lined up before me. No problem.. I wait 15 minutes and get a good stretch.

Next Ice bath.. Physio tells me ''Sorry Frank there is no ice bath on site, The players are using a Garbage bin and filling it with Water and ice'' Haha WHAT..'' But unfortunately the staff left for the day and there is no more ice.. Are you serious. A multi million dollar federation and facility with no Ice bath for players… Ok no problem..

Next is Massage. I see a line up of players who finished before me waiting in line. I ask the Massage therapist how long the wait is approx. And he said he's not sure but minimum 1 hour. And here is another major issue.

2 massage therapists for 128 singles players. Are these guys serious? This is Wimbledon people!!! Get your S##t together. Add 2 more therapists and everyone is out at 8:30pm. It's unfair to everyone.

Ok No problem I need to wait for a massage because I have a 3-5 set match coming up. As I'm laying on the table waiting for a massage, my Coach comes running in panicking. ''F++k the transportation doesn't want to wait for use''.. '' They told me 10pm is the deadline''.. '' They want to leave'' WHAT haha. I tell him to go and argue with them to hold a car for me for 30 minutes.. He goes and comes back..''No they don't want to wait''… The head of transportation told him that Planes don't wait for passengers so why should they wait for us.. Also told him that he is rich and he can afford a taxi.HAHAHAH.. I can't believe what is happening at this point. It's 10pm there is 2 other players getting a massage before me and all this is going on. one of the players hears the news and runs for transport to catch his ride. So I tell my coach to go back to transportation and beg them to hold a car.. I finish my massage around 10:35 and realize I left my bag in the players lounge. I go to open the door and its LOCKED.. ARE YOU SERIOUS. I can't get my bag out of the lounge and all the staff left the site.. The car didn't wait.. Everybody left..

So here I am at 10:45pm. Standing with another player in the same situation. No Bag, No car.. At this point I just want to head back and rest. After walking around the premises I find a security guard.. He was very nice.. he unlocked the Lounge where I got my Bag and called a taxi for us. We finally left the site at 11pm… Sad that this goes on at the most prestigious event in the wold!!!

“Receiving candid information about harmful practices from employees will be critical to the VA’s efforts to identify problems and find solutions,” Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner said in a statement Thursday. “However, employees will not come forward if they fear retaliation.”
...37 such complaints filed with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC)...
[Editor's pondering: Do I even bother to mention the fake news stories recently published by CBS, Marin Independent Journal, etc. about a supposed crackdown on prostitution in San Rafael's "massage parlors"?]...
[Note that San Rafael's most powerful politician, Mark Leno, was guest of honor at the party held by the Sex Workers Outreach Project and David Palmer
when they took over "Department of Health" Massage regulations in San Francisco in 2003]



Sonoma golf course sold to Texas-based operator


Roman Catholic University Loyola Marymount criticized for appointing Atheist as Dean of Catholic Studies...Robbin Crabtree will oversee bioethics, theological studies, philosophy and Catholic studies

(Note: Loyola also recently claimed to be the first US University to offer a Master's in Yoga Studies; actually Northern California's Sonoma State University was the first, as mentioned elsewhere I was the only male in that experimental program created by Eleanor Criswell in 1995, I withdrew due to mismanagement and corruption... the APTA, AMTA, etc. is no different really...) 


Fired anti-gay HGTV hosts: Teaching evolution is Satan’s ‘toehold’ in the classroom


May 20, 2014: Legislation sponsored by Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), H.R. 4225, passed 392-19, would make it a federal crime (99% of the media refuses to cover this story; I can't imagine it passing the Senate or being signed by Obama)

to knowingly sell advertising that offers commercial sex exploitation of trafficking victims.

(Note that the biggest media supporter of the California Massage Therapy Council is the major prostitution=massage advertiser the San Francisco Bay Guardian, which often pretends to be leftist, but actually uses a Republican philosophy to make millions promoting exploitation and fraud- the CAMTC is also endorsed by the Orange County Register, what does that tell you?)

"There is well established precedent for Congress to criminalize the advertising of illegal goods or services," Wagner said. "Surely the advertisement offering sex with children should also be subject to the same restrictions."

"It's common sense that if they're advertising the selling of a young child, it's sex trafficking," Maloney said. "This is something we can do that will literally save lives."

Free-speech groups including the American Civil Liberties Union raised concerns that the bill would unintentionally impose limitations on companies with vague definitions, however...




May 19, 2014: Received my first "print on demand" book from Amazon, Mike Kim's LSAT TRAINER.  700 pages of small print, published just for me on May 6, 2014.  I think I may be able to channel my former talents from when I was labelled "gifted" as a child (I could read, write, and analyze at a college gradaute level when I was in the 4th Grade) (people who say I'm a good massage therapist don't realize that this skill is largely rooted in my genetic ability to memorize anatomy) and score an LSAT in the 90th percentile or above, but I think now that I'm over 40 and am clearly not the bright "innocent" (Should I take the LSAT sober?) child I once was, I may need to study a lot, and therefore reconsider when I am actually taking the final LSAT score I want to take seriously, to a year from now in June 2015.  That way I'll have time to finish all of Mike Kim's advised lessons, all my Kaplan and PowerScore books as well (If Tracy from yoga at Diablo Rock Gym got into Cornell Law, and my ex-girlfriend Michelle got into Berkeley, why can't I give it a fair shot?), and maybe take the Federation of State Massage Boards Licensing Exam with my friend Jackie O, or maybe the NASM Master Trainer course, CSCS from the NSCA, off some of the $27K I owe on my last Student Loan (using money made doing actual Massage Therapy, much to pimp/"CAMTC Director" Mark Dixon's chagrin)


I got a gift certificate to the four-star New Delhi restaurant in San Francisco (New York Times: "An extraordianry culinary and cultural experience"), which is so bizarre to me because of my past relationship with SF Restaurant Association (former) President Ken Zankel, and famous chefs like Alice Waters, etc. before the pro-prostitution extremist movement (Republican=Democrat)

(can you believe the prostitution propaganda coming out of Thomson Reuters?  Guess who owns "The Scotsman" newspaper?  Guess who published Josh Dressler's Criminal Law text?)

decided to assassinate my career if not my heart...

because prostitutes rights are more important than the integrity of anyone and everyone, including Susie Tompkins Buell or her daughters- right Gavin?  Loved your lecture on "entrepreneurship"... Of course the only business you ever started used your Father's money and Billy Getty's...

Don't get me wrong, Jimmy Carter made clear that the Dean of the Law School I was at in 2010 is the biggest pimp in Piedmont (the wealthy side of Oakland, where rich gay Catholics roam free...)...

So should I finally get back to Stella?  Did Stella get married, or would she go out with me to the New Delhi?  Why do I always meet hot women at gay bars?...

Since Stella is obviously a fitness professional, I wonder what she thinks about my understanding of the National Strength and Conditioning Association as an organization run by white Mormons?  Or how the National Athletic Trainers Association "Ethnic Diversity Committee" is for Christians only?

I filed a formal complaint with Sonoma State University President Ruben Arminana about how Kinesiology Department Chair (I was his star student, remember) Steve Winter has shunned me since our 90-minute meeting last Summer, when I gave him one of the Massage signs from the International Paralympic Committee's 2002 Games...

Can you believe Stella is over 40?  Check out what she did on my Birthday last year (remember, the American Physical Therapy Association made October 5 "Diversity Day" while shunning me for over a decade...the APTA is still shunning me today.)

How I met Stella is illegal in 77 countries... (the June 2015 LSAT is "Test 77", this June is "Test 73"...)





May 9, 2014 New York — Fine Sounds Group, parent of McIntosh Laboratory, is being sold as part of a management buyout.  The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

[Should I say, "Happy Birthday" today, to my older brother, or stranger still, to the seductive yet elusive Erica O'Connor, who, while she had a key to my apartment, claimed we never dated to my boss at Massage Envy and had me labelled a "stalker" by Evo Spa, who turns 30 today?]

Who could forget Erica?



David Campos (born September 28, 1970), a "well-rounded" 1996 Harvard Law School graduate and member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors endorsed by the California Teachers Association,

hosted a fundraiser Monday night at, a Mission District adult film studio that bills itself as "the largest fetish porn company in the world."


Several "newspapers" recently published articles claiming the California Massage Therapy Council is the "thorn in the side" of sex traffickers and is the best and only approach to addressing this issue. 

Actually the CAMTC was created by sex traffickers, and well-known pro-prostitution activists like Margo St. James, Carol Leigh, and Robyn Few, with the full 100% support of Republicans and Democrats alike and virtually every media channel in America...

President Jimmy Carter knows why...

Several people asked me the other day, "Why don't you work for a "reputable" massage school teaching massage, like say NHI (largest massage school in California)?"

NHI interviewed me to teach in 2012 at it's campus in San Francisco, telling me I'm the "cream of the crop" (the only person there with actual experience teaching anatomy of any kind, much less University level anatomy with cadavers)...

Then NHI turned silent and cold, and we all know why...  

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork has gone after one person and one person alone in it's fraudulent "support" for the massage profession and supposed opposition to sex trafficking: me.

I contacted Mark Dixon, acting Director of the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) for help in addressing this issue in 2004/2005, and Mark Dixon and the NCBTMB had one response: attack me and file formal "ethics" sanctions against me.  WTF? 

The following articles and examples may explain why, especially the ad from the Bay Area Reporter for Professional Massage...

Who's a thorn in whose side again? [Kimpton (Hi Kay!) has announced it's support for the Trevor Project...] 

Note again that 2005 was the year I was supposed to graduate with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT), but was instead compared to a rapist by the American Physical Therapy Association because I have pierced ears (in the name of Jesus!/?)

Being simultaneously hated by the American Massage Therapy Association (you're not gay enough!) and by the American Physical Therapy Association (you're too gay!) has been appalling, yet hilarious...

Note again, the Polaris Project/NCBTMB brochure pictured below was "finally?/WTF?" published in 2012, SEVEN YEARS after I resigned to protest Mark Dixon and the NCBTMB's TOTAL CORRUPTION and ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE...

Mark Dixon and the NCBTMB (AMTA) did nothing but cover up this issue in: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 after I issued my first letter requesting their attention and concern...

Note as well that Polaris Project itself was "hot to trot" on Washington DC prostitution corruption and sex trafficking when Bush was in office, then switched to an "all cover up, all the time" agenda after Obama was elected...

I was on the phone with Polaris Project founder Derek Ellerman about all this BS ten years ago, well before the NCBTMB attacks on me began...




Page 37, Diablo Magazine, 4/14, Ekso Bionics "Redefining Gait Training and Rehabilitation" (and leaving the useless troglodyte anti-diversity anti-dialogue discriminatory dictators at the American Physical Therapy Association in the dust...)



with this powertrain the S(B)-Class loses none of its refinement or road manners...delightfully supple...copious use of leather...The executive rear seat and comfort packs allow passengers to recline up to 37 degrees while enjoying a soothing massage


Seattle Times Thursday, April 24, 2014 Editorial: Crack down on online prostitution sites like (Satire, Comedy, or just Hypocrites?)


Former President Jimmy Carter says “whore houses” occupy every community in the U.S. before an audience at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin Tuesday during a 50th anniversary celebration of the Civil Rights Act. “I don’t think that there is a community in America that doesn’t have brothels, whore houses...But this is something that’s known by every city official (PRESIDENT?). There’s not any way to have a house of prostitution that’s active and the policemen on the beat not know about it....“The policemen are either bribed or they get free sexual favors or the chief of police (PRESIDENT?) tells them, ‘Let’s don’t rock the boat,’ and obviously that comes from the mayor and city council (PRESIDENT?)”


“As with the Olympics and Paralympics, Canada is stronger with Québec and Québec is stronger within Canada. Sport contributes significantly in building our country, and Québec athletes play a tremendous part in helping Canada achieve excellence.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Pac... everything he said was like a knife sticking in somebody’s wound twisting it…He said some shit to make a grown many cry. Talking about fucking your wife…That’s some powerful shit he saying. And he was willing to back it up…forever

Oh how I
I was a
Sex Worker
I wish I was
Penis Jerker
Then I would get that
Oh you know that
Dignity and Respect
from Sheriff Greg Munks
Jackie Speier
Yeah right! She's the one for me!
Every nun knows Jackie loves nothing more than Pimping my hot tight virgin ass, right?
I wish I was a Sex Worker
a Penis Jerker
then I would get that
Dignity and Respect
from the Dem-o-cratic
Everyone knows Sheriff Greg Munks wants me
Dreams of me
All day long
Sexual Harassment
Let's Have a Parade!
Let's Have


Who taught me to play chess?  My great-uncle, Perry Taft.

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L cont.






I finally accused Congresswoman Jackie Speier of pimping.
(Sophie's murder and death was celebrated by the American Physical Therapy Association, my mom...maybe you?)



We are talking about discrimination: FIFA allows religious headwear during soccer matches- Turbans ruled safe after a 20-month trial (The Quebec Soccer Federation chose to enforce a ban on turbans last April) CBC News Posted: Mar 01, 2014



Money Talks! Billionaires LDS Marriott & New Age Jew Blum (husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein) (what books will go in the bedside table?) join forces to buy Berkeley's famous Claremont Hotel Club & Spa for about $155 Million-(note that perhaps my most directly influential youtube clip relating to Cannes "Best Screenplay" winner "A Touch of Sin" is specifically about Christine Mihelich's testimony in Sacramento about chronic sexual harassment while working there as an MT, which was ignored & covered up to this day by everyone, including: Feinstein, Pelosi, Hearst, AMTA, etc.)


Sir Philip said: “Once again I have been deeply impressed with the Ottobock team providing expert and high-speed repairs and servicing to Paralympians from around the world..."


West Hollywood Skin specialist to the stars 'arrested for hiring former football player to kill competitor who moved in to her building'

This story I guess makes me feel "good to be alive" at least after my bizarre relationship with Erica O'Connor, and the truly sad run-in I had with Evo Spa of Mill Valley founder Gail last week; Gail, who fired me without cause and owes me $300,000 in back pay simply said, "I am not talking to you".


Tapotement Master: Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has spoken about the events leading up to his departure from the group at a recent drum clinic in Belfast, Ireland..."...nobody can take advantage of another person like that..."...he made only $67,000 touring with the band in 2011. Check out the video

I love the line about hiring a forensic accountant.  Note that while I have never met anyone from Slayer, I have met the far better paid Lars Ulrich of Metallica (castle in Tiburon), whose famous tennis master Dad Torben loves my work (both from Denmark), as well as James and current bassist Robert Trujillo...  Best wishes to Dave.


Oakworks press release: "The addition of Brian and the planned organizational design changes to advance our cell manufacturing structure reflect our continued focus on advancing Customer Service and Quality. We have a committed group of employees within our facility and Brian brings the balance we were looking for...

Note that my portable table is a custom designed Oakworks 31-inch wide platform, water & blood-proof (when I worked for Dr. Stone at the Stone Clinic I had bleeders, as well as at many biking and football/soccer events...)

Note also that in theory this entire site is actually about Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Amy Pfaffman,

and the day Amy asked me to father her children as we lay in bed together.  When we held hands walking through the Castro in San Francisco, we were yelled at and called "breeders" as an insult... I both love and hate thinking about Amy... sometimes.


Plan B, Part B: On October 5, 2013 the American Physical Therapy Association made my 43rd Birthday, "Diversity Day", while shunning me and refusing to give me my unconditionally promised Doctorate for over a Decade

(because I have pierced ears, like David Beckham, who lit the 2012 Olympic Cauldron with the Queen of England, and Jerry Rice, spokesman for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, etc.)

October 5, 2014: the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) will be held in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Stanley Paris got his Physio degree from the University of Otago, and the International Federation of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists is based in Browns Bay, Auckland, NZ.  

Stanley Paris's policies and actions towards me violate New Zealand Human Rights laws, and the policies of every Physio program in New Zealand, including his alma mater.  "Kiwi Spirit" my ass.

So I'm sure you get what I'm saying: I will take the LSAT at the University of Auckland on October 5, 2014. Stanley Paris knows, Duncan Reid knows, Ola Grimsby knows.  The University of Auckland knows, the IFOMPT knows, AUT knows, the Otago University Student Association knows.

Western States University knows, Life West College of Chiropractic knows, the LA Times knows, Massage Today and Massage Magazine know.  The BBC knows.  Tim Barnett knows.  The Hearst Corporation knows.  Roger Enoka knows.  You know.

With any luck I'll lay over in Hawaii and visit Matt Chapman at the Supreme Court of Hawaii.  Matt introdueced me years ago to Assistant Secretary of Defense James Noyes, around the time I was working with FBI-Director-to-be Mueller...

If Auckland doesn't work out I can take the LSAT on my Birthday in Bangkok or Tokyo instead.

Oh, and Gail of Evo Spa of Mill Valley also stole three Oakworks bolsters from me, in addition to violating her own code of ethics with shunning me and how she fired me, and the $300,000 back pay she owes me.  To quote Sarah, "People are crazy".

Compliment of the Day: "That's the best massage I've ever had in California".  "Where did you get a better massage?".  "Bali".   


3/7 FRIDAY: OPENING CEREMONY OF WINTER PARALYMPICS SOCHI 2014 (I so fondly recall meeting the Princess of Denmark at a Hockey game in 2002...)

Athletes competing paraded through the central ramp of the stadium, with woodland magic creatures and spirit birds guiding them to their seating area


New Virginia governor signs order banning discrimination against gay employees: 'Executive Order Number 1 sets the tone for an administration that will not accept discrimination in any form, and one that will work tirelessly to ensure all Virginians have equal opportunity in the workplace

Monday, January 13, 2014 Stanley Paris Ends Sail Early: "widespread failures across so many systems": American Physical Therapy Association | 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1488 (Stanley Paris continues to discriminate against me, with the APTA's backing) 


Is Jia Zhangke a successful director? That depends on your point of view. His first three films were banned in China...


"Best Screenplay Winner at the Cannes Film Festival of 2013, "Touch of Sin", opens with scenery of Highway 307 in China

(You'll have to watch the whole movie to get to the scene where, as referenced in a review by the NewYork Post,  "a receptionist in a massage parlor refuses to have sex with a patron, and he methodically hits her with a stack of money, over and over...".)

Critics are surprised that A Touch of Sin survived the censors’ scissors with so few edits.

“I was expecting, ‘Wow, there’s going to be some blowback from this, right?’ How could they allow something so naked and angry to be shown? And I don’t know the answer to that,” says Justin Chang, senior film critic for Variety.

Jia reckons that the authorities gave him the green light because the film was based on real events that were widely reported on microblogs.

Weibo created a space for this movie to be accepted,” he says. “Because of weibo, our understanding of the reality in Chinese society is very different from before, when there was more news censorship.” 



American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers ‘grand rounds’ cultural competency seminar: “There’s no doubt in my mind that cultural competence is going to become more and more important in the future,” says Dr. Alander

“The changing demographics of our society are well-known,” says Dr. Bal. “Cultural competence is part of the common sense that our future doctors need if they are to have successful practices.”
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Washington Office)
317 Massachusetts Ave NE
1st Floor
Washington DC 20002

So I wrote the Steadman Clinic, Marymount University, Ithaca, and the University of South Florida...


Updated: December 20, 2013

It is not a crime in Canada to sell sex for money. However, it is a crime to keep a bawdy-house, to live on the avails of prostitution or to communicate in public with respect to a proposed act of prostitution. It is argued that these restrictions on prostitution put the safety and lives of prostitutes at risk, and are therefore unconstitutional.”... many will be skeptical that Parliament is up to the task of having a mature, rights-oriented debate about a controversial and divisive policy issue.


Florida’s Walt Disney World (a short drive from St. Augustine, Disney is clearly the economic Capitol of the area): First Gay President...66,000 Disney World cast members calling him “boss.”...Kalogridis is a sociology graduate from UCF and was born in Winter Haven. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he and his partner, Andy Hardy, have been together for 12 years. The couple plans to build a home in Golden Oak, a subdivision being developed by Disney World on the northeast corner of the resort’s property. Hardy is a finance manager with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts global entertainment, according to the Orange County (CA) Business Journal.



Looking back, she laughed at her naivete: "I really thought I'd be giving (Will & Margaret Hearst) massages."


At 77, Robert Redford Goes Back To His Roots-by NPR Staff--December 12, 2013 1:40 PM

[Editor's note, when I worked at the 2002 Ironman Triathlon at the BYU campus in Provo, UT, technically I was working for a hotel owned by Robert Redford, so in reality I was working for Robert Redford himself...]


On being known for his looks


"One of the things that has been sort of weird is to see yourself characterized so often as somebody that looks well, that has glamorous looks, or is appealing physically.

That's nice, I'm not unhappy about that. But what I saw happening over time was that was [what was] getting attention.

I wanted to be good at my craft, and therefore I would be an actor that would play many different kinds of roles, which I did. I played killers, I played rapists, really deranged characters,

but most people don't know about that, because that was in television.

So suddenly you're seeing yourself in a glamour category and you're saying, "Wait a minute." The notion is that you're not so much of an actor, you're just somebody that looks well.

That was always hard for me, because I always took pride in whatever role I was playing. I would be that character."


Contact with Father Sal has been established via LinkedIn, where I made a point of mentioning Brother Tim Diener and Father David Deibel...

My relationship with Father David Deibel fascinates me for many reasons, not the least of which is his pivotal role, as a lawyer and a Priest, in representing the Catholic Church in many Priest sex abuse cases,

resulting in repeated citations by the New York Times, etc.  Father David introduced me to Father Sal... Still waiting for that call from the APTA, AMTA, etc...



Gay Catholic Priest, Father Salvatore Ragusa, celebrated his Jubilee - 25 years as a priest - this month with a Mass in the Chapel and a dinner at St. Mary's College. Here are images from the Mass Fri, 2013-05-24


Monday, December 02, 2013- Physical Therapist Paris Begins His Bid to Sail Solo Around the Globe..."Stanley Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA, FAAOMPT, would tell you that physical therapists (PTs) are a diverse, multitalented group of professionals"...

So I called the APTA to talk about "diversity" and Stanley Paris and the University of St. Augustine's broken unconditional promise to me in 2003 to give me my Doctorate degree, due to it's "expulsion on sight" policy towards males with pierced ears, and the APTA did what?  They hung up on me. 

Note again I am fully endorsed by AAOMPT co-founder Ola Grimsby, who also obviously is a FAAOMPT.

Stanley Paris's absolutely vicious war on diversity is legendary, worldwide.  The APTA lies, for PR purposes.  They know their shunning of me defies Congressional mandates repealing DADT, etc.

Stanley Paris's opposition to diversity, and his devotion to discrimination and hatred, is the only thing preventing me from getting my DPT degree and joining the US military medical services.


Check out the pink leather pants!  

11/22/13: I talked to legendary Lynrd Skynyrd fan, my biological father, who claims he saw them play Freebird the very first time they ever played the song live, yesterday, and he made a point of telling me how much he hates men who dress like women and wants to kill them all???


November 15, 2013: Testified at San Francisco City Hall in Supervisor Tang's office about the past, current, and future status of Massage in California, my career,
my relationships with the American Physical Therapy Association and American Massage Therapy Association, etc.  I'm reposting this photo of me doing massage at the Asian Art Museum in 2008 for Supervisor Tang.
November 6, 2013:
...All the while, Justice Stephen Breyer was trying out potential outcomes that recognized both the tradition of prayer and the rights of religious minorities and nonbelievers.
"If all that was left in the case were questions of making a good-faith effort to include others, would you object to doing it?" Breyer asked Thomas Hungar, the Washington, D.C., lawyer...
November 5, 2013: Supervisor Tang's office from San Francisco called me again and they want me to come to San Francisco City Hall to testify under oath about what I know about massage, massage regulations, corruption, etc. 
My younger brother in Georgia died and I don't have the money to go to his funeral.
I still can't find a massage job in San Francisco or Marin because of what I would honestly say if I testify, despite the threats and intimidation I have received for years, at San Francisco City Hall.  Jerry Brown hates me, etc. My car was repossessed by Toyota...
I challenged Mark Leno to debate me, again...

2013 Dia De Los Muertos Festival

Fruitvale Transit Village
East 12th and 33rd Avenue-37th Avenue
Oakland, CA



2014 Nominations and Elections for National Office for the American Physical Therapy Association is represented by a graphic on the APTA's home page using the colors of the rainbow flag, reminding me of the "Gay Pride" flag

[Note again that the APTA refuses to educate me in Physical Therapy, or even talk to me about Physical Therapy education, or give me my Doctorate because I am a male with pierced ears.

According to the APTA, males with pierced ears deserve to be expelled on sight, and shunned for life.  The APTA is explicitly anti-diversity, and anti-science... Still waiting for a  call from APTA "leaders" like VP Justin Moore...after ten years nothing but silence and hate...]

When you consider how horribly the APTA has treated me over my simple, common, ordinary ear piercings, it makes you wonder about the suffering and terror they must thrust upon actual gays...or Hindus, Native Americans, etc. 

I found my copy of Stanley Hoppenfeld MD's "Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities" that sports medicine professor and NATA officer Steve Winter wanted... should I give it to him?

Why bother going to school or studying when the American Taliban is running the APTA?


where do I now go in Edinburgh if I wish to enjoy a genuine sauna?

Governor Brown said,"To actually utter the words 'global warming' is deviant and radical in 2013. But here we are...



Wharton Journal has “gone gay” in conjunction with this week’s upcoming Rainbow Pub and LGBT Student Day...the LGBT community deserves their own edition...because I’m the Publisher (as well as one of those gays). -Added by David Teetzen on October 22, 2013

Wharton is widely considered to be one of the world's best business schools. Both Business Week and Financial Times have consistently ranked Wharton among the world's top institutions for business education.

Its undergraduate program has been ranked first in the United States by U.S. News & World Report since the rankings' inception. Wharton's MBA program has been ranked the best in the world by the Financial Times from 2000 to 2009 and again in 2011.

In addition, Wharton usually receives the highest reputation scores from academics and recruiters.


October 19, 2013: While I'm supposed to be in Scotland right now for the UK Sport Physio conference organised by Stephen Mutch of the Scotland Rugby Physio Team; instead I'm still trying to find respect from US Physios and/or get a decent paying massage job at least...

My car was repossessed yesterday, and I need to come up with $8000 in the next three weeks to get it back... Today I'm walking over seven miles one way to get to work at Massage Envy at 6AM- there is no bus on Saturday... Good thing I know Siddartha and Ghandi stories...

 I finished in last place of the Steep Ravine Marathon in the redwoods of Marin County and here is the map of the run's elevation changes- it's really hard!... I spent my core training time at my grandmother's funeral in Atlanta, drinking beer and eating fried chicken... 


"This is a beautiful little town. I wonder what dark secret it's harboring." - Writer Christopher Rice, upon his arrival in Saratoga Springs with his mother, author Anne Rice, Thursday afternoon (Calistoga in CA is named after Saratoga, as a drunken mix of California and Saratoga) 


10/15/2013 Portland Business Journal: Adidas endorses gay marriage

Adidas partners the Portland Timbers and the Portland Trail Blazers have also come out in favor of the initiative, and the Portland Business Alliance announced its support in September

{editor's note: My favorite Chiropractic College, Western States University, is in Portland.  I've called them several times in recent months to chat.  Tania Storm lives there now and does Yoga Teacher Trainings for CorePower.}   


CALISTOGA — Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort and Spa has been around long enough to welcome its 1 millionth guest this week, theoretically at least.

[I generally don't put this on my resume', but I worked for Dr. Wilkinson's Spa for one day in the summer of 1992 before I was hired at Golden Haven Spa.  Golden Haven Spa had air conditioning, tie-died uniforms, and let staff use the pool and hot tub.  Dr. Wilkinson's made you wear all white and you worked in rooms so close to the mud baths you sweat just standing there.  No perks.] 

{Note I recently applied to be the Spa Director for the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay on the recommendation of the Spa Director at a Ritz-Carlton in Japan, who seemed bemused by my stories...Reading about Florida has me thinking about applying to Palmer Chiropractic in Port Orange, a short drive from the University of St. Augustine and Orlando...}
{..the fact of the matter is Massage Envy's latest "Deep Muscle Therapy" (Prossage & Biofreeze) training manual is...37 pages long...Thanks for writing me back CG...}
What a coincidence!  So on October 5, while the American Physical Therapy Association was celebrating "Honor Diversity" Day, by shunning and blacklisting me for over ten years, refusing to talk to me or give me my well-deserved Doctorate,
just up the road from St. Augustine, Florida, where this shunning and blacklisting began under the direction of Stanley Paris, Ph.D., in Orlando, Florida, on October 5 there was a parade where I may in fact actually be accepted even though my ears are pierced...
While the Nobel Peace Prize contemplates giving this year's Nobel Peace Prize to a girl who stood up to promote educating girls in Pakistan,
The American Physical Therapy Association contines to act like the American Taliban that it is in promoting discrimination and putting up roadblocks to science and education... "in the name of Jesus"...



The above picture of Metallica's lead singer was taken at the Rafael Theater in San Rafael for the showing of the documentary movie "Absent", which is essentially a Christian-influenced film about parenting. 

I'm the blonde guy standing behind James in the black fleece jacket wearing my red on black RE/Search t-shirt. 

I made a point of asking James Hetfield about prostitution and massage brothels in Marin County while he has a 13 year old daughter; he had a really hard time handling the subject and my dialogue with James was, not surprisingly, censored from this review...

I was fired by Evo Spa not long after I asked these questions in public with San Rafael City officials present.  Note I recently had access to Massage Envy's "Massage Wellness Plan" and hiring/training process, and as usual, any and all controverial topics are kept "hush -hush"...

Employees involved in, or aware of, any controversies are to make no comments or offer any interviews with anyone other than management, including on social media.

As opposed to my approach of being interviewed by Massage Today, World Net Daily, and the radio show before Rush Limbaugh's out of Modesto, when Carol Leigh, etc. took over the Massage ordinance process in SF in 2003-

Note that the current Chairman of the Board of the California Massage Therapy Council, Mark Dixon, filed formal "ethics" sanctions against me with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in 2005 specifically to punish me

for asking him for help in addressing this issue and for asking him to support or implement what are now NCBTMB policies regarding prostitution and trafficking.  Let me repeat that: He's the Chairman now, and his policies are basically the same as Carol Leigh's (author of Unrepentant Whore).

Mark seemed particularly livid that I would stand up for Massage Therapists rights to not be sexually harrassed by clients, and upset by my question as to whether Massage Therapists should be allowed to engage in prostitution or to touch clients sexually.  Chairman of the Board.

I've known Mark Dixon for almost twelve years since we worked together at the 2002 Olympics.  Simply aking him to do his job is considered "unprofessional conduct", and anyone who does so is punished.

Mark Dixon is one of the main people behind having me thrown out of the AMTA-CA Education Conference last Spring in Sacramento, where my mentor Tom Hendrickson was one of the sponsors and I'm better educated in orthopedics than the keynote speaker James Waslawski.

More importantly, still waiting for a call from the American Physical Therapy Association, which has made this Saturday, October 5, (my 43rd Birthday) "Diversity Day" while shunning me and refusing to educate me for over ten years,

in violation of it's own Mission Statement and it's Code of Professional Ethics...

"Diversity" does not include me, according to the APTA, and discriminating against me is perfectly normal.

Note that the movie Absent includes an emotional scene where a street prostitute is talking about her father, so my audience to stage Q& A dialogue with James Hetfield at the Rafael Theater was in fact, "on topic".


the film invests its emotional energies in Trip's surreal saga, which finds the kid fighting for his life in a world gone to hell while dutifully running a meaningless errand. (Hope that's not some coded message to Metallica's actual employees.)


Metallica wanted to ensure their new concert movie had a "dramatic narrative"...determined not to show themselves "getting massaged and in a prayer circle"...

Drummer and founding member of the band Lars Ulrich...

"Metallica love to be out of their comfort zone and doing projects that are not what we know. The idea came up that we would weave a dramatic narrative into a concert. On most concert films it's just backstage footage - like they are getting massaged, or here they are in a prayer circle or high-fiving each other..."

Lars was adamant his idea was good one, although many people initially disagreed. He spent 18 months trawling Hollywood for someone as passionate about the plan as he was and eventually found director Nimród Antal, who he called "edgy and crazy". 

The National Athletic Trainer's Association (NATA) Continuing Education Committee has changed its name to the Professional Development Committee.

In order to maintain and expand their skills, the goal for health care professionals used to be attaining continuing education.

Now the goal is focusing on professional development and concentrated learning across the lifespan of your career. Continuing education is no longer a goal in itself, but rather a means to attain professional development.

Believing it important to stay up-to-date with current terminology and to help ATs focus on concentrated learning and developing learning plans, the Continuing
Education Committee determined, and the BOD agreed, that a name change was appropriate.


9/24/2013: I read Lars Ulrich's comments about Metallica's new movie being inspired or influenced by movies about mountain climbing and butterflies, and I wondered if Lars or his Dad Torben know what is happening in my life today (keep in mind Torben is a world famous tennis player).  San Francisco Supervisor Eileen Teng's office called me to talk about new massage vs prostitution regulations her office is proposing.  I hope we talk today, but moreso I hope I find a new job.  I applied to be the office manager for meditation teacher Richard Miller in San Rafael.  True story...   Note again that when Torben first asked me to do house calls at Lars's mansion/compound in Tiburon I didn't own a car since I was still recovering from Erica O'Connor killing my Massage Envy career...

The above scene is a still from the Shaw Brothers 1972 movie Trilogy of Swordsmanship, Part 2, The Tigress

The woman is a prostitute & courtesan debating the issue of prostitution before the court.  The man about to be beheaded is a military officer who she is in love with.  Great story!


I filed an appeal to the Physical Therapists Association of Spain about my dispute with the American Physical Therapy Association, and sent another email to Galway...


Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

9th Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

We look forward to welcoming you to the 8th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain from October 27 – 31 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As we host this congress only every 3 years, we urge you to take this opportunity to be involved. 

This congress has become renowned for the latest developments in lumbopelvic research and its clinical consequences. We can assure you that the 2013 event in Dubai will carry on this tradition.   


Thank you for applying
Your application for the following
job was sent to the Company:

9/17/2013CloserToyota Marin Scion Marin


Monday, September 16, sees the start of a week’s worth of activity from Paddy Power and partners to shine the spotlight on homophobia in football.

Paddy Power said:  We love football but it needs a kick up the arse. In most other areas of life people can be open about their sexuality and it’s time for football (and Physios) to take a stand and show players it doesn’t matter what team they play for. 


Cecilia Chung, congratulations on your new job!  Appointee, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. 


Published: September 15, 2013 BOSTON — At 3:17 p.m. on Sunday...“What he’s done is not by accident,” 

Marin Independent Journal 9/14/2013: San Rafael business owners fed up with sexual massage parlors, city to start enforcing ordinance (no mention is made of my being solicited for bribes and prostitution by the San Rafael Police and the business licensing desk at City Hall)

FC Bayern Munich legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn to gay footballers: 'Don't come out' (note this is interesting to me because I kind of know his coach Mr. Hoek, I wrote coach Andrew Ziemer about this and my situation with the APTA and the University of Galway today

Ronaldo’s new deal an expensive ego massage-The technical staff is almost secondary and certainly relatively expendable – the star players come first and their concerns are paramount; coaches have to suck it up and get the best out of the situation


A newlywed wife with doubts about her 8-day-old marriage confessed she pushed her husband face-first off a cliff in Glacier National Park, then lied about his death and told authorities he had driven off with friends, court documents said.



September 9, 2013: According to the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, today is World Physical Therapy Day.  Though the American Physical Therapy Association continues to shun me and refuses to educate me because of my ears, I applied to work as a PT Aide today for an East Bay Orthopedic Medicine center. 

I climbed my first 5.11B clean yesterday, screaming.  I was belayed by a geoscientist who says he resigned from the Boy Scouts before he got his Eagle Scout badge to protest their anti-gay policies when he was a teenager.  Does the BSA owe him an honorary Eagle Badge today or some sort of effort at making ammends?  Is he a hero to some?  Enemy to others? 


A jury today ordered upscale massage chain Burke Williams to pay $285,000 to a former employee who alleged she was sexually harassed by male customers and that the company did not take steps to stop the behavior.

[What about me being sexually harassed by the San Rafael Police Department?  What about  when Christine Mihelich  testified about the exact same thing happening to her at the Claremont Resort in Berkeley before the CA Joint Committee on Baords about Massage Licensure, only to be ignored by politicians and "colleagues" alike? 

What about me being ordered to promote sexual harassment of Massage Therapists (prostitution and pimping) BY the California Massage Therapy Council, which is basically the Government itself?]


Massage therapist sues Hillbrook Inn & Spa   ... gender discrimination

Zarlengo claims he was treated differently than his female co-workers prior to being fired in May 2012, according to the brief.

Zarlengo is seeking to be reinstated in his position, lost wages and an undisclosed amount of damages. 


September 5, 2013: I emailed Cara Lewis, PhD about my desire to attend the Glasgow Physios in Sport Conference to see her lecture, as well as my desire for communications with Stanley Paris and the APTA

(have you seen their new headline promoting "professionalism"? "What's in a word? A term with profound implications for patients,  PTs, the profession, and society"

note that the APTA defines males with pierced ears as "unprofessional", as well as anyone with a nose piercing

and have been hoping Cara would call me.  Still waiting to hear Cara's voice.

I know this is going to get me in trouble, but I'd have to say I think Cara Lewis, PhD is a ravishing beauty, quite possibly as beautiful as Amy Pfaffman...

I emailed my old friend Colleen in Spain, whose father is a radiologist and she is a Spanish-English language expert, about how odd it is to have been hired to do Physio for coaches from FC Barcelona while being shunned by the APTA, and wondered what she would think about the Sylvia Plath-like experience I had with Erica O'Connor.



   Montreal politician Lionel Perez said he has worn a yarmulke for the last four years but "it hasn’t been explained how that has hindered my ability to represent my constituents and my residents or act on behalf of the municipality."


Stars and Stripes is an American newspaper that reports on matters affecting the members of the United States Armed Forces. It operates from inside the Department of Defense and is authorized by Congress  OSAN AIR BASE, South Korea — Juicy bars 


Girl Guides UK: Welcoming more members with our new Promise to create a space where those of all faiths and none can find a home.


A group of Christian Girl Guide leaders, who refused to remove references to "God" from their promise, have said they will use the movement's new oath after facing pressure to accept the change from an atheist volunteer and the National Secular Society (NSS).

Girl Guiding UK admitted that it has received over 800 complaints about the new oath, which replaces the promise to “love my God" with a pledge “to be true to myself” and “develop my beliefs”... agreed to use the new oath once it comes into effect on 1st September...embrace all girls, those with a faith or belief, and those without”.  


August 29 2013: I stopped by Neka's Urban Remedy juice hut in San Rafael to drop off a letter including a request for a meeting and to point out that she owes me $46.  I mentioned in my letter being solicited for prostitution and bribes by the San Rafael Police when I tried to open my own business there. 

Even though I can't afford it right now I bought one of Neka's blends, "Pink Lemonade", though I wanted to try the Brainiac or Genius blends, etc.  Pink Lemonade is as cheap as it gets, and it's $5. 

I visited St. Mary's College in Moraga last night to attend their introductory lecture regarding their MBA.  Our mission is to educate current and future managers to be globally responsible, professionally skilled, ethically principled, socially responsible, and personally fulfilled.    

When you enter the driveway, there is an enormous picture of famed winemaker Brother Tim Diener, who tutored me in Chemistry, and I attended his funeral.

Brother Jerome West has a building named after him now.   I went to his funeral too.  [I knew Brother Tim and Jerome as massage clients.  At Brother Tim Diener's funeral I got to meet Robert Mondavi  and his wife Margrit.] 


Belly Friendly Press Release, interesting to me because of Body Kinetics and Claremont Spa connections (I also did my original Pregnancy Massage training in Marin County under Doula Samantha Stormer in 1994 and was the MT chosen to massage the owner of Golden Haven Spa's girlfriend when she became pregnant...) 

 Over the past decade, award-winning Barefoot & Pregnant has developed a reputation as one of the most respected and trusted names for information, wellness services and innovation among expecting women and their circle of influence.


Director of Spa


The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay - Half Moon Bay, California
Job Posted: Friday, August 09, 2013         

The Ritz-Carlton is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture.


As I pointed out to my friend Rancis the other day while discussing "gender equality" questions, (and "What Do Women Want?") the King of the Maya had pierced ears and pierced ears has nothing to do with sexuality at all- for the Maya it was certainly affiliated with masculinity and power if the King looks like that...


August 28, 2013: I just had a ten-minute conversation with my apartment manager about my financial situation and how the American Physical Theapy Association destroyed my PT career for having pierced ears, which is interesting because her macho Mexican husband has pierced ears, just had a stroke, and is going to PT now...


FORBES:  The news yesterday that Google GOOG +1.24% cofounder Sergey Brin had become involved with a Google employee and had split with his wife of six years, 23andMe cofounder Anne Wojcicki, highlights the fallout that can result from an office romance


August 28, 20134: Matthew Stewart, New Zealand trained Osteopath, has been appointed to the Education Committee of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Limited. 


New Jersey rejects 'ATHEIST' vanity plate for being offensive

David Silverman isn't just any atheist, he's the President of American Atheists, a group that's been around since the '60s with a track record of taking cities and states to court to uphold the rights of non-believers. It doesn't sound like Silverman was looking for a fight, but the Garden State just gave him one. He's already filed his first appeal.



PORTLAND, Ore., August 27, 2013 - The University of Western States (UWS), a leader in the education of health care professionals, announced that its assistant director of massage therapy, Eric Polgar, has been elected to the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education’s (AFMTE) board of directors.


Massage Educator - Birmingham, AL (Full Time)

Neill Corporation - Birmingham, AL (Birmingham, Alabama Area)

Job Description

"Our mission at Neill-TSP is to create an environment where people can meet their full potential understanding Results and Relationships matter most."

Use your gift to inspire others.

Are you a massage therapist who has mastered their craft?

Are you passionate about seeing others succeed?

Are you ready to embark on your next journey?

Inspire the next generation of beauty professionals by joining the fastest growing team of beauty visionaries as a Massage Educator .

Key responsibilities:

Provide on-going recognition, support, and motivation to students
Coach students to meet service and retail goals utilizing Aveda teaching methods
Maintain clinic/classroom sanitation
A ddress student challenges
Participate in instructor meetings

Minimum Requirements:
Massage License Required and Instructor License preferred
Aveda product knowledge/ experience preferred
Aveda experience preferred
2-5+ years in a spa setting
Strong presentation & communications skills
Experience training and coaching
Passionate about learning and teaching
Flexible to work evenings and weekends

Due to our commitment to the Neill-TSP and Aveda missions, we hire individuals who share this same commitment. Neill-TSP offers a competitive wage and excellent benefits. Neill-TSP is an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V

"Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world."

August 23, 1013: Congratulations are in order to whoever coined the term, "Strategic Swedish" Massage, which I just read for the first time in a Massage Therapist job ad posted in Craigslist.  It makes me feel better since I had a nightmare about Erica O'Connor again the other day...



Neka Pasquale, who owes me $46 and refuses to talk to me, has opened two juice and snack shops in Marin, one right by where I was solicited for bribes and prostitution by the San Rafael Police Department, still waiting to find out why I was fired by Evo Spa...

[Note, I was at the business launch party for Urban Rememdy at Evo Spa, and Neka owes me $46 for a massage I gave her in July 2009.  I gave Neka a copy of  "Cosmic Cookery" by my high school friend Gabriel's mam, Kathryn Hannaford, who ran the first vegetarian natural foods stores & restaurants in San Francisco, Marin, and Berkeley as part of a "New Age" collective in the 60's & 70's.  Neka owes me a formal conversation, as does her mother.] 


August 20, 2013: To give a visual reference point, after my decade-long dispute with the American Physical Therapy Association and Stanley Paris began in 2003, because I was supposedly a subhuman for having pierced ears, I was given sanctuary by followers of the Roman Catholic Patron Saint of Teachers in the Napa Valley of Northern California.  This is a picture of the main chapel at the monastery (there are three chapels, this is the one with the organ and amazing acoustics)



Stephen Mutch, head Physio for the Rugby Team of Scotland, has invited me to the Sports Physio Conference in Glasgow in October 2013, this youtube video about it and fascia (scar tissue) research and treatment says, "Not everything in Sport is Black and White" #addsomecolour


January 2012 LinkedIn expands its office space in downtown San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee announced...One Montgomery Tower building May 2013 LinkedIn changes its privacy policy and user agreement, explicitly bans must not: "Create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution" even if prostitution is legal where you live.


Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle or John Baptist de La Salle (30 April 1651 – 7 April 1719) was a French priest, educational reformer, and founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He is a saint of the Roman Catholic church and the patron saint of teachers.

Note again that after being treated with utter scorn and absolute hatred by the American Physical Therapy Association in 2003 (still true today), I was given sanctuary from Stanley Paris's hostility and discrimination at Mont La Salle monastery in Napa, California where I was given free room & board for months... Saved from a Catholic, by a Catholic... "bizarre".


August 17, 2013: I sent a letter to the Christian Brothers at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco...Tonight Diablo Rock Gym is hosting an event organized by Rachel Hope Fowler, whose arms are bigger than mine- (does this make her "transgender"?  No, it means she's a really strong boulderer. 

I like the comfort of La Sportiva Katana "Women's" shoes, it's not a fashion statement.) as a fundraiser for the Food Bank.  Following the language theme of much of this blog, I bought a pair of La Sportiva Nago's and when I looked up "Nago" on Google images there are loads of topless women because in Polish "Nago" means "naked".

I told Rachel a little bit about the difficult to explain current financial circumstances of my life, such as that while a few years ago at Evo Spa my supervisor asked for two weeks notice if Metallica took me on tour with them,

today I am personally facing pending homelessness, as apparently my (five years ago!) affair with Erica O'Connor along with endless prostitution politics, including my endless dispute with the Hearst Corporation, continue to have me in quite the pickle, nevermind my "evolving" religious views...

The event at DRG is a showing of Reel Rock 6 & 7.  My lead climbing partner, a safety expert for Lawrence Livermore Labs, is bringing his wife (a Physical Therapist) and kids.

I'm not sure if Rachel believes what I told her about my relationship with William Randolph Hearst, III and Robert Mueller... and Susie Tompkins Buell, the International Olympic Committee, etc. Rachel makes me cry sometimes because for some reason she reminds me of Amy Pfaffman, maybe it's her smile...


A massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a customer at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center earlier this year faces up to a year in County Jail

 [This article is important because the San Francisco Examiner called me to interview me about massage and prostitution politics in 2006/7, and I worked for the Marin JCC in 2009-2010, besides the stories about San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks

and of course the fact that the lobbyist who created the California Massage Therapy Council, Beverly May, who like Greg Munks is based in Redwood City, ordered me to promote sexual contact by Massage Therapists as my only purpose in life in 2003 while threatening me...] 

Metallica, the legendary heavy metal band, has just wrapped up its long-awaited China debut with two packed shows at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena.  HETFIELD: Metallica is grateful to be able to come into China and to give our gift of music to you, the Metallica family of Shanghai. Thank you for coming


Youtube: Andy Lewis Dec 19, 2012: Why I couldn't go on tour with Madonna.


 "Commas.  Cleanliness.  (Steve) Jobs could obsess and go ballistic about minutiae..."

"I was mesmerized by his genius and charm.  And like several other women in the company, I was a little bit in love with him," she added. 

Author speaking at SF Public Library–August 14  Publishers Weekly: America’s Obsessives: The Compulsive Energy that Built a Nation

In this quirky history, journo Kendall (The Forgotten Founding Father) profiles a “ticker-tape parade of American icons” in an effort to understand how their “obsessions and compulsions... fueled their stratospheric success.” Across a range of disciplines, from sexuality to sports, these seven legendary figures revolutionized their fields,

and they all likely had obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). Kendall draws upon the good and bad in each of his subjects to paint vivid portraits of “patron saint of polymaths” Thomas Jefferson, marketing genius Henry Heinz, legendary librarian Melvil Dewey, sex scholar Alfred Kinsey, aviator Charles Lindbergh, cosmetics tycoon Estée Lauder,

and baseball star Ted Williams. Kendall explores how each of these “obsessive innovators” changed the world through sheer force of will by harnessing their personal eccentricities and foibles. From Heinz’s need to measure things, to Kinsey’s broad sexual desires and Lauder’s addiction to touching faces, Kendall delves into flaws that crystalize as strengths,

showing en route what made these individuals tick. It’s a compelling look at how personality disorders can rule and ruin a life, and how those who come to terms with their constraints can achieve great things. Agent: Suzanne Gluck, William Morris Endeavor.




August 1, 2013: 1) Congratulations are apparently in order for my Sonoma State University classmate Larry Allen, who now lives in wealthy Blackhawk, instead of Compton, and sends his son to (Christian Brothers) De La Salle High School in Concord.  Larry is being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I doubt Larry remembers meeting me...

2) I gave the 2002 Paralympics "Chef De Mission Meeting Hall" sign to orthopedic surgeon Kevin Stone, MD, who I worked for before I went to the 2002 Olympics/Paralympics.  Sen Spa says my presentation is "over the top"?  I gift wrapped the Paralympic sign and put a big blue bow on it.

Dr. Stone is known for his work with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the US Ski Team, etc.  I had considered giving the sign to Hugh Herr, Ph.D., but instead delivered it in person to the Stone Clinic.

3) I was sent a rejection letter in response to an effort to go back to JFK University Law.  No interview, no explanation.  Note that to this day I have never met with my original advisor when I was first admitted to JFK Law in 2010, Professor Lawley.  She sent me an email promising me a meeting & advisement in February 2011.  Now what?

4) I had a guy call me that wants to buy this website and use it to sell massage tables.  Maybe tomorrow I'll call Earthlite, Oakworks, etc. and see what they think about that.

5) I called San Francisco Supervisor Tang, who has proposed new regulations for "massage".

6) As part of any "soul-searching" following the rejection letter below from Sen Spa I re-read the Honor Code for Professor Henry Okazaki's Hawaiian Judo and Jujitsu school, where to get a black belt you have to study massage.  True enough, it begins with a code to be humble, but it goes on to promote bravery AND responsibility... WTF?

Since the primary theme at this time here continues to be the shunning of me by the American Physical Therapy Association, and it's refusal to educate me, or even talk to me, note that Henry Okazaki was the first person to teach Judo and Jujitsu to any American, regardless of age, sex, race, creed, or disability. 

He was ostracized and outcast by the strict Japanese traditionalists for teaching the sacred art to non-Japanese...

7) I called the American Physical Therapy Association the other day, and in a major breakthrough, I actually managed to get APTA VP Justin Moore's secretary to talk to me for over 10 minutes.  Justin continues to shun me, and refuses to do anything at all to help me get my PT education, typical of the APTA as a whole.  WTF?


From SenSpa: 2012 spAWARD winner - Top 100 Spas in America  (Here to criticize you for expressng "over the top" "bravado"...???) 

Brian, Hello. I have received your information and I can see that you have put more attention to your cover letter and resume. It is an improvement.

I am sorry but I am still not going to be going forward with your application. I don't know if you have any interest knowing why but since you have put more time and energy in to this and this is your 3rd application to us, I will tell you why in the hopes that it will help you.

Brian, one of the things that is most important to us is that the position be a "fit" with the person. In your past you have had many spa jobs that last only 7 months to 2 years. This leads me to believe that there is something not working out.

You either are not picking jobs that you are a fit for or something is not working well once hired.  You current position as assistant manager would be a more senior position than a lead therapist and so it looks like you might be wanting to leave after only working at Metamorphosis for only 4 months.

Either another bad choice by you or something not working out. Either way, training is time-consuming, expensive and stressful for the team if the correct fit is not made. I'm just not willing to take that chance.


Additionally, your presentations are just over the top for me.  I like a resume that stands on its own merit. Since you have so many short jobs, it's clear you feel it's necessary to bolster it with bravado.  We have a humble team of great therapists that work together well and that's what I am looking for. I'm not interested in hiring a "star".


I'm sure you will find this frustrating but I am truly hoping this honest feedback will be helpful to you. I wish you the best in finding what you are searching for.   


Jenean LaRoche

Spa Director



2012 spAWARD winner - Top 100 Spas in America  


July 16, 2013: "Deep Thoughts, with Paul Hara": As I believe I have mentioned before, Paul is a professional National Geographic lauded photographer, and I speculate that he might understand the personality-type of Erica O'Connor better than some, and undersrtands what really happened in our relationship somehwat as well.

 The other day Paul called me, "Yojimbo".  I watched a lot of  Akira Kurosawa movies when I was at Sonoma State University (most memorably, Les Blank's "Gap-toothed Women") which helped me think past the simple idea that "yojimbo" means "bodyguard" in Japanese, to see what I think was Paul's real point:

The story itself is about " a ronin, portrayed by Toshiro Mifune, who arrives in a small town where competing crime lords vie for supremacy..." - In 1964, Yojimbo was remade as A Fistful of Dollars, a spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood in his first appearance as the Man with No Name.

 The ronin provokes the two factions into attacking each other (while he stands back and watches).


Lest we forget, it was Barbary Henry, the gorgeous redhead on the left, who gave me the ticket for the only Opera I have ever attended.  She was the President of the San Francisco Opera Guild at the time.  VIP access and free Champagne!




"They (the American Massage Therapy Association & the equally corrupt American Physical Therapy Association) think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would point guns at people's heads just for going to school." - Malala Yousafzai


Dear Christa Big Canoe,
I'm looking at returning to Law School and mentioning you perhaps in my re-application.  I first read about you in your recent press release on the Wall Street Journal website.
(The Supreme Court must consider that Aboriginal people are over-represented in street level sex work)

 I have apparently developed some kind of reputation over the years for debating topics you appear to specialize in. 

In 2006 I met with MP Tim Barnett of NZ, who wrote NZ's prostitution reform law of 2003.  In the early 90's I worked with Native leaders of the Shoshone in the US protesting nuclear weapons testing on lands supposedly belonging to Shoshone in Nevada. 

The American Physical Therapy Association has made this year, October 5, "Diversity Day" while upholding "expulsion on sight"/"unprofessional conduct" punishments followed by a lifetime of shunning, towards me, and any male seen with pierced ears.  I was supposed to earn my Doctorate in Physio in 2003-2005. 

I have made a point of posting photos of aboriginal people of New Zealand, Florida, etc. on my website.  My father tells me I am mostly German/Irish, but I am also Polish Jew, and Cherokee, which is apparently a secret shame to most of my family in the Deep South. 

All I really want to do is get my physio degree and study knees and spines, etc. but at this time I feel forced by circumstances to return again to Law.  I guarantee you that the Governor of California and the Attorney General both know who I am, as I have been debating the massage=prostitution "spa" issue for years. 

I was expelled at gunpoint from the last "education" conference for "Massage Therapists" in CA, and was ordered to obey the prostitution status quo by the lobbyist who created the CA massage council.  I believe that Chiropractic owes a "thank you" for the techniques they learned and borrowed from the Hopi and the Chinese, etc. 

I think massage/spa consumers and massage/spa practitioners deserve better than to have to deal constantly with the "massage parlor" word game.  I used to do massages for the Director of the FBI... 


SenSpa, named one of the top 100 Spas in America, is looking for a dynamic Lead Massage Therapist to guide a highly trained massage team of about 25 therapists. 

Located at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Presidio, SenSpa Wellness Center has one of the most experienced teams in all of San Francisco

and offers a wide variety of services. Our ethos includes building a great team and providing a quality work experience while providing all the tools needed to provide 5 star service to our guests at every opportunity.  

Body and massage services include swedish, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Gua Sha, body scrubs and Ayurvedic, Eastern influenced body treatments and others. Five years or more experience in a luxury dayspa or resort setting are required for this position and supervisory or training experience is preferred.

You must be very organized, have good computer skills and love to learn and teach both clients and other therapists. You will need a broad base of knowledge in the massage and body treatment world.

SALARY: Commission, Salary + Training Pay. Benefits include health, dental and vision insurance, 401K , commuter benefits, sick pay, vacation pay, discounted treatments and products.

General Description:

This key individual will be responsible for delivering exceptional service to all potential and existing SenSpa customers. This position is the "face" of SenSpa to the public and as such will carry the "brand" of SenSpa. This position will help build and lead our premier body therapy team

-- focusing on their continued development/training; and operational excellence. This person will work collaboratively with the Spa Management team to meet Spa goals. This management role is approximately 75% body therapy (approx. 4 days per week) and 25% management (approx. 1 day per week).

Specific Responsibilities:

 Hiring new body therapists and giving orientation to new therapists to the department.

 Develop services, document the protocols, train all staff and ensure they can deliver all SenSpa services.

 Modify service menu as necessary to enhance the guest experience or enhance business results.

 Give feedback on body team members in the area of goal achievement and performance for reviews

 Create and uphold client service, room and team standards.

 Continue education and share knowledge with team; ensure that team is continuing their education. This includes initiatives for safety and the lead therapist may be sent for certification as an injury prevention trainer for the spa.

 Work with managers in developing and maintaining written materials for the department.

 Coordinate trainings with outside vendors and product providers

 Assist with Marketing and Business Development projects as needed

 Deliver exceptional client experiences -- in accordance with SenSpa methods, greet and welcome clients; analyze and discuss their current regimen; perform all SenSpa body services; prescribe professionally-recommended programs; explain services and treatments conducted; complete treatments on-time and escort clients through the check-out procedure.

 Meet or exceed all established quantitative metrics including: services sales; % of retail sales to services sales; number of services per client; request ratio

 Participate and lead the team in all SenSpa programs to develop clientele -- explain promotions to clients; send thank you emails after treatments; participate in incentive contests

 Clean room after each shift in accordance with requirements and internal SenSpa checklists 100% of the time.

 Participate in Spa team activities -- attend team meetings and events.

 Represent SenSpa professionally, ethically and in accordance with State Board Standards (if you're reading this, you probably already know that there is no State Board and therefore no State Board Standards- there is instead the Margo St. James/Willie Brown-inspired front group for promoting prostitution, the "California Massage Therapy Council").

This includes uniforms being cleaned and pressed regularly and a kept appearance.

 Support the SenSpa culture and its principles. 

... ... ...

Dear Brian

Thank you for the note. 
We take great pride in our diversity of people who make VTMTL special. 
Nowhere is perfect, but it's our compassion for humanity that's worth being thankful in life. 
I wish you well and mobility with your endeavors. 

Darrell Carreon,
Ving Tsun Montreal
(514) 924-6900 / 


July 13, 2013: court reaffirms it was OK to fire 'irresistible' worker 

 "While the loss of a job is often devastating to an employee, and at times unfair, these considerations do not play a role under our employment-at-will doctrine, and our exceptions to this law, such as sex discrimination, are only based on the underlying discriminatory motivation of the decision maker," 


Fri July 13, 2013: An event to consider, since I probably can't make it to Bali with Sarah Pascual to do yoga on the beach though I'm flattered she invited me and certainly appreciate the free yoga class she comped me for at YogaWorks Mill Valley the other day, and it made me think if Sarah can be so nice to me

wouldn't it be nice to have some of my other past Mill Valley associates agree to talk to me?  Rod Heschong at Mill Valley Physical Therapy, where are you?  I InMailed Neka Pasquale, acupuncturist and daughter of the owner of Evo Spa, yesterday..: I asked for a face to face meeting. 

Sarah Pascual started crying, right there in the Yogaworks yoga studio, when I told her what happened to me, and is still happening to me, in regards to being "let go" from Evo Spa...

Gamelan Sekar Jaya (Balinese music featuring my old housemate Scott Barnes) will be peforming at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival Saturday July 20 at 2:15PM at the Castro Therater in SF


Fri Jul 12 2013 Malala Yousafzai (aka Brian Longcor), who was shot by the Taliban (aka the Catholic Church, the American Physical Therapy Association, Stanley Paris, etc.) while travelling to school last year in Pakistan (aka Florida), speaks at the United Nations about the right to be educated.

[Editor's note: My most recent added Links on LinkedIn are all Physical Therapy professors in the Middle East, including from Pakistan and the University of Cairo in Egypt...]


July 12, 2013: I received an email from Tom Hendrickson, DC, who I was the "star student" of from 1994-1997 (I have not heard back at all from New Zealand native Brian Kelly, the Dean of Life West, Tom's Chiropractic College alma mater, who I wrote several months ago); this email from Tom is really just impersonal marketing and slow to arrive at that,

considering the fact that Warren Hammer got back to me in less than 48 hours...

and actually bothered to make an effort to directly respond to what I contacted him about... 

Dear Brian,

                                                                                         Greetings from the Sierras, where I am in the midst of a three month sabbatical from my clinical practice. During this special time of rest and renewal, I'm spending my days focused on yoga, tai chi, meditation, prayer, and rituals of healing at sacred spots, as well as hiking, reading and relaxing...


                                                                                                                                                                          My time in the mountains has inspired me to write to you. I've been reflecting on Hendrickson Method and how to continue to support you in the deepening of your practice...


                                       To me, going deeper also means to practice self-awareness, to allow ourselves to experience our joys and openings as well as our fears and resistances with loving acceptance. To go deeper is to align ourselves with the stillness deep within...From that stillness...healing and regeneration.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To go deeper is to become more and more an open, transparent vehicle of healing...


                                                                                                                                    The basic movements of wave mobilization are a way to go deeper and can become a vehicle to bring us to stillness, and to connect us with the vast, un-namable energy of the Universe, of which we are a part.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In order to work more closely with you..




July 11, 2013: Being I was just at my local Law school talking about the brothel across the street from my apartment, here's a great line from the movie Heroes among Heroes, when the local cops show up to bust the opium factory being run by the King's brother: "Protect foreign businessmen!"

Another Yoda-like gem is, "He is skilled, but he is too proud"... There are also a lot of cool, hypnotic massage scenes to contemplate.  A line from a different movie I like that speaks to my failed discourse with the APTA, etc. is, "So you won't teach me the Wu Tang style?" [Shaolin vs Wu Tang]

Consider this line from 7 Grandmasters, "A title reflects a man's honor.  You have none.  Goodbye."

Also note that in the 80's Donnie Yen did a breakdancing movie where he wore eyeliner and a clip-on earring... He just got tapped to be in the new Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie so Donnie Yen will finally soon get the Western exposure he deserves...



July 10, 2013: I was listening to YogaWorks yoga teacher Sarah Pascual talk about how much she likes things to have a "family hospitality" feel... this is a picture of my older brother in his prime, late 80's/early 90's.  If I got my ears pierced to look like my older brother, is that "conformity" more than "rebellion"?



Published on Jun 28, 2013 -UC Berkeley youtube "At Cal Athletics, we not only accept our LGBT student-athletes, we embrace them for who they are. We honor diversity at Cal...

Fostering an inclusive environment is not just the right thing to do, it allows our student-athletes to perform to the best of their abilities in all aspects of their lives. It's important to me, as the leader of Cal Athletics, that each and every one of our student-athletes, coaches and staff members know

that they can participate in the sport they love regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression." - Sandy Barbour, Athletic Director  (note that the video also talks about diversity of religion, culture, etc.) 

The Cal You Can Play video features Cal administrators, coaches and student-athletes expressing their support for an open environment for LGBT student-athletes. The message is that if an athlete is good enough to play a sport, that's all that should matter -- the watchwords of You Can Play's mission.

We, Cal Athletics, felt that the video should be made because we are already an inclusive, diverse and welcoming institution and department. The number of coaches and student-athletes who participated in the project is a reflection of the nature of Cal Athletics and its commitment to inclusion and equality for all.

We believe that our You Can Play project sets a tone for our department and our athletic teams on and off the field. The video will also set a precedent for future student athletes and the experiences they will have here at Cal. We had over 52 participants that were filmed for the project. Go Bears!

[Editor's note: I took Exercise Physiology at UC Berkeley Extension as one of my prerequisites to get accepted to the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program at the University of St. Augustine in 2003, only to be exiled because of my pierced ears. 

I think this video creates a precedent and a valid cause for immediate dialogue between the American Physical Therapy Association and the University of St. Augustine and I, perhaps others, SSU, etc.

If I had known about this yesterday I would have brought it up to Steve Winter when we talked...] 


July 8, 2013: I met face to face with Dr. Steven V. Winter, Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at Sonoma State University in Northern California today for over 90 minutes in his office, and to quote Depeche Mode, "I haven't felt so alive in years."

Steve has the new poster up in his office for the National Athletic Trainers' Association, and when I told him I think it looks like a gay pride flag, he laughed and said something like, "My wife doesn't like it, but I love Las Vegas!"  I gave Dr. Winter one of my Massage Trailer 1 signs from the 2002 Winter Paralympics.

I showed him a copy of my checks from William Randolph Hearst III, my Olympic ID, I talked to him about my affair with Erica O' Connor at Massage Envy, and as well about being #1 at Evo Spa, and being the highest paid nonsexual Massage Therapist in the USA not that long ago... 

and of course we talked about my efforts to be educated by Stanley Paris & the American Physical Therapy Association, while having guns pulled on me by the "Educators" of the American Massage Therapy Association;

we talked about how I was solicited for prostitution by the Mayor of Cotati while I was at SSU in the 90's, how I was solicited for bribes by the Police in San Rafael, the brothel across the street from my apartment in Pleasant Hill, the brothel I lived above in San Francisco's Financial District;

we talked about how I was ordered to promote prostitution full-time, essentially to work for Carl Leigh and Margo St. James, by the active sitting Government Relations Chair of the California MassageTherapy Council...

I asked him if he thought the National Athletic Trainers' Association would help me, and while he couldn't promise me anything, he did say something to the effect that, "Our members truly care for one another as family, and will do anything to offer kind assistance in acheiving your goals, promptly, politely."

He didn't seem surprised at all really to hear anything that I had to say...though he did say being solicited for prostitution by the Mayor of Cotati was "interesting"; I think Steve has travelled quite a bit...

He said he remembered me, and he remembered the fact that I did in fact set the high-end of the academic curve in his courses.  He agreed to write me a general letter of recommendation as soon as possible, and consider what else he might do or who he might call to talk about my future, to answer my main question: "who do I call?".

Steve remembers being in the rooom during the 2005 testimony before the CA Professional Boards Committee hearing with Christine Mihelich and Liz Figueroa, where Christine was quoting me... He agreed I should be disappointed by the complete failure of the APTA to help me, despite Justin Moore & Stanley Paris's promises, etc.

We talked about how I came to meet the conductor for the San Francisco Symphony... Steve doesn't know who Ola Grimsby is, but I emphasized that I am supported by Ola and several other scholars... Steve doesn't teach Stanley Hoppenfeld's text anymore, so he showed me the replacement, I didn't write down the title... I'll get it next time we talk.

I never brought up the word "osteopathic", but Steve did.  At the end Steve seemed to wonder if maybe I would be better off in Law School; right now I just need money, sponsors, or fruitful work... Steve knows how close I am to being truly dead broke, which sucks considering my resume.  I have to go to SF now..

How am I supposed to take the ridiculous path of my apparent disagreements with the APTA, Hearst, ESPN, AMTA, etc. seriously when I was the star student for the acting Professional Education Committee Chair for the California Athletic Trainers' Association? 

I'm really sorry if I might sound conceited or pompous to someone like Ruth Werner or say James Waslawski, for example, or "crazy" to David Palmer, or William Randolph Hearst, III, but when you think about it, the only reason I was Tom Hendrickson's orthopedic massage "star student"

is because I was Steve Winter's Athletic Injury Pathology and Rehabilitation "star student" before that.  I deserve to be educated to the Doctorate level and allowed to contribute to sports medicine scholarship.  I should not be bickering with Carol Leigh, etc. about my job title, ethics, or scope of practice.

Should William Randolph Hearst III or one of his subordinates at ESPN give me a call?  Should Stanley Paris or someone from the American Physical Therapy Association or American Massage Therapy Association or National Athletic Trainers' Association give me a call?  Let's talk about Professional Education. 



NZ Herald: America's Cup- "I can't stand by and honestly tell them with my hand on my heart ... that the rules have changed, and this is safe," said Murray.

Murray took the opportunity to fight his corner early yesterday, calling a safety briefing to "set the record straight" over some of the more contentious points of his 37 safety recommendations made after the death of Artemis sailor Andrew Simpson...

Murray has found support from Oracle chief executive Russell Coutts, who scoffed at allegations his team are benefiting from the safety recommendations, saying Team NZ were "dreaming up conspiracies"...



Christina Stephens: For the year of 2009, she worked closely with the USA BMW ORACLE Pro-Sailing Team & Crew during their training for the 2010 America’s Cup performing Massage Therapy on the dock of the Coronado Bay. The USA team then traveled to Valenicia,Spain, where they won the world class America’s Cup Race.

"Fuck Christina Stephens." - William Randolph Hearst, III : " After four days of mediation with the International Jury and teams, why weren’t you able to get unanimous agreement on the Safety Recommendations?"

Murray: The teams support increasing safety and the teams support all but one or two of the Safety Recommendations. But these are competitive racing teams and a couple of them are struggling with one or two specific points.

I’ve been a competitor in the America’s Cup before and I know what’s at stake.

For the record, not one of the teams is 100% happy with how all 37 recommendations affect them. But at the end of the day, safety means safety for everyone. ["Except Massage Therapists, who deserve to be represented by and treated like whores." - William Randolph Hearst III, Mark Leno, etc.]


July 3, 2013: I kicked off 4th of July early by giving a small related gift to my friend Sam ...


July 3, 2013: The threat of calling off the America’s Cup was made by the regatta director Iain Murray the night before Thursday’s opening ceremony in San Francisco...

Murray, a former Australian challenger for the 1851 trophy, said that if protests by Emirates Team New Zealand and Italy’s Prada-backed Luna Rossa against two of a recommended 37 safety measures were upheld he was required to go immediately to the United States Coastguard (USCG)... 


July 3, 2013: "Iain Murray says he will call off this year's America's Cup if his 37 recommendations aren't upheld by the International Jury"

(safety for everyone matters, but is ignored completely, which is why my friend Jamie quit practicing massage completely less than our weeks after graduating from massage school, despite the fact she owes her massage school over $11K, thank you AMTA, Jackie "Celebrate Sexual Harassment" Speier, etc.!) 

I discovered that  The San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design  is directly next door to  Touchstone's Dogpatch Boulders making it impossible for me to climb there without thinking about Amy Pfaffman...


An earring wearing black man is the spokesperson highlight for this fairly new (Published on Apr 11, 2013) very well-done VING TSUN MONTREAL/Wing Chun Kung Fu in Montreal/IP MAN youtube ad, 13:07 (his flow/rap about kung fu is at the end)

(note that Allen Ling, PT's only employee Massage Therapist claims to be a kung fu student.  Allen Ling is on the California Physical Therapy Ethics Board, and knows that the University of St. Augustine, Stanley Paris, and the APTA itself are guilty of chronic entrenched discriminatory and unethical policies and practices.)


DENVER, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CorePower Yoga, the fastest growing yoga studio operator in the U.S., today announced a capital investment by Catterton Partners, the leading consumer-focused private equity firm

"CorePower Yoga was founded in 2002 by Trevor Tice, a successful entrepreneur who turned to yoga for its health benefits after a climbing injury"...CorePower Yoga is well-positioned for continued success in this large and fragmented growth market...

[Editor's note: Reading this is an emotional moment here for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that

the only Massage Therapist I have ever asked to marry me, Tania Storm (who is of Norwegian descent and can trace her family tree back farther than anyone I have ever met; the Storm family is apparently a big deal in Norway), is now a Yoga Teacher Trainer for Core Power Yoga in Portland, Oregon,

not far from University of Western States College of Chiropractic, which is one of the schools which has kindly responded to my story about my "dress code" & "professional conduct"/"expulsion on sight" dispute with the APTA & Stanley Paris with support and an offer of a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

I wrote Touro Nevada over the weekend so maybe they'll get back to me, and I wrote Allen Ling.  Bastyr University & Life West have ignored me, as has my Law School.  The APTA has ignored me for ten years, as has Stanley Paris.

David Palmer sent me an email accusing me of being "bipolar".  I'm flattered he wrote me at all, I suppose... (Thanks David, maybe we'll have another media-moderated discussion someday, I contacted you looking for job leads at this time...) ; 

I responded telling him that the role of a Law Student, or Science student, (or basic journalism for that matter) is to consider all arguments and counter-arguments for any statement, observation, or practice.

When we met Tania was a Massage Therapist at the Bay Club in Corte Madera, which oddly enough like Evo Spa and Massage Envy has blacklisted me and refuses to interview me, but at the same time I'm linked to the Bay Club CEO on LinkedIn... Strange but true, that... 


 June 30, 2013: I need to read it but I'm happy to say I have received an email from the acting President of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT), Annalie Basson, who, speaking of human rights, is based in South Africa.

This led me to revisit the IFOMPT's website ifompt and read the obituary for New Zealand-born Robin McKenzie, which includes this brief quote, "A clear assessment process gradually emerged. This system, now known as the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT),

has achieved worldwide recognition

and is now regarded as part of “normal” management for low back pain.

His vision was that all patients with musculo-skeletal pain be taught how to manage their own pain.  As he pursued this vision, Robin McKenzie had to overcome significant skepticism and, at times, outright hostility (Did Stanley Paris expel and shun him too, destroying his life "in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord"?)  .

He would no doubt attribute this single mindedness to his Scottish ancestry, of which he was very proud."

The word "normal" is vital as well to this youtube statement by Ip Chun regarding apparent difficulties he is having with a former student:  I have also heard this rumour...I am just an extremely normal martial artist...

If you don't know who Ip Chun is, watch this: South China Morning Post youtube video on Ip Chun, length 3:37 ; I'm not quite sure what to make of this more recent SCMP article about Activist Ye Haiyan


June 30, 2013: The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) has published it's new graphic design logo, it's third since I started studying sports medicine in the early 90's.



Thursday, June 27, 2013 New Vision of the Physical Therapy Profession Adopted- The 2013 APTA House of Delegates yesterday adopted a landmark new vision of the profession of physical therapy: "Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience."  (Dear Allen Ling...)

ESPN W article 'Six quick reasons you might want to give rock climbing a shot'-I'm only posting this now because of the Hearst-ESPN connection; Hans Florine knows Shannon at DRG who showed me her new camping gear and told me her solar battery can recharge her cell phone 37 times...then she giggled...

 {More on point is appreciating the many helpful insights I've had talking about most of this website's themes with Shannon's boyfriend Dustin, a 26-yr old nurse making over $100K, who is considering switching to chiropractic, naturopathic, or osteopathic practice.  I wish I had gone to nursing school sometimes...

Dustin went to Touro University Nevada a Jewish Osteopathic Medical Shool in Las Vegas.  The University of St. Augustine, Bastyr University, Touro, etc. all teach Osteopathic methods- when I last visited Bastyr they were using Greenman's textbook, Principles of Manual Medicine}


June 26, 2013: San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera issues press release on WSJ about Supreme Court Prop 8 (gay marriage) ruling [it matters here on many levels; I would love to talk to Dennis Herrera...]


June 23, 2013 Telegraph UK: Scout Association amends vow to God in bid to appease atheists and other faiths; "the words have got to be made right"; The change is a response to the shift in patterns of belief- At the 2011 Census, more than 14 million people in England and Wales said they had no religion

the movement now plans to allow atheists to become full members



June 23, 2013: I want to thank my "Jewish intellectual" friend Patrick for suggesting I look up the meaning of Moshe Feldenkrais's (Russian: Моше Пинхас Фельденкрайз, Hebrew: משה פנחס פלדנקרייז) first name, which I find is Hebrew for the Greek name Moses.  Patrick dropped out of PT school to work in tech, but his wife is a PT. 

My advisor for my BA in Psych, Eleanor Criswell, widow of Thomas Hanna, is who introduced me to Feldenkrais. Click on the picture to see a Youtube video of Moshe explaining his struggle having his work and ideas understood and recognized, discuss the limits of the usefulness of words, etc.

Doctor of Science in Engineering at the Sorbonne, co-founding member of the Jiu Jitsu Club de France, he gave lessons in the Feldenkrais method to David Ben-Gurion, the Prime Minister of Israel, enabling him to stand on his head in a yoga pose... science officer in the Admiralty working on Anti-submarine weaponry in Fairlie, Scotland...studied the work of G.I. Gurdjieff...

June 22, 2013: Speaking of hypocrisy, the American Physical Therapy Association, which refuses to educate me, proudly discriminating against me and shunning me for over 10 years since May 2003, which approves of expelling suspected Hindus or homosexuals "on sight",

 has chosen my 43rd Birthday, October 5, as "Diversity Day" 2013:

The 21st Annual Diversity Fundraiser: Physical Therapy Scholarships for a Diverse Future Saturday, October 5, 2013 World Trade Center - Portland


 June 22, 2013: Dear Tracy Bury, Director Professional Policy, World Confederation for Physical Therapy... 


From: Warren Hammer (Author of Functional Soft Tissue Examination And Treatment By Manual Methods) 

Cannot believe in this day and age
that pierced ears or sexual orientation 
means anything. Just go to any school
you can get into to get a license. W. 

 [Editor's note: Warren Hammer did not respond at all to my report of how the AMTA treated me at it's last Education conference, to my questions about his relationship to Tom Hendrickson, DC, or to my observations about Rhode Island's past "indoor" Prostitution laws since he is in neighboring Connecticut. 
 I pointed out to Warren that the California Massage Therapy Council, like the 2003 "Massage" Ordinance in San Francisco, was created by the same people (Margo St. James & co.), with the same mission, behind RI's past prostitution laws
(Prostitution was legal in Rhode Island between 1980 and 2009 ; I wonder if Amy Pfaffman (RISD, I wish my grandmother would give me $160,000 to go to art school!!) or Krista Fechner (Brown U, Biochemistry, which she did with a pink mohawk, followed by a full scholarship for a PhD at UC Davis, her dad is an engineer, to her math is a "game") knew that?.]
In fact, for anyone who is curious, here is the entire InMail I wrote to Warren Hammer, DC, posted in very small type since most readers of this website probably know everything I said to Warren Hammer, note I did not say I was gay, I said Brian Barnes, son of JFB, is gay while I think Stanley Paris hates males with pierced ears because of his false perception that that means something sexual:

Dear Dr, Warren Hammer,
I'm 42 now and can get into any DC college in the USA but have wondered if it was the "right choice". I was going to get a DPT in 2003, but was expelled by Stanley Paris and have been shunned by the APTA for over ten years now because of my pierced ears. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has hired NFL star Jerry Rice as their spokesman, with his earrings in for their ads. I moved to the SF East Bay to go to Law school in 2010/2011, but lost my necessary massage job due to false rumors about me being some kind of sexual harasser whihch goes back to an actual affair I had with a coworker in 2008 who spread lies about me as part of our breakup. I have thought about taking biochem and getting my ND. My biggest problem right now goes back to that affair, and in July 2004 I was on the cover of Massage Today talking about prostitution reform related massage questions. I live across the street from a massage brothel now, and used to live above one in San Francisco. In 2006 I met with the head of the Sex Workers Outreach Project who openly told me about how she basically runs the California Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. SWOP sympathizers created & run the California Massage Therapy Council. I read on your website you don't take insurance. Tom Hendrickson used to talk about you whenh I studied with him in the 90's, and right now I'm taking the National Acedemy of Sports Medicine's Personal Training test on Monday- you are footnoted in the text, Chapter 7, Footnote 37, of all things quoting JFB, who I met in 2011. JFB supports having the APTA talk to me and finding a way to get me my DPT. I don't consider my ear piercings to be a "gay" symbol but offhand JFB's son Brian Barnes is gay, and JFB referred to Stanley Paris as being a "tight-ass". As it stands today, despite my 23,000 hours of experience, massage licenses in WA, FL, UT, and CA, apparently my 2008 affair and my notations of the reality of the massage =prostitution politics of CA, I cannot find a decent job or get a decent interview anywhere at this time. I sold William Randolph Hearst III (20% owner of ESPN) his home massage table while working for the US Ski Team's Orthopedic Surgeon before I went to the Olympics in 2002, and I can't get an interview anywhere? Not even Massage Envy? I was the #1 highest earning nonsexual MT in the USA in 2010. today I am dead dead dead broke, having been blacklisted by everyone, apparently for the sin of falling in love with a desk girl in '08, and furthermore for trying to work out a sane solution to the massage=prostitution question. I have had faculty from Life West Chiropractic College and Bastyr University read my profile recently, which is great, but what I need right now is solid advice, a real job lead and or scholarship, and to move forward with my career. I have issued multiple requests to be invited to the APTA Conference in SLC June 26, but noone will respond, or help me in any way. I speculate that the keg of dynamite I opened has to do with the brothels of Washington DC and Wall Street, but maybe it's gay politics too. Here's "the kicker": I tried to visit the AMTA Education Conference in CA about a month ago and not only would noone talk to me- I was literally treated like a terrorist! I was surrounded by armed guards who expeditiously removed me from the hotel and ordered me to never return. My many calls to the AMTA and NCBTMB and others seeking appropriate counsel and reparations regarding this vicious insult have been ignored and denied. This goes back to the Sex Workers meeting I attended in 2006 and my Massage Today cover story in 2004. Again, I know I am touching on many issues here, but ultimately what I need most is an immediate "real" income, be it by making a deal to write a book, or by being offered a good job, or by being offered a scholarship. It is my honor today to reach out to you for help, Dr. Hammer. I was first accepted to Western States Chiropractic College in 2007, and Life West in 2009. Please agree that I do not deserve to be shunned, broke, and destitute because I have pierced ears, or because I had an affair with a desk staffer, or because I recognize that at some point the massage=prostitution questions need to be addressed. I owe my Law school I had to drop out of about $13K but if it makes sense and somehow I get a scholarship or money somehow I could very realistically consider starting DC college again. It's 37 miles, but I can commute to Life West from my current apt and start next quarter. I can't believe I've been shunned by the APTA for ten years, and now un/deremployed for over 2 years. Please help me Dr. Hammer. I'm about to become homeless or start contemplating suicide. I own all the Massage signs from the 2002 Paralympics and passed the NCBTMB without studying. I was supposed to get my DPT from Stanley Paris at the University of St. Augustine in 2005. I'm supposed to be teaching and practicing Fascial Manipulation and following in your footsteps, not losing my mind and being shunned... Tom Hendrickson won't respond to me or help me because he knows I'm right about everything. Look up "Prostitution in Rhode Island" on Wikipedia- you're in CT. The same core person mentioned there, Margo St. James, is behind SWOP and the California Massage Therapy Council. I just want a real job so I can get new tires for my car and afford to go to grad school. I haven't been to a dentist in 3 years... William Randolph Hearst III is worth over $12 billion (and publishes the San Francisco Chronicle), knows what is happening to me, and simply doesn't care if I die homeless in the gutter... I know this is too long but please read my profile and respond asap with good news or at least suggestions, I know this is difficult and complex personally and professionally, etc. Regulations or liberty? Peace or War? DC or PT? MT? Homeless?


On 06/17/13 1:53 PM, Devdeep Ahuja wrote:
Dear Brian,

Thanks for your message.
I am surprised at the discrimination and unfair treatment that you have received at the hands of physiotherapy community in not being allowed to complete your physiotherapy degree because of your ear piercings.

While I am not an authority on physiotherapy education and general discrimination laws in US, I would really be interested in finding about the details of the APTA constitution on such topics as well as the stand of WCPT in such matters.

It would also be interesting to find out the University's position on the matter.
You have mentioned that you had been offered the DPT program. Were you told that your offer was relegated only because of the ear piercings?

Can you give me further exact details of the offer and if possible, send me copies of any correspondence with APTA on the matter.
While I am no international expert, in my own small way, I can try to enquire about the APTA and WCPT position on the matter and see if any progress can be made in the positive direction through proper channels.
If someone is motivated to undertake physiotherapy education, their body art, sexual orientation or anything else should not really matter. But that is just my personal opinion.
Finally, I do understand your position as you have mentioned that Sikhs have had to fight for their religious identity and freedom all over the world. 

Kind regards,



Volunteers are heart of community: lifting wheelchair-bound...up hills...well-placed to know what makes an unsung hero...Bank high-flier...unveiled as the Royal Bank of Scotland’s managing director...RBS: Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes Awards

“Being a big rugby lad, I was able to help take them climbing and through the forest. I realised how lucky I was... “Some might find it embarrassing or overwhelming and might not want the recognition — but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get it.” 


June 20, American Bar Association (ABA) Journal, US Supreme Court rules that groups receiving federal funds can't be forced to oppose prostitution, Scalia and Thomas Dissent, includes link to PDF of majority opinion written by Roberts

[Editor's note: The United States Supreme Court is literally surrounded by brothels posing as "Spa", "Sauna", and "Massage" businesses, which are systematically ignored by the Police, the same way that "business as usual" gets done in Edinburgh, Scotland, etc. 

Derek Ellerman of Polaris Project was perfectly happy to talk at length with me about everyday prostitution in Washington DC when Bush was President...he used to take videos of high ranking officials, both US and foreign, visiting them all the time..."Privilege" & "Diplomacy"...]


 June 18, 2013: Another congregation has left the Church of Scotland over the ordination of gay ministers.  My cousin Jeff in GA keeps a Bible on a podium like a preacher might have at his front door, and I think he's pissed off that I told him I spent most of the time at our grandmother's funeral last summer staring at the ceiling...
I've read the Bible.  I know what it says.  I could have been a Southern Baptist preacher... 
The only time my Mother has ever taken up politics was to support Prop 8 (including a huge sign on the lawn) so she could prevent my older brother from getting married.  My Mother also made it perfectly clear that she supports having me shunned and exiled by the American Physical Therapy Association, because of my pierced ears. 
How can you endorse condemning your child to poverty because you don't like their religious views, or their ear piercings?  Thanks Mom...


When I actively belonged to the Order of DeMolay, we studied the story of how Jacques DeMolay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake alive after being accused of heresy, though DeMolay's presentation tends to obscure the accusations of heresy and talk about the MONEY the Church wanted from him... 


Do you like Dr. Suess stories?  I should send a copy of this one to Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association...


Ron Marchini was on the cover of Black Belt Magazine before I was born...


June 18, 2013: It gets wierder: Last night at Diablo Rock Gym I had a woman who is from Salt Lake City and who was a regular performer at the Medals Ceremonies at the 2002 Winter Olympics as part of the opening act before AntiGravity when she was 17 give me her phone number.  She wants to climb together...

How is it that my friend Adam, whose forearms are bigger than my calves, got into allopathic Medical School and will be studying for his MD with a pierced lip, nose, eyebrow, and ears, but I can't get the American Physical Therapy Association to even talk to me?  Adam wants to specialize in modernizing Diabetes treatments...

Brian Wilson working on new solo album...Capitol Music Group chairman and CEO Steve Barnett says, “ simply one of the most important figures in the history... far-reaching and influential impact on our culture.”

June 17, 2013: Fantastic news!  Katie Gustafson has Linked to me on LinkedIn.  Katie was a coworker of mine when Erica O'Connor and I worked together at Massage Envy in 2008.  Katie personally knows Erica O'Connor and I had a romantic affair,

and that I was falsely accused by Erica of being some kind of "stalker"out of sheer spite and vindictiveness after I made Erica tell Nathan Dorris about our relationship, because as I said to Erica, "He deserves to know".  Katie knows fellow MEer's Michael Woo and Risa Moreno, who also know the truth...

Katie, the ever buoyant Buddhist, knows about the damaging effect of the horrible lies and absolute hell that Erica O'Connor put me through, how it broke my heart and my wallet, 

how she got me fired from both Masssage Envy and Evo Spa and continues to viciously do everything she can to destroy my life, maliciously defame me, and harm my reputation among my friends, colleagues, and clients...

Thank you Katie for your support, your care, and your belief that being Linked to me is a good idea.  So if Katie will Link to me, does that mean that someone from Evo Spa will agree talk to me?  Will someone from Massage Envy agree to talk to me?  Will other opportunities and invitations arise?  APTA?

June 17, 2013: I just got off the phone with the Department of Professional Licensing in Utah because I am in the process of renewing my UT Massage License, and the DOPL representative I talked to told me that I need to have the Work Experience portion of the application filled out. 

She told me that anyone claiming to have worked as a Massage Therapist for over 20 hours a week will be flagged for review because giving more than 20 hours of massage in a week is "impossible" because "you are human".  (She should meet Hans Florine!)

While I have to go to Evo Spa in person (wish me luck with that!) to give them the paperwork UT wants filled out because that's the last place I worked for over 2 years, I found the "over 20 hours is impossible" conversation so amusing I am reposting two of my paycheck stubs 

showing I was doing 40 hours a week, (double the "impossible") on a regular basis when I was at Massage Envy in 2008, in addition to my part-time job in Napa.  How is it possible?  I think a background in Renbukai, Taiji, and Athletic Training may have something to do with that...

At Massage Envy I iced my hands every day; at Evo Spa I filed my nails every day.  Raul clipped his; I think filing creates a smoother edge and a higher quality massage experience.  If a fingernail edge touches a client's skin, better to slide than scrape, or even cut... Similarly, Taiji (and maybe some Ninjutsu) trained me to be silent...

Remember watching those old David Carradine Kung Fu intro's on TV where the Kung Fu master would walk across rice paper without wrinkling or tearing it?  Again I thank the very influential martial arts teachers of my youth, Ron Marchini and Leo Fong.  (Leo Fong taught Bruce Lee to Western Box and still teaches Kung Fu...).

The Utah DOPL agent asked why I am having a hard time in California right now finding a good massage job if I'm so "popular".  I told her that Roger Olbrot (my boss at the 2002 Olympics) knows (Erica O'Connor's lies, my endless disputes with the AMTA, NCBTMB, APTA, etc.), and she got off the phone really fast. 

She did not want to talk at all after I mentioned Roger... Why?


Published on Jun 12, 2013 youtube Message from the Chief of Army (Australia), Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, explains perfectly the mindset behind both A) why I resigned from the American Massage Therapy Association, and B) what is just as wrong if not worse with the American Physical Therapy Association, in 3:07 

"...let down every one of you"

" inclusive and able to reach their full potential, and is encouraged to do so...if you become aware of an individual (such as: STANLEY PARIS, WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST III, AMTA, APTA, NCBTMB, JACKIE SPEIER, etc.)

DEGRADING/DEMEANING/EXPLOITING  another then show moral courage and take a stand..."

"Noone has ever explained to me how the degradation or exploitation of others enhances capability or honors...I will be ruthless..." 


Kimpton buys Sedona resort: Boutique hotel chain plans to renovate Amara, boosting reviews – and rates

Dear Devdeep Ahuja, Managing Editor at International Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

...We appreciate FIFA’s statement and the clarity it brings to this situation. We are hopeful that the Quebec Soccer Federation will now immediately lift its ban on the turban. We want to see all the children play again as soon as possible. We cannot conceive of any reason to drag this unfortunate situation out any longer.

“Just let the children play.”... the whole “surreal” controversy might have been avoided if there’d been better communication...“long overdue” change of heart...”It’s unfortunate that it took this long and this much effort...

WSJ: Struck is an insight-driven creative agency...making brands Greater Than through forward-thinking, breakthrough creativity... Clients:...DreamWorks Animation, ASICS...Utah Office of Tourism...relentlessly pursuing strategic and long-term relationships...tasked with increasing brand awareness and driving growth of...Fitness Together and Elements Therapeutic Massage... 


June 13, 2013: My dear colleague Steve Capellini has published a new book: The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists 


Hong Kong Standard: The biggest story in the Soccer World

Turban ban!  Canada Soccer Association issued a statement saying that it had been forced to suspend the Quebec Soccer Federation for failing to “ensure soccer remains accessible to the largest number of Canadians.”


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tweeted his approval: "Good to see CDN Soccer Association (American Physical Therapy Association) take action against the Quebec Soccer Federation (University of St. Augustine/Stanley Paris) over its ridiculous turban (pierced ears/noses) ban."

 Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said: "Barring kids from playing soccer (studying Physical Therapy) because they wear a turban (earring/nose piercing) is wrong." [what's the difference between a turban ban and a pierced ears ban?  Ask Stanley Paris & the APTA & Jerry Rice & David Beckham..."ridiculous"& "wrong"]


One team showed its support for the Sikhs by sporting the headgear in solidarity. The team borrowed 20 turbans from a local Sikh temple and wore it throughout their most recent game



June 11, 2013 at 2:49PM By Dara Adeeyo/Visit us at

[Editor's note, Cosmopolitan is published by the Hearst Corporation, (someone really needs to hire better editors and writers at Cosmo, Will, these people are idiots!) leaving me hesitantly contemplating my bizarre relationship with the Hearst family and the Hearst Corporation, especially now knowing Hans Florine's wife Jackie, former Cosmopolitan cover model

and current June girl for the Diablo Rock Gym Calendar (taken by National Geographic award-winning photographer Paul Hara), but I did finally try to objectively read this article about a Watsu "massage" (they never say Watsu, but whatever..."aquatic therapy"?)

and I have to say I agree if you don't know what you're in for a Watsu "massage" has to be shocking - it's like ordering an ice cream choco taco thinking it's actually a taco...

or having the HEARST CORPORATION pick a prostitute whose autobiography is titled UNREPENTANT WHORE as the only person they could find who is qualified to write an editorial opinion about Massage Therapist's rights (oh, but the Hearst Corporation already did that, didn't they? )

Weird and awkward? "As an activist, I have been an advocate for the massage parlor workers, networking with health outreach agencies and advising on city legislation"...Despite me being a past chosen Massage Therapist to "massage" Will, his wife, and be around his kids in his home? Fuck you, William Randolph Hearst III, and your definition of "weird and awkward" me anytime Will

Clothed breast pressure in your back from what is basically a gentle hug is "weird and awkward", according to HEARST but prostitution constitutes a "perfectly normal" massage?  Are you insane?  Since HEARST has equated massage with prostitution, what's the difference now between "massage" and "prostitution" and "rape"?  Tell me, Will.  Call me, let's chat.

 Like Reiki and Prostitution, I really don't think calling Watsu a type of massage makes much sense and leads to much confusion. 

I think if you've never had a Watsu you should watch an informative video first, or at least watch someone get one on Youtube or in person. 

I also agree that the only time I paid for a Watsu (more love stories!) was at Harbin Hot Springs on a date with Joyce Breckenridge, and I got water up my nose like the author of this Cosmopolitan article did and had a headache for hours.  Joyce and I were breaking up at the time too, so I never relaxed, really... 

If Cosmopolitan/you try it again, I recommend watching an experienced Watsu couple do it and realize that what you are doing is participating in a relaxation challenge, a flowing form of Sivasana perhaps, since you know a little bit about yoga.

Try using a rubber noseclamp as I thought most modern Watsu practitioners have learned to offer (is anyone doing Watsu with Scuba gear?  That would be interesting...), and try it after exhausting yourself doing two Bikram Yoga sessions back to back so you're too wiped out to "Type A" the experience and have no option but to "let go & flow". 

I also tend to think that being a student of Bikram yoga doesn't necesssarily make you "above" learning to enjoy a well-done Watsu.  It might make it harder, actually.

Youtube: Watsu - Playful Water Therapy Session with Art Photography by James Knight -James was one of my Psychology of Yoga & Meditation teachers at Sonoma State University in the early 90's under Yoga Journal Board member Eleanor Criswell (Hanna)

James looks like a "Superman" model & he was one for years and he lived in Europe; his Youtube channel has some other interesting videos, finding him just now on youtube really touches my heart and has me tearing up;

James was like a shaman to me...people who don't get this aren't going to get this but I met my "Power Animal", a Welsh Corgi, while in a trance in one of James's Psychology classes at Sonoma State University and he was drumming...

I remember when James broke up with his gorgeous girlfriend after "becoming" gay; I wonder what the story is with James these days?  Seeing James on Youtube reminds me why I originally majored in Psychology as opposed to Physical Therapy, etc.

When I first interned at North Coast Rehab in Santa Rosa, I was often most impressed by the Recreation Therapists who helped people find joy in life and a will to live following stroke or knee/hip surgery, though the PT's made more money and had more career options...

Have you heard that song-mix of an interview with William Shatner for Star Trek V, "Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, Why is he climbing a mountain?  To make love to the mountain...."?

Seeing James reminds me too why I am enjoying studying Rock Climbing with Hans Florine and everyone at Diablo Rock Gym and Touchstone.  Like advanced meditative yoga or kung fu, the idea is to get crazy fit because you have to be fit to have certain experiences.  2000 ab reps is less boring when you have a vision...

James had students climb stairs with 50-pound packs to train for extended meditations in nature, not simply to have strong legs, or look "sexy", or whatever. 

Now is a good time time for me to point out that my friend Chris broke my Calories in a Day Record at Diablo Rock Gym of 6,666 Calories by taking the Record up to 9,200+, which he did to train to hike the Pacific Crest trail. 

Maybe I should take it to 9,300, but personally I backed off of cardio after doing the 6,666 (I did that to impress Hans Florine, who has a thing for 6's).  I climbed my first 11c (climbing difficulty) on Tuesday, and my shoulders still hurt...

Besides whenever you see Hans's wife Jackie who has done  the Badwater Ultramarathon, which has to be more like 18,000 Calories in Day, I feel inspired yet inadequate...

James changed his last name to Knight after "divorcing" his parents.


WSJ: ... the financial adviser, who co-founded a firm that manages more than $800 million...a special kind of financial wisdom that...allows them to stay calm in crises and make holistic financial plans for clients... 

...advertisements in Yoga Journal, which in its April 2001 issue featured a bare-chested Mr. Kessel on the cover ..."I think the very common reaction, even 15 years ago, would have been, 'These guys are California quack jobs,'" says Mr. Kessel.

"But if you actually came in and were a client, you'd find that we're much more disciplined than a lot of the firms out there."

...teaches advisers to focus on the client's life goals and use empathic listening skills when working with them..."...the power brokers of medieval India"...So far, 307 have obtained the top...designation...

"People leave our training exhilarated"..."You go so deep inside yourself you're sparkling." 


Daytona Beach: Kanwaljit Singh was shot in February in what police are treating as a hate crime... no suspects...Sikhs are targeted because of their distinct Sikh identity, especially their turbans



I am thrilled the FBI’s law enforcement advisory board agrees that the Hate Crimes Incident Report Forms must be updated to include at—risk communities...I’m calling on FBI Director Mueller to fully and urgently implement the Board’s recommendation.

[Editor's note: The American Physical Therapy Association continues to support a policy of "expulsion on sight" for any student with a pierced nose, which is a symbol of Hindu faith, as well as the "expulsion on sight" of males with pierced ears.

Is the American Physical Therapy Association a Hate Group?  Come on FBI Director Bob Mueller, I know you and you know me, I've been your Massage Therapist, I know your wife, and I've been to your house.  I wrote your wife a get-well card after she was diagnosed with cancer. 

Let's talk about why I can't join the military, like you did, Bob.   Let's talk about how I am being treated on a daily basis by the APTA and the University of St. Augustine, Bob.  It's a Hate Crime, and you know it!] 


Britain's oldest literary awards have turned their attention to drama, with a £10,000 prize for the best play

The shortlist includes a production about Bradley Manning, the US soldier currently on trial for allegedly leaking military secrets, and a work featuring monologues by deaf and disabled performers.

The £10,000 award will go to the play that displays "an original theatrical voice", organisers said.

The judging panel includes representatives from Edinburgh University, the National Theatre of Scotland and Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre, where the successful work will be read on August 5. 


June 9, 2013: What is Professionalism?   Karin Swinney was a Founder of the Association of Professional Piercers, and has taught Piercing in Amsterdam.  ( )

Please note that while to many some postings here may seem too personal, too quirky, or too irrelevant, or "rambling"/"ranting" that here at the moment I am attempting to address some of the things I might talk about were I to meet the Physiotherapist for the Rugby Team of Scotland, just as I met many Physios at the Olympics in 2002.

This blog is about massage news, spa news, etc. but it is also about my efforts at dialogue with Dr. Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association, who have blacklisted and shunned me for over 10 years since 2003 because they don't like my ears.

This matters for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Physical Therapists are recognized and regulated as healthcare practitioners across the USA and worldwide.

In the USA, a Physical Therapist can join the military as an officer.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) HAS NOT BEEN REPEALED as long as the American Physical Therapy Association and Dr. Stanley Paris continue to blacklist and shun me.

Because I am 42, I cannot join any branch of the military as an ordinary recruit.  However, if I had my Physical Therapy License I could join any branch of the military as a health care Officer.

Like Karin Swinney, I could not join the military at all before DADT was repealed due to our mutual occasionally bisexual interests, though Karin clearly took things a lot further there than I ever have thought about doing.  My gay friends don't think I'm gay for a reason; I'm not gay... but I'm not the straightest person in the room either...

While the American Physical Therapy Association has maintained it's ludicrous definition of professionalism (ears pierced="unprofessional conduct"?) shunning of me since 2003 due to my attempt to be respected as part of modern scholarship and modern society

despite the fact that my ears are pierced, and Stanley Paris's are not

(when I was interviewed Friday to work as a Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness the Fitness Manager pointed at my Asics Shoes and his Asics Shoes and said "we look alike!").

I recently shaved and cut my hair short and people at Diable Rock Gym that wouldn't be very nice to me at all when my hair was long and my beard was looking 1800's have recently started friendly conversations with me and flirted with me, while others have had the reverse reaction saying I've lost my uniquenss...


Hans Florine said, "you've gone corporate!"  I think a lot of gym members don't know what he looked like in the past, his long hair and neon pink tights... "The 80's...What were they thinking?" 80's music icons Modern English have a new album

Note as well that new laws have been passed in the UK declaring recognition of several 80's subcultures as "protected from Hate Crimes" including New Wavers, Goths, Metallers, and other "scenes" where males might wear eyeliner or have pierced ears.

The way the American Physical Therapy Association has treated me since 2003 is according to these UK laws, a "hate crime".


eyeliner-wearing subcultures can safely let their freak flags fly

  ...violence and abuse targeting "goths, emos, punks and metallers" will be treated as a hate crime, and offenses will be prosecuted the same way as "attacks based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity."



Karin Swinney and husband Edward Colver in 2011 or so.



Karin Swinney and Brian Longcor in the back of a limousine going to a Prom together in 1984/85 or so.  Photo taken by current Stockton Paramedic/Firefighter Sean Hidalgo.




June 8, 2013: I wrote the Physiotherapt for the Rugby team of Scotland just now begging for career/life help,

and it reminded me of one of the only reasons I might ever be noteworthy,

and that's for going to prom with Karin Swinney, who is now married to legendary punk rock photographer Edward Colver (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Flag, 45 Grave, etc.). 

Karin was also married to a MBA from UCLA "transgender" (can I say that?).  Karin might hate most of this website... but I found this on Wikipedia!:  

John Ramsey Swinney (born 13 April 1964) is the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth in the Scottish Government and the Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for Perthshire North. 

He joined the Scottish National Party in 1979 at the age of 15...

[Note that Karin might well be related to Cabinet Secretary Swinney.   Karin Swinney's father is/was a very successful banker in Sacramento, CA  and personally flew Karin from Sacramento to Lodi in his plane to go to Prom with me due to flooding of the highways at the time, as Led Zeppelin sang, "when the levee breaks..."]


So I'm sorry Lady Ga Ga, but through personal experience I have a hard time believing the "Born That Way" line.  Lady Ga Ga can ask Karin why Karin was a proud lesbian for several years between loving me as a teen virgin and now (a trophy wife) marrying Edward Colver who is twenty years older than I am (and looks kind of like me, do we agree?) and owns a house in LA.. 

This story matters to this website's title Massagewell because Karin introduced me to Ayurvedic massage during a discussion we had when we were both 22 or so.

I also say this to confirm that I am not and have never been "obsessed" with Erica O'Connor per se but I am hopeful about falling in love again... Karin also introduced me to the band Japan...

I met Karin at a DeMolay convention in Fresno.  I was 14, tops, and Karin was a little older, and belonged to both Job's Daughters and Rainbow Girls.  Hence the frequent Masonic references throughout my writing.  My Uncle in Atlanta is a 33rd Degree Mason.

Our rowdy little group got kicked out of the Convention dance hall for doing the full "Rock Lobster" dance.  I met Karin in an elevator, and we proceeded to talk for I think 10 hours straight... Karin to this day is the only girl I have ever broken up with, as opposed to me getting dumped...


One man faces the machine

Describing as ''ruthless'' the administration's pursuit of "anyone who releases any information or talks about government malfeasance or the abuse of power,"... "The government wants to put an end to whistleblowing."...

The thinking in the Massage Therapy=Prostitution establishment is if she (Beverly May/Ruth Werner/Dianne Feinstein/Jackie Speier) doesn't sentence him (Brian Longcor aka Brian Goodwin) to death or put him away for a long time, then she's not doing her job...



Saturday 8 June 2013 SCOTLAND's eight police forces merged two months ago

"It was dishonest to pretend we did not know what was going on inside the saunas."... 


Glasgow, with an (prostitution) industry last year estimated to be worth £5 million a year...

Brothels were targeted by 150 Police Scotland East Division officers, who accompanied social workers to help potential victims. They swooped in an unprecedented push after concerns about lax licensing laws in Edinburgh.

Customers and employees were taken onto the street and questioned at seven saunas and 11 associated addresses.



[Editor'snote, while I still can't get invited to Conferences by the American Physical Therapy Association, or the American Massage Therapy Association,

I have been invited to a Sports Medicine Conference in Glasgow via LinkedIn by PHYSIOTHERAPIST to SCOTLAND RUGBY TEAM Stephen Mutch ]



                                                                                                                                                                                                      At around 5:30 pm today, the San Francisco Gay Pride board will announce whether or not imprisoned American heroes (?) Bradley Manning and Brian Longcor will be re-appointed...



Have you seen that ad in Competitor Magazine for Garmin "When you don't have .37 of a second to spare" 

June 8, 2013: Hans Florine is on the cover of the SF Chronicle again...I just had my first real Personal Training job interview since passing the NASM CPT exam, at 24 Hour Fitness in Walnut Creek.  Logistically I'd rather work at the Sun Valley Mall location, but I'd have to say the General Manager who interviewed me was amazing and I could see learning a lot from him. 

My guess is he's post military and probably evangelical Christian.  Marine buzz haircut.  Motivating, pleasant, friendly, concise without being impolite, critical without being condesceding or me feeling criticized, but instead motivated to do everything better "next time"...

He started as a Personal Trainer and in three years has moved up the corporate ladder considerably in pay, experience, and stature.  24-Hour Fitness is clearly a solid and growing company...

I told him about my checking in to Diablo Rock Gym over 500 times last year and he called me "the Mayor of the Gym".  I forgot to tell the 24-Hour Fitness Manager about my invitation to write for magazine, MILO.  You would think that should be on my Personal Training job application...

I called my DJ brother in Atlanta and he keeps telling me to "be positive"... his wife is a Russian model for Jagermeister...


Dear Dr. Donald Chu,
... The APTA refuses to talk to me, or even let me attend the SLC Conference, because I look too much like one of your Oakland Raiders.  How much do they make? 

Rod Heschong, PT of Mill Valley Physical Therapy has specifically hired me to work on him because he knows I'm as good as his DPT employees are at many advanced bodywork techniques, including psoas release.  Brian 415-350-8893


June 6, 2013: I was trying to fill out a really long corporate job application for working as a Personal Trainer at 24-Hour Fitness (their website keeps crashing/freezing?) and ended up on Evo Spa's website to get contact info and noticed that the opening screen model and art is no longer Candi, who I tried to have a private conversation with

right before I got fired from Evo Spa about possible miscommunications between myself and perhaps some of my coworkers...perhaps.

After I got fired from Evo Spa I saw Candi at Starbucks and she exclaimed, "It's not my fault!".

Candi is the blonde and this was taken at Evo's front desk. Tai is the mixed Asian supermodel dog rescuer/aesthetician.  It always tripped me out to see her come to Evo Spa from her Animal Control job covered in dirty drab clothes, then change and put on make-up and boom!  Supermodel!  Here Tai is pregnant and has no make-up on.

Candi arranged my 40th Birthday Party, and I wonder if we will ever talk again...

I was talking to a friend the other day and realized I get along sometimes best with either Asianized Americans, or Americanized Asians...

Also, since the Dalai Lama is presenting at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit I might add that the doors behind Candi and Tai here are from India, and best of all

that "Jimmy" the Himalayan Handyman is a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, who when I met him was married to a Catholic convert from Judaism who was one of the Evo Spa elite veteran Aestheticians, until she got arthritis and was "let go"... Religion in Marin County...




His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Keynote 2013 Global Spa & Wellness Summit

Author of "Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer", Dr. Kenneth Pelletier, clinical professor of medicine, University of Arizona and University of California, San Francisco: "I have no doubt that hearing him speak will (in keeping with the 2013 Summit theme) represent a truly 'defining moment' for conference delegates and the industry."


Jenny told me she likes love stories.  Briefly retelling a short story: I was introduced to the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism by Randy Banyard around 1989 and we once went to see Japanese new age pioneer musician Kitaro perform live together. 

Randy is the reason Joyce Breckenridge, who I met at Santa Rosa Junior College drawing under a tree and dated for 4+ years and should have married perhaps so long ago, first broke up with me.  

Joyce last left me notifying me that she would rather date Charles her coworker, a coffee bean roaster at Wolf's, than a useless broke Massage Therapist with a useless Psych BA.  Joyce's father was a founder of Harbin Hot Springs in the 70's previous to it's current management and she lived there as a child. 

Joyce's grandfather Eric "Big Daddy" Nord was the founder of The Hungry I in SF.  "Newspaper columnist Herb Caen called him the "king of the Beat Generation.""

Joyce's father divorced her mother after "becoming?" gay, and was paranoid I would do the same.  Joyce's mother was the director of landscaping at Meadowood in the Napa Valley (nice nice nice super expensive!!!)- a "cheap" room is $500+.

To me, my ear piercings symbolize/commemorate the fact that the last time Joyce left me, as a "rite of passage", I shaved my (think Kurt Cobain/Sting like shoulder-length with really long bangs, I've never had a mullet, though I have had a more "new wave"-like backwards mullet, "party in the front, business in the back") head,

got my ears pierced four times, and started wearing suits when I was 25 or so and still working in Calistoga at Golden Haven Hot Springs and Lincoln Avenue Spa. 

Among my core life-changing stories is my never-ending argument with the American Physical Therapy Association about having my pierced ears defined as "unprofessional conduct" worthy of on-sight expulsion.  To me they symbolize love.

Would the APTA support expelling a student for wearing a Christian Cross?  A Jewish Star of David?  Will the APTA ever respect my rites of passage, my "myths"? (Google/Wiki: Joseph Campbell)  Are pierced ears really so foreign and alienating? 


Attorney Matthew Krupnick’s lawyer friends laughed when he first told them that he was filing suit against Micky’s, the gay bar in West Hollywood known for its go-go dancers and male strippers, for creating a sexually hostile work environment

 a $15-$20 million judgment is possible. 


(I tried to send this email to Roger Olbrot, who was my boss at the 2002 Winter Olympics and is the sitting President of the Utah Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association but it was blocked by the AMTA's website)

Hi Roger Olbrot,
Assuming you participated in the SLC Gay Pride yesterday, I hope you had a pleasant time.  I still need your help...
I took and passed the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Certified Personal Trainer Exam today so now I can look for Personal Trainer jobs as well as Massage Therapy jobs.  I've known NASM textbook contributor Donald Chu for over 18 years and we are Linked on LinkedIn. 

I am also Linked to "manual medicine" textbook contributor Warren Hammer, who in the text is quoting John F. Barnes (myofascial release).  I wrote Warren Hammer, who has his degree in chiropractic, for career and "scandal" advice last week. 

I continue to feel, or actually, "know", I am being actively mistreated and unfairly maligned by the APTA, AMTA, & NCBTMB

while all I am trying to do is have a successful professional career and pay my rent.  Today's news says, "Nike is sticking with Tiger Woods...".  NASM & Nike have a deal too.  My debate with the NCBTMB, like that with the APTA & AMTA, has cost me thousands of dollars. 

The NCBTMB & Mark Dixon have attempted to argue that in addressing the realities of the massage=prostitution "scene" I am clearly guilty of "unprofessional communication".  I own the DVD, "Nina Hartley's Guide to Erotic Massage" and I think my language toned things down quite a bit actually and was hardly inflammatory or intentionally insulting to anyone. 

Frank, perhaps, yes, that may be true.  I wish I could remember exactly what I said to Mark Dixon that he decided to destroy my NCBTMB career over.  Something to do with questioning whether the definiition of a Massage Therapist's scope of practice should include, "Fucking me up the ass and coming on my face". 

Have you heard of this "hostile work environment" lawsuit in West Hollywood?
I also want to say again that if you recall I took your friend and desk staffer Heather (that's her name right?) out on a few "dates" and that the last time I saw you and Heather was when I flew out to volunteer at IronMan after the Olympics.  My point in bringing up Heather is to affirm that if I actually did something bad to Erica O'Connor I should be shot and/or actually charged with rape or something. 

I think Evo Spa, Massage Envy, and others who seem to have accepted Erica's admitted & proven lies that we were not in a relationship and that I am some kind of "stalker" owe me my jobs back and apologies, or at least something resembling a fair trial... Erica asked me out in the first place, and I initially told her I didn't want her cheating on her boyfriend...

Would you believe before we broke up (I told you she's a bisexual bondage model) she wanted to borrow my motorcycle to ride in SF's Gay pride?  You know what I did with that motorcycle?  I donated it (worth over $2500) to SF AIDS and GLBT charities via GLAAD spokesperson Donna Sachet... After I pay my rent on Wednesday my bank account will be pretty much completely empty...

I need work/money!  Offhand, I mentioned Linda Reid the wealthy lesbian that I used to live with- note she was not charging me rent when I lived with her.  I had my own floor to her 3 story house.  Her maid did my laundry and she was my "artistic benefactor".  Her "partner" let me drive her Mercedes...

This is all nothing compared to the Hearst's, or Susie Tompkins Buell (Esprit/North Face/Clinton), or the DuPont's of course all of whom have offered me considerable support in the past... Where are my fans and friends today?  How will I pay my rent, my car payment, etc. and survive summer?  I haven't seen a dentist in over 3 years...

I don't want to be a "rent boy".

[editor's note: today I wrote fellow SSU Psychology grad and former Evo Spa employee Shannon Keeler who is now a Master's level Counselor.- Shannon invited me to Link to her on LinkedIn over a year ago.  Her degree is from Dominican in San Rafael, where the Police solicited me for prostitution and bribes.  She did an counseling internship at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

Did she advise male students struggling to pay student loans like myself to consider this Rohnert Park opportunity? The soreness...goes away in about a day. It's incredibly common for straight guys to do gay porn—in industry parlance, to be "gay for pay." Again, the first person to solicit me for prostitution was the Mayor of Cotati while I was at SSU studying sports med & psy]

I do want to work, repair my credit, repair/rebuild my reputation, and return to graduate school asap.  I was on LinkedIn today and Massage Magazine says it is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I thought they were based in Florida?  I for one will move anywhere in the world right now to work, including Utah.





June 4, 2013: I'm late for a relaxing therapeutic appointment with a Catholic in San Francisco, but I want to excitedly say I have two job interviews to work as a Personal Trainer at 24-Hour Fitness lined up. 

I was giving a massage to a woman at my current part-time spa position who told me I'm the best Massage Therapist she's met after 9 years of searching since she moved to the SF Bay Area from LA. ...

but still, the AMTA won't talk to me, the APTA won't invite me their Conference in SLC, the NCBTMB won't treat me fairly, & no calls from even Massage Envy, nor Evo Spa, International Orange, Sen Spa, Kay Kimpton, Erica O'Connor...

I would love to hear from the DuPont's, of course, or Susie Tompkins Buell... or maybe even William Randolph Hearst III himself?

Oh yeah, and music fans might already know that "Big 4" member & nectrotizing fasciitis victim Jeff Hanneman recently stopped taking Physical Therapy seriously & drank himself to death, so will not be returning to tour with Chilean-born Tom Araya and Kerry King (best known for his work with the Beastie Boys, oddly enough).   

Cuban native Dave Lombardo has been replaced by Paul Bostaph.  Again.


June 3, 2013: I passed the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Certifiied Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) exam this morning.  I wish I had actually retaken the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) the way I had wanted to last year, but at the time I thought I would be better off not spending $500 on BART (train) tickets to take Kaplann's "Extreme" prep in SF

and instead spent over a year looking for a job I couldn't find, hoping Evo Spa would call me but they never did, etc... incurring a loss of well over $10K trying to save $500...

Point being, nevertheless I think some of the LSAT prep I did do helped with this test; I passed the 120 question NASM exam in less than an hour, averaging 27 seconds per question.

I also obviously hope this helps the American Physical Therapy Association and /or others recognize my academic potential (for example, I deserve to sit for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy despite the fact that my ears are pierced), my success potential, and opens doors...

I sent a fax to Bastyr over the weekend, reminding them that my organic chemistry tutor was David Field ND's secretary... I need a new job, more money ASAP...


Obituary for Philip Greenman:

Philip E. Greenman, D.O., passed away on February 5, 2013 in Tucson, AZ due to complications of pneumonia. Dr. Greenman was born on February 25, 1928 in Deposit, NY, the only son of Joseph and Thelma Greenman,

and was a 1952 graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He was in private practice in Buffalo, New York for almost twenty years before accepting a position at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI in 1972,

where he served as Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine before retiring to Tucson in 2004. He was a former resident of Okemos and an active member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lansing.

Dr. Greenman authored a noted medical textbook and was internationally known for his work and research in the field of manual medicine.


5/30/2013: Rock musician Sting stunned fans by showing up at a yoga studio..."Every Breath You Take, King of Pain, and Wrapped Around Your Finger were about my life"  


5/29/2013 My Massage License in Washington State is Active!  Faculty from Life Chiropractic College West and Bastyr University have recently read my LinkedIn profile... 


My Yoga teacher Wes Linch somewhat cryptically seemed to suggest to me the other day that he thinks I should consider moving to Japan to teach English and open a "quirky" "funny" "surfer" yoga studio...(the last time I surfed I had a Near Death Experience...) 


Wrongful termination lawsuit filed in SF: lawyer fired for complaining about illegal activities...plenty of politics behind the entire incident 


Though I'd rather report I've been invited to the APTA Conference in SLC, I can report I read the NASM CPT text in 9 days and got a 98% on the practice pretest I took today.  I'm having a hard time getting through to PSI/Lasergrade to schedule my test but I hope to pass (now scheduled for Monday June 3).

Perhaps more importantly, I contacted corporate conflict resolution specialist Linda Reid on LinkedIn and hopefully she'll have both the interest and clout to help me.  She worked for Levi Strauss for years and has a strong reputation and track record.


Linda's profile says,

I work with leaders and teams on all aspects of leading and managing a business successfully. My focus is on intentional communication, which increases the quality of executive decision making, alignment around chosen strategy and direction, and results in being more effective and, creating more business success.

Once executive relationships are established they are usually on-going. Leaders seek my counsel on their own managing and transition issues, and how to be successful in current and future positions.

I design and conduct interactive strategic planning and retreat sessions with any size company, getting all the voices into the room and coming out with a future vision and action plan that is created, understood and carried out by all participants.
These sessions accelerate alignment and implementation of changes needed to stay competitive.

Specialties:I have a special practice in helping business partners, and founders in conflict decide how they want to proceed. When leaders come to an impasse in direction, management and roles. I facilitate the principals in reducing friction, and ensure that they reach decisions and make transitions that work for the company, and all of those involved.  


What if the American Physical Therapy Association invites me to "Join the Conversation" and attend it's Conference in Salt Lake City in June 2013?

If it does, counting the days of being shunned by the APTA from May 2003 to June 2013 equals approximately 3,700 days of shunning. 

What if the shunning ends?

What if the shunning ends at 3,700 days?

Oddly enough, I read the entire National Academy of Sports Medicine textbook on Essentials of Personal Fitness Training and it's hard to not notice this quirky fact:

Chapter 7, Footnote 37. "Barnes JF Myofascial Release.  In Hammer WI, ed. Functional Soft Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods..."Aspen Publishers

As I point out in my LinkedIn profile, when I met JF Barnes in SF in 2011 he made a point of introducing his gay son Brian Barnes and his boyfriend to everyone.

When I talked to John Barnes in person about how the APTA has treated me under the influence of Stanley Paris he scowled and said, "Stanley Paris is a tight ass".

I'm Linked to Warren Hammer on LinkedIn already so I'm planning on emailing him for advice about my career, etc. everything, today. 

Warren Hammer is a chiropractor (but doesn't practice chiropractic, per se).  Instead Warren Hammer now says his specialty is Fascial Manipulation and the first page of his website states, "I have been forced to remove myself from the insurance industry".

Also, the first listed contributor in the NASM's base text is Donald Chu, who I first met at an NATA lecture in what, 1995, about eighteen years ago...

Note that as the Oakland Raiders current head strength & conditioning coach, Donald Chu's job description includes trying to make Chris Kluwe better at his job...


NASM flashcard: Name six guidelines for providing uncompromising Customer Service:

1) Take every opportunity to meet and greet each member

2) Present a positive image

3) Never give the impresssion that you are inconvenienced by a client/potential client

4) Express ideas clearly through all forms of communication

5) Take every opportunity to strengthen relationships

6) Take ownership of complaints  


Bill McBride (President and COO, Club One):



May 17, 2013: I asked Hans Florine if he would be going to Salt Lake City to work for  Bandaloop , who will perform on the curved glass facade of the Salt Lake City Library’s main branch June 20-June 23 for the 37th Utah Arts Festival...he said he did the Macau show but had not been invited to the SLC gig...(yet?)

I have to say when I saw the American Physical Therapy Association conference is going on a few days later, and is called "The Conversation", I did in fact start to cry.  The APTA has shunned me for 10 years...

Bandaloop reminds me of the work I did with dance group Antigravity  at the Olympics in 2002, who performed at all the medals ceremonies.  The reality is the APTA won't talk to me at all, or have a "conversation" of any kind...





Kimpton Hotels offers custom-designed Gaiam yoga mats with a playful butterfly motif in every guest-room  The Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles (owned by Kimpton) hotel will offer aqua yoga classes in conjunction with luxury yoga clothier, Lululemon  


TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington sues his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Allen, for defamation and publication in a false light

"Defendant undertook to smear plaintiff's destroy his reputation, and to deter third persons from associating with him..."

For the media, the question became whether to write about unfounded, potentially libelous rumors about one of the tech blogging world’s best-known voices...Spectators continue to take sides

Arrington founded the tech blog TechCrunch and rose to prominence as a brash blogger. He sold the site to AOL in 2011, and he left after a public dispute with Arianna Huffington,

whose Huffington Post was also acquired by AOL. Arrington left to run his venture capital fund, CrunchFund. In that position, he became an influential voice and a power broker, but he also made enemies.

A number of people have spoken out about Arrington and Allen, voicing their opinions as to whether Arrington appeared to be abusive toward her or if they ever saw evidence of such behavior.

In the letter to Allen from lawyer Eric M. George of the firm Browne, George, Ross stated, “You have posted statements about Michael that are false and defamatory, and that have caused significant harm to his good name.

It is my hope that you immediately will take corrective action, by retracting those statements.” 



he risked everything for love


Mark Sanford's comeback victory in a special South Carolina congressional election has many commentators outraged.

Jonah Goldberg, at the National Review, writes that "adultery should have a higher social cost" in his editorial on the former governor's reemergence into politics.

Joan Walsh, editor-at-large of Salon, used a little less subtlety last week when she wrote a piece under the headline, "How The Creep Might Actually Win."

...a beautiful tribute to the power of romance...

Rather than Erich Fromm, please allow me to quote instead Rollo  May-

“The poet, like the lover, is a menace on the assembly line.”
― Rollo May, Love and Will (which was published on the day his divorce was finalized)

and note again that it was at Rollo May's memorial at Saybrook in SF that I met Phil Zimbardo from Stanford...

Which reminds me, I wrote Don Hanlon Johnson again, author of Bone, Breathe, and Gesture, Somatic Psychology professor in SF at CIIS...

I have to go give a facial at my new part-time job... still looking for something with better pay and prestige, waiting...

Oh, and I'm studying to take the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Personal Trainer Certification Exam.

The NASM was founded by Doctor of Physical Therapy Mike Clark.  The NASM exams do not discriminate against males with pierced ears.  The American Physical Therapy Association continues to shun me and refuses to talk, at all, about anything, ever. 

I would like to hear from the AMTA and NCBTMB as well, of course, and it would be nice to talk to Gail the owner of Evo Spa...



Hi, This is Tara. I don't know how I can help you. 
I am not making films right now, but I still live in RI. You can email me back at this address. Tara


the council's decision to license saunas is coming under scrutiny...policy of turning a blind eye...unsustainable

If we are going to tolerate the licensing of brothels, which is essentially what we do, perhaps we should actually license brothels

 Public entertainment licenses are required by law if establishments want to provide sauna, massage and gymnasium services


WENGER, Maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife has a message for the Boy Scouts of America and the American Physical Therapy Association:

Feel free to ignore the gender of your shoe.  Literally nobody cares.  It’s almost 2013, people, cross-dressing is totally acceptable.  At least in the blue states.

despite what former girlfriends have said my feet aren’t THAT weird


Formula 1 interviews Vettel in Sochi, Russia visiting the new Olympic Park Circuit

"a track that is incorporated into the Olympic Village"

"Will you attend the Sochi Olympic Games...?"


4/22/2013: The question for the Supreme Court was whether groups receiving federal money to combat AIDS abroad may be required to adopt policies opposing prostitution.

Several justices tested... limits with questions about higher education, recycling and teenage pregnancy.

Justice Alito, perhaps the most skeptical of the law, asked whether groups receiving money under a health care law could be made to take a stance on the availability of guns.  


Sebastian Vettel, the three-time Formula One champion, won the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday, passing Jackie Stewart for sixth on F1's all-time win list—and raising the question of just how high he can climb


Red Bull team driver never letting it go. "The pace was phenomenal," he said postrace, calling the team's effort "flawless."


[[[ Bahraini Jews constitute one of the world's smallest Jewish communities. Today the community numbers thirty-seven persons ]]]  


Bright prospects of Thailand tourism...a key factor to boost business because spa became one of the lifestyles of tourists   


Sapling from tree at Anne Frank's home joins SSU memorial (joining the I had planted at SSU in 1992...)


47:33 ABYSS from Louder Than Eleven, provides an insider's look...Exploration of secret terrain has created a flurry of debate regarding the philosophy, secrecy and ethics...ABYSS opens the floodgates of passionate debate within the climbing community.


Acrobat leaps from Cirque du Soleil to Bastyr's naturopathic medicine program 

[I am renewing my Washington State Massage License, currently waiting for full background checks on me to be done in UT and FL.  WA does not recognize the California Massage Therapy Council. 

Every time I mentioned CA while I was on the phone with Utah's Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL) the clerk started laughing hysterically...]



Sunday, April 14th, 2013 Nob Hill Spa in San Francisco honored- #37 on the list of the “Top 75 Hotel Spas in the U.S.” for 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler magazine

high standards, gracious service, and quiet, understated luxury 


Times of India: like Thailand? unprofessional spas unchecked...PANAJI: Only 37 spas registered of 300-350 spas...


On May 25th, 2013 I will be celebrating 20 years since completing my first training in Massage in Hospital Settings at the Planetree Unit of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CA

Planetree+, an evolutionary model for meeting the needs of organizations and their patients for a comprehensive healthcare experience.

Planetree+ is an emphatic 360 approach to fostering exceptional patient-centered care by delivering better access for Planetree members to the answers they expanded menu of coaching services, 

we are bringing new possibilities to the pursuit and delivery of patient-centered care.


                                                                                                                                              Deeper insights. Richer learning. Culture-changing collaborations.


This is further dicussed in the NATA's print magazine for April 2013: an extremely emotional issue for every athletic trainer

At our NATA BOD meeting in late January, the Nomenclature Workgroup presented their recommendations to the Board; the Workgroup did not recommend changing our name.


March 26, 2013: The President of the American Massage Therapy Association's Utah Chapter, Roger Olbrot, just called me and we talked for a long time... Hoping to hear from others soon, get a real conversation, and a real job offer soon.

Roger was also the head of the AMTA's Winter Sports Massage Team at the 2002 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.  He couldn't believe what the AMTA-CA is doing to me, and promised me he would help me ASAP.


March 26.2013: I'm supposed to be writing something for James Waslaski, but maybe because he used to be a paramedic, or because I have a Personal Training job interview tomorrow, or I'm tired,

or because I called a bunch of Massage Therapists I met at the Olympics in 2002 yesterday after the AMTA pulled guns on me,

now all I can think about is what happened to Dr. Kevin Stone's friend and patient Glen Plake's Nepal trip a few moths ago...

Maybe metaphorically I'm comparing the failure of support I've received from the AMTA to how Glen Plake (again, who has ties to Kevin Stone, MD and the Winter Olympics and the SF East Bay)

depended on the mountain to be there for him, until it killed 9 of his friends...



MARCH 24, 2013: Today at approximately 3PM I arrived at the Conference at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento, CA for the Education Conference for the American Massage Therapy Association,

featuring Orthopedic & Sports Massage specialist James Waslaski, who offhand is a friend of Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee Sister Rosalind Gefre, whose home phone number I have and I will be calling her tomorrow to tell her this:

I was thrown out of the Sheraton Grand at the request of the AMTA by three ARMED (with GUNS) SECURITY GUARDS!!!

while I was sitting quietly minding my own business in the lobby wearing my 2002 Winter Olympics t-shirt!

I was hoping to talk to Beverly May, Mark Dixon, & Stacey Degooyer.  How are the kids, Stacey? 

Thanks for the gun in the back, AMTA! that feels great, very relaxing!!!


WHY THE AMTA/NCB owes me a conversation, an apology, and over $750K:

NCB has reviewed and evolved...part of our new requirements include an anti-human trafficking pledge signed by every NCB assigned school, every NCB approved continuing education provider, and every Certified Massage Therapist...Pledge assures awareness and action...


The same Boy Scout council that last year expelled a gay teen who was trying to earn Eagle status has now adopted new guidelines that will be the cornerstone of a push to get the Boy Scouts of America to adopt a nationwide nondiscrimination policy in May.

The sheer geography of this story, as well as how it might somehow be related to my being blacklisted and shunned by the American Physical Therapy Association, prevented from getting my "Eagle" (Doctorate/License) because of my earrings, or maybe someday truly supported, blows my mind:

Mt. Diablo-Silverado Council - Boy Scouts of America  800 Ellinwood Way Pleasant Hill, CA 94597
is an 11-minute walk from my current apartment according to Google maps, and more like a 5 minute walk from JFK University, and is on the other side of the highway from the Diablo Rock Gym.


I'd be pretty stoked if I helped inspire that SF Chronicle article about walking marathons.  Please note: The Steep Ravine Marathon involves about 2 miles of vertical climbing, and I had to go my Grandmother's funeral in Atlanta right before I did that, where I did no yoga. or anything, for 2 weeks,

and instead drank beer and cried and ate fried food and took redeye flights in coach. 


Lululemon Wears Crisis Well; this is a company with tremendous goodwill   :  "committed to making things right"

My favorite current yoga teacher Wes Linch is a Lululemon ambassador... I think it's funny that to prepare for his "big" photoshoot instead of yoga he did a lot of TRX...

I wish I could get a sponsor... It's great the recent gifts from Dr. Zouves of course, but with $20k in debt and possibly losing both my car (kind of ironic, that, since I gave my motorcycle to the Positive Resource Center via Donna Sachet in San Francisco)

 and my apartment, and getting zero communication from Law School, Chiropractic School, APTA, AMTA, etc. Waiting waiting waiting

My young friend Conor Everton is now sponsored by the company Five Ten, so good for him!  I sent an email to the young mountaineer at

I also read that the current President of the Canadian Medical Association is a lesbian, which has to add another layer of nuance and complexity to these discussions.


This still is from Charles Gatewood & Mark Jury's documentary footage of Mardi Gras in New Orleans at the beginning of the groundbreaking film Dances Sacred and Profane

(Warning: This film has not been rated and includes scenes which may offend some viewers)



Since I have been calling fellow AMTA/2002 Olympics colleague Michele Kilcer a lot to try and get help from her, this posting is for her:

This Weekend March 22-23 is the California AMTA Conference in Sacramento featuring Orthopedic Massage specialist James Waslawski!

(Which is interesting for many reasons, one of which is that James is friends with Sister Rosalind Gefre, who to this day is the one and only Massage Therapist I have ever gotten to talk about any of these issues)

(Which also begs the question, why is James Waslawski being invited to teach at this conference, while I, with similar if not superior educational skills, have been shunned by the AMTA for 10 years?)

So the AMTA and NCBTMB have been attacking and shunning me for over 10 years now for seeing "Human Trafficking" as a topic worthy of discussion, then in December 2012 they finally published this:

Elevating Our Profession by Eliminating Human Trafficking Published Monday, December 10, 2012 by Bernadette Murray AMTA-CA GR Chair 

Noone from the AMTA or NCBTMB has ever called me to talk, about anything, especially prostitution or human trafficking, going back to when I was an AMTA officer in SF. 

In fact, active sitting CAMTC Vice-Chair Mark Dixon and the NCBTMB filed formal ethics sanctions against me in, what, 2004/5? to punish me for bringing it up and asking for help.

Active sitting Government Relations Chair of the CAMTC, Beverly May (equals Carol Leigh, founder of Whore College), ordered me in 2003 that my job as an AMTA officer was solely to promote prostitution,

and if I disobeyed I should leave the State of CA, and the Massage profession, while Beverly was acting as AMTA-CA GR, to punish me for questioning the topic of "human trafficking" or trying to promote educated therapeutic massage.

Since the AMTA and NCBTMB are still atttacking me, still shunning me, should I picket?  What should my sign say?  "Celebrate Sexual Harassment!"  or "I wiah I was a Sex Worker, Then I would get Dignity and Respect from Sheriff Greg Munks!"

Of course the simplest sign would say, "Welcome to Whore Con!"


Nordstrom Career Guide FAQ: 

What should I wear to my interview?
We are a fashion specialty retailer and sell a wide range of styles. For the interview, business professional is appropriate.


San Francisco Symphony Cancels Carnegie Hall Dates as Strike Continues Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 09:00 PM By Brian Wise

Much was at stake in Sunday's announcement. Aside from its Wednesday and Thursday concerts at Carnegie, the orchestra was set to travel to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark on Friday and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on Saturday,

all with Michael Tilson Thomas at the helm.

 Management contends that San Francisco is among the top three highest paid orchestras in the country.

"We feel we have done everything we could...we deeply regret that this dispute has resulted in cancelled concerts for both our local audiences and on the East Coast."


3/17/2013: Today's "big" news: I am personally hoping that the recent gift of both a laptop computer and a Nike Fuel device from IVF specialist Christo Zouves, MD are a positive sign of great things to come very soon.

I know it's a long shot, but what if, on a whim, he gave me a Porsche or two from his collection as well?  That would get me out of debt and back into graduate school where I belong...

Should I post a picture of the words of encouragement and autograph I got from Ken Cooper MD  (he coined the word "aerobics") in 2001 and show that to Dr. Zouves to thank him for the Nike Fuel device?

I am applying for a job at Nordstrom's Spa in Seattle today as well.

I am hoping to have also opened a line of communication with AMTA'er Michele Kilcer that I met at the Olympics in 2002 through LinkedIn.  I think Micheala is in Ireland today for St. Patrick's Day... Maybe we'll talk when she gets back...

I've been thinking a lot about the Brazilian Cardiologist I met on the Sausalito-San Francisco Ferry last week who was in SF for the American College of Cardiologists convention at Moscone Center. 

If I so often am able to have perfectly polite, enjoyable, intelligent, and lengthy spontaneous conversations with MD's, MBA's, etc. why can't I get a phone call from the AMTA or APTA, etc.?  How about a new job?  Will Nordstrom in Seattle hire me?

Of course thinking about Seattle, and IVF Specialist Christo Zouves reminds me of Bastyr University and my long-standing curiosity about their obstectrics-related and other programs... money money money

It's nothing really, but I'd like to think the Nike Fuel device is well-deserved.  I may have finished in last place, but I did the Steep Ravine Marathon through the Muir Woods last summer in less than 8 hours. 

I currently hold the "Calories in a Day" record at Diablo Rock Gym, which is nothing really though compared to, say, Hans Florine's wife Jackie doing the Badwater Ultra... Hans has been a good influence on me in many ways...  


Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony went on strike Wednesday

 "This is about the money"


"Technological embodiment" Youtube lecture: Oct 16, 2012 The World We Dream-- Hugh Herr, Director of Biomechatronics, MIT

(Dr. Herr's speech here came after I emailed him about my decade-long discrimination dispute with the American Physical Therapy Association, so it's very possible he cares about what I said to him; the shunning by the APTA & Stanley Paris continues...)


3/7/2013: One more reason Mark Leno and I should talk:  This photo was taken last year at CA Senator Mark Leno's office.  I found this with an article on the website of the American Massage Therapy Association's California Chapter written by Stacey DeGooyer,

(Stacey is in the pink) who (I was honored) both picked me to be her regular "Mother to Be"/Pregnancy Massage Therapist the last time she was pregnant and talked me into becoming an AMTA officer in the first place (& sent her husband to me as well),

as well as offering helpful counseling after Amy Pfaffman broke my heart and kicked me out/dumped me after I was basically her "trophy wife" staying at her million dollar house above the Castro,

which was especially bizarre once seeing Amy walk by while I was having lunch with Stacey at Ken Zankel's (huge Bruce Springsteen fan) Fillmore Grove Cafe in SF some years ago.

I think Stacey still works part-time for the Marin JCC, where we were co-workers when I left there to focus on Law School and was trying to still keep some Evo Spa shifts in 2010.

I've never talked to Ken Zankel about what happened to his Dad...

NPR-by Brian Wise-Mar 6, 2013
After performing at Carnegie's Zankel Hall that year, the group got a callback for this performance featuring selections from Handel's opera ...



Famous 'Rumours' Recording Studio In Sausalito To Become Yoga Studio

where Stevie Wonder laid down Songs in the Key of Life, Metallica Load'ed then ReLoad'ed and Fleetwood Mac sent Rumours swirling — ...aging music nerds studio and "cultural school."

"I'm still not quite sure what the business is,"


100 years of Physio in New Zealand


Marin Independent Journal: my former co-worker at the Mill Valley Health Club/Body Kinetics, Ellen who has the abs of Bruce Lee (after 45 and giving birth!)

(Ellen also belongs to the Marin Jewish Community Center, and is the author of over 2 million sold! exercise, diet, etc. self-help book the Everything Total Fitness Book which includes discussing Massage Therapy,

which is why I've talked to Ellen about writing a book together.)

The Karpay-Brodys successfully challenged the Sacramento County courts over the custody of their daughter, Sadie, 4, because Lisha was the genetic mother and Ellen was the gestational mother.

Because they were not married, Ellen would have had to adopt the child, who was not hers genetically.

They won the case and set a precedent for other gay couples with similar circumstances.

If they had been married, both would have been the legal parents of the child, Ellen Karpay-Brody said.


On 11/07/12 6:51 PM, Justin Moore (Vice President of Public Policy and Governance for the American Physical Therapy Association) wrote:

I am traveling this week with the election and commitments.  I will plan to give you a call next week.  

I'm not sure if I can be helpful or fully understand the issues in this situation, but happy to listen. 

If there is an appropriate role for me, happy to engage.  If this is a situation that I do not have authority to change or interact, happy to express that as well.    





Three Royal Caribbean ship spas make Top 25 Cruise Ship Spa list

Editor's note:  Richard Revnes was President of Royal Cruise Line from 1974-1990.  I have an oil painting by his wife Christa Revnes that she gave to me of a mill on a river.

Christa taught me a lot about providing top-notch service & hospitalityI owe Christa a phone call.

If I'm good enough to be the regular Massage Therapist for the wife (widow) of the President of Royal Cruise Lines, am I good enough for you? 

I have joked that Stanley Paris expels boys with earrings because he is afraid they might be pirates who want to steal his boat.

I really haven't explained to Christa what happened to me after I moved to St. Augustine in 2003, though she was the first person I called after I moved in to my condo there...


Sonoma State University launches ethics center

1/16/13 : Cirque du Soleil "restructuring"

1/16/13 Florida House Committee Approves First Bill of 2013: Cracking Down on 'Massage' Brothels

(and for anyone who cares, it appears the plan is to open my letter from the University of St. Augustine regarding possibly completing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy today

with, of all people, an ordained Catholic monk/Brother in San Francisco specializing in College Counseling & Biology, though I have contacted the Dean of JFK Law as well to suggest opening it with him)


A quote from a Catholic Bible: Hebrews 13:2 -Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.


1/13/13: Today I went to YogaWorks in Marin County to do a "New Year" yoga-influenced self-assessment writing etc. ritual, and was delighted to run into the

lead local sales rep for France based Phytomer spa/cosmetics, etc., Teresa Kuehl as a Yoga New Year classmate.

I asked Teresa to please help me find a new job since she was one of my very loyal clients at Evo Spa. 

She seemed to say she couldn't help me because Phytomer might not approve or want to get involved, and of course

it would be best to get a letter of recommendation directly from Evo Spa's owner, etc. 

I decided I'm going to contact Phytomer USA directly to ask for help.

Phytomer USA is based in Salt Lake City, adding to the ongoing geopolitical intrigue of it all... 

I also am very excited to report that I just received a letter from the University of St. Augustine I need to open

but between doing that intense ritual today and the hardcore "New Year" diet I've been on for 7 days now, I'm putting off opening it for now. 

What will it say?


While continuing to try to understand how cruel the American Physical Therapy Association and Stanley Paris have been to me since 2003, I started reading about how

Martin Luther King Jr was arrested in St. Augustine, FL for trying to eat, and swimmers with dark skin were beaten by Police for trying to have a day at the beach, etc.

not that long ago... Will they ever tolerate someone like me? (my skin is "white", but has tiny holes in the earlobes)



Hotel Review: B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa in Zurich

33,000 more books fill three walls of the 36-foot-tall Library Lounge...300-square-foot...a design scheme that takes clean lines seriously...Yet, quirky touches were not sacrificed for the sake of minimalism;...We slept soundly


The Library Lounge menu could use an expansion, and the service a slight fine-tuning


Since autumn 2008, it has been possible to study chiropractic at the University of Zurich’s Faculty of Medicine. The Department of Chiropractic Medicine was incorporated into Balgrist University Hospital. 


Michael Cashman, cofounder of Stonewall UK, has been named a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by the Queen in recognition for his fight for LGBT equality

"Discrimination still exists and it destroys and blights so many lives."  


"Brian used to say, 'We can send them a letter and let them know that what they are doing is unconstitutional,'"

"'If they don't listen, we will have to educate them. But then they'll have to pay my tuition.'" 

"Brian consistently stood up and took on difficult cases. His name is synonymous with civil rights...



Wins case forcing the exclusive Alta Club in downtown Salt Lake City to accept women.

Forces City of St. George to end its 44-year practice of paying the electric bill for illuminating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' temple.

Salt Lake-based Summum religion argues that their faith's Seven Aphorisms should have the same right of placement in a Pleasant Grove public park as the Ten Commandments.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city's right to limit religious displays. Barnard took the case back to lower courts, where his associates will argue the city violates the

separation of church and state doctrine in the Utah Constitution.  The case will be heard by the Utah Supreme Court.

With John Pace, Barnard settles an 18-year fight between the state and the Navajo Tribe over unpaid oil drilling royalties of $33 million.

Barnard, representing the Atheists of Utah, successfully argues that memorial crosses for fallen Highway Patrol troopers violate Constitutional separation of church and state.


"Then suddenly there was this call from the White House..."


she likes well-mannered, well-groomed male servants

I’ve been waiting 60 years for the Queen (Elizabeth II) to acknowledge the existence of the LGBT community. So far, she never has.


WTF? How would you like to be Fired for the same reason you were Hired?

(I just applied for a job at Changes Salon in Walnut Creek,CA and Evo Spa again; my last real job was at Evo Spa in Mill Valley, CA, where being attractive is mandatory)

Iowa Court: Bosses Can Fire 'Irresistible' Workers

The court ruled Friday that a boss (Gail of Evo Spa?) can fire an employee (me?) (s)he considers an "irresistible attraction," even if the employee has done nothing wrong.

[It's important that I point out Evo owner Gail never asked me out, but the lead Esthetician Asia Thorpe definitely did, then later denied it a la Erica O'Connor, as did Jenny the Spa Director who fired me... this is so fucked up!  Being fired for being good at your job truly sucks & begs negotiation]

[Then again, if I'm going to mention the wonders of systematic propaganda, denial, and lies, I skipped creating links for these stories because they were so ridiculous, but press releases completely denying the existence of male prostitution have recently come out by 

Voice of America

and Chris Kelly, author of CA's "anti-prostitution/sex-trafficking" law (Prop 35) & failed candidate to be CA Attorney General in 2010.]


Senator Daniel Inouye has died; Marginal Man Mourning (FYI: Ken Inouye, lower left, played guitar for Washington DC punk band Marginal Man)



Normally 'low-profile' 377-acre Golden Door Spa sold for $24.8 million (brokers said the sale includes the Golden Door brand)




David Geffen, Gay Music Producer, Donates $100 Million to UCLA’s Medical School

(Simultaneously, the Foundation for Physical Therapy and Stanley Paris continue to reject my offer to donate $100,000 to Physical Therapy Research through my Doctorate tuition because

despite being offered unconditional acceptance based on my academic record and the actual formal application process, they don't like the way I look,

(Do I look like a fan of David Geffen's band Siouxsie and the Banshees, who I first saw live in 1986 at UC Davis?) which is deemed 'unprofessional conduct' worthy of expulsion on sight)



Diocese responds to Notre Dame gay support plan, Bishop Kevin Rhoades writes 

...accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

...“the organization’s purpose arises directly from the University’s Catholic mission and its aspiration to create a community where all may flourish and feel welcome,

 ...where the human dignity of each Notre Dame student is valued.”

...I hope that the organization will be helpful in providing support for the students, thus preventing the experience of isolation and alienation...

[Which begs the question, if/when will the University of St. Augustine and/or the Diocese of St. Augustine, or the APTA call me so we can talk about the last 10 years of shunning?]



They were introduced to each other by Mr Behn's mother, who was the Princess' physiotherapy teacher.

Modern Ways: "...I found the courage to get down on my knees to propose...", the Princess said.



12/1/2012: As part of recently rejected efforts to communicate with Dr. Stanley Paris, the University of St. Augustine, and the American Physical Therapy Association (which clearly ignores it's own Code of Ethics),

I recently also made several efforts at communication with Ola Grimsby, and Ola Grimsby Jr, who was babysat by Dr. Paris as a child.

This ended up leading to yet another cross-cultural discovery making me really wonder what's happening next with all this.

So Ola Grimsby comes out of a Norwegian background and his bio talks repeatedly about how the "Norwegian Board of Examiners came from Norway" to bring Orthopedic Manipulative/Manual Physical Therapy to the USA.

According to my research and Wikipedia, Fourth in Line to rule Norway is Princess Martha Louise, whose husband, Ari Behn, has been known to wear the exact same earring that I do now, with one in the left earlobe.

What do Stanley Paris, Ola Grimsby, and the APTA have to say about the Princess of Norway's husband's earring and expelling me for looking the same way?


You can get invited to a royal wedding in Sweden, but you can't go to college to study Physical Therapy in America with Stanley Paris... Really, Ola Grimsby?     

Far more interesting perhaps is this: Princess Märtha Louise is a certified physiotherapist, following education in Oslo and internship in the Netherlands.

Norwegian state director of Health Lars E. Hanssen has criticized her idea to start a school of her own, now called Astarte Inspiration the former slogan of which was

"Use angels and your own power to create miracles in your life",

and some, such as the newspaper Bergens Tidende, have called for the Princess to give up her royal titles. Swedish author and columnist Jan Guillou urged Märtha Louise to "seek treatment".  


Norwegian televangelist Jan Hanvold accused the Princess of "blasphemy" and said she was "an emissary from hell."

Princess Märtha Louise's current official duties include serving as ambassador for the disabled in Norway.

(This means that Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association supports shunning and discrimination against the husband of the ambassador for the Paralympians of Norway, Ola Grimsby!)


Furthermore, on Youtube there is a fantastic video featuring Ari Behn visiting a Male Geisha/Host Club in Tokyo, where an increasingly popular form of

male prostitution/entertainment for wealthy women is discussed.

"on the side, things can go further"... Do they think they are superstars?  "Look at their hair"


it’s quackery, and we should not be supporting it with taxpayer dollars,” Speier said yesterday.

 Conversion therapy can have lasting ill effects, according to a statement by Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, an organization that fights against anti-gay religious extremism.

...malice in the guise of medicine that often exacts psychological wreckage on young clients and their families,” Besen wrote in a statement.


A court in Bahrain has sentenced 23 medical professionals to 3 months in prison each or payment of a fine for involvement in last year's pro-democracy protests

 The medics and human rights groups say the convictions were politically motivated, and aimed at quashing dissent


The best-selling dress shirt brand in the world, fashion authority Van Heusen (est 1881) hires Jerry Rice, wearing his earrings, as Institute of Style spokesperson

[meanwhile, the American Physical Therapy Association, Dr. Stanley Paris, and the University of St. Augustine continues to insist that Jerry Rice's style is: "unprofessional conduct", worthy of expulsion on sight,

and in fact Jerry Rice's style is more offensive and repulsive than a naked, malodorous, infected, septic wound needing/during debridement

(Do a Google Image search for "debridement" and you might vomit or have nightmares, just a warning).

.  This topic is undebatable, untouchable, and absolutely no-one will talk.]


Van Heusen's ad says Jerry Rice's fashion advice will get me respect & a bank loan.  The American Physical Therapy Association says Jerry Rice's fashion advice will get me expelled and shunned.


11/23/2012: While deleting 777 emails today, I found this: 

FYI, no idea Brian.....let's keep in touch

(Cheryl literally built Evo Spa of Mill Valley, CA and was one of my loyal fans while I was there; I asked Cheryl to find out why I was fired from Evo Spa when I ran into her at Starbucks in Sausalito)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: srobrien <>
Date: Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 1:22 PM
Subject: Brian Goodwin
To: Cheryl Cason <>

Spoke to Jennifer at Evo Spa and she said Brian was an employee for 1.5 to 2yrs, he was quite talented in deep tissue and sports massage.
She asked what company I was with and I told her The Red Tent, in Arizona.
I asked if she had had any trouble with him or any issues, she said no.
That was it, she wouldn't give me any other information. I said thank you and she said, Sure thing.... with a strange inflection.
So, no idea why they fired him.

Stephanie R. O'Brien, LMT, CMT, MMP



11/20/2012: U.S. Olympic Committee revamps its five-ring logo to enhance brand and provide consistency in brand architecture

Both the U.S. Olympic Team and sponsor marks now feature the United States flag and the Olympic Rings in the designated IOC colors, as well as a Paralympic version with agitos

"the consistent application of these logos will continue to enhance the USOC's brand with clarity, meaning and purpose"


(I know this isn't "news" but let's remind ourselves that the Director for Team USA/USOC Sports Medicine Clinics is Chiropractor Dr. Bill Moreau, DC, DACBSP, CSCS)



''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' ''' '''

American Physical Therapy Association Code of Ethics 

The reality of course is: "Physical Therapists may discriminate against others in education and administration"; "may act in a disrespectful manner"; "may harass emotionally";

"may be uncaring and uncompassionate"; "may exploit students"; "may be unprofessional and incompetent"; "may refuse to communicate or collaborate"...

If the APTA cares so much about this "Code of Ethics" why don't they support or call me?  Why don't I hear from Stanley Paris, or the University of St. Augustine?  I've been waiting since 2003 for your call...

Notice below that Dr.Stanley Paris's supposedly serious letter written to the APTA Accreditation authority begins, "Dear Mary Jane"; clearly informal, and quite likely showing Stanley Paris's superiority

over both Mary Jane Harris and the American Physical Therapy Association itself.  Dr. Paris doesn't care to take this seriously, because he doesn't have to.



11/15/12: Almost ten years after being enrolled for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Spring of 2003,

meeting Stanley Paris and Gerard Gorniak, and after school started and they had my Federally backed loaned tuition money,

being informed that any male with pierced ears would be expelled on sight,

just today I finally found this info about Dr. Gorniak that maybe helps me perhaps understand why he seems to hate me so much,

and is completely opposed to even talking to me,

much less truly accepting me as a student or granting me the educational opportunity I deserve:

Gerard C Gorniak is Chairman and Director of the St. Augustine House of Prayer and Evangelization Center, Inc.

(links: Vatican, the Pope, etc., also home of The Joyful Family Charismatic Prayer Community)

So I wasn't imagining things at all when I realized I had not enrolled at a "Health Sciences" University, where I could focus on studying Physical Therapy,

but instead had been conned into joining an Evangelization Center...

True I have friends, colleagues, and clients of many faiths, including ordained Roman Catholic Brothers and priests (including a gay priest), but I think

if the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences wants to operate as a quasi-religious institution, and have rules such as a policy of expelling males with earrings on sight,

and as well expelling anyone with a face piercing (like my yoga teacher Wes) on sight, deeming such conduct worthy of being condemned as "unprofessional conduct"

then the University should admit that upfront.  I should not have had to move to fucking Florida, put down a deposit on a condo, buy over $2K in textbooks,

get my FL Massage License, fly back and forth from CA to FL 8 times or whatever it was, staying in Hotels and renting cars,

take FL required massage classes in Tallahassee, etc., before finding myself sitting in class in St. Augustine, FL reading the student conduct rules during my first week of class,

to finally read University of St. Augustine rules which basically say this: "We (Dr. Paris and Dr. Gorniak) hate you.  We hate your family.  We hate your friends.  We hate your heroes.

We hate the people you wanted to heal by studying Physical Therapy in the first place.  We hate Jerry Rice.  We hate David Beckham...

and guess what?  The American Physical Therapy Association endorses our hate.   So CONVERT OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES..."


So much for "Hospitality"... Maybe I can get one of my Ordained Catholic friends to convince Dr. Paris & Gorniak to negotiate in good faith and drop this cruel charade...

I know Tom met Pope John Paul II... sometimes it's good to have friends with friends... We'll see...


15 Nov 2012 Hyatt re-acquires Birmingham hotel for £33.7m 

Tim Flodin, general manager, Hyatt Regency Birmingham said: "We have a proud history of hospitality in Birmingham and look forward to the exciting times ahead."


so delighted to share...highly personalized service...blending ancient Chinese themes with up-to-the-minute design aesthetic...a simultaneously tranquil and cutting-edge spa experience

A lot of people ask me how I wrote the book...The guys loved it when they could make him part of the joke.


11-6-12: Honoring the fact that yesterday I managed to get one of the Washington DC-based Vice Presidents of the American Physical Therapy Association

(and a few days later at least one Director from the APTA Board, possibly Mary Jane Harris from Accreditation) to click on, and maybe read, my LinkedIn profile:

“The players’ view has always been that you ought to keep negotiating until you find a way to get an agreement, and you stay at it day by day, so it’s very good to be getting back to the table,”  With any luck, he'll call me.


Barbara Boxer's 11/3/12 endorsement of Proposition 35 on the Huffington Post ignores boys completely / 10/9/12: boys sold for commercial sex (article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, owned by the NYT when this was published)

What about the "powerful, heartbreaking stories about the buying and selling" of men and boys, Barbara?  "Enough is enough"?  What have you done?  Endorse a bill 4 days before the election, worried it will pass & you will look like the pimp-winker that you are?

The first time I wrote Senator Barbara Boxer about all of this was in 2003... Are boys "children" too?

 ( Also touched upon was his 25-year commitment to Children of the Night, a nonprofit devoted to rescuing victims of child prostitution )


Required reading for Senator Barbara Boxer, the Huffington Post, Time Magazine, etc.: Children of the Night FAQ "...girls AND boys"...
Is there a difference in the impact of prostitution on boys versus girls?

Boys and girls suffer from violence, rape and other forms of abuse as prostitutes.

Boys are forced to also deal with the complexities of sexual identity.

Call me anytime, Barbara, we can talk about the time I was solicited for bribes by the Police in San Rafael who thought I was a gay male prostitute "massage therapist" City Hall... and solicited for bribes again at the Business Licensing desk...

We could talk about how it is that my friend Jay has worked as a personal trainer at the Marin Jewish Community Center for over a decade with an earring, while the American Physical Therapy Association defines Jay (and me) as expulsion-worthy, shunning-deserving trash? 

We could talk about how in 2003 Beverly May, the active sitting Government Relations Chair of the California Massage Therapy Council, ordered me to help her promote sex trafficking in massage parlors 

(with the full & continuing support of both the AMTA & NCBTMB)

*which is why I contacted Barbara Boxer in 2003, who has done nothing but ignore it/cover it up, as has the Huffington Post... & it's business as usual for California's massage/spa brothels...

Ah the joy of hypocrisy & total corruption!  How's life in Tiburon treating you, Barbara Boxer?  ...what kind of joke is this?


Launch issue of Professional Spa & Wellness, a digital business magazine for the global spa and wellness industry. ...Power of P, "Authenticity", Wellness Wave, & spa yoga???  

Book Your Table   Be part of the biggest networking event in the beauty industry. The World Spa & Wellness Awards offer you the perfect place to spend a glamorous evening with the most successful spa and beauty professionals in the world

at one of London’s most exclusive venues. The Awards night will accolade the world’s leaders in their fields and give you the unique opportunity to celebrate, network and mingle with the winners, their staff, peers and suppliers.

Taking place at The London Hilton on Park Lane, Mayfair, the black tie event starts at 7.30pm on 24 February 2013, starting with a glamorous reception followed by a gala dinner. The awards ceremony will be hosted by

a renowned UK comedian, followed by entertainment.


10/27/12: Will Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist Haro Ogawa get a huge bonus because the San Francisco Giants won the 2012 Major League Baseball World Series?


10/23/12: Right now the San Francisco Chronicle has a headline about how World Series bound Giants fans are "Drenched in Joy", and I recently tried (again) to reach out to my old boss at Evo Spa, Gail

to talk about several things, including an incident which I speculated may have contributed to my "confused" relationship with the lead Esthetician, Asia.  If I did what Asia did with the Joy Juice, I would probably have been fired on the spot... I was flattered, sort of, at the time...

Asia is still there, of course, pulling six figures... and Gail still won't talk to me or help me get a new job...  Thinking of sending a fax to the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences...  If Ola Grimsby is going to Link to me, Stanley Paris should talk to me.

We could do this: Shores Resort & Spa makes waves with ultimate “board” meeting experience 

package includes: Copy of “Let My People Go Surfing-The Education of a Reluctant Businessman” by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia    
            boutique-style property combines the exciting spirit of Daytona with the service and amenities expected from a luxury property

or we could do this: Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat at Rancho La Puerta Health Spa


Since so much of this website/blog is influenced by considerations of my seemingly endless quest to actually complete a graduate degree, I thought it might be a good idea to post this photo from 1995

when I was the only male student in the first and to this day only graduate MA degree ever offered in the USA in Psychology with an emphasis on Yoga and Mind-Body Health.

This is how I met Georg Feuerstein (Yoga for Dummies, etc.), Stephan Bodian (Meditation for Dummies, former Editor-In-Chief of Yoga Journal, etc.), David Simon (Deepak Chopra's partner), Richard Miller, etc.  Note in this photo alone there are 11 women.  I'm the blonde in the 90's "grunge" red/green flannel. 


Dear Robert Rowe, President, Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists, I am flattered and delighted to have had you Link to me & read any or all of my LI profile. 

I appreciate your LI summary stating a career (please re-check your spelling, which says "carrer") focus to serve as a resource and mentor

If you read all of my profile, you will note that in 2003 I was accepted to the DPT under Dr. Stanley Paris

 (who you introduced to receive the first AAOMPT Distinguished Lecturer award, a speech which I have read the pdf of, in which you specifically refer to Dr. Paris as a person who

"believes very strongly and dearly professes the benefits of physical therapists working together nationally and globally" only to read in Dr. Paris's Student Conduct manual, after I had moved to St. Augustine

and was about to buy a condo, that my ear piercings & earrings were "unprofessional" and cause for immediate expulsion on sight were I to wear them to school).  Dr. Paris has returned my letters unopened for years,

and the APTA continues to see our dispute as irrelevant, or at the very least that no-one, certainly not Dr. Paris, should see cause to dialogue with me.  Right now, if you go to the website for the

Foundation For Chiropractic Progress at it opens with a picture of Jerry Rice, wearing the exact same earrings I wear, acting as their leading mass-marketing spokesperson for professionalism. 

I realize that what is considered fashionable is different now than when Dr. Paris was my age (now 42), and that I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, but may I also note that ear piercing is clearly part of aboriginal

New Zealand (Maori) culture, and that the active, sitting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya, Willy Mutunga, has an earring.  I own all the "Massage" signs from the 2002 Winter Paralympics, and this experience

was part of my resume when first submitted to Dr. Paris at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.  How can Dr. Paris, the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, the APTA, the AAOMPT, etc. tell me

I deserve to be expelled, my concerns are unworthy of consideration, or reconsideration, and tell me I deserve to be shunned and blacklisted for over 9 years?  How can Dr. Paris return my letters unopened?  Since I left FL

in 2003 I have taken all the prerequisite sciences to as well get into any DC program in the USA, but to me my life has been "on hold" ever since May 2003 when I discovered I was to be treated like garbage for

looking too much like Jerry Rice, David Beckham, and my older brother by the student conduct handbook of Dr. Stanley Paris.  I also filed a grievance with Dr. Paris and the CAPTE over the literally unreadable primary

reading material provided for the Anatomy instruction, poor photocopies of handwritten notes, full of typos and just page after page of handwriting and drawings I could neither read nor decipher.  I should have

graduated with my DPT in 2005, and should now have over 7 yrs of experience.  My earrings, and my desire to be properly well educated, were and are the only dispute I have with Dr. Paris. 


Also if you read my profile, I really did sell William Randolph Hearst III (20% owner of ESPN) his home massage table, and my "experimental"/"lo-tech" website has been covering these and related topics for

years and years as well.  Because I am "stuck" as a Massage Therapist instead of having the DPT I wish I had (I last applied to Dr. Paris's campus in San Diego in 2008 but my application was returned unopened),

I often write about massage politics, especially that related to prostitution/scope of practice questions.  In 2006 I really did meet face-to-face with NZ politician Tim Barnett who is now basically the head of the

NZ Labour Party (similar to US Democrats).  Mitt Romney knows who I am.  So does Barack Obama.  I used to do massage house calls for Hillary Clinton's best friend, rainmaker Susie Tompkins Buell, and

Bob Mueller, Director of the FBI when he lived in San Francisco.  I own the only Chef De Mission Meeting Hall sign from the 2002 Winter Paralympics.  I used to work for the Orthopedic Surgeon who did

Senator Dianne Feinstein's hip replacement, Kevin Stone, who now has commercials on the Golf Channel.  Stanley Paris won't talk to me?  I've been blacklisted for over 9 years, and at this time my career feels dead. 

I have thought about attending and in fact have contacted the Law School in Jacksonville, FL where you live for the sole purpose of making my dispute with Dr. Paris the inspiration and basis of my legal education. 

As of today, Dr. Paris has destroyed my PT career, broke my heart, and crushed my spirit.  I would like for that to change.  I would like for the words you spoke in introducing Dr. Paris to become true,

"working together", "collaborative", etc.  Should we succeed in our conversation, I would like to go back to USA and get my DPT, starting classes as soon as January 2013.  To be honest I hate Law School,

and I like the idea of being part of an evidence-based system with the career options PT offers, as compared to getting a DC.  I write emails like this all the time; I even wrote one to Hugh Herr, the

robotic prosthetic engineer that got Roger Pistorius into the Olympics.  I wrote 2 to NZ Osteopaths last week.  I wrote the Oncology and Osteoporosis Chairs for the APTA last week. 

I would love for this email to you today to be the last one, and to get my PT career actually back on track.  I have even written emails like this to OPTP, and IronMind, both of whom seem to have been

very supportive and put me on their mailing lists.  (OPTP manufactures the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept wedge).  IronMind has even asked me to consider writing articles for them about hand health and injury rehab. 

I deserve for my perhaps unique situation to be offered a truly appropriate consideration I hope by you and Dr. Paris today.  Arbitration?  Mediation?  Negotiation?  Communication? 

Or will the blacklisting and shunning continue?  Please, let's talk about "collaborative experts" and "strengthening leadership across physical therapy". 


Arte France Cinéma has hailed Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive as “an absolute masterpiece of engagement


"This will put a spotlight on a terrible injustice that is being perpetrated throughout American higher education," said Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, who says he routinely hears from rejected...


Author of Massage for Dummies, Steve Capellini has written a new book called Touchy Subjects which might appear to be influenced by...

(technically I was looking up Steve to email him about the deaths of both Yoga for Dummies author Georg Feuerstein and Sex Workers Outreach Project & California Massage Therapy Council founder Robyn Few)


after the in-home massages...“Will you marry me?”...“I want everybody to know...I want it to be public.” (Jenny reads love stories...)


Beach Boys breakup? Brian Wilson vs. Mike Love: "a strategy was open for discussion, which never happened", "I'm still left wondering why", "I welcome Mike to call me."


Felix Baumgartner got a massage in his hotel room on Oct 7, 2012 in preparation for attempting a 37+ Kilometer skydive accomplished Oct 14, where he broke the speed of sound. 

Did you think he would die trying?


I worked at the Stone Clinic in 2001 as a Massage Therapist and consulted Dr. Stone for a bizarre pain in my groin that I thought was some kind of fascial distortion resulting from a fall in the mid-90's. 

Dr. Stone had his nurse consult with me as well, and referred me to an MD who cost me I think $1000 more who wanted to put me on Prednisone; I declined to go on steroids. 

I met Dr. Stone's daughter while I was working at Evo Spa in Mill Valley as  their lead MT a couple years ago, so maybe Dr. Stone should wonder too, why did I get fired, and why have I been unemployed w/o a single interview anywhere in 82 weeks? 

Anyways, during that time I've done a lot of yoga and rock-climbing, etc. but a little over a week ago I did a TRX class taught by a former ballet star and I swear I'm not completely healed but I think I retore my hamstring/fascia, and I was sore for days,

but now my entire life has changed.  I can sit at a desk or in my car for hours with no irritation or itching or pain anywhere in my left leg, groin, ankle, etc.  I'm getting a different sensation on my upper calf now, but I'm hopeful that with continuing TRX, etc.

I'll be essentially healed soon.  I also feel almost like I had some kind of chiropractic/osteopathic treatment, like my entire left leg moved, from the femur/pelvis just a millimeter to the left, but enough that I walk differently, more smoothly, freely.  It's amazing! 

My hamstring still "pops" sometimes, but I'm happy to say I guess I never needed the Prednisone, etc.  I think the intense high speed contractions of TRX isolytically broke the scar tissue.  I'm still a fan of the Fascia Research Congress, etc. and Dr. Stone,

I hope we keep in touch.  Devin Wu (former lead PT at Stone Clinic) Linked to me on LinkedIn, but last I heard Dr. Stone blew me off, which bums me out.  I really need a job right now so it would be great to have Dr. Stone give me a nod or two and help me get

something going again.  I know not everyone is a fan of my comments, questions, concerns about the whole massage=prostitution scene, but if the National Athletic Trainers Association is going to tolerate me, possibly even honor me, I would hope that Dr. Stone

would see the mutual benefit in reaching out to me again.   I really appreciated working with him in 2001 before I went to the Olympics.  Franz Klammer told me to tell Dr. Stone, "hi".  I made a point of bringing up Dr. Stone in my email to the NATA on Monday supporting

having the Trainers Association change it's name to Athletic Therapists, because I thought doing that might add clout and gravitas to my comments.  Unlike Dr. Stone's daughter, I don't have anyone in my family to turn to for financial assistance in attending college. 

My parents just filed for bankruptcy.  Chris Chorak agreed to Linkto me on LI, but won't even interview me for a massage job, either because of false statements and rumors about my past performance, particularly supicions of sexual misbehavior, or somehow my

prostitution=massage comments have created too much controversy for me to get a fair hearing anywhere local, politics being what they Spa Radiance won't talk to me, Evo Spa won't talk to me, yet I used to work for you, the Olympics, and come highly

recommended by your daughter...Even your brother & wife liked me.  I would love to hear from you, Dr. Stone.  I was at the product launch party for Joint Juice (and may have drank too many beers, I apologize); it's nice to see you doing so well with that, the Joe Montana endorsement, etc.


9/24/2012: While responding to the questionnaire emailed to me today from the National Athletic Trainers Association debating changing it's name and the title used by it's Certificants, Jerry Rice comes up more than twice... I InMailed the head AT for the LA Dodgers a couple days ago...

Thank you for contacting me and asking for my participation and comments.  If the NATA had a "career path" to offer that made sense, I may have taken it in 92, or still today take it. 

I have written the NATA, APTA, AMTA, and NCBTMB repeatedly for over 9 years (I have 23 yrs exp as a MT/AT student) to ask for help in addressing what happened and is happening to my career

in the general field of pain management and rehabilitation (wellness, etc.).  I think the first contact I ever made with the NATA was simply to ask the NATA to create a bona fide certification in massage/manual therapy,

 mostly because it was beyond obvious to me that the title "Massage Therapist" wasn't cutting it, and the organizations involved with "massage" have no idea what to do with the blatant, common, confusion of massage/spa with prostitution.

  Jerry Rice got busted in a a "massage parlor" in the SF suburbs, and now he's doing ads for chiropractic?  With proper financial backing and recognition of my academic skills (I'm clearly "gifted", and passed the AP Literature exam easily)

 I could have become an orthopedic surgeon or prosthetic engineer, bioresearcher, etc.  I currently can get in to any DC program in the USA.  I support the NATA, though I never finished my AT internship b/c I thought I would get a DPT instead,

 only to be rejected by Stanley Paris's University in FL because of my pierced ears; I look too much like Jerry Rice, David Beckham, etc.  WTF?  And no-one will support me or even talk to me?  The NATA, APTA, etc. has never responded directly

to my efforts to communicate, though I have wondered if that Cirque du Soleil video you posted this summer on Vimeo with the title "Performance Medicine Therapist" dropped precisely at 3 minutes, 37 seconds was someone's symbolic nod to me

and my blog, the fact that I sold William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table in 01, etc.  Will owns 20% of ESPN, yes?  I think chiropractic philosophy is ludicrous, and so do you, which is why DC's are not in your above list

of "medical professionals".  However, I am broke and blacklisted as far as I can tell by the massage/spa industry b/c of my questions and comments re: prostitution.  I'm on LinkedIn and had an osteopathic professor from NZ Link to me last night. 

When I took Anatomical Kinesiology for my AT education my textbook was written by NZ native Roger Enoka.  I am truly broke at the moment b/c of a semi-failed part-time law school experiment, so I almost feel forced at the moment to start DC school this Friday,

otherwise I will default on my current loan.  I used to work for Orthopedic Surgeon Kevin Stone, MD, and was at the product release party for his Joint Juice, which now has ads on the Golf Channel.  He did Senator Dianne Feinstein's hip replacement. 

I wrote a similar note to this a few days ago to the lead AT for the LA Dodgers on LinkedIn.  No response.  Leon Chaitow at the very least bothered to respond and said, "I have nothing to say" (he works for an Amsterdam based publisher).

I own all the "Massage" signs for the 2002 Winter Paralympics, but I can't get a conversation or job offer going, with anyone in over 82 weeks since I was fired from my last job at a spa I was never supposed to have in the first place since

I was supposed to get my DPT from Stanley Paris in 2005?  Not Team USA, not the IPC, not the NATA, not the APTA, not the AMTA?  Is anyone out there?  I'm obviously thrilled you're asking my thoughts here, and think this is an idea very worth looking into. 

Put on a Canadian Athletic Therapist hat and try it out.  Try something.  All I want right now is a job.  From 2009-2011 I was theoretically the #1 highest earning nonsexual Massage Therapist in the USA, a success part of which I absolutely must

thank my study of Athletic Training, knowing Byron Craighead, Steve Winter,  etc.  In a few weeks I will have gone an entire year-and-a-half without a single reasonable job offer, or interview, of any kind, nor a vaguely intelligent discussion with a single "colleague". 

Yet last night I had an Osteopathic assistant professor from New Zealand Link to me in LinkedIn.  As you can see, I have too much to say and I apologize if this is "too much" here.  You cannot possibly comprehend the level frustration I am experiencing

with my current "career path" and/or "job title" and/or "representative organizations" such as the NATA, APTA (above all), AMTA, NCBTMB., etc.  Some people I think openly speculate that someday I will go "Columbine" or something. 

I spent over four years in college, ran an Anatomy lab, volunteered for 2 months at the Olympics/Paralympics, got A's in all my AT courses, was accepted to Stanley Paris's DPT in 2003.  I used to have world-reknowned high-end spa headhunters

give me job offers while I was at Evo Spa in Mill Valley, CA.  Today I'm blacklisted, broke, and I live across the street from a massage brothel next door to a stock brokers office.  I almost forgot, I recently sent a similar email to this to ATC Pat Archer

in Seattle who owns a massage school there and recently published a "sports massage" textbook.  I recently came across a poster promoting chiropractic featuring the lead singer for Metallica, James Hetfield, along with the likes of Tiger Woods, etc. 

I had James come to me, specifically to me, for general deep tissue massage and more-so to attempt to release and align his jaw, merely 2 years ago.  I am beyond positive that my website is read by the SF Chronicle, the NY Times,

the LA Times, etc. yet I can't get an actual conversation or a job.  Last Friday the Canadian Supreme Court ordered the government to debate prostitution reform, because it is blatantly unconstitutional and inhumane to refuse to even talk about it,

or not notice that the current approach is absurd.  I have been solicited for bribes by the Police where James Hetfield lives in San Rafael who think I am a prostitute and there are brothels everywhere.  In 03 I was ordered to leave the massage profession

and the state of CA by the lobbyist who created the California Massage Therapy Council and Governor appointed sitting chair of "Government Relations" for the CAMTC, for refusing to want to be represented by Carol Leigh,

whose autobiography is titled "Unrepentant Whore" and furthermore whose authority as a core representative of the massage profession has been glorified by the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Back to Jerry Rice, & $$$.  Is my only hope today starting Chiropractic college on Friday?  Why?    

Gifted and Neglected: Mostly, the system ignores those well above the floor

“Now don’t be too honest, Marcia!”

Welcome to Watercourse Way: Handle inappropriate guest behavior by stopping service and informing supervisor/manager (only to be ignored by Jackie Speier, pimped out by Greg Munks & Craig Newmark, screwed by the AMTA, APTA...) 

Deepak Chopra, CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 12, 2012:well-rounded 'Mind, Body + Sport' experience." The Workplace Wellbeing program...Communication – Improve skills for relationship building and conflict, meditation, massage and medical consultations (call me anytime Deepak!)

Deepak Chopra, Carlsbad, California, September 19, 2012:companies struggle... Workplace Wellbeing, using the tools of conscious communication...(no massage mentioned this time, instead talks about Golf)

Posted: September 21, 2012 Supreme Court of Canada grants Vancouver’s downtown eastside sex workers their day in court after recognizing public interest standing to pursue their claims...1)whether there is a serious justiciable issue raised;


9/18/2012: I've been considering whether and/or how to comment on this ridiculous article by the NYT about spa "misbehavior", (just InMailed George Powell-Lopez) ignore, redirect, remind, report (What Would Yvonne Häkkinen Do?) but for now let's think about this: 

Massage Envy bought out by Atlanta company named after an Ayn Rand character, Roark Capital, which according to it's Wikipage has "37+" employees

The firm is named for Howard Roark, the fictional protagonist in Ayn Rand's classic novel, The Fountainhead.


Dear Brian,

Thank you for your email, and for your participation in the (Massage Teacher) applicant orientation (at 1665 Market Street, San Francisco).  There are many factors that impact NHI's hiring process and decisions...

I’m not sure what you meant by “cultural wars”... ( 1800 Market Street Tim Barnett speaks at 1800 Market Street The Board of Directors of Folsom Street Events announced charitable giving in the amount of $330,745 )

Sincerely – Linda Rikli

Linda Rikli Vice President of Education National Holistic Institute“Helping People Have Work They Love” Jan 5, 2009 headline article leads with photo of the Moonlight Spa I used to live above at 513 Bush Street/San Francisco's licensed massage brothels  


Will we speak to NBC? Let’s hope that NBC are proposing to speak to us...We’re waiting for them to knock on our door.


Elizabeth Arden, Inc. Announces Investment in Red Door Spa Holdings, This press release is qualified in its entirety by the cautionary statements and risk factor disclosure...Securities and Exchange Commission filings

The IPC says it has never been lobbied before in this way ::: Warhol’s “Double Elvis (Ferus Type)” alone sold in May at Sotheby’s for $33 million, or $37 million with commission

the first person to take home a robotic exoskeleton that enables her to walk: ($317,900) for research into spinal damage, and she was recently given the job of lighting the Paralympic cauldron

9/3/2012: I found the paperwork for the condominium in St. Augustine, FL that I had already moved into in May 2003, and was about to finish signing the contract to buy,

but instead was expelled from Stanley Paris's Physical Therapy Doctorate for having pierced ears, so I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area

and lost my condo deposit. 

I also found the receipts for the $2K+ in books I had bought, all the reading material for the entire degree...

"Spinal Cord Injuries"... (I still have all the books, despite the fact that neither the American Physical Therapy Association nor Stanley Paris will talk to me, at all)... emailed Hugh Herr the other day, asked about Aimee Mullins, etc.