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Dear Congresswoman Kackie Speier, 

I tried to buy you a neon pink "Super Slinky" T-shirt for Ernie Ball guitar strings at Guitar Center, but they only have Large in stock.  What is your size?   Text me anytime Jackie, and let me know when you are ready to debate me live on CNN.

Christopher Berumen threatened to kill me last week, twice.  Do you want to talk about that?  Or pedophile Sheriff Bolanos of Google & Facebook County?  There is so much we could talk about, Jackie.   


Tiger Woodsverified_user
I’ve been in the spotlight for a long time, and because of that, there have been books and articles and TV shows about me, most filled with errors, speculative and wrong. This book is my definitive story.
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I am curious to hear from Larry Nassar's MSU Law School; I wrote MSU Law last night, right before the November 25, 2019 LSAT payment deadline.

I was invited this Saturday to attend the MBA recruitment event at St. Mary's College in Moraga, an idea which in and of itself fascinates me, especially if it is held at my old client Brother Jerome West's namesake Hall.

I was at Brother Jerome's funeral, and gave him a massage a few days before he died.  I was living with the Brothers as a long term guest at the time,

after the American Physical Therapy Association expelled me for life, for having pierced ears, in the name of Jesus, and Stanley Paris, PhD, a short walk from the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL


I am not surprised in the very least that fake Libertarian Law Professor Volokh at UCLA Law declined to discuss and barely acknowledged my contacting him to talk about gun rights for prostitutes, 

and how the California Massage Therapy Council threatened to have me asassinated, twice.  Professor Volokh is always happy to talk about legalising pimping, or "John's" rights,

but he doesn't want to talk about gun rights all of a sudden.  Reason Magazine is not, and has never been, Libertarian.


I can't understand anything Dr. Yang says.  I have been under a lot of stress, it seems.  I keep asking Megan Binkley, the best Pilates teacher in the Silicon Valley, to talk to me,

to come back to once again by my unique and special friend, to be my wife in shining armor.

I applied to transfer to Law School in Ohio.  I applied for ten jobs in San Francisco, and ten jobs in Seattle.  I applied to transfer to Portland's Chiropractic College.  I contacted CorePower Yoga's top yoga teacher, Tania Storm,

who I used to live with, and I remended her that I asked her to marry me too.  She started talking to me about Wim Hof and Inner Engineering teacher Saadghuru.  I miss Megan so much, it's so sad.

I don't think I can make it living in the San Francisco Bay Area without her.  My Central Nervous Sytem tutor Eagle Scout Rob Campbell lives with his wife, and my Systemic Physiology tutor Nicole Homer-Wong lives with her lesbian wife.

Gas is $4.50 now.  It was Megan Binkley's idea that I quit my job and take out a Quarter of a Million dollar loan for her, to go to Chiropractic College in the SF East Bay.  While the CAMTC & AMTA wants to have me killed.  While the prostitution industry stabs me in the back.

My classmate James Day was the Massage Therapist for the SF Giants and the Oakland A's.  My first Master's degree was supposed to be in the Psychology of Yoga. 

Psoas Bodywork in SF is hiring, but told me they are not hiring, because they are liars and afraid of Nancy Pelosi's gang.

I was talking to a CPA today who told me outright that she does insider trading for a living.  Her cousin does the same thing, as an attorney for the Securities Exchange Commission.  Ha!


One Minute and Thirty-Seven Seconds with Sasha 


10/13/2019:  I should be in Megan Binkley's arms... Today is the Birthday of the first woman I ever asked to marry me, Melanie Bayer.  I bought her a violin, even though she didn't know how to play it.  Was that stupid, or romantic?

More interesting to announce here today is the fact that the National Athletic Trainers' Association emailed me this morning (on a Sunday?) to ask my serious professional opinions on some very heavy stuff.

This is on top of having Canada's Robertson College contact me to say they like my website and want to talk to me about advising future Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy students.  I told them to ask Tim Barnett and the Queen. 


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@realDonaldTrump, I am above the law.  I will not be held accountable. Like Super Slinky Jackie Speier, I love massage parlor sex trafficking and celebrate sexual assault and  harassment of Massage clients and Massage Therapists every chance I get!  #TruthExposed
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Donnie Yen & wife looking for home in S’pore going for S$5 to S$10 million ...In 2013, Yen bought his wife a HK$135 million (S$23.8 million) home 


"my beautiful wife, she is truly a WonderWoman of many talents" 


10/8/2019:  The former strength and conditioning coach for the NFL Oakland Raiders, and former President of the California Physical Therapy Association,

Donald Chu, PhD (Stanford), finally, as he is about to retire, may finally be supporting me publicly.

The APTA has to recognize I exist now.  The APTA has to talk about my case, how they stabbed me in the back for 16 years


9/28/2019:  I am perplexed reading about the singer for Metallica, James Hetfiled, going back into addiction rehab.  He told me his wife kept him clean, "She kicked my ass".  I want dearest Megan Binkley to talk to me about this, why she left me for a heroin addict.

Sure, he has Silicon Valley money, and I cannot afford to buy her the house I promised her, or raise the children I promised her.  Megan?

I should open a brothel in San Francisco, or Menlo Park.  Gavin Newsom will give me keys to the State, as his lawless father's senseless prose passed for legalese...

Will Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris come to me for massages?  How about you, Diane Feinstein?  Come see me at Dr. Kevin Stone's office, it'll be great to see you again.  You are so polite, the way you stab me in the back, it's so hospitable, so kind. 


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will remain involved in this year's Folsom Street Fair despite an initial contract dispute that threatened their participation.


Why we need to talk about porn | Jo Robertson | TEDxChristchurch

•Sep 23, 2019   

777 (If you want to see the new 2020 Yamaha R1); 

The bodywork is slightly massaged for 2020, and Yamaha claims a 5.3-percent increase in aerodynamic improvement when a rider is at full tuck.



"Thank you for your interest in the health and well-being of our service members, veterans, and their families," he wrote... 

In his letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees,

Stewart did not say whether the DoD is considering an expansion of chiropractic services at military health facilities or for Tricare beneficiaries.

WOULD anyone like to talk about the fact that all Palmer Chiropractic Colleges have banned me for life BECAUSE I filed a formal complaint

after I was told by the Palmer tour guide, "The best thing about Palmer Chiropractic, is it's a Whites Only Campus!" 

MAYBE Venus Williams would talk to me about that... 





 APTA Retweeted



We already have a record number of tables sponsored for this event in October in Seattle, let's break the record for participants! We need about 75 more to attend. If you can't attend, buy a ticket and we'll donate to a student's suicide. 


Does Disney now own the Wall Street Journal?


I am thinking a lot today about my old friend Charles Vidano, who used to be the CFO of Intuit.  His wife was an angel investor in Google, and he coaches Sergei Brin's kid in baseball.

But I don't exist, right? 


I am also thinking about my friend Laura, whose father is Maynard Webb, the former CFO of EBay, currently on the Board for SalesForce.

while the American Physical Therapy Association and Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi and Robert Mueller and Carlos Bolanos will tell you I don't exist.  Nothing ever happened.


And then I read this "body work" article by the University of New South Wales:

and I know why Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of me, why the Pope is afraid of me, why Sheriff Carlos Bolanos is terrified of me and wants to intimidate me and make me "please leave" asap.

Megan and the lesbian psychologists want to accuse me of being crazy, find a way to not talk, a way to ignore the truth...

I got a job offer in Seattle, while I got a decent offer on a studio near the Chiropractic College near San Francisco... I have to make this decision maybe today.  The UNSW "body work" article is the biggest mindfuck ever.  Read it.


Note again, of course, that Arnold Schwarzenegger completely betrayed Franco Columbu, all Chiropractors, and everyone in Sports Medicine,

due to his strong preference for using Massage as a front for promoting prostitution, his total appeasement of the prostitution=massage=prostitution industry.

Arnold is a total coward, and a complete con artist.  Arnold pimped out his best friend, Franco Columbu, because he has no morals, no ethics, and no conscience.


Franco Columbu, DC, the best man at Arnold Schwarznenegger's wedding, died on Friday, August 30th.  He was 78. 

He was swimming in Italy and began drowning, then died during a rescue attempt on the helicopter.


8/24/2019:  Father David Deibel wrote my Letter of Recommendation when I applied to Law School in 2010.  Then I wondered why he stopped talking to me...

I used to think, oh, yeah, my writing is kind of controversial, right, I mean, I met Robyn Few, I met Tim Barnett, I failed to get the American Physical Therapy Association to recognize my humanity...

I sold William Randolph Hearst III his home massage table, then he stabbed me in the back too...without apology or debate, or even acknowledgement...

I interviewed Rich Holcomb, Derek Ellerman, Melissa Farley, Donna Hughes, David Palmer... Now Rolling Stone is glorifying the Sex Workers Outreach Project, while denying they run the surprise.

Why is Rolling Stone afraid of admitting that the Sex Workers Outreach Project created and controls the California Massage Therapy Council?  They had no problem interviewing SWOP's director in Sacramento.

They had no problem putting California "Sensual Massage" on their cover.  Why are you so afraid to tell the truth now, Rolling Stone?  Why can't Arnold, Gavin, Jerry, Kamala, Diane, and Slinky Jackie Speir be held accountable?

But wow, after so many strange stories, I found out my 17-year Massage Therapy client Father David Deibel is at the center of this storm, and now I now why the Pope of all people really does know who I am:

and the Pope does not want me talking, either, do you Frank?  Why does your new book, "Crucified Women" completely deny that Rome is crawling with male prostitutes, Frank?  Let's be Frank, Frank.

...“more vulnerable beneficiaries may be lost to suicide during the transition.”

Both Opus Bono and Men of Melchizedek now list the same canon lawyer, Father David L. Deibel, as their chairman.

Deibel, Maher and Maher’s attorneys did not return multiple messages from the AP. 

So now I'm waiting for the Pope to write me a Letter of Recommendation.  How about it Princess?  Let's have a one on one, face to face conversation, Francis.


8/23/2019:  Sometimes I have been watching the occasional youtube video for popular Naprapath and Chiropractor Beau Hightower, and I would like to offer my congratualtions on his engagement.

His wife-to-be, like my love lost, Megan Binkley, is clearly a ridiculously fit fitness model of some kind, and probably has a hair budget and strict diet similar to Megan's.

Megan should be a model, but as far as I know she only really was a Pilates model for Balanced Body and Elizabeth Larkam.  She can be so shy; will we ever speak again, look in my eyes, Megan,

Tell me why.  Should I stay in Chiropractic College, this was your idea, you wanted me to buy you a house in the Silicon Valley, some shack for $3 Million?  We had a contract Megan.  You wanted a baby.

We were supposed to share a business.  But now I have this possible job offer in Seattle.  I could start over, pay off my debts.  People at Life Chiropractic College West have such an 1895 philosophy,

but I am more of a Futurist, I think.  My classmates say stay, suffer, live in your car, do it for the money.  I have had my WA State Massage Therapist License since 2003, ever since the American 

Physical Therapy Association blacklisted me for having pierced ears.  To this day the APTA won't acknowldege that I exist.  Do you exist?  Are you good enough for the APTA's backwards mentality?

Sometimes I have this bizarre fantasy that through the grapevine the UFC knows about my blog.  I lived across the street from Nate Diaz's coach Cesar Gracie's gym when I was briefly in Law School in 2010.

Walk by, you can smell the vomit, the blood, the sweat.  Contrasting sharply with the Corporate UFC gym not even a mile away.  Hans Florine's Diablo Rock Gym is just across the highway.

Beau Hightower is the Chiropractor for Jackson's MMA in New Mexico.  I just am finding the Bay Area economy increasingly draining, tiring.  I miss Megan all the time, but I can't buy her the $3 Mill house.

Unless William Randolph Hearst III wakes up one day and says, "You know, I could totally give Brian the respect and love he deserves.  He did, after all, help me have my 3rd child with my wife Margaret".

Dream on. 


Despite the vehement objections of pedophile Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and Sex Work Supremacists Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Jackie Speier, and Diane Feinstein,

Author of Danbury’s massage parlor ordinance gets lawyer of the year award by the International Municipal Lawyers Association


“I am humbled and honored by this award,” he said in a release.

Danbury Deputy Corporation Counsel Laszlo Pinter said in support of the award that he had known Casagrande for 30 years.

“I can tell you that he is in the narrowest class of the finest, most skilled, creative, erudite, professional

and honorable attorneys in any state, and especially in our field of municipal law here in Connecticut,” Pinter said.

Mayor Mark Boughton in an endorsement letter for Casagrande’s award agreed.

“He has enthusiastically worked to improve our city’s safety and quality of life,” Boughton said. 



In 2018 Casagrande earned the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Giant Slayer award for attorneys from mid-sized firms who take on cases against much larger firms. 


8/14/2019: I finally sold the wonderfully fun Pink Vespa that I bought for Megan Binkley as the 3rd Formal Engagement Gift I gave to her while asking her to marry me.

She still has chosen to keep the Diamond encrusted Butterfly with custom gold chain designed for her by Geoffrey's in San Carlos, by her choice, as was the Ring.

Would someone like to tell me why she kept the very first engagement gift I gave to Megan, while she returned the ring, out of fear of what "questions" people might ask,

and she clearly wanted to keep the Vespa, but again worried about "questions"... I loved the Vespa.  Megan cried the first time I taught her to ride, again she was 

worried other people would judge her as she practiced, wobbling.  As a dance major, everything is a performance, everything must be perfect.  Why did she leave me?

I am not perfect, I am not on time, I like wobbling, maybe?  I still adore Megan, as you can tell. I hope we meet face to face and work things out, at least try.

I hope she agrees to go with me to visit my Mom again, my Mom deserves an explanation, why Megan was introduced to my Mom as my Fiancee at Christmas,

while Megan was cheating on me.  I remain utterly appalled and deeply disturbed by the American Physical Therapy Association's PR campaign pretending to be heroes

pretending to care about people, pretending to care about diversity, while violently destroying my life and my career, solely due to my skin, my pierced ears.  Hypocrites. 


8/12/2019:  Theoretically today here maybe thoughtful readers might be wondering what I might want to say about the demise of Jeffrey Epstein, or the article in the Nevada Independent 

about the Massage Board supposedly being opposed to prostitution in massage parlors.  Okay fine, I will briefly comment on these things, but these topics are not today's primary question.

Eleven years ago, there was the claimed story about the very well connected suicide of  - I do not personally believe this was suicide,

I think a lot of powerful people did not want her to testify.  "Dead Men Tell No Tales", is Dr. Straub's favorite T-Shirt.  He used to work for the Coroner's office serving Oakland, picking up five 

murdered bodies a day, stories you don't see in news.  Now Dr. Straub teaches Microbiology and other traditional sciences at Life Chiropractic College West.  He has a lot of great macrophage jokes.


So no, I don't think Jeffrey Epstein's death is so easily called suicide, though clearly he was facing serious problems for the rest of his life, and maybe saw it as an easy out.  I just also think, 

like me, that a lot of people do not want him testifying.  Robert Mueller, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Will Hearst, Massage Magazine, David Palmer,

Beverly May, Mark Dixon, these are just a few of the names of people who do not want me testifying, telling the truth.   Robert Mueller does not want the truth known or told.  True story.

The Nevada government and the media at large has used massage as a front for promting prostitution for decades.   The California Massage Therapy Council was created by prostitutes, 

how different is Nevada?  The Yellow Pages ads for Dennis Hof's Ranch were under Massage.  Like New Zealand, the act of prostitution is ok, saying the word in marketing is not.

So on please to my real point today.  I lost my wallet over the weekend.  I went to the CA DMV to get a new driver's license.  They said I have to provide a Social Security Card,

because everything is Federal now, and I have to get a "Real ID".  This is impossible, because I was born during a divorce, and was legally adopted, in a country 1/3 run by Catholics,

another 1/3 run by Evangelicals or Protestants, and divorce and adoption are tolerated, but not actual seen as "real".  My real birth certificate was sealed by the state of GA, so I cannot

use my real birth certificate for legal purposes.  I have to use my Fake Birth Certificate which falsely claims that my stepfather is my real father to get my fake "Real ID".   


My real Birth Certificate is fake, and my fake Birth Ceritficate is "real".  In an attempt to please my Grandmother, who I was a pallbearer for at her funeral, I changed my name back to 

my birth name.  Then I was told after the Patriot Act that if I changed my name again I couldn't fly for a long time.  Then to appease my stepfather I blended my real father's name and 

my stepfather's last name, and had that put on my Social Secrity card.  That won't fit on my credit card, so my bank invented another fake name to put on my credit card.  Now my 

Social Security Card does not match my Driver's License, or my Cell Phone Bill, or my Massage License in CA, though it matches my Massage License in WA state.  I cannot get a CA 

driver's license until I go back to court and change my name again.  Meanwhile I am living in a kitchen dining area for $900 a month through Air BnB.  I really need to find my wallet.

America's government needs to figure out whether it believes in divorce or not, and how.  How can I be attending family reunions for the family on my real birth certificate, but this is not 

"real" or part of my "Real ID"?  How insane is our family law system?  How can I attempt to get our government to recognize healthcare or massage, when it doesn't even know what a family is??? 

How many Catholics are on the Supreme Court?  You don't see the media or other candidates asking about anyone's religion as an influencing factor, but how can it not be?  Catholics don't believe in divorce.


Sometimes the mainstream media will whine about Trump and evangelicals, but Jimmy Carter is an evangelical and they never say anything about that.  How am I supposed to get anything done

without a driver's license?  I have to go to court again?  What name to choose?  I bought because Megan Binley agreed to marry me and have a baby with me and let me be Mr. Binkley.

My last idea was to drop both my Father's names, make my middle name my last name.  I don't feel close to either really anyways, then I will have a name that fits on my credit card, and be like movie star Brian Keith. 

Will I ever get married?  Will Megan and I work things out?  How am I supposed to get through Chiropractic College this Quarter with all these ridiculous problems?  If I give up and leave I might move to WA, just do massage...

I'm getting too old for all this BS.   Ip Man's son Ip Chun is still teaching kung fu at 95, Iyengar taught yoga to 95 also, so he is my inspiration, though now Hong Kong is on the brink of Civil War, so who knows about that?   I don't believe this story is accurate or well researched. 




7/4/2019: I want to offer again to testify on behalf of Kevin Spacey, because it seems to me that in CA, what he is accused of doing is simply business as usual 

I agree wholeheartedly with the Massage Therapist objecting to what amounts to sexual assault, of course,

but the problem is the government, media, and society in CA have made massage = prostitution.  Have I talked about this too much?  Is it still interesting?

What did Kevin Spacey do exactly here that is in any way unusual or illegal?  Tell me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Tell me, Kamala Harris.  Nancy Pelosi.  Diane Feinstein.  Gavmeister.


7/2/2019:  I was on this webpage this morning looking for the Maxine Doogan lecture at Sonoma State University in 2017:  

and I noticed today is the one year anniversary of the day I posted about promising to buy Megan Binkley a house.

I also noticed I need to find again and correct a typo where I accidentally hit the "R" in the middle of typing Governor Newom's last name.  Sorry Gavvy Gav!

I really would like to know what Laurie Revnes thinks about Gavin Newsom today.

I finished my first Quarter at Chiropractic College in Hayward, but I am finding it very hard to bite the bullet and Register to start 2nd Q after the 4th of July,

being that the original plan here was 10000% centered moreso on my relationship with Megan and her directive that I start Chiropractic College in April,

(it's so weird too since she kind of knows the Center from the Warriors who has this big decision to make by Sunday, is it DeMarcus Cousins, she has a picture of his calves...)

I wish had that kind of money on the table, then buying Megan a house would not be a question, she would have stayed with me, I firmly believe that.  If only I had mucho dinero. 

I was at Target in Redwood City and there was a brand new Lambourghini in front of me and I just had to laugh.  

Even when I bought Megan the $5K engagement ring she said, "You can't afford it".  



As I predicted in 2011, Rock Climbing has become a high-end fashion sport:


Louis Vuitton CHALK BAG



  • Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have ended their relationship after four years together, 
  • and a source just said it was actually Irina who did the breaking up.
  • The two share a daughter, which was one of the main reasons they were still together, according to this source.


"...develop a moral core, looking at humanity’s darkest impulses and questioning, ’Why?" 


Text me Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Ivanka Trump, Susie Tompkins Buell, Gavin Newsom, Arnold Schwarzenegger: Brian 415-350-8893.

Let's talk about sexual harassment, Hillary. & Hunter College stabbing me and all PT students in the back; "cover up, deny, and ignore", it's the American Way!

Who in America is ready to have a rational conversation about reality?  Is the Royal College of Nursing run by closeted prostitutes?  Here is the evidence?  

Why is their supposed new concern an ignorant betrayal and abandonment of Massage Therapists rights, Massage patients rights, exactly as crooked and corrupt as New Zealand and America?


How would this matter to Megan?  Joseph Pilates was a Nurse.  Megan has a degree in Dance from San Francisco State University.  


5/30/2019:  Someone asked me why I haven't posted anything about the proposals made by the Royal College of Nursing to decriminalise prostitution in the UK:





So obviously this is something I could sit and talk with Hillary Clinton and Susie Tompkins Buell and Robert Mueller and Ivanka Trump about, right? 


5/29/2019:  Very closely followed the Commencement Speech given today in Manhattan at Hunter College by Hillary Clinton. 

Too many coincidences for it not to be clear that Hillary should agree to talk to me face to face.  You want to talk to me, but are you afraid,

afraid I will bring light to the subjects at hand?  Hillary?


5/23/2019: NBA Warriors Chiropractor Lenny Stein sent me an email blowing me off.  I'm super disappointed about that, being I've known him for almost 20 years. 

I hope Lenny chenges his mind, as I was quite serious about what I said to him.

777  (Gary is from Richmond, home of Pixar, so close to Sausalito, but so far away)


5/23/2019: I just watched the interview of yet another Presidential candidate, NYC Mayor DeBlasio, talking about how he loves The Clash and The Skatalites. 

I recall seeing the original Skatalites in the early 90's, I think they played with Let's Go Bowling and Special Beat.  Is DeBlasio serious?  What an odd election cycle we are having.

I guess I only bring this up now because for some reason I think it is so obscure, yet 100% possible, that my connections to Mueller, Pelosi, etc. are 

in some ridiculous way related to the current bickerfest between Trump annd Pelosi accusing each other of being crazy or obnoxious, and how this might relate 

to my decision to out myself as a former College Radio DJ.  What do you want from me?  Why can't the American Physical Therapy Association have a rational conversation?

I pierced my ears to impress Joyce Breckenridge, and be "cool" in the 90's.  I as at all four Lollapalooza tours.  I saw Ice Cube and Joan Baez play the same stage.  So what?


5/23/2019:  I used to think my story was impossible, and would never go anywhere.  Today I again emailed the former Chair of Physical Therapy at Hunter College,

Gary Krasilovsky, PhD, who suggested I sue the American Physical Therapy Association for discrimination, breach of contract, and fraud. 



Hilary Clinton is the best friend of my oft mentioned client Susie Tompkins Buell. 


Better still, I read this incredible quote from the Governor of Montana Steve Bullock, who is among the throng running for President,  

"Why would I be the 37th or 24th (laughter) candidate or whatever it is?...

- I think I'm probably the only one in the race that actually won in a Trump state...people want government to function.

I've been able to bridge divides in a very partisan time and get Republicans and Democrats to work with me to try to improve people's lives." 


Sure, I can't get the APTA, or anyone else in government, to do it's job, but maybe I do at least exist as a pebble in the pond.


5/17/2019:  Megan Binkley, I asked you to marry me, because I love you, even if you are a grumpy cat sometimes.   Am I good enough for you?  Is the ring bright enough?

What if I make $375 Million for you, with you, once I convince William Randolph Hearst III & Susie Tompkins Buell & Robert Mueller, etc. to work with me as friendly clients,

instead of their current work promoting sexual harassament of healthcare patients and healthcare professionals

Did anyone else reaad the hypocritical BS posting by the American Physical Therapy Association trumpeting it's care for transgenders,

while in fact they killed me for having pierced ears, such a minor tiny little piece of metal, in my ear instead of my knee?  

Still waiting for the APTA to take responsibility for it's terrorism and hatred for humanity.


5/16/2019: I need to apologize to readers of this website, as there is at least one mistake I am now aware of. 

Is it challenging Susie Tompkins Buell and her puppet entourage to a public debate? 

You will lose that debate, Gavin, Kamala, Feinstein,Pelosi, Speier,  because you know you are wrong,

you know you are intentionally promoting sexual harassment of both patients and healthcare professionals, every day.

I volunteer here to testify in Kevin Spacey's defense at the trial where he was accused of sexually harassing a Massage Therapist-

because the AMTA/CAMTC are front groups for promoting prostitution, supported equally by Republicans and Democrats, by Trump and Obama, covered up by Mueller...

How has Kevin Spacey commited a crime?  How has Robert Kraft commited a crime?  American society, it's hypocrisy and lies, this is the crime. 

How can you say you oppose sexual harassment, and are so concerned about "Women's Rights", Susie,

while treating Massage Therapists like prostitutes, Susie?  Even worse, you treat Prostitutes like Massage Therapists.  There are a million ways you could apologize, Susie.

How about repeating what you did for Nancy Rosellini?  Give Megan Binkley $375K to expand her already successful Pilates business

and put a down payment on a house.  Would you agree, Megan?  Megan?  Are you listening to this?

My mistake is beleiving Les Claypool's joke.  Primus is not opening for Slayer at any upcoming concerts.

I am calling out here today for Megan Binkley, CEO of Core Values Pilates Body, to contact me immediately,

so we can decide whether I will continue working on my Doctorate in Chiropractic, (Megan's idea!)

since the reason I am currently a Doctoral student at Life West (across the 92 bridge from the Silicon Valley)

is entirely due to my love for Megan, she wanted me to do this for her, so I did, but now we are having a silent squabble... I don't know what to do.

I got an A on my Skeletal Anatomy lab exam, as long term memory is a wonderful thing. 

Did you know that the lead singer/bass player for Primus and the lead guitarist for Metallica went to High School together?  


Thank you so much Susie, your ongoing interest and support for my campaign is spectacular.  Truly.  I wouldn't be here today without you.


...powerhouse San Francisco donor (Susie) sent out emails announcing her intention to hold a fundraiser... and inviting supporters to attend...

“He adds a rich, deep, thoughtful and resonant voice to the conversation and it’s evident that the country is responding to him.

He is a special guy and formidable candidate,’’

While Tompkins Buell has noted that she and husband, Mark, are still backing..., she said... that “we believe he needs to be part of the presidential field’’ 


Call me anytime Hilary.  Actually text me, I really respond better that way.  Let's meet for lunch at Susie's house.  Chez Panisse? 


I want to have lunch with Kamala Harris at Ranjan Dey's New Delhi Restaurant. 


Let's talk about why the two of you, along with Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier, have systematically covered up sexual harassment and rape of Massage Therapists for your entire careers. 


And absolutely noone will call you on it, except me.  Bob Mueller won't call you on it, because he has no balls.



$2 million apology... (How much does the APTA/AMTA owe me?) 

note again the AMTA threatened to murder me, because I told the truth about Big Gay Power and the Sex Work Supremacists control of them & the CAMTC,

while the APTA destroyed my career for seemingly opposite reasons, being they are run by

right wing evangelicals and closeted gay/anti-gay/anti-everything they don't dominate or destroy Catholics)


We hope we can continue to be a catalyst for meaningful changes that makes... inclusive for all.”

...In its original letter to Lora DiCarlo, obtained by TechCrunch, the CTA called the startup’s product

immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with the CTA’s image” and that

it did “not fit into any of [its] existing product categories and should not have been accepted”... 


5/5/2019:  Anyone following this should not be surprised to see these stories of nonstop 24/7 hypocrisy and bullshit... What is the cure for Pelosi Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I am Linked to the APTA top dog Justin Moore on LinkedIn and he has been personally aware of every detail of how the APTA fucked me over in the name of Jesus for over 5 years... 

So today Justin & the APTA posted this outright lie, knowing that the APTA denied my Doctorate education and even presence on campus based on religious beliefs and ordinary bigotry, and has since 2003...:

APTA Retweeted NPR

APTA strongly opposes any rule that promotes the freedom of health care providers to deny services to patients based on religious beliefs.

Such actions run counter to the physical therapy Code of Ethics and the principle of patient-centered care. 


5/5/2019:  In other news:  The FDNY simultaneously told a 37 year old Navy SEAL with top 1% testing scores that he is too old, so unfit and unqualified to even apply for the job

while making a 50yr old lesbian Chief of Emergency Medical Services... which makes perfect sense, right?

(This reminds me so much of my dyke cousin Shelly...) 




I am also following the story about NZ approaching legalising marijuana tomorrow.  When I met NZ head of Parliament Tim Barnett in 2006 to hear his talk about decriminalising prostitution,

he was headed straight to a "cannabis" dispensary in SF with Robyn Few afterwards, and clearly was an active user.  A lawyer friend is telling me I need to learn to "swim downstream"???  WTF???

Still waiting to hear from Robert Mueller, or Megan Binkley, or James Hetfield... Father David Deibel... Donald Chu?... Elon Musk?... What is the future of all these things?  What Does Madonna Know?


4/28/2019: started giving me professional manual medicine prescriptions in 1997 & referrals in 2001.  Lenny is the DC (Chiropractor) for the San Francisco Ballet, the Golden State Warriors, etc.

I meant to say that to Ron Oberstein, when he asked me if I knew anyone famous.  I also forgot to mention Sharon Stone, and Sean Penn, etc. ... others.

Robert Mueller will tell you I don't exist, even though he came to see me at and I visited his house several times, to see him and his wife.

I have angel investors for Google on my client list?

Is this website comparable to Uber or Tesla, as I have argued with Megan?  Worth millions, perhaps over $1 Billion, yet day to day operations are hard to pin down, economically. 

Who Moved My Cheese?  




Looking for some inspiration, after learning that the drummer for the Clash is a Chiropractor in London, I swear I was looking for something I had heard

years ago about the lead singer of Social Distortion having a PhD in English, when I found this on Wikipedia:

BRIAN KEITH Holland attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California, where he graduated as class valedictorian in 1984. During high school,

BRIAN KEITH Holland was the best student in mathematics in his year, and he found it "just as exciting as punk rock."[4] He then attended the 

University of Southern California, where he earned a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in molecular biology,

BRIAN KEITH was a candidate for a Ph.D. in molecular biology.[5] However, after the success of The Offspring, he suspended his candidature to focus on music.

BRIAN KEITH Holland had said in 1995 that, when he turns 40, he would rather be a professor at a university than play music.[4]

Holland was a doctoral student at the Laboratory of Viral Oncology and Proteomics Research, Keck School of Medicine,

where he was supervised by Professor Suraiya Rasheed.[6] In March 2013, Holland and co-authors published a paper in PLoS One 

regarding microRNA in HIV genomes,[7] titled "Identification of Human MicroRNA-Like Sequences Embedded within the

Protein-Encoding Genes of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus".[8] The original academic paper describes the use of 

computational molecular biological (in silico) approaches to identify microRNA-like sequences in HIV.

These sequences are suggested to have evolved to self-regulate survival of the virus in the host by

evading its immune responses and thus influence the persistence, replication, and pathogenicity of HIV.

BRIAN KEITH Holland was awarded his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology during the USC Commencement on May 12, 2017...


I hate the Offspring, because they suck, and I would much rather talk about Tom Araya's cervical spine than Jame Hetfield's... but it makes good conversation, right? 

Gotta love Primus opening for Slayer's real last tour (after 37 years...) 


Who is mad at me now?  Why?  WTF? 

My professors at Chiropractic College keep wanting to call me a "bodyworker" when I say I am a "Licensed Massage Therapist" (active in WA State)

and it is clear that noone wants to acknowledge the lesbian prostitution industry, or their ownership of the

(founded by SF gay male Joseph Kramer, as I recall, how long have I been blogging about this now?  Since 2003?) 

Still waiting for my friends Robert Mueller, William Randolph Hearst, Michael Tilson Thomas, and James Hetfield

to do a round table on CNN with Anderson Cooper about this...



(I am posting this because I met Princess Mary at the 2002 Winter Paralympics, and because it "rounds the square" of this story.  Recall that Chiropractic education is free in Denmark,

Lars and Torben Ulrich are from Denmark, and Metallica's first album was recorded in Denmark... my first major writings as a youth that weren't about President Taft were about Danish vikings...) 

I might as well also add here, my plan today in regards to pursuing my Doctorate in Chiropractic are to adjust my schedule slightly so I will graduate in Fall of 2022.

I had my first chance yesterday to look at full X-rays of my spine, and it confirms what I knew, besides the fact that the San Francisco Police covered up and ignored

the time I was mugged by three gangsters in the stairs near the Sutter Stockton garage, besides the emotional trauma, broken teeth, and $20 bill they took from me,

they totally fucked up my neck.  There are other injuries I could mention, but that was the worse.  The SFPD laughed at me, and hung up on me, when I called them for help.

Just like Kamala Harris, Robert Mueller, Gavin Newsom, and every other politician I have ever met.  Princess, will you care?  Or will you stab me in the back, like the Queen of England,

and Hilary? 



(Apparently she thought he wanted the "Al Gore" treatment...) 




The American Physical Therapy Association, University of St. Augustine, University of Central Florida, etc. as expected continue to claim I don't exist, and I have never existed!...



"At the end of the day, the love... can be fickle" Klay Thompson said.

"We live in a time where it's 'What have you done for me lately?'

You can't get caught up in the love right now." 



Warriors announce first event at the Chase Center


Golden State won’t kick off the new arena. Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony will.


So please note, Megan if you read this, that impossibly, so very impossible!!! enough, past clients I am proud to have served,

SF Symphony Conductor Michael Tilson Thomas

and Metallica's lead singer James Hetfield and current bassist Robert Trujillo, 

are playing the inaugural ball at the NBA Warriors new Chase Center stadium. 

(Personally related, the ony CD I am saving from recent water damage is one with Rachel Barton Pine's autograph,

and I am proud of the coincidence of having Yngvie Malmsteen's new album come out on the same day I start Chiropractic College...

Kirk Hammett might appreciate this kind of trivia...)

Will these facts make Megan stop and wonder, maybe we should talk more about this impasse.  The pink Vespa must ride again!

Planet Granite yoga tonight. 



Please note that Jackie Speier lives here 


Which story is more important to you and the future of America?  Will the presidential debates address these serious topics? 



With the announcement of the proposed inclusion of Sport Climbing in the Olympic Summer Games in Paris 2024, 

and given the continued growth of competition climbing in the US and around the world, USA Climbing announces the formation of a new Competition Task Force (CTF)

and an updated charter for the existing Realignment Task Force (RTF) to assess, identify, and implement sweeping changes to recreational, developmental,

and elite athlete development for implementation in the 2020-2021 competition season. 


3/4/2019:  I have been offered a $7500 scholarship from Life West Chiropractic College, based on a love letter I wrote to Megan Binkley,

and my entrance GPA of 3.5+.  Hearing commercials for the California Physical Therapy Association on CBS newsradio make me wince in pain.

I will note for comfortable and rewarding conversations sake another related matter being debated so hotly these days,

that my apartment right now is a disaster area, with very little art to speak of, but what do we have here?

An absolutely terrifying Black Diamond mountaineering poster.  A picture of Marin County's Mt. Tam covered in snow.

A poster of Carl R. Alving, M.D., inventor of the vaccine patch, University of Miami '66. (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

But you thought I wanted to talk about the blatant corruption, collusion, and business as usual conspiracy to proudly using massage as a front for promoting prostitution by 

the California Police Chiefs Association & the California Massage Therapy Council, didn't you?...


3/1/2019: My Mom says if her Mother hadn't died so young, she would be 91 today.

My Biochemistry professor just mentioned that she also teaches Ethics in Biomedical Engineering at UC Berkeley.

How poignant and timely.

Maybe Megan, or Kamala, or Gavin, or Maxine, so many people, let's take a minute to talk about Ethics...

Don't even try to get the American Physical Therapy Assocation or Diane Feinstein to talk about Ethics...  

Give up. 

"Grand Del Mar Massage Therapists Sue Over Client Sexual Harassment"

Sue who?  NBC News?  Slinky Jackie Speier?  Ali Raisman?  Ted Turner?  William Randolph Hearst III?  Gavin Nerwsom?  I only wish... 


2/28/2019:  Today is the last day of February, and many decisions await fulfillment.  I applied for a position on the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Senator Kamala Harris is cooking fresh waffles on the question of whether prostitution should be decriminalized.

My first date with Megan Binkley was at Chef Ranjan Dey's New Delhi Restaurant; Kamala has had fundraisers there.

I think Megan is upset about some details of my story here, and wished I would find a better way to tell this story and

move my life forward, but what do we see really happenning today?  I cannot talk about the fact that Washington DC is being forced

to watch and listen to transgenders in the military kicking ass and taking names, while the APTA still says I have never existed in any uniform...

my voice should be crushed, killed, despised, hated, silenced, forever...

I laughed reading the BBC calling the Russian River floods of "wine country"; You would think the BBC would mention the fact that Guerneville

is possibly the gayest town I have ever seen.

Megan went hiking at the Armstrong Redwoods last summer, accidentally during the Guerneville Bear Weekend, hairy fat gay men in g-string bikinis everywhere... 

Megan won't talk to me right now, so here I want to remember that once after Joyce Breckenridge broke up with me, we rekindled our romance 

camping at Bullfrog Pond... I want to sign up for the Ropes Course weekend assuming I will start studying for my Chiropractic Doctorate soon...

Megan if you read this please call me.  Kamala Harris if you read this please call me, I'll meet you at the New Delhi restaurant, we can hang out with Ranjan.

Let's talk about this. 


"...the Medical board must file an Accusation (formal charges) against a doctor's license within three (3) years of the date the Board is first notified

of the act or omission alleged as the ground for disciplinary action or seven (7) years from the date of the incident, whichever occurs first." 



Police said Kraft was driven to a spa by Senator Diane Feinstein's gun-toting chauffeur. 

(prostitution = massage) as obvious and real as 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate regulates O2 binding


2/21/2019:  Hilary Clinton's best friend, Susie Tomkins Buell, would you come to this debate, with your daughters Summer and Brooke?

I just applied for a Presidential Scholarship from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward.

Who will support me here, of my old clients with money to burn?  Dupont, Hearst, Susie?

Someone said they thought my suggestion to debate in Chinatown was racist and provocative.

Then have Leo Fong come sit with me on one side, and Donnie Yen on the other. 


2/20/2019:  Yes, former FBI Director and current lead investigator of "Trump-Russia", Robert Mueller, you and your wife Ann,

as esteemed and well respected members of my client list, are of course invited 

to the debate between "Massage Therapist" Maxine Doogan and myself, to be moderated by CNN in San Francisco.

I decided it would be spineless to have the debate in the Castro, and have settled on at least offering to do it in Chinatown instead. 

On the entertainment side, I of course invite everyone in Metallica, and their wives...

Donald Chu, past-President of the California Physical Therapy Association

Steven Winter, my Athletic Injuries professor and past lead lobbyist for the California Athletic Trainers' Association.

Megan Binkley, Pilates Instructor at the Bay Club, not my wife, but I did ask her to marry me 7 times.

Oh!  Some top prostitutes, say Beverly May and Mark Dixon of the California Massage Therapy Council...

Gavin Newsom (Laurie Revnes ex-boyfriend) is of course center stage, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started all this mess, idiot!

Invite Chiropractor Frank Columbu, excellent choice. 


Feb 19, 2019: The California Medical Board and Department of Consumer Affairs are using a common tactic to protect criminals and dickheads in fact

identical to the techniques used by the media, the American Massage Therapy Assoication, the American Physical Therapy Assoication, etc.

Their website for processing complaints doesn't even work. 

So I will whine to you, because you care, like Kamala Harris, or a similar houseplant... (Diane Feinstein needs some watering!)

I think I first herniated my spine trying to break dance, doing a forward flip onto a concrete floor at Sean Hidalgo's house when I was 14...

My gangster Filipino friend Pat Rivera could make his eyeballs vibrate, and hold ridiculous positions like something out of a kung fu movie, but 

completely frozen, absolutely still.

I was watching these great youtube videos of a global Tae Kwon Do champ who looks a hell of a lot like a younger Megan (who has a black belt in TKD)...

so I was visiting Jeffery Sternberg at his Van Ness offica in San Francisco, and yes technically he is a colon and rectal surgeon, but he had no reason 

to be probing my hot tight virgin ass for buried treasures and pleasures,

as Ali Raisman winks and nods, and looks the other way, because it's happening to me, in a gay neighborhood, so a little anal rape is okey dokey Karaoke,

isn't it Ali?  You're so special!

I have an abnormal skin fold near my anal opening because of chronic inflammation in my lower spinal nerves, making it feel like an burning itching, but it does nothing

because it's not the skin, or bacteria, or anything like that.  But when Megan was stroking my ass in the shower and she touched the skin aberration, I was embarassed,

so I started trying to find a way to truly fix it finally, so my sexy girlfriend can have intimate showers with me, without embarrassment.

I went to Premier Dermatology in San Carlos, and the MD's assistant Nurse Practitioner had no problem simply grabbing the skin fold and saying, "You need to see a general surgeon".

I wanted to see a specialist.  I found a few MD's who specialize in "anal rejuvenation" for gay men in LAW and NYC, and I thought about seeing one of them, but I found 

Jeffrey Sternberg in SF, and figured I should try a consultation with him.

He ignored my complaints about my left foot going numb, and the spinal nerve inflammation.  He ignored my story about the time I fell into the full splits.

He ignored my 100% external skin tag/skin fold.

He stuck his finger as far up my ass as he possibly could. 

Thanks, Doc!

Thanks, California Medical Board (how insulting and disturbing, the Governor Gavin Newsom link, psychopath, with his name right there like some kind of hero authority...) 




Feb 15, 2019:  Sitting in my Biochemistry class at UC Berkeley Extension campus in San Francisco's Financial District, "MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY 37", talking about myoglobin.

Since CNN has decided to once again glorify the woman who threatened me, Maxine Doogan, I cordially invite CNN to have Maxine Doogan debate me on live television.

Let's do it in the Castro, invite Anderson Cooper!

Invite Jackie Speier and Nancy Pelosi, so they can to explain to my double mastectomy breast cancer survivor MD client why women's rights are irrelevant, only money matters,

and all massage clients deserve sexual harassment and rape.   That is what massage means, right, Nancy?  Right Maxine Doogan, how did you like having your propaganda supported by

the Sonoma State University Nursing Department, where I taught nursing students anatomy? 

Let William Randolph Hearst III and his wife Margaret attend, please. 

Let us also talk about the sexual assault case I am filing with the California Medical Board against Jeffrey Sternberg, MD, looking for nonexistent diseases up my hot tight virgin ass for jollies, Larry Nassar technique... 


January 30, 2019:  Ok, no, you're right, I haven't commented at all on Israel's new prostitution law, which some people might call a fine on Johns, 

but others, maybe someone with $75 million to burn, like the man who is supposed to be President, Eliot Spitzer, might look at these fines and giggle.  Why would Eliot Spitzer care if he was fined a few thousand dollars?

I found out that the guy who took Megan to that Warriors game is only worth $225 Million, typical Silicon Valley White Trash, worth less than 1% of someone crazy rich like Will Hearst, and I was therefore somewhat amused by the idea of that measure mark for wealth. 

I was reading some article about a Massage Therapist giving discounts to MAGA hat wearers, and how his coffee cup celebrates having Trump as president.

My coffee cup says, "Life is merrier

                              With a Yorkshire Terrier"

I completed my application for Financial Aid as I strongly consider giving Chiropractic College another go,

and I discovered just how severe and extreme the corruption is at the American Physical Therapy Association-

the Stanley Paris mindset, the Federal Financial Aid System, of course the APTA, AAOMPT, etc. -

fucking deleted the fact that I borrowed over $15,000 from the government to get my PT Doctorate-

The United States Federal Government is denying I borrowed a lot of money from them to get my Doctorate.

Since when does anyone deny someone owing them money, or gaving loaned it in the first place?

This happened through an amazing level of corruption, obviously, incredible power, to manipulate federal banking records?

Isn't that supposed to be a felony?  As in prison time? 

Wow, APTA, I didn't know you had sunk so low!  Or had so much power!

When is Larry Nassar going to be recognized as a "Pro Bono Sex Worker", and given an award by Nancy Pelosi? 



January 14, 2019:  Congratulations on the obvious are in order perhaps, as my dear and wonderful Megan was sitting on the floor at a recent NBA Warriors game...

I am told Klay Tomson was flirting with her, and the NBC cameras gave Megan a close up, twice...  

Which I find pretty damn amusing due to my at times rather adversial and quite pissed off relationship with said assholes at NBC... Megan is better than you are, please cry for me, William Randolph Hearst

Cry harder still, Slinky Jackie Spier...I reapplied to Chiropractic College, and may indeed start in July and finish in 3 years...I am thinking about the baby name Basil, greek for "royal". 


4/27/2019:  I am positive that I have posted this before, but in light of several recent events in my life, and inquiries about my seriousness here,

particularly the absurd postings about prostitution massage in Davenport, Iowa, 

I feel the need to say this again:

For the total assholes running the APTA, for my love Megan, for libertarian William Randolph Hearst, for Dr. Ron Oberstein, as yet undefined President of Life West Chiropractic College,

gangbang cocksucker cokehead Governor Gavin Newsom, Sir Betray-a-lot Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps others:

I was taking professional manual medicine referrals from the Chiropractor for the San Francisco Ballet, NBA Golden State Warriors, etc. right LENNY? -

while working for - before I went to the Olympics, in 2001.   Robert Mueller came to see me at the Stone Clinic.  But I don't exist, right?  Bob?  Where are you Bob?

And you all just sit there, and act like nothing is happening.  Nothing.  In Facebook We Trust, where prostition is everywhere, as long as we call it massage, right Redwood City?

Pelosi Traumatic Stess Disorder has the world frozen, like a deer in headlights... so quiet, so afraid to face reality... to speak English, to have an honest conversation, about anything, anything at all.

Of course prostitutes and Catholics can and should run everything, for Princess Francis... because we are at war with Islam, and the Jews, and the Buddhists, and the Hindus, and the Atheists of China... so much to be afraid of!

I think this website and my career thus far, as I have said to Megan, is at this time comparable to Tesla or Uber, not exactly profitable, but worth millions, perhaps a billion or more.

My client base includes angel investors in Google?  True.   Can't wait for your quiet leafblower, Captain Musk!

Dress for Success!  Book Yourself Solid!  Make friends and Influence others!  Who moved my Cheese? 




Let's talk about brand names and consumer protection (Are Megan and her step-mother enjoying their massages at Canyon Ranch?  How long will Gavin Newsom spend in prison for conspiracy and fraud?)




are just two of the stories on this topic that the media-at-large managed to do a half-assed job covering with objectivity and intellect.

Please note the observed realities: Claiming a need for clear communication and fair business practices, the difference between Weetabix and Weetbix led to 

censorship, destruction, and forced renaming of one versus the other.

This is all happening in New Zealand, birthplace of Stanley Paris, home to Tim Barnett, with the most liberal massage=prostitution laws on the books, not just a wink and nod, in the world.

You don't think NBC News is stand-up comedy? 

Parliament is stand-up comedy.

The American Physical Therapy Association is stand-up comedy. 

Prince Harry is the 4th stooge. 

Where is Shakespeare when you need him? 


10/18/2018:  The San Jose City Council & Mayor (including my roommate's sister-in-law, Vice Mayor Herrera) completely blew me off and ignored me when I testified before them over a year ago, but for some reason 

now they are closing over 100 massage parlors for prostitution related "offenses"?  Better still NBC & the SF Chronicle are covering this as "activist sex workers" protest?

I was thinking of getting stand-up comedy tickets at the Punchline in san Francisco for my Birthday, but who needs stand-up comedy when we have NBC news? 

Megan is going to Canyon Ranch for massages soon with her step-mother, who has a house (she has several) down the street from Donald Trump in FL; an "annoying neighbor..." apparently. 

Have I ever talked about my old friend Sutat here?  He used to be a monk & taught yoga at the prestigious spa Rancho La Puerta; now he wants to drive his ex-wife's car off a cliff... (he won it in their divorce)

I should also acknowledge the further media psychosis here of the local story about a Massage Therapist at the Claremont Hotel sexually assaulting a guest.

The entire media, everyone! covered it up 

when Massage Therapist Christine Mihelich (San Francisco State University BA in Biology) testified about the exact same thing happening to her - by a guest...

the testimony video is on my youtube channel, and has been there since 2005.  But you ignore that, right?

Christine's testimony was originally posted on the State of California's television channel, but did anyone, even one person! in the Media or anyone notice or say anything?  No. 

Who fought the hardest to cover it up?  The California Massage Therapy Council, Massage Magazine, the Spa industry, etc. 

Look up the Spa ban in Maldives, and it all makes more sense, the money flowing... 

Celebrate Sexual Harassment!  Vote Democrat! Or Republican!  It really doesn't matter...

Better still LMFAO watching CNN & the NYT squirm trying to cover the success of the pro-gay marriage Greens in Germany (opposed by the Party that CNN & NYT liberals like...) 

I must move forward still with so many projects.  I want to build my own ofuro Japanese soaking tall hot tub.  I want to finish Biochemistry, but I might switch to the 4-unit online one

through the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.  I read Leon Chaitow died, I really like his book on muscle energy technique.  Do your homework!


9/28/2018:  So the classes I was taking in LA were at the Orthopedic Skills Laboratory at the Physial Therapy Department at West Coast University-

(Still waiting for the American Physical Therapy Association to acknowledge that I exist, and that the APTA destroyed my life, intentionally, proudly, vindictively...) 

near Bagel Lords, across from the S & M supply house, Rough Trade, is that Sunset Blvd or Santa Monica Blvd?  Lots of people wearing very fancy pants... 

I didn't know that Comcast NBC Universal Sky is in fact directly across from the largest porn producer in the world, Vivid Entertainment.

Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, EU, etc. it all makes so much more sense now.  When will Disney buy Vivid outright, and for how much? 


9/20/2018: We are going to Thomas Myers intro to Structural Integration (Myers Method) in the Hollywood area, and I am hoping to visit comic voice master Mel Blanc's grave,

maybe visit Hollywood Boulders (Touchstone), and it's hard to ignore the vastness of LA, knowing I have sent letters to USC and UCLA and NBC and Children of the Night

(maybe the only organization in America working directly with male teen junkie street prostitutes in West Hollywood... Rozz Williams & Gypsy Boots are buried nearby...)

Yet I want to buy Megan an awesome pair of motorcycle boots, and we are right by the Eagle nightclub, I could ask someone there?  Who makes the best boots in LA?

I started studying Biochemistry, and I am thinking I would have benefited from taking Quantitative Analysis first.  I am doing my best, all things considered. 

Michael Hunkapiller has a PhD in BioChem, I beleive from Oklahoma Baptist University?  Maynard Webb has a new book out, co-released in Seattle with Mr. Starbucks.

I wanted to visit Benny Urquidez's stunt actor academy, and/or Leo Fong, but I am having a hard time tracking them down.

I got a letter from Hunter College in Manhattan's PT Department, and I am bemused by the APTA website and it's current "diversity" page.  

I told Megan I want to buy her a $5million dollar piece of crap house here in the Silicon Valley, but I don't think she takes me seriously right now.

True, I don't see any real changes happening, anywhere, which is why I have had nothing to say for 6 weeks.

I'm alive, I am in love with Megan, and we are going to Hollywood this weekend. 


8/6/2018:  I gave Megan a round brilliant 0.7 carat diamond solitaire, and she had it sized to fit "the crazy finger", for which she chose a rose gold ring setting.

She refused to let me meet her in Maui, where I would have formally proposed to her, and now Yosemite is closed, where I would take her to Taft Point.

We have, it seems, differed perhaps on whether to have a pot-bellied pig, or an actual baby.  Megan can very evasive on how seriously she really takes all this.

How can you call sizing a $5,000 diamond ring for "the crazy finger"- "just dating"???

Are we just dating, Megan?

I read the celebrity Dads over 50 article in Parents Magazine, and thought, wouldn't parenting over 50 be easier with Mick Jagger's money?

I will be 48 in October, and Megan just turned 38.

Wouldn't now be a nice time for the American Physical Therapy Association to end it's parade of terrorist bullshit, fucking over my career and my entire family?

Stanley Paris, how about getting off your high horse, you fucking prick?

I''m trying to get married and have a family, and all you care about is my pierced ears, and that self-centered arrogant asshole Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Mrs. Hunkapiller, wife of DNA process developer Michael Hunkapiller, says I am, "elegant" and "deeply intellectual".  So you destroy my life and blacklist me?

You call that Christianity?  You call that science?  You call that healthcare?


7/19/2018: I'd like to observe today what a completely hypocritical and insane fraud it is for the pro-"massage=prostitution" owners of ESPN, including my client William Randolph Hearst III,

to be giving an award to Larry Nassar's "victims".  ESPN condones, promotes, and profits from the massage=prostitution industry, at every level, at all times, as it has for decades.

ESPN promotes rape of athletes by Massage Therapists, and promotes rape of Massage Therapists by athletes.

Without pause, reflaction, or debate of any kind whatsoever.

Fuck you William Randolph Hearst III, Disney, and everyone in between and underneath, from Disney to Congress, to the dickheads at the New York Tiimes, Jeff Bezos, it's an ocean of corruption.

Mark Zuckerberg knows, just like Sergei Brin knows.  Couldn't care less.  Like you. 

Liar.  Thief.  Rapist. 


I found a picture of my stepfather, a product of Catholic education, skated by graduating based on his football record (he was scouted by the NFL to be a running back before he broke his hand),

who hates men with pierced ears, wearing psychedelic Monkee-era striped pants, looking like an absolute clown.

It's so bizarre to me, how each generation, each culture, seems utterly convinced of their own perfection,

and that everyone else is trash.  I remember talking to NATA lobbyist Steve Winter about this in his office, while the NATA was promoting itself as "rainbow friendly", while stabbing me in the back.

Remember when politicians wore wigs, tri-cornered hats, and buckles on their shoes with tights?  Isn't George Washington still on the $1 bill?

Megan wants a Ducati, so I had the idiotic idea to tell her she should get an NCR Ducati, so now she wants one of those.  She would look great on it, I'm sure.  Does anyone have $200K I can borrow?

This is what I get for falling in love with a girl whose father lives in Belvedere (the rich side of Tiburon) and whose Mom lives in Palo Alto... 


7/18/2018: I need to point out that you need to watch the entire Depeche Mode " Strange Love" mini-movie to see what was personal to me, and made me cry.

The ridiculously beautiful and sexy Italian woman on her Vespa sees singer Dave Gahan, in a suit with his pierced ears, standing with crutches on the side of the road.

She stops and offers him a ride.  He throws the crutches away, finding new strength and health, and sits behind her on the Vespa, wrapping his arms around her waist.

My new girlfriend wants me to buy her a Ducati, but for now I just give her rides on my BMW.

The APTA thinks I'm gay, because of my pierced ears, and won't let me study for my Doctorate because my ears have sinned.

I might go to Switzerland and/or Holland to take a workshop or two under Tom Myers Anatomy Trains Structural Integration; prostitution is legal there.

I am still perplexed by the completely psychotic coverage and commentary about FOSTA/SESTA by Newsweek, though I know the Daily Beast owns it now.

FOSTA/SESTA, which is completely leftist and came out of years of lobbying by Democrats and those even further left, is reported by Newsweek as "100% Trump".

In reality, it passed the Senate with a 97% Yes vote.  One Reublican voted against it, one Democrat voted against it, and John McCain was too sick to vote.   How is that 100% Trump, Newsweek?

Whatever.  I am so sick of journalists who lie.  I went shopping for a ring for my girlfriend today; I think she would look so nice dancing on the beach in Hawaii wearing it.


777 (Master Ken explains why you should join M.Y.A.S.S., please compare to the APTA, AMTA, CAMTC, etc.)
7/12/2018: My old coworker Neka Pasquale's business Urban Remedy has taken off big time and now has a huge display with excellent placement near the express line at Whole Foods.
Neka owes me for a massage she never paid me for.  Neka's mom is the owner of Evo Spa in mill Valley, and starting Urban Remedy was likely helped along by her boyfriend's mom,
who owns Miraval in Arizona.  
So that makes 2 product launch parties I've attended, Dr. Kevin Stone M.D.'s Joint Juice, and Neka Pasquale's Urban Remedy
Still waiting for the APTA or someone similar to get their head out of their ass and acknowledge that I exist.
I found a great video by martial arts comedian Master Ken talking about how lame associations are, so he started his own, "M.Y.A.S.S."-"a warm, welcoming environment".
I am also reminded how funny it is that yoga teacher Sarah Pascual told me about the comedy video "It's Getting Real In the Whole Foods Parking Lot"... 
I was watching Depeche Mode's "Strange Love" VHS collection this morning and "Never Let Me Down" made me start to cry uncontrollably... Maybe it was the Pilates session I did earlier?  WTF? 
7/3/2018:  Maybe some people might think I should be prone today to commenting on the Libertarian Party's endorsement of decriminalising prostitution (with no mention of gun rights,
or how these two rights of prostitution and guns are supposed to work together???), and contrasting these positions with Deomocrats, greens, Republicans, and other clowns.
but today here, because Karel Lewit is still alive at 102, and my various disuputes with the National Athletic Trainers' Association, American Physical Therapy Association, etc. continue,
largely ignored, and completely unaddressed, I will instead repost part of Karel Lewit's story
(while noting I just bought a used 37" high massage table from Palo Alto DC Alen Heshmat, directly across the street from 2-Michelin star restaurant Baum'... recently reviewed by Hearst...)
It just gets more ridiculous and absurd all the time.  I wonder if I will get married, and change my name? 

Early life and education

At the end of World War I, Lewit’s father, Dr. Egon Lewit, moved the family to Prague, where Karel was educated and became immersed in Czech culture

(the most secular culture in the world)

At the completion of his primary studies, Karel enrolled in the Prague Medical Faculty and began his studies to become a physician like his father.

Like many of his contemporaries, Lewit’s education and career were disrupted by the Nazi occupation and WWII. The family’s Jewish heritage put them at odds

with conditions in the Czechoslovakia, and on March 13, 1939, they left Prague for Paris, where Karel found work at Bichat hospital in their surgery department.

Not long after arriving in Paris, Lewit became involved with the French Resistance, and in October 1939 he joined the British 1st Infantry Regiment in Agde, France on the Mediterranean as a medical officer. As France was overrun by Nazis, The 1st Infantry fought the Germans along the Seine and Loire rivers as French and British troops retreated. He was later transferred to England, where he met his future wife Iris, to whom he remained married for more than 60 years. He worked in England until 1944, when he was transferred to Normandy as a member of the 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade and fought in the famous Battle of Dunkirk. He was awarded the distinguished Golden Cross of Czechoslovakia for his activities in the Resistance.

At the end of World War II, Lewit returned to Czechoslovakia to take up his studies once again at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague earning a doctoral degree in 1946.


Beginnings of Lewit’s Career in Neurology and Rehabilitation 

After the completion of his studies, Lewit began to pursue the field of neurology, and he joined the neurological clinic of prominent neurology professor Kamil Henner.

There, Lewit focused on spinal and disc disease and became interested in neuroradiology (scanning by X-ray).

As a spinal neurologist, Lewit explored manual manipulation techniques used by chiropractors and holistic practitioners, and began to apply his knowledge in the rehabilitation of patients.

As he grew increasingly adept at using manual techniques for clinical diagnosis, he dismissed the escalating use of technological diagnostic tools, insisting that they were mere complements to diagnosis, and inferior to hands-on clinical examination.

Lewit began to promote the unique treatment methodology of manipulation therapy through lectures and the training of doctors around the globe. Lewit wrote the first textbook of manipulation therapy, Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System, which has since been published in many editions and languages.

The Prague School of Rehabilitation[edit]

In the 1950s, Karel Lewit, along with professors and key neurologists Vaclav Vojta, Vladimir Janda, and Frantisek Vele, established the Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine,

laying the foundations for the 20th century rehabilitation movement. The school’s neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation principles are only recently being embraced globally by athletic trainers and physical therapists for their effectiveness in restoring functional movement and enhancing performance.

The premises of the Prague School are based on the skill of observing total body movement patterns and understanding how they influence the entire kinematic chain. Lewit described the importance of identifying and treating the major mechanical failing in the kinematic chain for a given movement, often located far from the pain site. He understood that overly tonic or overly lax muscles in key areas could affect whole body movement mechanics and cause pain in joints, muscles and nerves farther along the chain. Today, the Prague School model has been further developed by Pavel Kolár with his system of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), based upon three levels of motor organization.

Some attribute the success of the Prague School to its relative isolation during the Cold War, where it was unaffected by innovations in technology and evidence-based approaches to treatment. Western medicine has been slow and reluctant to accept the methods promoted by the Prague School, which deviates dramatically from trends in Western medicine toward greater use of pharmaceuticals, surgical interventions and diagnostic technology.

1968 to 1990

In 1968, the Department of Hygiene of the Medical School nominated Dr. Lewit for a professorship, but his nomination was frozen when the Warsaw Pact went into effect and Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Soviet Union. Due to his anti-Soviet stance,Lewit was forced to leave the Neurology Clinic and found temporary employment at the Research Institute for Rheumatic Diseases, and later with the Railway Workers Clinic in Prague. He became a professor only after the Velvet Revolution in 1990 (waiting 22 years!)
I've only been "frozen" & stabbed in the back by the "Christian" goon squad at the American Physical Therapy Association for 15 years (so far).  I'm so lucky! 
July 2, 2018: Real Estate: Atherton: 329 Walsh Road, 94027, built in 1974, Gj Trust to Edward Cluss for $10,375,000, closed May 24 (last sale: $1,6325,000, 1992).
I held her hand and told her, "I want to buy you a house"; she cried silently, then kissed me again.  The next day she said, "Don't be so serious all the time".
2786 Ohio Avenue, 94061, Redwood City, built in 1951, closed May 18 for $2,560,000 (last sale, $370,000, 1990). 
For my mom?
When will I softly say, "I love you"?
6/29/2018:  In light of noting the complete and total fraud that the formerly scientific journal, the British Medical Journal, has become a voice for corrupt propaganda,
instead of peer-review and balanced thought, I am thinking more and more about the lessons I am learning about life, love, and business
from a premier protege of dance medicine pioneer Elizabeth Larkam, of Stanford University, Balanced Body, Polestar, and St. Francis Spine Insittute in San Francisco.
Maybe the dance angle reminds me, again, of how the Hearst Corporation stood up for strippers rights to not be sexually objectified and harassed, while intentionally 
promoting sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, without apology or debate, for decades, while inviting me into their home to work on William Randolph Hearst III, etc.
Can the bullshit be bigger or brighter, more obnoxious or cruel, sadistic and sedated?
Independence and freedom are more reliable and essential, says the muse, because the sad reality is all your mentors, teachers, and partners, might be lying to you,
stealing from you, preying on your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your trust.
The APTA remains the biggest source of pain and misery in my life, driven by hatred in the name of Jesus.
I was looking at some pictures of the esteemed MD Manual Medizin specialist Karel Lewit, from what I guess is now Czech Republic, and it's sad to see his spine as he aged,
versus BKS Iyengar, or Joseph Pilates.  What happened to Lewit's body?  His knowledge was wondrous, but he neglected to balance his work for others with work on himself. 
I renewed my Planet Granite membership, and I am still putting enormous amounts of time and energy into organizing my files and belongings.
FYI: Anyone who is trying to get in touch with me, I am getting new phone in the next 24 hours or less.  I think I lost all my texts, phone numbers, and data...
It is such a tragedy, what evil the American Physical Therapy Association is obsessed with endearing.  When I read about the journalists being shot in Maryland,
I can only say I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often, they are such sleazebags and lying thieving scum.  Doyle Publishing is worse than,
but watching the BMJ follow that same path leaves me stunned, that there isn't even a vague effort at taking a scientific or medical approach, it's pure propaganda now.
Yoga Journal profited off of leading me up the garden path and stabbing me in the back, as did MPA Media, Hearst, etc.  All I can do is write here, honestly.
I have a lot on my mind, mostly about letting myself fall in love, thinking about taking a more independent path...
I notice that Thomas Myers knows Elizabeth Larkam, and is now starting a new school bridging his Rolfing background with Pilates-influenced teachings...
I can only assume that the American Medical Association, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature, etc. are facing similar pressures as the BMJ,
and buckling to being fountains of flatulence, methane ready to burn.  Yet the APTA is all Catholic, all the time... so absurd, so far from the science they claim to be. 
6/23/2018: Wakey wakey!  So the British Medical Journal published this opinion article by a NZ based professor at Otago
titled "Commentary: Sex work is here to stay and decriminalisation improves safety and social justice", though it seems to only consider the interests of
one party, in a commercial enterprise which clearly effects the entire ecosystem, if not in fact the entire biome. 
In light of my interactions with prominent NZers effecting my story: Stanley Paris, the Physical Therapy guru who screwed over my PT career, Tim Barnett who wrote the PRA2003,
and I've been thinking lately about Donnna Farhi, the yoga teacher, maybe one of the most successful and wealthy yoga teachers in the world.  I trained with her in 2005,
as part of an educational incident I may have alluded to here previously, where Sonoma State University was advertising a Master's Degree in Psychology in Yoga Journal,
which had not been approved or reviewed by anyone at the University and in fact was a money making con set up by my mentor, Eleanor Criswell-Hanna.
When I complained about that, everyone covered uo everything, from SSU to WASC to everyone in between.  Subsequently, and paradoxically, as I recall the LA Catholic Loma Linda University 
claims to be the first graduate program in the USA teaching yogic sciences. 
I recently started what I hope to be a delightful relationship with a Pilates teacher who has had her own string of run-ins with various self-styled gurus of Pilates;
I see the benefit of maintaining the marketable Pilates brand (which went before the Supreme Court of the United States) but I also see her developing her own brand.
I recall writing the University of Otago, I think I wrote their "gay rights" club, in maybe 2014, reaching out again and again and again for help in addresing my dispute with Stanley Paris,
which as we know continues to be covered up, denied, and ignored.
I look forward to writing Dr. Gillian Abel about the global Public Health nightmare being orchestrated and overseen by Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association. 
An IBM executive told me I should in fact write a book, but it will take time to redesign and re-edit a linear story that leads the reader along by the hand... 
I will certainly consider this if I have time, though it's funny of course that I should have an easy friendly publisher in Hearst, and yet Hearst has screwed me over for decades and that is part of the core story... 
Before reading note again my ongoing point that the APTA & Stanley Paris have systematically ignored their own Mission Statement and Code of Conduct for decades, because "some animals are more equal than others"... 
Erica O'Connor has been lying about me and defaming me for ten years... The American Physical Therapy Association has been stabbing me in the back for 15 years, along with the AMTA... I slept well last night anyways.
6/20/2018: I was driving through Palo Alto to Evolution Trainers to see my friend Yoshiko Sakai, the acupuncturist from Japan,
and it was certainly another day of being overwhelmed by Silicon Valley life. 
At Evolution Trainers, I parked next to a brand new Bentley sports car (someday you'll afford a Bugatti! You can use 100 "racing fuel", while knowing that 93 is illegal in CA...
Ah! the hilarious hypocrisy...). 
On my way there, the Northbound Highway 101 was shut down by at least 20 CHP motorcyclists 
escorting who I can only imagine was maybe Angela Merkel, with German flags flying...
I'm just starting to read former EBay CFO Maynard Webb's book on modern entrepreneurship... You'll never believe who told me to read his book...
I think it's funny, actually, that Maynard lives in Los Gatos, where Massage is legally defined as a "sex studio", while prostitution is illegal.  What is a "sex studio"?
You're the one with the degree in Criminal Justice, Mr. Webb, can you answer that one for me?
Leaf blowers are illegal in Los Gatos, but thinly veiled massage=prostitution is okey dokey karaoke!  What would your wife or daughter say to that, Mr. Webb?
The APTA released a "white paper" insisting they care, and have the right answers for the opioid crisis... While refusing to acknowledge my phone calls for 15 years...
Here's a fun one!  I found the diamond necklace I gave Erica O' Connor in a box out of the storage unit the other day; so posting this somehow feels right, poetic... 

Intel Corporation today announced the resignation of Brian Krzanich as CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

The Board has named Chief Financial Officer Robert Swan Interim Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee.

An ongoing investigation by internal and external counsel has confirmed a violation of Intel's non-fraternization policy,

which applies to all managers. Given the expectation that all employees will respect Intel's values and adhere to the company's code of conduct,

the Board has accepted Mr. Krzanich's resignation.

"The Board believes strongly in Intel's strategy and we are confident in Bob Swan's ability to lead the company as we conduct a robust search for our next CEO.

Bob has been instrumental to the development and execution of Intel's strategy, and we know the company will continue to smoothly execute.

We appreciate Brian's many contributions to Intel," said Intel Chairman Andy Bryant.

        Intel expects to deliver a record second quarter, with revenues of approximately $16.9 billion...Brian's total compensation topped $21 million last year... 
6/18/2018: Natasha Zouves, reporter and morning news anchor for KGO-TV in San Francisco, California, still has my Molecular Cell Biology text she "borrowed"
from me when she was still living with her M.D. parents and studying pre-med.  Her Mom is Chinese ethnically, though raised in Canada, and I'm curious how Natasha might 
personally feel, or professionally cover, the story about Harvard discriminating against Asians.  I hope Natasha is aware of my story, the APTA/Hearst 24/7 Cover-up, etc., 
which somehow makes more sense today after I read in more graphic detail about the J. Robert Port (Professor of Investigative Journalism at Columbia via Hearst) spa prostitution bust,
and it's proximity to Eliot Spitzer's corruption and money-laundering cover-up by J. Robert Port...
You know Eliot Spitzer is supposed to BE the POTUS right now, he was supposed to be Obama's VP...? 
6/16/2018: I was thinking of posting the lyrics to the title track to Robert Plant's 2017 album he is touring for now, "Carry Fire", (in my naked hands), set to Turkish Sufi rhythms...
I still am really not that impressed with one of his referenced Massage Therapists, though that Sufi yoga guy in LA seems super interesting, I know I have his name here somewhere 
or about Metallica's similarly phrased charity, but for now, here at this time I think the best thing to do is to post an article my Mom mailed me in 2005.
The Queen of England, as we know, recently "knighted" Catharine Healy, to reward her for her work promoting rape/sexual harassment of Massage Therapists. 
As expected, #metoo says jack shit, and Hollywood is silent, along with the NYT, etc.  NPR simply lies, taking the easy way out.
Anyways, the article my Mom printed out and mailed to me was published Tuesdsay, August 9, 2005 on New Zealand news site"
Clients' sex demands a nightmare for Massage Therapists... advertising puts them at risk...  stopped advertising in newspapers because of abuse...
emotionally damaging...
The Queen of England celebrates rape of Massage Therapists, and maybe you do too?  Nancy Pelosi & Kamala Harris love the corruption, and the money it brings to their coffers...
While the American Physical Therapy Association blacklists the simplest forms of diversity, and anyone discussing these topics, from having a voice or education of any kind. 
Being strangled by the Pope, the politicians, Paris, the Press... "Fresh Air" is Dead Air, a perpetual bullshit parade. 
I may have met a new girl I think I might like, and she might like me, though I don't know whether or how to talk about these things, she works in the outer circles of the Physical Therapy world as well... 
I still don't really feel comfortable with the title of the gay-rights group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
but I found the cv for Gary Gorniak again, knowing he was supposed to be my Program Director for my DPT under Stanley Paris @ St. Augustine,
and it makes me cringe when I read that he lists his work promoting genocide and discrimination against gays with the Catholic Church is listed as, "community service". 
at least reading and understanding these truths about Dr. Gorniak's deep-seated hatred for his fellow earthlings gives the way I have been treated context. 
Why would I expect to be treated with fairness, fidelity, or fraternal friendship by someone who wants to kill me, and a lot of my friends and associates, with the support of his church? 
6/13/2018:  This can't be happening, this is completely impossible, but so true...  I was reading documents pertaining to my relationship with the DPT at the University of St. Augustine,
and I was completely blown away to find that six years after I started writing these snippets and postings at, my faculty advisor, Sharon Fair, PsyD, PT,
authored and published a textbook: Wellness And Physical Therapy (Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine) (2009) Paperback
Guess how long it is?  370 Pages.
Tell me again how I don't exist, that I have never existed, how I'm completely irrelevant, and how my story has made no waves at all... We really should talk, Dr. Fair.
6/12/2018:  I went to the Biochemistry lecture at UC Berkeley last night, and one of my classmates was deaf, so he had a translator, two actually, they trade off to rest. 
One of the sign language interpreters was a male with pierced ears; not just pierced, but with the large skin-stretching hoops.  I'm the freak?
I keep finding ridiculous gems while organizing boxes from my storage unit.  I found a flyer from what was supposed to be my 1st concert, the Toy Dolls, with opening act the Cosmic Spatulas.
Dig That Groove, Baby!
Worse Things Happen at Sea!
Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes!
I've probably said this before elsewhere, and questioned the sensitivity and relevance, but at the time I was 14 & madly in love with Karin Swinney, who later married a UCLA MBA transgender 
and opened the first body piercing studio I think in all of New Mexico, after doing lesbian BDSM porn for Susie Bright, maybe to piss off her evangelical banker Dad, or me (she mailed me these things)
then marrying famous punk rock photographer Edward Colver... We never made it to the Toy Dolls concert, so my actual 1st concert was Siouxsie & the Banshees with Love and Rockets... 
But seriously, folks, I found the absurd and lie-filled album of documents relating to my 2003 dispute with Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association, U of St. Augustine, etc.
It is important to note several points: I am accused of being uneducated, by the people refusing to abide by their own contract and rules, and educate me.
It is falsely stated by Stanley Paris and the University of St. Augustine that, "Mr. Longcor never filed a complaint... never made an effort to resolve his concern."
This lie and many others are given complete confidence and trust by the APTA, while I am thrown under the bus.
Specifically, Stanley Paris wrote me an email June 23, 2003 which clearly states, " are not entitled to a refund."  So who paid off my student loan, and why?
Dr. Paris also states, "You did not follow the grievance procedures...".
And as we all know, the only agenda actually happening here is: Cover up, deny, and ignore. 
Thanks Mom!  Thanks Dr. Paris!  Thanks Dr. Gorniak!  Thanks for the poverty, the knife in the back, and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Lord!
6/11/2018:  I was talking to an IBM executive about Bitcoin today, and now his perspective makes more sense after I read the Forbes article, "IBM will beat Bitcoin"
I think this article and topic create an introspective interlink re: all I have written about here of late, from corruption to organizational structure, to old-school vs. new school. 
I am looking at a threatening letter written to me from the Attorney representing the University of St. Augustine, falsely claiming my "case is closed" and I can only talk to him...
Note that I was advised to to sue him and his employer, and the Association (APTA) by the Dean of Physical Therapy at CUNY Hunter.
I finished reading Client 9, and it seemed to be more about the author cheerleading for the Democratic Party and admonishing Post reporter Fred Dicker than Client 9 in fact.
I may note though, that Eliot Spitzer's happiest time as Governor is said to be his going to see Bruce Springsteen (a man with pierced ears) in concert.
There are several interweaving undercurrent reasons I brought up Tom Araya. 
His lawsuits against identity thieves (Identity Thief of Massage Therapists, Catherine Healy, was Knighted/Damed by the Queen of England... and noone says a word...)
His orthopedic cervical injuries and surgery, and likely significant Physical Therapy, etc. are a huge issue.  He has to know Robert Trujillo, and Chloe, who I know as well.
His relationship with James Hetfield comes to mind, and also his sister's fight with cancer.  His albums being banned in India, I think "God Hates Us All" in particular.
On the current tour, Lamb of God changed it's name to that after being banned from playing the Staples Center in LA; their original name was "Burn the Priest".
My friend who wrote the legal textbook on money laundering might call a certain Supreme court Justice a "rock star", but will she talk about who paid off my student loan?
The University of St. Augustine won't tell me, the American Physical Therapy Association won't tell me, and the bank won't tell me.  Can I sue to find out who did that, & Why?
Although I consider my pierced ears a matter of generational fashion, it is likely that part of this debate's perspective is motivated by anti-transgender emotions,
so it is probably important that I mention here that certain politicians in NY recently proposed the most far-reaching pro-transgender policies so far in the USA.
I can take this a step further here by observing Trump's meeting in Korea, and noting that in shaman rituals in Korea, transgenderism is a frequent practice.
Kim should show up in a dress, that'll throw Trump off beat considerably, I imagine.  I have an organic chemistry/biochemistry review tonight, so cis/trans is on my mind.
Oddly enough, the only person I know who has ever made a living as an PhD Anthropologist works for Facebook, figuring out new tribes, for marketing purposes.
6/7/2018: I found my list of classmates from 2003 at the University of St. Augustine, and I wrote one of them, Hidelisa Manibusan, who is now at UCSF.
I talked about the way I have been abused by the American Physical Therapy Association, and screwed over relentlessly and ruthlessly by so many "mentors". 
I want to take the time here today to recognize three people who I think read this, and inspire me often.
All 3 are women.  All 3 are here in the Silicon Valley.  One is a lawyer with a degree in engineering; her father is an engineering professor, so like Krista Fechner, PhD,
she started learning math at home for fun at a young age.  She did engineering first, then law.  She seems awestruck by how much money people will pay for her advice.
The second source of inspiration for me today is the semi-punk who had no idea what she wanted to do, then met a friend who inspired her, 
so quite by accident, it seems, she became a research physicist at Stanford, technically working in biomedical engineering.  I don't think she knows her father.
The 3rd is another engineer, moving into business.  I hesitate to mention this, but she may have insinuated I have insulted her father, who is an angel investor heavy-hitter,
the kind of guy who would play golf with Larry Ellison or Tim Cook or Mark Zuckerberg- and beat them.  Did I insult her father?  Did I tell the truth about "the internet was made for porn"?
She has a sense of humor and an objective sense of how to triage a situation and make sacrifices.  Her father made more money in the last ten minutes than I will make this year.
My stepfather found his father's dead body after a successful suicide effort, and he was raised in a very complicated family and generation- it's hard for me to understand him.
I managed to walk in circles for hours at Ikea without losing my mind thinking about Amy Pfaffman, but then I found a short letter she wrote to me about picking her up at the airport
when we were living together as "breeders" above the Castro in SF, and I had to stop and take a break.  My heart medication wasn't designed for this level of moodswing.
I keep thinking about buying backstage tickets to meet Tom Araya & Co. during his final tour, after 37 years, and I love Paul Bostaph's video filmed in St. Augustine he posted on youtube...
Unless I start taking a Biochemistry class next week, or really want to take that next LSAT, every day off work for the next month I will be sorting through boxes from the storage unit...
My prize possessions which are so hard to move and take up so much space are all outdated, really- records?  VHS tapes?  books, including huge and heavy books like Black's Law Dictionary?
I have two Olympic signs left that I haven't given away.  I gave one to Steve Vera, my neighbor childhood friend, he owns & one to Kevin Stone, MD... CUL8R
Does the Queen of England, in fact, speak "the Queen's English"? 
Please let me restate here that in 2006 I met in person with MP Tim Barnett of NZ, author of the law Catherine Healy was just honored by Queen Elizabeth for her involvement in.
Will Tim Barnett be so honored by said Queen?  Will I be so recognized by the Queen?  How would that reflect upon Stanley Paris, the NZer who destroyed my PT career?
note that Stanley Paris was a "masseur" for the Team NZ Olympics, before I was born in 1970. 
New Zealand equates "massage" and "spa" with "prostitution", formally, and legally in both the 1978 Massage Parlor Act, and the 2003 Prostitution Reform Act.
By giving "Dame" status to New Zealander Catherine Healy, is it not true that
the Queen of England has in fact given 100% endorsement to Larry Nassar's "massage" methods,
to the rape and harassment of massage clients,
and the rape and sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, both in New Zealand and in all areas prone to recognizing "the Queen's English"? 
Does the Queen of England see the problem she has created here?  I invite the Queen, and other related parties, to formally address this issue as soon as possible.
I invite the Queen of England to kneel before me, to kiss my feet, and cry. 
As long as I am addressing English royalty, I want to take a moment here to recognize Prince Harry's beard, and his recent marriage to a woman of mixed racial heritage.
My stepfather gave me one line of dating advice: "No Blacks", which may be related to the mentality which told me I would be thrown out of the house if I pierced my ears,
and the fact that I have been shunned by him ever since I came out as an aspiring Lawyer/Scientist who fails to see evidence for: life after death, or many supernatural theories.
I finally got my biopsy test results and it says I do not have maxillofacial bone cancer. 
6/6/2018: What would be the perfect way to maybe synthesize and synchronize the fact that yesterday
the Queen of England gave Royal "Dame" status (read that history!) to the prostitute who worked with 
MP Tim Barnett in New Zealand to decriminalise prostitution, along with continuing other themes,
such as criticizing the media at large, the APTA, and even my fact-based analysis re: the body, including circumcision, going way beyond simple massage and bodywork concepts? 
Here you go:
British Journal of Urology International is seeking to appoint the next Editor at the end of 2018.
If you are interested in this role, please email Nicola Quinnen, BJUI Chief Executive, at 
6/3/2018: I am reminded again of the "time flies" saying that Benjamin Franklin placed on the first coins minted for the United States (before the absurd "In God We Trust" was added many years later)
(everyone knows the "Under God" Pledge of Allegiance that "conservatives" love so much was written by a Socialist/Communist, right?  Does America make sense, or even try?)
Anyways, I was thinking about Franz Hoek, who I still believe might be the most famous client I will ever have (sure, James Hetfield is famous, but with Hoek we are talking about the biggest sport on Earth)
Other names have been famous, Hearst, DuPont, the Olympics, top designers of the iPhone... are you famous?  Do you care? ...
Anyways somehow I lost track of Franz Hoek, who to this day gave me the most ridiculous job I have ever been assigned to: "Take my wife and daughter to Disneyland";
so now Franz has coached for: Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, and Manchester United, and maybe now I wonder if he will retire soon, working for a Turkish team and the Dutch National Team.
For some reason Franz once told me that he considers his bloodline to be, not Dutch, but "gypsy"... so working in Turkey makes sense for him, though a big switch after Manchester, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam.
I find it truly difficult to comprehend that the truly professional respect for my talents has come, no, not from the APTA or Stanley Paris, or Hearst/Disney ESPN, or the pricks at AP/BBC, but from Franz Hoek. 
6/3/2018: My friend Jessica, who blew $6K on Active Release Technique certification even before we met and worked together as MT's at the Jewish Community Center,
and is profoundly aware of the various aspects of BS and corruption I have attempted to consider here, has given up trying to have a rational Massage career after 17 yrs
to become a paralegal.  Jess says: Fuck you AMTA, fuck you Google, Democratic Party, fuck you Republican Party, fuck you New York Times, fuck you Fox News, etc.
Eventually we tire of your endless curruption and lies, you see.
I need to offer congratulations to Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell for breaking the El Capitan speed record on the Nose.  I almost met Tommy last year at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale.
I belatedly learned about Hans Florine breaking his legs on the Nose, and maybe I should follow through on a promise I made to him a few years ago about giving him my
red, white and blue Olympic fractional weightlifting plates
since Hans says now that he can't climb for awhile, he wants to make his arms huge. 
6/1/2018: A friend was suggesting I write a book, and it reminded me that I have thought for the last year about the possibility of
using a mixed acronym here for this website and it's future focus, like MASS Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Well, so I'm excited
that by a stroke of luck, I might be getting Michael Hunkapiller's autograph soon, or maybe even meeting him in person.
The WSJ just wrote this article about one of his current projects:
I am still such a neophyte in terms of studying genetics, but I find this interesting and inspiring.   
5/30/2018:  I found a nearly twenty year old check from Michelle DuPont, as in "DuPont", at my storage unit, I guess during a period of disorganization I neglected to cash it.
I'm glad I didn't actually, since my relationship with the DuPont's says a lot about my efforts to face various ethical and professional questions I have attempted to address here. 
Some people say I shouldn't post these facts, but others say it promotes a sense of transparency and honesty to my story here.
I remember talking to Michelle about prostitution=massage questions and related issues, and she seemed coyly aware of it's role throughout her elite circle.
I still think people like Gavin Newsom, the APTA elites, etc. should realize I have made more than one significant point, and my story deserves a fair hearing. 
I was at my storage unit today, moving everything to one location finally, reading Marie Kondo books as inspiration;
but while trying to throw as many things away as possible, to pare down and simplify,
I found my first Deep Tissue and first Prenatal Massage Certificates, both completed in 1994, the same year I got my BA in Psychology, the same year I met Tom Hendrickson,
my ears weren't pierced yet, I was only 23, and Kurt Cobain had recently stuck a shotgun in his mouth and ventilated his posterior cranium... I kept his picture on my wall.
I hadn't yet met Amy Pfaffman, and at that time was still vascillating with Joyce Breckenridge, the girl I got my ears pierced to impress a year or two later. 
I appreciate Professor Thomson's joke about flower (angiosperm) male parts having "style" (you have to study botany to get this)... 
Someone asked me why I was talking about Kellogg's book "Plain Facts", and apparently didn't know that he also wrote "Art of Massage" a textbook still in print & use.
"Plain Facts" gives a better vision into Kellogg's mind, morals, and legacy.  This reminds me I have never read William James "The Varieties of Religious Experience"; I refer to it so often... 
5/28/2018: I would be remiss if I did not note some extraordinary coincidences in regards to recent posts:
The World Golf Hall of Fame and the World Golf Village are both in St. Augustine, and Vijay Singh used to have a house in Ponte Vedra,
so, who knows, maybe Tiger Woods has for some reason stumbled across my story here and thinks I have a worthy story re: St. Augustine...
I have been shopping for furniture at Ikea, and I knew this would happen, because despite the passing years, I am clearly still in love with Amy Pfaffman...
So going to Ikea makes me think of Amy, and therefore I woke up twice last night in the middle of dreaming about Amy, crying... in both dreams she was with another man...
And yes, it is a collusion between Gavin Newsom's desire to promote prostitution as massage, and the simultaneous opposition by the APTA of ordinary student diversity
which destroyed and held back by Massage Therapist success in SF, and my Doctorate PT success in FL, and therefore our love, our marriage, and our family. 
I think Gavin Newsom is an absolutely wicked man, as is Stanley Paris...
Nevertheless, let's say my overpriced storage unit has filled some purpose, since today I found this delightful gem that you & Tiger Woods might get a kick out of:
Dead Point Magazine, June 2012 (The year Adidas bought Five Ten): Chasing Numbers: Constant cam angle in most spring-loaded camming devices (invented by a NASA engineer btw): 13.75
Estimated age of the universe in Billions of years: 13.75
...Limit in inches above the knee of women's shorts in WPGA golf: 6
Limit in inches above the knee in USA Climbing and adult ABS events: 4
Inches of inseam in Verve's best selling women's shorts: 3 
I have often found the topic of Tiger Woods interesting for many reasons, one of which is how most people I know say he is "black", when he is half-Thai
but they never talk about him being Asian at all.  Again, the University of Central Florida Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport clearly believes, 
with it's Director being on ESPN's (80% Disney owned, 20% Hearst owned) payroll, that Tiger Woods is not Asian, because Asians do not exist in America-
there is only Corporate approved Diversity.
Anyways, I'm very interested in the fact that Tiger has come out in support of a dress code change in his world:
"It would be nice to wear shorts. Even with my little chicken legs, I still would like to wear shorts." 
About halfway between the headquarters for Oracle and Apple, maybe 3 miles from the headquarters for Facebook, there is a gigantic statue of a male with pierced ears,
the Lord Buddha, next to the Highway.  The Buddha is sitting, smiling, making a gesture of peace in meditation.  Why do Christians so often choose hate and war?
Where in the Bible does it say, "Hate thy brother"?  Ask around...
Psalm 137:9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks. 
5/26/2018: I regret to say some time has passed since one of my Scottish friends (a male born in the 1970's with pierced ears)

suggested I consult Britain's Dress Act of 1746 in order to further understand that the history of
the intent of the dress code that the APTA, Stanley Paris, etc. is using to kill me and my PT career (and maybe you) is rooted in eccentric abuse of power, not reason:
16. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That from and after the first day of August, one thousand seven hundred and forty seven,
no man or boy, within that part of Great Briton called Scotland, other than shall be employed as officers and soldiers in his Majesty’s forces,
shall on any pretence whatsoever, wear or put on the clothes commonly called Highland Clothes (that is to say) the plaid, philibeg, or little kilt,
trowse, shoulder belts, or any part whatsoever of what peculiarly belongs to the highland garb; and that no TARTAN, or partly-coloured plaid
or stuff shall be used for great coats, or for upper coats; and if any such person shall presume, after the said first day of August,
to wear or put on the aforesaid garments or any part of them, every such person so offending, being convicted thereof by the oath of one
or more credible witness or witnesses before any court of justiciary, or any one or more justices of the peace for the shire or stewartry,
or judge ordinary of the place where such offence shall be committed, shall suffer imprisonment, without bail, during the space of six months,
and no longer; and being convicted for a second offence before a court of justiciary or at the circuits,
shall be liable to be transported to any of his Majesty’s plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for a space of seven years.  
Note that my banishment and blacklisting by the APTA, at 15 years and counting, is now beyond double this midevil torture method from 1746. 
5/25/2018:  I wrote a snail-mail letter to the founder of The Insitute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (also Chair of Sports Management at the Business School)
at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, including copies of my acceptance letter to the DPT at the University of St. Augustine, and last letter
from USA stating "you are not appropriate" from 2013.
This is important and timely since the APTA's convention is in Orlando in a few weeks, and the DPT Chair at UCF, Patrick Pabian, was my classmate at USA in 2003,
when I was told that males with pierced ears were commiting a crime on par with rape or murder, a position the APTA upholds, without debate, to this day.
I noted that the Institute of Diversity at UCF has zero Asians, and several other remarkable inconsistencies...
as well since Dr. Lapchick is on ESPN's payroll, I am sceptical of his ability to question how ESPN's overlords like William Randolph Hearst III continue to abuse me
and lie about me, every single day... 
5/21/2018:  I heard that WalMart has updated it's dress code to allow blue jeans, so now WalMart is only 137 years behind American fashion trends.
I expect soon they will require Management to wear top hats. 
I wanted to briefly clarify and elucidate some comments I have made in regards to the Roman Catholic Order, De La Salle Christian Brothers.
As  this Canadian Medical Association article about Heroin and Hospice makes patently obvious
what Brother Ron was doing in providing heroin to Brothers in severe pain was likely true to his principles and directives;
his closeted gay life, and the closeted gay life of maybe 30% of the Brothers, is another matter, quite beyond my control, or interest really,
other than to again compare and contrast how I have been treated by the American Physical Therapy Association, cult of terror,
versus the far more accomodating and friendly Jewish Community Center and De La Salle Christian Brothers. 
Why is St. Mary's inviting me to apply to their MBA, while the APTA continues to insist that I simply do not exist, I have never existed, & I will never exist?
5/20/2018: Earlier this year when I went to my Aunt's funeral in Georgia, I told my cousin, in an attempt to find common ground and mutual acceptance,
to treat my Atheist silence like he would a Quaker.  I had read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, and recalled how he liked to take naps at Quaker ceremonies.
Which reminds me of my noting that Leaf Blowers are illegal in Silicon Valley's Los Gatos, and other wealthy enclaves run by the Siesta Party: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Nappiness!
Anyways, then I read that actually the Baptist/Puritans in Massachusetts used to hang and torture Quakers (or even people who rented a room to a Quaker, tolerating or befriending them),
so I don't know if that reference brought peace to my cousin or our family... 
5/20/2018:  I have 2 somewhat major points to make here today.  One may significantly change my abilities to conduct the research I have commented upon here for over 10 years.
Google has again "upgraded" it's News page so that it is now impossible, as far as I can tell, for me to conduct successful searches for "real news".  Only fake news is available now.
They did something similar maybe a year ago, but I was able to figure out a way to override Google intentional censorship and interference by severely misspelling words, 
which would lead to an "archive" database where searches could be made by posting date and for specific words.  Now there is no index search option, and you are only given a 
few choices after searching for a word (often here that word is "massage" and it's various spin-off related terms) chosen by Google's "editors".  I will try to find a way to find "real news",
but I cannot honestly recommend anyone, anywhere, since literally every news source I can think of has major biases making it very difficult for an intelligent discerning reader to even try
to search for truth, or vaguely balanced reporting.  
The other point I wanted to make is that in the last two days-two years both Democrat President Jimmy Carter and Republican President Donald Trump has spoken at the Osteopathic Medical School 
commencement at Jerry Falwell's Evangelical Baptist "Liberty" University.  Maybe you don't think this is news, but I am fascinated by this tri-level congruence, this simple truth that Carter=Trump.
I'd also like to add here since it fits perfectly into what I've been observing here for years, a brief quote for Peter Elkind's book, Client 9:
"Chapter 6... In the City of New York, Expensive prostitution rings were one of those open secrets... hidden in plain view, and sometimes not hidden at all. 
New York magazine, the glossy chronicler of the city's upscale lifestyle, had for years filled it's back pages- and bank account- with ads for escort services..." 
5/19/2018:  I am truly amused to read that Stephen King's newest book centers on a "massage parlor" called Cloud 9; Mr. King, if you read this, please note my last phone call was to 
the Osteopathic Medical School in Maine; questions about Biochemistry.
I read recently about the Napa-based "life" movement winning a ruling in CA suspending physician-assisted suicide.
I fell ethically and morally compelled to note that, as far as I know this is still the way things are done;
I worked for 17 years for the largest Roman Catholic monastery in Napa, including for the retired and infirm, and I can assure you that while they may not allow "suicide"
what they will do is this:
The Brother Director will go to Oakland and get heroin for any Brothers who are in serious pain and likely dying of, say, bone cancer.  Heroin.  Addiction is not a concern at this point in life. 
I finished reading that book about Roger Williams.  I didn't know that 3.7% of England's population died in the Civil War leading to Oliver Cromwell's rule, when the House of Lords and the monarchy was banned...
Higher numbers died in Scotland and Ireland. 
5/17/2018:  With remarkably perfect timing, I emailed Michigan State University a question about Biochemistry prerequites, I received my copy of Peter Elkind's book about Eliot Spitzer, "Client 9",
(as Governor of New York he was routinely cheating on his wife with $5000 an hour prostitutes (while enforcing anti-prostitution laws) and posing with Hilary Clinton on the same day,
while aspiring to be President of the United States, remember Eliot?)- this cannot be stated without noting that Israel's Knesset is today looking at banning prostitution employment ads...
and all this happened the same day that Michigan State University was hit with a $500 Million fine, as in: 1/2 Billion Dollars.
for it's supposedly unusual inability to realistically approach the possibility that Osteopathic Physician Larry Nassar was being overly sexual somehow in his treatments. 
This is happening while local Silicon Valley pedophile Sheriff Bolanos is easily cruising towards election with little to no fuss whatsoever, not even a mild debate.  He will make $500K per year, and oversee Google, Apple, and Facebook.
A proper historical understanding of how ridiculous and hypocritical this all is is impossible without noting the ongoing influence of Michigan MD John Harvey Kellogg, who invented the corn flake.
Debates have sprung up recently in mostly Nordic areas: Iceland, Finland, Denmark, questioning the congruence of a Human Rights legal framework which simultaneously says,
"harming children is wrong and should be illegal", while falsely claiming that routing male circumcision is "not harmful", and should be perfectly legal, with really no reasoning whatsoever than "because I said so". 
Michigan's most famous Physician of all time is not Larry Nassar, it is John Harvey Kellogg,
who recommended routing male circumcision as a form of psychological torture to instill a fear of "the sin of Onan"-masturbation.  The famed Kellogg School of Business is named after his brother. 
Dr. Kellogg recommended putting carbolic acid on young girls clitorises to inflict pain and prevent pleasure.
Kellogg's ideas of the 1890's led to the extraordinary fact that although it was virtually nonexistent as a procedure before World War I, it is currently the single most common surgery in America-
with zero scientific reasoning, and zero regard for Human Rights laws.  This procedure was banned by an act of Congress on females in 1996, but Congress is incapable of mentioning it's effect on males-
because it's in the Bible.  Not one of the Presidents sculpted on Mount Rushmore were circumcised.  Zero.
The news today in Michigan still says, "John Harvey Kellogg was a great Doctor", but "Larry Nassar is a Monster".  Larry Nassar loses $500 Million.  Kellogg's makes $50 Billion.  "Crunch the Numbers"...
5/3/2018:  The Global MBA at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA has contacted me about attending their program.
This is extremely significant, and almost impossible to believe.  I contacted them maybe four or five years ago, in a letter in which I mentioned some trivia,
such as the fact that their campus priest, Father Salvatore, is gay, as is the Brother Director at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco;
after I was viciously attacked by Stanley Paris & the American Physical Therapy Association in 2003, and prevented from earning my Doctorate or License due to my ears,
the Roman Catholic De La Salle "Christian Brothers" gave me sanctuary at Mt. Veeder in Napa, where I attended Brother Jerome West's funeral-
there is a building at St. Mary's College named after Brother Jerome West.  So now, after years of silence, St. Mary's is asking me to attend their Global MBA?
What possible meaning might this have, in light of the fact that the APTA remains committed to bigotry, silence, and corruption, in the name of Stanley Paris, instead of health and healing? 
I should consider responding seriously to the Global MBA at St. Mary's College,
but first I want to get back in touch with national rugby team of Scotland and the University of Glasgow... Professor Thomson would be so amused... 
5/2/2018: I thought it couldn't get wierder, then I met a female lawyer from Christchurch, New Zealand with corporate banking law experience in London... we started to chat...
Sometimes I think it is possible that somehow, even though they seem commited to ignoring me and throwing me under the bus, that simultaneously in fact
I actually do in fact have the attention and awareness of the APTA, the New York Times, the Hearst Coprporation, Massage Magazine, and some other significant and influential voices. 
I got another call from China...Who was it?  I don't know.
The APTA today made mention which I thought might allude to recent posts I have made regarding interests in both science and law, which were for some reason
seen as worthy or insults and derogatory comments about having an identity crisis or some sort of mental illness.
Let me remind readers, especially at the APTA, that in fact Ron Scott, author of "mandatory" textbook Foundations of Physical Therapy, is in fact an MSPT/JD (better still an OCS).
I wrote professor Ron Scott in 2003 when this debate began, and like many at the APTA, his only response was to stick his head in the sand and hide,
because he knows he and Stanley Paris & the APTA are dead wrong.  What they are doing to me is unethical, unprofessional, and immoral. 
More generally, the founder of the Royal Academy of Sciences in the UK, Sir Francis Bacon, was in fact a lawyer/scientist who knew the King quite well.
Many want to argue that quite true points I have brought up, recently about George Gascon for example, are somehow inherently "antigay";
when in fact the only gay Prime Minister ever (a lesbian was elected in Iceland a few years ago...)
would likely agree with everything I have said, and certainly agree I deserve to be heard.  The APTA has hung up on me for 15 years, solid.
Perhaps more interesting still is the fact that I was talking to another female attorney about how
I was physically assaulted at Massage Envy by a female coworker a few years ago, and while at the time Massage Envy tried to offer me a hush settlement
I declined and wanted to go to trial, but at the time local attorneys in CA said "you are a male, therefore you have no case" -
this attorney seemed to imply things have changed, and the $250,000 out of court settlement I was first told would be mine (if I was a female) is something 
Massage Envy should be serious about writing a check that size or larger today, since they covered this up for years...
This doesn't come close to what the APTA is doing, every single day, in terms of grander consequences by blocking my Doctorate, but both are similar cases of power, coverup, and corruption. 
Both the APTA and Massage Envy are rock solid in absolutely refusing to tell the truth, absolutely refusing to consider justice or fairness or kindness as an option.
My dentist is from El Salvador, where the prostitutes have a soccer team...
I am almost done with the book about Roger Williams and the Separation of Church & State, and I know that in 1620 I would have had my ears chopped off, my nose split with an axe, and my body left in an open sewer...
in the name of Jesus!  Why?  For writing letters... for asking questions...
5/1/2018:  We could talk about flowers...
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon announced an effort to put $1.4 million dollars into fighting massage parlor sex trafficking, while preparing to ride
in his own personal float, again, in a $3.7 million dollar parade promoting & celebrating massage sex trafficking
The story was announced in the San Francisco Examiner, which owns the SF Weekly, whose main source of income is publishing prostitution ads.
Or we could talk about the "100% Commitment to Diversity" by the American Physical Therapy Association...
Or we could talk about the White Rose Movement during the Nazi rule of Germany, and how various philosophers weren't quite sure how to answer that question...
4/23/2018: FYI: the Law Schools Admissions Council (LSAC) has added a July 23 summer Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) to their very limited schedule of exams.  
Like the "Death in June" June LSAT exam, the July exam will fit the sleep schedule of later risers, beginning at the ever lovely time of 12:30, which I think would make a huge difference for me.
Learning of this opportunity is making me rethink my near future academic adventures.  I need to finish Biology May 15, but that still gives me about 9 weeks to prep to take the afternoon July LSAT-
Don't get me wrong, I still feel happier working in healing, but I think law is a practical reality to also consider.
I drove by Evo Spa in Marin County today, and I would like to offer congratulations to my former colleagues and employer there on their Best Spa award from the local Pacific Sun weekly.
I still feel uncomfortable about the fact that the owner was promoting some very questionable treatments for cancer (as in "total you belong in prison fraud"),
which seemed odd to me since major medical executives and politicians were regulars there
(I know that sounds harsh, so let me clarify, Evo Spa's owner was telling us to sell $2K Crystal Infrared Biomats as a Cure for Cancer- I refused to sell even one I found this directive so wrong...) is also true that I was making a fairly good living at Evo Spa, $44 an hour for deep tissue plus serious tips ($50 an hour was normal) was easy to get used to, living in a houseboat with a view of Mt.Tamalpais-
it saddens me to this day that the owner of Evo Spa unfairly believed Erica O'Connor's lies about me, the claims that I had mistreated Erica;
our affair was an affair, and like many affairs it ended distemperately and woefully for everyone; there would be no Shakespeare or soap operas without them.
I have no apologies and no regrets, really.  Erica taught me that women are extremely dangerous, and as usual I miss Amy Pfaffman and I wish we could talk sometime;
about how Gavin Newsom destroyed our marriage, because he was busy promoting prostitution and organized crime as Massage, which made living in San Francisco complicated.
I heard about the $30.7 Billlion Comcast offer.  Did you?
One of my very impressive lawyer friends wrote a textbook on Money Laundering; I have to ask her, "So what exactly isn't Money Laundering?" 
If I have cancer, I have no fear of death, as I am just another flower in the garden, another star in the sky, another fish in the sea.  Death happens.
I am still seriously considering making an appearance in Florida at the American Physical Therapy Association convention, because the way they have treated me is completely psychotic.
How are both of my parents getting VA healthcare, including from APTA Physical Therapists, while the APTA stabs me in the back every day and says I am unworthy of even comment?
Much less my unconditionally promised Doctorate degree, betrayed at every level...
A friend asked me how I keep getting up after being kicked in the face, and all I can say is that is what martial arts teaches you.
I have utmost appreciation for my youthful study of Renbukai Karate under Sensei Ron Marchini, who I have bowed before so many times.
It is with good reason Sensei Marchini is mentioned in Chuck Norris's autobiography as perhaps his most difficult adversary. 
I am currently studying botany under a Scot, Professor Thomson of Orkney, and I suspect he has a certain awareness of some of my political and philosophical writings.
I have not told him about the time I interviewed Earth First! founder Daryl Cherney (it's on my youtube channel), or the fact that Taft Point at Yosemite is named after one of my distant relatives.
He wants me to write a poem about Fungus evolutionary genetics, so I'm working on that.  Oh, and yes, I am aware of the lawsuit against Stan Lee, and I saw the Venom trailer.
Yes, these subjects are all symbiotically interrelated.  Stan Lee is not the issue here, his fame may bring some sparkle, but the problems I want to talk about are much bigger fish: Doyle Publishing, Hearst, the New York Times, etc. 
William Randolph Hearst knows I am right, and he can't possibly look me in the eye and say otherwise with a straight face.  Will?  Margaret? Where are you?  Riding Arabian horses?
4/22/2018: I am having a hard time getting motivated to write about yet another extremely hypocritical and corrupt posting by the Seattle/Houston/etc. media (Hearst owned PI, how shocking!)
supposedly feigning giving a flying fuck about sex trafficking or Massage Therapists (total bullshit of the year award goes to Cosmo!)
so instead I'll just say I'm thinking more about my life plan since I had a biopsy done and may indeed have cancer-
and no health insurance fuck you very much Barack Obama for making sure that despite the fact that you personally use massage for healthcare,
you made sure to see to it, like Nancy Pelosi, etc. that your brothel industry friends were kept separate and distinct from covering massage as healthcare... prick!
I've been thinking a lot for awhile about the fact that the Stanford Master's Swim Coach Craig Rockhold, 59, took the popular local way out and jumped in front of a Caltrain.
"Popular Pilates instructor, USA Water Polo alumni... worked for Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems..."
I was thinking about showing up at the upcoming American Physical Therapy Association convention in Orlando,
I would especially love to talk to University of Central Florida PT chair Patrick Pabian about hard how he and Stanley Paris are fucking me up the ass, every single day, in the name of Jesus!
A better way to spend my summer: take Biochemistry or "feel pretty" & go to Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (37.73 mile course! most dangerous event in the world with over 200 deaths since 1907!) 
4/7/2018: So the FBI "seized" and raided the owner's house in New Age Spa enclave resort town of Sedona, AZ,
not far from the "Therapy on the Rocks" center of John Barnes PT Myofascial Release...
(looking for prostitution ads?  Just look under "Massage" on Craigslist or in the AT&T Fraud Yellow Pages!)  FOSTA passed so easily because it wasn't supposed to work!  Congress is corrupt, lazy, & stupid!
Let's all meet John and Cindy McCain at the massage parlor to celebrate FOSTA passing!  The entire Pentagon staff is invited, and all of John's veteran buddies too! 
How many brothels are there within 1 mile of Congress?
Last night I had dreams of being back in Law School, since this and being discriminated against by the American Physical Therapy Association, and the efforts by the 
American Massage Therapy Association and more precisely the California Massage Therapy Council, to use massage as a front for promoting prostitution,
were key points of my Law School application essays back in 2010.
I am excited about having ordered John Barry's book about the founding of the State of Rhode Island by Roger Williams, who was expelled from Massachusetts for religious reasons.
I think Roger Williams's case should be mandatory reading for any American, expecially any voting American.
Roger Williams case clearly provides a precedent case for understanding my arguments with the religious fanatics running (ruining) the APTA. 
Maybe more useful still for me personally actually was reading the authro John Barry's bio, and how he went from coaching football, to almost getting an MA in History,
to being a widely read author and expert on a variety of topics, from infectious diseases, to floods, to religious freedom debates leading to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.
So maybe studying Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, and Biological Psychology weren't necessarily "off topic" so much as a launching pad for further projects.I actually should be reading about Bacteria and Biodiversity Hotspots for my next exam...
I'd still like to take Biochemistry this Summer, but I can't shake that dream I had last night about being back in Law School...
I wrote a Disability Lawyer about suing the American Physical Therapy Association, before their next convention in Orlando, Fl in June. 
Why does the APTA spend more time & money promoting discrimination and hurting people, than helping people?   Ask my mother's church (Billy Graham-ites).  Ask the Pope.  They love hating people, these are their priorities.
This is not what Roger Williams was talking about, nor is it what America is supposed to be about. 
3/31/2018:  I do not have time right now to properly address the recent passage by Congress and the Senate of FOSTA/SESTA, and the removal of "Personal" ads by Craigslist,
nor my finally noticing the Reason Magazine article posted a few months ago about Massage, though I continue to note that Reason is not and has never been "Libertarian"-
the Libertarian approach would obviously be to follow the Bill of Rights in a logical and coherent manner, giving 2nd Amendment Rights to prostitutes, instead of perpetually 
only talking about the rights of corporations to make money off of prostitution; ie: Google, AT&T, etc.
Some Islamic Middle Eastern territories, I recall Dubai in particular, are talking about deporting individuals who distribute "Massage Parlor" (prostitution) business cards,
leaving them on Ferrari's, etc.
I am mainly posting today to announce that by some bizarre stroke of luck arranged a meeting with famous disability rights activist Alice Wong, who met with President Obama
via telepresence robot at the White House.  I think Alice Wong will be quite disturbed and perturbed to learn how the American Physical Therapy Association has continuously 
and viciously discriminated against me, because of the relationship between my body and technology

It is also important to note that the Dean of the Michigan State University Osteopathic Medical School is in jail aas I write this, yet Massage Magazine (Chiropractic publisher too!) is insisting that

boundaries should be crossed, intentionally, without consideration or thought of any kind.  Are Massage Magazine's editors and publishers as completely stupid as it seems?  Look at Hearst, etc...

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi

Thank you for contacting Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

We have received your information, and will get back to you shortly. 
777 sent me a "Happy Birthday" note, which gives me something good to think about since I just got back from Atlanta
where I stood over my little half-brother's grave.
I will "Oslo" note that I emailed DNA Norwegian Tania Storm, lead CorePower Yoga Teacher Trainer in Portland, and mentioned how bizarre and incomprehensible
my treatment by the local Chiropractic College (Western States) there has been over the last 2 years. 
Big Gay Power (& the Sex Work Supremacists) hard at work stabbing me in the back again?  Maybe.  While Tim Barnett (and you) looks the other way?  Maybe.
Did you see that silly story about Depeche Mode's Massage Therapist working for the Men's USA Hockey Team at the 2018 Winter Olympics?  WTF?  Are you kidding me? 
Having Ola Grimsby write to me is revolutionary, and central to the story I have tried to offer here, because:
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) was founded in Rochester, Michigan. During the summer of 1991,
at the urging of Norwegian manual therapist, Freddy Kaltenborn, a group of manual therapists met at Oakland University to discuss
common issues facing manual therapy in the United States. This was the first time that leaders of various manual therapy residency programs
had come together under one roof. Recognizing their common interest in advanced manual therapy in the United States they proceeded to form the AAOMPT.
The members, Richard Erhard, PT, DC; Joe Farrell, PT, DPT, MS; Kornelia Kulig, PH.D, PT; Michael D. Rogers, PT, OCS; Bjorn Svendsen, DHSc, PT;
Stanley V. Paris PT, PhD; Ola Grimsby PT; and Michael Moore PT became the Founding Fellows of the AAOMPT. The first officers were:
President, Joe Farrell; Vice President, Richard Erhard; Secretary, Michael Moore;
Treasurer, Ola Grimsby; and Member-at-Large, Stanley Paris.
Note that I have been blacklisted and shunned by the AAOMPT, and prevented from getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy by the AAOMPT and APTA since 2003, because like members of the Norwegian Royal Family, Kings of India and the Maya,
and of course the Buddha, and many esteemed and respectable others, I have pierced ears.
The APTA and Stanley Paris compared my pierced ears to a crime akin to rape or murder, and said I should be expelled on sight, and shunned for life. 
Then Ola Grimsby sends me a Happy Birthday note.
There is also the interesting fact that Norway is kicking ass and taking names at the 2018 Winter Olympics...
Someone asked me why I haven't commented as yet on the Polaris Project report about Massage Parlors in America, I'm sorry but today all it makes me think about is that journalists are mental mercenaries, like the attorneys who Shakespesare suggested should all be killed... I feel like I am drowning in a sea of bullshit, and studying science right now is my ballast, keeping me afloat...
I talked to the founder of Polaris Project, Derek Ellerman, about all this 15 years ago over the phone, about the map of Washington DC brothels he has on his wall...
1/14/2017: I can only watch, helpless and horrified, while MSU & former Team USA doctor Larry Nassar is facing prison for giving sexual massages, while simultaneously the sports and business icon Arnold Schwarzenegger created California Massage Therapy Council continuously and unapologetically uses massage as a front for promoting prostitution massage, run by people whose only concern is promoting sexual contact massage. 
If I sexually harassed Summer Tompkins, tower of power dweller Susie Tomkins Buell would go completely apeshit
and call for my head on a platter.  I would go to prison.  I woud be registered as a sex offender.
...but what happened instead is Summer Tompkins sexually harasssed me during a massage that Susie paid for, at Susie's house, leading to the exact same result- Susie Tomkins Buell and the tower dweller elites went completely apeshit, and want my head on a platter. 
For being the victim of sexual harasssment.  I love you too, Susie.  That knife in my back feels great.
For trying to report it, and trying to tell the truth.  So ; I think it's funny that I also asked for Vail dweller James Hetfield some time ago, but I wrote Shaun White today, asking for his personal interest & intervention in my case. 
My gay black Education Psychology Ph.D./profesor semi Ivy League best friend from 4th grade emailed me. 
He knows I am telling the truth about everything I am saying here.  He knew me when I was 9, he knows I am as smart if not smarter than he is, and we both should have been forwarded to college,
but were held back by the teacher's unions and our parents on the false premise
of needing to be with our "peers" who don't understand or really like either one of us very much.  How was this beneficial, and to whom?
How is any of this possible? 
1/1/2018:  An article just came out about my former massage client Susie Tompkins Buell saying that she gave $500,000 to fund accusations of sexual harassment against acting US President Donald Trump.
After taking a blood pressure lowering pill, I felt I should take the time to post something about this paradox here.  Susie's daughter Summer used to flash her tits at me and moan during massages at her mom's house.  Susie knows everything I am saying here is true, and that everything I am saying and have ever said deserves a just and proper public hearing.
Would Susie support me in filing sexual harassment charges against her daughter?
What did Susie have to say when Al Gore was accused of sexual assault by a Massage Therapist?  Nothing.  Actually, she gave money to Al Gore, and she gave nothing to the woman accusing Al Gore of sexual assault.  Susie was in fact funding the accused sexual harasser in this case.
Please note the extraordinary validity that should be given to what I am saying here: Susie Tompkins Buell called me to give her a massage the day Al Gore lost the Presidential election to George Bush, because she had a headache. 
I might have an opportunity to move to San Mateo soon, in which case I can seriously consider running for office against serial sexual harassment coverup specialist Jackie Speier, or that identical hypocritical lying nutcase
the CAMTC just gave an award to, Jerry Hill (with a 100% LGBTQ+ Voter Approval rating!!!), who was awarded by the CAMTC in fact for promoting sexual harassment and sexual assault of Massage Therapists,
while absolutely everyone in American media and law enforcement
winked and wanked and nodded, and looked the other way.  "Gay sexual assault is good sexual assault" is a motto to live by, isn't it Susie Tomkins Buell?  "Democrat sexual assualt is good sexual assault", right Susie?
What support have you given me Susie Tompkins Buell?  I remember clearly when you gave my friend Nancy $200,000 to open a Pilates studio- I believe it was Nancy who introduced us to each other.
I have to say I am not surprised by this blatant hypocrisy or corruption any more, by Susie, or the media, or the churches, or anyone else, really.
The Winter Olympics starts soon, and that is the New Year I will maybe take more seriously than today, because it reminds me how I met CAMTC director Mark Dixon, who promotes sexual assault of Massage Therapists for a living now,
and has threatened to have me assassinated twice, with the full support of Democrats, Republicans, Christians, and Jews, and everyone in between.
It is unclear to me if Paralympic rock Climbing will be part of the Summer Olympics in Japan in 2020, but I couldn't help but notice that Evolv's prosthetic foot promotional video is 3 Minutes and 7 Seconds:
I can't wait for Susie Tompkins Buell to call me so we can talk about the MassageTherapist allegations of sexual assault against Al Gore, and why the APTA blocked me from getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy,
while Susie & her various puppets ignored everything.  It's business as usual in America!  Would you like to fund me completing my Pre-med classes Susie?  How about my MCAT prep, or my tuition? 
I need Biochemistry, Bio 2, and one lab to be ready to apply to MSUCOM.  With proper funding I could complete these classes by May.  I still like the idea of running for President of the APTA, which needs ethical leadership,
but to be honest right now I'm maybe most inspired by University of Chicago Ph.D. scientist Josiah Zayner, who is experimenting on his own DNA in his garage.  Instead of giving $50K to my dentist, I want my DNA to tell my mouth to grow new teeth.
Please note that the main reasons my teeth are damaged is because: 1) I was mugged in San Francisco, dragged up a flight of stairs by my head, for the $20 bill in my pocket; the muggers threatened to rape and murder me.
When I called the SFPD they literally laughed at me and hung up on me, refusing to take a report or do anything at all.  2) I was struck by a dropped snowboard while skiing in Salt Lake City during my volunteer work there in 2002 at the Olympics.
The stoned snowboarder said, "Sorry dude".  There are all these billboards all over trying to sell the idea that a stoned society will save money on healthcare.  I don't know about that; you might have less fights, but you also have more forgetfulness,
I can't wait to hear from you Susie Tomkins Buell.  Maybe William Randolph Hearst or Robert Mueller, or the APTA will get in touch with me too, while we're at it.  Let's pretend that someone cares.
Someone asked me if I have seen Lady Gaga's personal documentary about her getting massages, etc. as she apparently has fibromyalgia.  I know it exists, but I can't say I've seen it.
Listening to Lady Gaga makes me sad; it reminds me of the death of my younger half-brother, who was a DJ in Atlanta.  
12/8/1017: I want to reiterate that, yes, I am running for President of the American Physical Therapy Association, and I want you to vote for me.  I am 100% commited to reversing the damage Stanley Paris and every President since has done to the profession,
and to healthcare in America and worldwide.  Their bigotry, racism, anti-science, and discriminatory policies and practices are horrible and horrifying.  I am thankful to CUNY Hunter DPT Chair Gary Krasilovsky for suggesting I sue them.
Let's replace these relics with truly better leadership, shall we?  I still can't believe that when I was at the University of St. Augustine the PT Department Chair claimed that "I thank Jesus Christ the Lord for inventing Human Anatomy".  That's a quote.
I read the Wikipedia page about Buzzfeed, so now I know why Buzzfeed is crap- it's a spinoff of the Huffington Post, Politico, and other assorted assholes.  My blood pressure is too high because I read this nonsense;
I should be meditating,
listening to flowers flow in the breeze.
I also read the Wikipedia page on intellectual giftedness which recomended two books I would like to read, 2003's "A Nation Deceived" and it's 2015 update.  It's basic point apparently is to suggest that gifted students skip grades.
I think many teachers don't like this idea because it shows that some students can in fact become quite educated with access to education materials, and teachers would maybe have less power or pay in this type of system. 
I have read many books critiquing the education system; I highly recommend "The Word Police", for example.  "Conspiracy of Ignorance" is another informative and thoughtful read.
In my case, I think my life would have been more productive and effective if I had been allowed to skip Grades 5-12, and gone straight from 4th Grade to College.  I should have earned my BA before I could drive a car,
and my first Master's before I was 18.  I am not being egotistical.  I like to use the analogy of height, or girls developing breasts at a young age.  My brain simply worked at a Master's level for reading, writing, and analyisis when I was 9 years old. 
I should have earned 3 Ph.D.'s before I turned 40, had I been given proper opportunity, awareness, understanding, and support.
I want to thank my current Biology Professor Nidhi Ahuja, Ph.D, a native of India, for offering significant kindness and respect to me as I described these challenges and aspirations to her.
I can only imagine how she felt when I told her about the APTA's policy of comparing women with pierced noses to rapists or murderers, who like me deserve to be expelled on sight and shunned for life.
I was telling one of my friends about my past relationships with the DuPont family, and the Hearst's, Google-related people, and I bagan to wonder what the current monetary value of this website is?  Isn't James Hetfield worth $200Million now?
My roommate Ben Harding beat James Hetfield up in the 80's, drunk at a party. 
I want Hope Solo's vote for me, as I am offering her my vote as well to be President of US Soccer.  We need serious progress, and when I say this I do not mean the socialist distortion of the word, "progressive". 
I want Michael Jordan's vote.
I want Sean White's vote.
I want Team USA to support me, completely, 100%.
BTW, having Nancy Pelosi accuse Al Franken of Sexual Harassment and ask him to resign is the pot calling the kettle black.  How is Nancy Pelosi so pure?  I have thought for years my book about San Francisco would be called "A Toilet with Two Bridges". 
Nancy Pelosi should resign.
When is Jackie Speier going to talk about the sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, in her district, while she winks and nods and takes her piece of the cash?  What a hypocrite! 
I want to breifly mention that the easiest way for Justice Sotomayer and others to understand that a wedding cake is not food, and is in fact a ritual totem, should look to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, you can read the book or see the movie.
There is a famous scene about a wedding cake saved for decades by a jilted Bride-To -Be.  People take pictures of wedding cakes and frame them.  You don't do that with any other "food".

12/6/2017:  I have announced that I am running as a write-in candidate for President of the American Physical Therapy Association, with elections in Summer 2018; they need to modernize and secularize!
the irony being the APTA has not allowed me to become educated or Licensed because I have pierced ears.  The APTA has a policy of "Fuck you America!"
On a similar note, I told my Mom and my very religious cousin in Georgia, Jeff Goodwin, that I want to be written out of their wills,
and everything should be donated to Atheist Ireland, the most important organization for promoting peace there.
I have been asked to weigh in on several topics: Gay Wedding cakes before the Supreme Court, Sexual Assault at Massage Envy, and gays using public restrooms for sex,
Fox News/WND/John Stossel promoting legal prostitution, and the question of whether I have Asberger's.
Gay Wedding cakes: I agree with both sides of this argument, and think justice Kennedy's question about making a sign to put in your window makes sense.  A Wedding cake is not "food".  It is a ritual totem.
Massage Envy sexual assault: The problem with Massage Envy is it's owners and management, it's Board, and being owned by Roark Capital, which really doesn't care about it's customers or employees.  It's about profit only.
The bigger problem is the bullshit media, which only talks about male Therapists "attacking" female clients.
How often are Massage Envy Therapists attacked, propositioned, sexually harasssed, by clients?  I would easily venture to say that number is over 200,000 incidents since ME started business.
Does the media care?  No, because it makes money promoting sexual harassment of Massage Therapists, like the AMTA, Massage Magazine, etc.
If Massage Therapy was recognized as healthcare, I could bill indurance, and could easily apply to a Physician Assisstant program with over 28,000 hours of clinical experience/patient contact hours.
Republicans and Democrats say "No!"- they want prostitution, and lots of it, without having to admit it or take responsibility for anything, ever.  Like the APTA.  The APTA owes me about $2million, and apology, and an education. 
Gays using public restrooms for sex:  Some gays are suing the City of San Jose about somehow saying they have a right to have sex in public restrooms, and someone even challenged me to a face-to-face debate about this right applying to highway rest stops.
I think when commuters have been driving for hours drinking coffee and soda, when they stop to use a restroom, they want to use it for it's purpose.  You want to hsave sex, find somewhere better.
Many gay bars in fact completely remove the doors to their bathrooms.  Why?  Because they make money selling people beer, who then need to use the restroom for it's actual purpose. 
John Stossel's story promoting prostitution, like the Massage Envy sexual assault story, aren't even news, since it's over a decade old, just they've been covering it up instead of covering it.  Why didn't Stossel explain why "sex work" is a "better" term?
He doesn't have a rational argument.  Furthermore, as usual, REASON magazine pushing this is not Libertarian.  The true Libertarian position should focus on gun rights for everyone, including prostitutes, and their clients.  That's Libertarian.
Asberger's: No, I do not have Asberger's.  I am intellectually gifted.  There is a rather significant difference. 
Fuck Massage Magazine, & Fuck the American Physical Therapy Association.  America deserves better. 
11/11/2017: I was talking to a female U.S. Attorney earlier today, and I thought about mentioning to her that I know Bob Mueller, Gavin Newsom (let's say Gavin knows me), and others who might have a hard time answering
her specific questions about why actual Massage Therapy is not covered by Health Insurance in California.  I would love to see her take that up, as well as the various issues I have brought up here for 15 years.
Why is the American Physical Therapy Association commited to destroying my career, basically killing me, my mind, and my message, and covering it up? 
Why has the American Massage Therapy Association threatened to have me assassinated, twice?.
On a related note, one of my female friends apparently is getting an Assistant Professor assignment at Stanford University.  Congratulations!  She's taking a huge pay cut to take that job, but it's a good investment for her.
I think both might have interest in asking why and how uneducated fraud Maxine Doogan came to have such a strong influence over Massage regulations in California. 
Republican Catholic Arnold Schwarzenegger knows why and how because he helped her do it. 
The supposed recent posting by the FSMTB and Massage Magazine claiming to address these issues is empty handed and hollow-hearted.. 
Follow the money...
(at my alma mater, Sonoma State, where I studied Sports Medicine, Psychology, & helped teach Anatomy, I also co-founded the Outdoor Adventure Club and the Environmental Activism Club
lI should add here that it was during my environmental activism heyday at SSU that I met the now much more famous "Pope with earrings" of the Lakota Tribe,
Arvol Looking Horse, who was central to the recent "Standing Rock" protests, note again here the ongoing conflict between the Princess Francis fashion-style, and the Arvol Looking Horse style
and the obvious fact that the American Physical Therapy Association is unethically and illegally preventing me from getting my Doctorate because they are more focused on being religious bigots than being healing arts professionals)

As usual, the wink and wank from Stanley Paris and the American Physical Therapy Association, because they're so Professional... so Christian! 
Please note again as I believe I have already stated elsewhere that several years ago when I contacted Maxine Doogan,
she explicitly insulted me, threatened me, and told me, "THIS IS THE DEAL!" Massage Therapy is run by prostitutes, for prostitutes. 
My voice and my opinion, and that of actual Massage consumers, is irrelevant, silenced, censored, and shunned. 
This policy couldn't be more blatant or obnoxious than when being paraded by a State-funded, taxpayer subsidized University Nursing Department. 


9/16/17:  Several significant and profound incidents have occured since my last post.  

Los Angeles banned Christopher Columbus Day, an incident celebrated at City Hall by males with pierced ears, and others but that detail matters here, because Columbus slaughtered and enslaved males with pierced ears and made his dress code the Law.  I am perpelxed by claims this offends Italians, since Columbus was not Italian, and Italy did not exist during his lifetime.  read about THE PEACE OF LODI.  Columbus was a mercenary.

In light of my recent posts, former 6th grade teacher Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) might make a lot of money charging people $50K to meet him, and

Adam Ondra made 9/3/17 famous, as well as pollitely giving thanks to his new Osteo/Physio...

I have been thinking quite a bit about when I started studying Honors Biology as a Freshman at Lodi High School, and how while

my teacher could not bring himself to teach the core them of Biology, Evolution, because that's too controversial,

he decided instead it was perfectly normal to spend days showing Honors Biology students the propaganda film Silent Scream, and lecturing about the horrors of abortion.  

And people wonder why I dropped out of science for so long...

I am further reminded of the fact that the female Massage Envy co-worker who stalked and assaulted me while Massage Envy turned a blind eye, over and over, does not believe in dinosaurs, because they are not in the Bible.

She does beleive that we are married, despite the fact that we have never dated, and she is married to someone else. 

I think all Massage Therapists, and/or Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, etc. influenced by Ida Rolf should think about my friends who can't get raises or promotions at Stanford University, because they are women,

or wonder why the APTA won't give me my Doctorate, because of my ears.  Look at Ida Rolf.  Why would a Ph.D. in Biochemistry be doing wacky yoga/massage philosophy?  Ida Rolf couldn't get a real job in her field, as a woman.

I just think people should be treated fairly.  My female science friends should be offered the promotions and raises they deserve by Stanford University.  I should be offered the promotions and raises I deserve as well.

 APTA is silent as usual.  Instead of studying Rolfing, I'm going deeper into the concepts behind Ida Rolf's psychology and methods by studying Biochemistry and cellular physics, at the moment.  I don't think my Stanford science frineds know I have the Human Genome Project poster published by Science, or that the first thing I did after my dispute with the APTA began was A) read a book about John Adams and B) read a book about molelular cell biology. 


8/10/2017:  Two profound (to me) incidents occurred recently leading me to hopefully find a way to return to deep scientific scholastic study asap. 

I watched a youtube review of 12-year old Tye Trujillo (famous for being Robert Trujillo of Metallica's son) playing bass while touring with Korn,

and noticed how much Tye looks like his mom, Chloe.  Robert is now worth over $20 Million.  When I met Robert and Chloe (and James Hetfield, etc.) his son Tye was 4 years old,

giving the ridiculous delays and bullshit I've been fed by the APTA for 12 years more fire than ever.  Someone should sue the APTA.

That and a painful conversation with a Genentech scientist who left Stanford due to their sexist refusal

to giver her a bonus or a raise (I know a lot of female scientists from Stanford being screwed over by senior faculty on a regular basis, as a matter of policy)

made me remember in again vicious and horrific detail how I had a subscription to Science when they published the Human Genome, and in 2014 when I was

trying to go back to school studying science with the specific intent of getting a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State, alas! woe!

A female co-worker at Massage Envy stalked me, sexually assaulted me, destroyed my motorcycle, and the police, the judge, and my lawyer said:

"If you were a girl you would get $250,000 in less than 90 days from Massage Envy for negligence and conspiracy to create a hostile work environment,

but you're a boy, and sexually assaulting boys is OK in California.  No-one cares.  Juries don't care.  Politicians don't care.  It is not an issue or concern.  Go away."

So anyways, while I am still excited to have the time and money and hopefully friends and supporters willing to bolster my application to the DPT in NYC at Hunter,

I might instead simultaneously go back and at least finish that one biology class that was interrupted by the crazy lady trying to kill me.

The whole process of applying to grad schools is so often so absurd.  I need only 2 biology classes to apply to full Medical School, but for the inferior DPT I need

another math class, I have to retake 4 science classes in Chemistry & Physics, and more!  Some still say I should just give up and do something else, Chiropractic... Why?

Then again there is rent.  A studio apartment that needs to be torn down on the Silicon Valley Peninsula will set you back $2K a month.  I can buy a mansion in Iowa for that. 



7/13/2017:  I watched a motorcyclist die last Sunday; he was tailgating and took a header off the car in front of him during a 3-car pile-up, pretty typical Silicon Valley accident.

I was at the Ironworks Touchstone (indoor rock climbing) gym in Berkeley today and both Beth Rodden and Alex Honnold were there; Alex was being incognito since he's a bit of a celebrity now,

but I think he remembered me and maybe my letter to John Long at Rock & Ice and a card I sent to to Hans Florine somehow made it to Alex, he smiled at me several times.

I let Alex be, but enjoyed watching his workout style, still very endurance focussed, but definitely increasing his finger strength is an obvious and clear goal.

He did a hangboard session the same day he "freed" El Capitan.

I think these stories are all related, since in many of my letters to Physical Therapy Schools recently, I talked about German climbing coach/author Ludwig Dicki Korb's nose piercing as being fashionable yet irrelevant. 

So I wrote approximately 111 Professors at Physical Therapy Schools around America, and maybe two things happened.  I am 99% positive I have a meeting coming up at Hunter College at City University of New York;

I think the campus atmosphere and intellectual environment at Hunter College CUNY and it's Doctor of Physical Therapy program are likely to be quite sympathetic and warmly welcoming to me, despite my ears.

However, the other main result of my letter writing campaign is this: Just like the APTA has deleted all of my efforts to communicate with them for 14 years,

Wikipedia has appeased the ivory tower and deleted the very useful page listing all Physical Therapy Schools in America.  It's gone!

Also, I need to point out that TWO of my former classmates from the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Stanley Paris's University of St. Augustine are now

Department Chairs, Dr. Creelman at Idaho State, and better still Patrick Pabian at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, who was two years behind me, so I should be his senior mentor!

Let me know when the American Physical Therapy Association starts caring about public health, students, or ethics. 

List of physical therapy schools in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All accredited and developing Physical Therapy Schools offer the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree. Some institutions offer joint degrees, post doctoral residencies and fellowships as well as PTA programs.

Current Physical Therapy Schools[edit]

City, StateSchoolDegree, Post Doctoral Residency and/or FellowshipWebsiteTwitter
Alabama, MontgomeryAlabama State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Alabama, BirminghamThe University of Alabama at BirminghamDoctor of Physical Therapy
Alabama, MobileUniversity of South AlabamaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, State UniversityArkansas State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, SearcyHarding UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arkansas, ConwayUniversity of Central ArkansasDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, MesaA.T. Still University of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, GoodyearFranklin Pierce UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, FlagstaffNorthern Arizona UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, GlendaleMidwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Arizona, PhoenixNorthern Arizona UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, AzusaAzusa Pacific UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, FresnoCalifornia State University, FresnoDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long BeachDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, NorthridgeCalifornia State University, NorthridgeDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, SacramentoCalifornia State University, SacramentoDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, OrangeChapman UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Loma hi LindaLoma Linda UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Los AngelesMount St Mary's CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, OaklandSamuel Merritt UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, San FranciscoUniversity of California, San Francisco - San Francisco State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, Los AngelesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT-MPH, Neurologic Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Sports Residency
California, San MarcosUniversity of St. Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, StocktonUniversity of the PacificDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, PomonaWestern University of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
California, San DiegoSan Diego State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Colorado, DenverRegis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Colorado, AuroraUniversity of Colorado DenverDoctor of Physical Therapy, Pediatric Residency Program
Connecticut, HamdenQuinnipiac UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, FairfieldSacred Heart UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, StorrsUniversity of ConnecticutDoctor of Physical Therapy
Connecticut, West HartfordUniversity of HartfordDoctor of Physical Therapy
District of ColumbiaHoward UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
District of ColumbiaThe George Washington UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Delaware, NewarkUniversity of DelawareDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, TallahasseeFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Fort MyersFlorida gulf Coast UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, MiamiFlorida International UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Fort LauderdaleNova Southeastern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, OrlandoUniversity of Central FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, GainesvilleUniversity of FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, Coral GablesUniversity of MiamiDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, JacksonvilleUniversity of North FloridaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Florida, TampaUniversity of South FloridaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT-MPH
Florida, Saint AugustineUniversity of St Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Georgia, SavannahArmstrong State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaEmory UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/MBADPT-MPH, Orthopedic Residency Program
Georgia, AugustaGeorgia Health Sciences UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaGeorgia State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, DahlonegaNorth Georgia College and State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia, AtlantaMercer UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency
Iowa, DubuqueClarke UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Iowa, Des MoinesDes Moines University - Osteopathic Medical CenterDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT-MPHD.P.T./MHA
Iowa, DavenportSt Ambrose UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency
Iowa, Iowa CityThe University of IowaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Idaho, PocatelloIdaho State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, PeoriaBradley UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Illinois, University ParkGovernors State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, Downers GroveMidwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Illinois, DekalbNorthern Illinois UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Illinois, ChicagoNorthwestern UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Illinois, North ChicagoRosalind Franklin University of Medicine and ScienceDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Fellowship Program in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Illinois, ChicagoThe University of Illinois at ChicagoDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Indiana, IndianapolisIndiana UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Indiana, EvansvilleUniversity of EvansvilleDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency Program
Indiana, IndianapolisUniversity of IndianapolisDoctor of Physical Therapy
Indiana, Terre HauteIndiana State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kansas, Kansas CityUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT/PhD
Kansas, WichitaWichita State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kansas, LeavenworthUniversity of Saint MaryDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kentucky, LouisvilleBellarmine UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Kentucky, LexingtonUniversity of KentuckyDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDTransition D.P.T.
Kentucky, Bowling GreenWestern Kentucky UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Louisiana, New OrleansLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New OrleansDoctor of Physical Therapy
Louisiana, ShreveportLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center in ShreveportDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Wound Management Residency
Massachusetts, SpringfieldAmerican International CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Massachusetts, BostonBoston UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.,
Massachusetts, BostonMGH Institute of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Orthopaedic Residency
Massachusetts, BostonNortheastern UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Massachusetts, BostonSimmons CollegeDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Massachusetts, SpringfieldSpringfield CollegeDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.DPT/ATC,
Massachusetts, LowellUniversity of Massachusetts LowellDoctor of Physical Therapy
Massachusetts, WorcesterMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Maryland, BaltimoreUniversity of Maryland - BaltimoreDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD
Maryland, Princess AnneUniversity of Maryland - Eastern ShoreDoctor of Physical Therapy
Maine, BangorHusson UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Maine, PortlandUniversity of New EnglandDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Michigan, Berrien SpringsAndrews UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., DPT/DScPT, Orthopeadic Residency
Michigan, Mt PleasantCentral Michigan UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Michigan, Grand RapidsGrand Valley State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Michigan, RochesterOakland UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., Orthopaedic Residency, Neurological Residency, Pediatric Residency, Oncology Residency
Michigan, Ann ArborUniversity of MichiganDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T., CardioPulmonary Residency, Geriatric Residency, Neurology Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Pediatric Residency
Michigan, DetroitWayne State universityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Minnesota, DuluthCollege of St ScholasticaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T.
Minnesota, RochesterMayo School of Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Minnesota, MinneapolisSt Catherine universityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Minnesota, MinneapolisUniversity of MinnesotaDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDDPT/MS, Geriatric Residency
Missouri, St LouisMaryville University of Saint LouisDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, SpringfieldMissouri State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition D.P.T
Missouri, Kansas CityRockhurst UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, St louisSaint Louis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, BolivarSouthwest Baptist UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, ColumbiaUniversity of MissouriDoctor of Physical Therapy
Missouri, St LouisWashington University in St LouisDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhD, Women's Health Residency, Movement Science Fellowship, Diagnosis and Management of Movement Impairment Syndromes Fellowship
Mississippi, JacksonUniversity of Mississippi at the Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT, Neurology Residency, Sports Physical Therapy Residency
Montana, MissoulaUniversity of Montana - MissoulaDoctor of Physical TherapyTransition DPT, Sports Residency
Nebraska, OmahaCreighton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopeadic Residency, Pediatric Residency, Geriatric Residency
New Hampshire, ManchesterFranklin Pierce UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, StratfordRutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Graduate School Camden and School of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, South OrangeSeton Hall UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, GallowayStockton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Jersey, NewarkUniversity of Medicine & Dentistry of New JerseyDoctor of Physical Therapy
New Mexico, AlbuquerqueUniversity of New MexicoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Nevada, Las VegasUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasDoctor of Physical Therapy
Nevada, HendersonTouro University NevadaDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, PotsdamClarkson UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Staten IslandCollege of Staten Island - The Graduate Center (CUNY)Doctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New YorkColumbia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BuffaloD'Youville CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, AmherstDaemen CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, OrangeburgDominican College of BlauveltDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New yorkHunter College - The Graduate Center (CUNY)Doctor of Physical Therapy
New York, IthacaIthaca CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BrooklynLong Island University - Brooklyn CampusDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Dobbs FerryMercy CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, RochesterNazareth College of RochesterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Old WestburyNew York Institute of TechnologyDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, ValhallaNew York Medical CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, New YorkNew York UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, BrooklynState University of New York Downstate Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New york, SyracuseState University of New York Upstate Medical CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Stony BrookStony Brook UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, TroyThe Sage CollegesDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, Bay ShoreTouro CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency
New York, BuffaloUniversity at Buffalo, State University of New YorkDoctor of Physical Therapy
New York, UticaUtica CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, DurhamDuke UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Cardiopulmonary Residency, Women's Health Residency, Pediatric Residency, Sports Physical Therapy Residency, Fellowship in Sports Medicine, Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
North Carolina, GreenvilleEast Carolina UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, ElonElon UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, Chapel HillThe University of North Carolina at Chapel HillDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT, DPT/PhD, Pediatric Residency
North Carolina, CullowheeWestern Carolina UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, Winston-SalemWinston-Salem State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Carolina, High pointHigh Point UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Dakota, BismarckUniversity of MaryDoctor of Physical Therapy
North Dakota, Grand ForksUniversity of North DakotaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, ClevelandCleveland State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, CincinnatiCollege of Mount St JosephDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, AthensOhio UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency
Ohio, ColumbusThe Ohio State UniversityDoctor of Physical TherapyDPT/PhDDPT/MS, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Pediatric Residency, Neurologic Residency, Geriatric Residency
Ohio, FindlayThe University of FindlayDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, CincinnatiUniversity of CincinnatiDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, DaytonUniversity of DaytonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, ToledoUniversity of ToledoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, North CantonWalsh UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Ohio, YoungstownYoungstown State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Oklahoma, LangstonLangston UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Oklahoma, Oklahoma CityUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Oregon, HillsboroPacific UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Oregon, NewbergGeorge Fox UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, GlensideArcadia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghChatham UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaDrexel UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghDuquesne UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ErieGannon UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, AnnvilleLebanon Valley CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, DallasMisericordia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, AstonNeumann UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, LorettoSaint Francis UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency
Pennsylvania, Slippery RockSlippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaTemple UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD, Orthopeadic Residency
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaThomas Jefferson UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PittsburghUniversity of PittsburghDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency, Women's Health Residency
Pennsylvania, ScrantonUniversity of ScrantonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, PhiladelphiaUniversity of the SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ReadingAlvernia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Pennsylvania, ChesterWidener UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Puerto Rico, San JuanUniversity of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences CampusDoctor of Physical Therapy
Rhode Island, KingstonUniversity of Rhode IslandDoctor of Physical Therapy
South Carolina, CharlestonMedical University of South Carolina[[Doctor of Physical Therapy Neurological Physical Therapy Residency, Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency, PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science[1]]]
South Carolina, ColumbiaUniversity of South Carolina - ColumbiaDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD
South Dakota, VermillionUniversity of South DakotaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, NashvilleBelmont UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, Johnson CityEast Tennessee State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, NashvilleTennessee State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, ChattanoogaThe University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, MemphisThe University of Tennessee Health Science CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Tennessee, KnoxvilleSouth CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San AngeloAngelo State UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, AbileneHardin-Simmons UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San MarcosTexas State University-San MarcosDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, LubbockTexas Tech University Health Sciences CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD/ScD
Texas, HoustonTexas Woman's UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/PhD, Neurologic Residency, Woman's Health Residency, Transition DPT
Texas, San AntonioThe University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioDoctor of Physical Therapy, Transition DPT
Texas, GalvestonThe University of Texas Medical Branch at GalvestonDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency, Transition DPT
Texas, AustinUniversity of St Augustine for Health SciencesDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, El PasoUniversity of Texas at El PasoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, DallasUniversity of Texas SouthWestern Medical Center at DallasDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency, Prosthetics-Orthotics Residency, Orthopaedic Residency
Texas, Fort Sam HoustonUS Army-Baylor UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency, Manual Therapy Fellowship
Texas, Fort WorthUniversity of North Texas Health Science CenterDoctor of Physical Therapy
Texas, San AntonioUniversity of the Incarnate WordDoctor of Physical Therapy
Utah, Salt Lake CityUniversity of UtahDoctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Residency, Neurologic Residency
Utah, ProvoRocky Mountain University of Health ProfessionsDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, HamptonHampton UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, ArlingtonMarymount UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, NorfolkOld Dominion UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, WinchesterShenandoah UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, DPT/MSAT
Virginia, RichmondVirginia Commonwealth UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, LynchburgLynchburg CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, RadfordRadford UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Virginia, EmoryEmory & Henry CollegeDoctor of Physical Therapy
Vermont, BurlingtonUniversity of VermontDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, SpokaneEastern Washington UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, TacomaUniversity of Puget SoundDoctor of Physical Therapy
Washington, SeattleUniversity of WashingtonDoctor of Physical Therapy Neurologic Residency
Wisconsin, WaukeshaCarroll UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MequonConcordia University WisconsinDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MilwaukeeMarquette UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy, Neurologic Residency
Wisconsin, LaCrosseUniversity of Wisconsin-LaCrosseDoctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Residency
Wisconsin, MadisonUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonDoctor of Physical Therapy
Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDoctor of Physical Therapy
West Virginia, MorgantownWest Virginia UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy
West Virginia, WheelingWheeling Jesuit UniversityDoctor of Physical Therapy




 **Two important updates: My old San Francisco client, former Federal Prosecutor, former FBI-Director, Robert Mueller is back in the center ring of the circus, having been asked to investigate "the Trump Russia thing".

I wonder if Bob has a perspective on the things I am writing about.  I know he is an evangelical Christian Republican, but he's also clearly a "get the job done" Marine, and I tend to think he would sympathize my case,

perhaps moreso because I know Bob and his wife personally, but my case obviously has merit, and you know it.  The APTA knows it, which is why they are covering it up.

When I met Bob in San Francisco, he was referred to me by the ultra-wealthy Evangelical Christians that live across the street from Senator Diane Feinstein on Presidio Terrace.

I think Bob would see my 2nd point here today as further infuriating as I do: While I was writing every Physical Therapy Dept. in America (200 to go!),

I discovered that my former classmate Bob Creelman is now Chair of the Physical Therapy Dept. at Idaho State University.  

We were on campus together at Stanley Paris's University of St. Augustine in FL in 2003, both enrolled in the Doctorate degree.  So now I've been shunned for 14 years, and he's a Dept. Chair.

He has a "cop moustache"; I have pierced ears.  I grew one of those a few times, and I have to admit it's amazing, like something out of a Eddie Murphy comedy, all the cops and firefighters see it as a code, and wave at you.

I'm "white", of course, which probably helps pull that off.  

Seeking balance, I started by writing every PT Dept in Alabama, who may not support me, then I wrote the University of Vermont, who I imagine may be more likely to vote for me.


Dear Whom It May Please Concern at the University of Alabama at Birmingham,

I am writing to you today after literally fourteen years of being discriminated against by the APTA, and prevented from getting my APTA promised Doctorate in Physical Therapy to ask for your immediate, serious, scientific and academic concern, interest, and vote of support on my behalf as soon as possible, please. I have no further realistic options in American Physical Therapy other than to write every PT-degree offering University in America to explain what the APTA is doing to me, and ask why. Writing you is special, because I originally wanted to become a PT so I could marry a debutante from Birmingham, AL, Amy Pfaffman. Amy wanted me to become a PT. I tried.

After running a University Anatomy lab, working for the International Olympic Committee, working in a Physical Therapy rehab hospital, and working for US Ski Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Kevin Stone, M.D., I applied to and was unconditionally accepted to the DPT program at FAPTA founded and owned University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Florida. Note that founder Stanley Paris was President of the APTA, and founder of the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, as well as co-founder of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

After moving to Florida from the San Francisco Bay Area in May 2003 and buying a condominium near campus, on the 3rd Day of school I was informed that, because my ears were pierced, I should be compared to a rapist, and deserved to be expelled on sight, and shunned for life. This position has been backed over and over by the APTA, CAPTE, and specifically by Wanda Nitsch of the APTA Education Board. My grades in Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry are irrelevant?

This and everything the APTA has done to me since 2003 violates the APTA Mission Statement, and it's Code of Professional Conduct. My ears don't have anything to do with anything related to Physical Therapy, science, or academics. I am not transgender, or gay, though these things are also irrelevant. My ears are pierced because I am a product of my generation & culture. Look around you. I look like David Beckham, the highest paid professional athlete in the world.

In 2013 the APTA made my Birthday, October 5, “Diversity Day” while discriminating against me for a full decade, with complete contempt and disregard for the APTA/CAPTE's own Mission & Ethics.

I should be a APTA Physical Therapy Fellow by now, and a full professor, with over a decade of experience. Instead I have nothing but the APTA's hypocrisy and lies, and a knife in my back.

Do you have the power or ethics to explain why I don't have my DPT, or reach out to me today, stand up for me, and see to it that the APTA/CAPTE follows it's own rules, and gives me my proper, appropriate, deserved respect, License, Degree, and Authority? How about doing that right now, today? You won't let me study/practice Sports Medicine because I look like a professional athlete?

The APTA has prevented me from treating over 10,000 patients. Why? I have been prevented from having a promised heath-care career and providing for my self and my family. Why?

Is it religion? Buddha had pierced ears. Jesus did not. Noone told me studying science was actually a beauty contest based on religious costumes.

I sincerely Thank You,

Brian Keith Goodwin Longcor 

... ... ... ... 

San Francisco Ballet's Massage Therapist, Jeff Cohen, sent me an email. 

...   ...   ... 

4/25/2017: After some time away, perhaps inspired by recently reading Dave Barry's incisive analysis of Florida, "Best. State. Ever.",

I am trying to write a piece for the AAAS / American Association for the Advancement of Science's "Science and Human Rights Student Essay 2017 " competition.

I am very curious how this might actually play out, since it really boils down to being a criminal indictment of the systematic corruption, racism, and idolatry

within the Science establishment (of course centering on my experience with the American Physical Therapy Association,

which has blocked me from getting my Doctorate since 2003, because my ears are pierced...),

preventing education or science from even waking up & getting out of bed...

I brought up Congresswoman Jackie Speir's tiff with Science over their headless transgender prostitutes cover some years ago as essential evidence of inherent power-based conflicts and was forced to speculate that Science would not be scientific when it came to reading my essay with an open-mind, since the rules here are clear, ""cover-up, deny, and ignore, In the Name of Jesus!"...

They say the prize is a subscription for a year of Science and a trip to a conference on Science & Human Rights,

but clearly for me the real prize would be the opening of a truly formal and open debate regarding the perpetual bullshit happening in my reasonable efforts at getting

the promised reasonable education from the promised reasonable American Physical Therapy Association, etc.  Maybe now is a good time to point out that

William Bernstein is a very successful trial lawyer who made literally piles of money off of an unscientific lawsuit filed against DuPont

on the claim that it's breast implants caused cancer- they don't and never did.  He is Jewish, and his office is adorned with pictures of Democratic Party royalty...

This story gets even more absurd when I read Science's essay rules and I am told I have to pay money to either Adobe and/or Microsoft in order to use the only allowed formats-

Open Office (free!) is not allowed.  Note that my past client base includes the architecht who designed Adobe's new campus, and that

Microsoft's Bill Gates has made clear his interests in prostitution investments along with Warren Buffett, and Steve Forbes is on the train too... 



I wonder if the next issue of Fast Company or American Spa Magazine, etc. will cover this: 


Seoul faces dilemma over ‘comfort women’ statue in Busan