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3/1/2011:  Did I really just see Erica O'Connor at Starbucks?  Does she still work for Massage Envy? 

Preemptively concerned that she would freak out and call the cops on me again, I just went and talked to my lawyer (Boston College of Law graduate) Steve Duditch,

and then went to visit the Marin County Courthouse... 

3, 7 Torts lecture night or torts lecture night?

BATTERY: ...acts intentionally cause harmful or offensive contact...

DUTY: ...a legally recognized relationship... ...obligation to act...

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: ...a complete defense to negligence...

DEFAMATION: ...reputational harm...  ...a grave injury... ...statute of limitations...

"you can sleep well thinking that you did your best"


(thank you for visiting This website is going through major changes...

data is being sorted, moved & reorganized (deleted?), new pages, etc...)


"Oh Fuck! I'm crying at Starbucks again!" 

Roger Olbrot, Utah law, etc.       (I am truly madly deeply sorry Roger, but...)

Am I allowed to mention that Roger Olbrot, (who has many talents, including being fluent in German, by the way),  

once told me this:

He wrote the plan for directing the Massage Team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

while he was on vacation in the Castro District of San Francisco.

Am I allowed to mention that I was one of the "insider" invitees

when Roger took a few of us shopping for sex toys, etc. at some boutique...

Was I bored?  No, thanks to Brandy... (my torts teacher was talking about gun laws in Utah the other day...)

Ruth Werner was not invited.


999 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109 is how many hops on a pogo stick from 895 O'Farrell Street ???

(A question for "math-wizard" Senator Harry Reid)


(" remind me of a Thai woman that practices massage at a 5-star hotel in London...")
Traditional Chinese Medicine students, as well as boys & girls in general, and is a leader in the fight to promote human trafficking and he was awarded the Modern Day Pimping Award...

“Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment – not as the last place where prostitution is still legal,” Harry Reid said...

"...parents who don't want their children to look out of a school bus and see a brothel..." Harry Reid said...

‘The time has come for us to outlaw prostitution’



It snowed on Mount Tamalpais

I awoke remembering the craziest dream about Dr. Stone & Glen Plake!!! 


Jeff Hanneman... founding member... (doctors) diagnosed necrotizing fasciitis 

Gary Holt will be temporarily filling in for Jeff.


Delayna was wearing an American flag bikini and platform high heels in a "vegetarian natural food store" store the day we met...

I'm too fat to fit into this dress anymore... 

She later converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and we stopped communicating...

We made love in a cornfield immediately after this photo was taken...  


something happened that tied him down   “Our treatment is an art... Like playing music on the body..." 


incredibly courageous tact


Unilever NV's $3.7 billion takeover of beauty products company Alberto Culver Co


(Lawyers are pushing for a $4.5 million fee for their work)   ...a "knock-down drag out" fight...       ...meaningful reputational risk...

BKL Technologies


there was irony


“Around a military camp,             Travis Air Force Base... NASA...


   prostitutes connote tradition, not rupture; leisure, not horror; ordinariness, not mayhem.


   To many, militarized prostitution thus becomes unnewsworthy.”


Day Spa Expo & Business Forum: Las Vegas - February 27-28, 2011 : Atlanta - September 17-18, 2011


After Thimpu thaw, India to meet Pakistan 7 times in next 3 months for talks  ...a renewed engagement process resembling the composite dialogue...Kashmir...controversies over sharing of water...


...Estimates of Pakistan's stockpile of nuclear warheads vary...India has about 70 assembled nuclear warheads, with about 50 of them fully operational...


Jacques Rogge & His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco invite you


to the International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport, to be held 7 to 9 April 2011


"...My thanks go also to our partners and all contributing authors, for their support and involvement..." - Jacques Rogge


"...It is important to continue promoting... it is important that all stakeholders... consider appropriate safety measures..." - Gerhard Heiberg


(IOC Advanced Team Physician Course April 3-5 2011 Corsica - "exchanging interactively... in relaxed surroundings...")

[2003 is the year that California Massage Therapy Council Chairperson Beverly May ordered me to promote sexual harrassment of Massage Therapists
by helping her with her ongoing campaign to use Massage Therapy as a front for promoting prostitution]
"Thriving in absolute corruption!" : February 17–18, 2011  San Francisco, CA 


most importantly, Leo Fong asked, "How do you choke-out depression?"


"...when Wong Jack Mon yelled out in Chinese that he wanted to give up.  Bruce (Lee) made him say it in front of his ten students. 

Leo was in Stockton at the time..."


New York, 11:53 AM
Fri Feb 4
But being a convicted sex offender gets you more than just your very own thinly fictionalized L&O episode.


It also gets you the finest party guests: Two months ago, Epstein hosted a party at his New York home in honor of his pal Prince Andrew.

Among the high profile swells who showed up were Katie Couric, Charlie Rose, and George Stephanopoulos...


Published: January 31, 2011: California Supreme Court orders the City of San Diego to award Firefighters over $500,000 (over $13 per second!)


for forcing Firefighters to endure severe and pervasive sexual harassment and creating a hostile or abusive work environment...Supreme Court Case: GHIOTTO v. CITY OF SAN DIEGO

Jan. 31 2011 - 10:24 am: Hearst has made a binding offer of $887 million; Lagardere will continue to publish the flashship French edition of Elle
a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue
The Auckland Council has voted against the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 / Due to international renown, he has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Auckland in New Zealand 


massage booming / its publisher has stopped communicating with you... decide to burn the manuscript.  You are stopped by your fiancée and a friend...(The Te of Piglet stays on the New York Times bestseller list in hardcover for 40 weeks.)... 

777 hope for your reputation’s sake that the deformed creature will die before many people find out that it exists...


...You have been treated by two psychotherapists for clinical depression and grief caused by publishers’ mean-spirited, belittling treatment of yourself and your work.


You have been given dental care for problems resulting from jaw clenching at night, which began as you watched your last book being butchered --

you cracked two back teeth and displaced two very visible front ones...



Far West Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Symposium
April 14-17, 2011

Mini Course – Additional fee and Materials charge

Thursday, April 14   6-10pm
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Gary Lang, MS, ATC  - Foothill College (Santa Clara County, CA)
Hands on laboratory introduction of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Participants will use instruments to detect and treat soft tissue restrictions that can create pain, limit AROM, and impede strength.
**Limited to 40 participants – must be ATCs. Appropriate attire required – shorts, t-shirts/tank tops. Additional fee**


Mirek Caslavka will be coming from Czech Republic to introduce the film about male prostitution at the free screening at the University of Rhode Island Providence campus Jan. 29, 2011

"...when you are humiliated day in and day out by nagging signs reading 'massage' and 'spa'; when your first name becomes 'whore'..."
   "A Letter From Birmingham Jail", Martin Luther King, Jr., paraphrased
Western Australia's Commissioner for Consumer Protection launched legal action...Supreme Court...
"The orders... clearly state that
job seeker(s) (e.g., Queen Elizabeth II, Rowan Williams, Barack Obama) will be required to massage nude men while wearing (a) bikini(s)."
The first graduate program I enrolled in was a master's degree in psychology with a focus on yoga and mind-body health...

(Is Kim Santa still alive?) (John Barnes told me he died)

This is why the first person I recall ever meeting from New Zealand is Donna Farhi...  

This is how/why I met David Simon...

(I got all my money back.  When I talked to the Dean of the Psychology Department at Sonoma State University

about this "master's degree" he was supposedly overseeing, he said he had never heard of it... My complaint filed with WASC was ignored...)


January 21, 2011 10:30 AM Hurd's dismissal was criticized by many observers...


...HP's own investigation found no evidence of sexual harassment on the part of Hurd... who joined Oracle...

...Hurd was fired for fudging expense reports to cover up time spent with former soft-core porn actress Jodie Fisher, who was a marketing contractor at HP.

Fisher filed a sexual harassment suit against Hurd that was later settled...


Developing story:  I ran into a member of the San Rafael City Council at Starbucks

and we ended up talking about the time I was applying for a Massage Permit so I could work for the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

and, thinking I was a gay prostitute, the Police Officer processing my permit solicited me for bribes, at City Hall...

(which of course makes perfect sense because everyone knows  the Jewish Community Center is really a homosexual brothel...)

The Councilmember seemed truly disturbed, especially after I told her that I had recently lectured my Criminal Law class about this incident... she gave me her business card...

 [I wrote my application to law school while sittting in a Starbucks across from a brothel (with four laughing cops sitting next to me...  I have a cousin whose husband is a Hayward police officer ...)]


Dr. Stone has a daughter... (ask Senator Feinstein about her hip...)

   ...we talked about how cool Devin Wu is and Stanley V. Paris, PT, Ph.D. and his anti-"males wearing earrings" policy...

   ...we also talked about the fact that it is virtually impossible to have therapeutic massage treatments, even those conducted in an Orthopedic Surgeon's office, 

   covered by health insurance in California because of how "massage" is intentionally misregulated by California's politicians... "Change it", she said... 

   (then again there is the fact that I was solicited for Homosexual Prostitution at The Stone Clinic...)





Gyms expand to offer breakup advice


He's a mountaineer and a yoga instructor


and claims to have performed yoga bare-bodied in snow-clad mountains at an altitude of over 14,000 ft.

And Ajai Kumar Bajpayee has now dared renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev to match his feat...


Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said,

(regarding the Delhi's High Court ruling (full 105-pages of English translation court documents) that a statute in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code,

which defined homosexual acts as "against the order of nature" and made them illegal, was an "antithesis of the right to equality")


Note: The Delhi High Court ruling above states:

"And in 1861, the death penalty for buggery was formally abolished in England and Wales.  However, sodomy or buggery remained as a crime "not to be mentioned by Christians.""


“The verdict will encourage criminality and sick mentality. This kind of thing is shameful and insulting. We are blindly following the West in everything. This is breaking the family system in India.

Homosexuals are sick people, they should be sent to hospitals for treatment. If the government brings this law, I will take to the streets of Delhi in protest.”


The Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid, Ahmed Bukhari, said, “This is such a dirty issue. I have decided I will not even speak about it because if I do, it will be an insult to our belief and me.

The government cannot dare to make this legal.”


“Homosexuality is not an acceptable behaviour. This can’t be treated as a matter of legality alone, it’s highly immoral,” Father Babu Joseph, spokesperson for the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India, said.


The strategic alliance with two world-renowned exploration pioneers...


In partnership with National Geographic Expeditions,  Miraval is offering a series of four-day photography workshops where participants learn to take magazine-quality photos

through edit-and-critique sessions with National Geographic photographers...


...fabulous spa resources and an unrivaled team of well-being specialists...


As part of the Skills@Sea program... Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Stress Mastery


New Wimbledon Theater

93 The Broadway
SW19 1QG


Tue 29 Mar 2011:   

The Most Wanted Tour: The Chippendales


12-23-2010:  personal notes... For various reasons (apparent passage of the S.T.A.R.T. treaty?  Meeting a "Sun Dance"/Bob Dylan photographer?), 

I feel led to spend some time contemplating my past meetings with  Corbin Harney and Arvol Looking Horse ...


Shayna said...You know what hurts about this? I am 1/4 Oglala. My father was not on the rolls. I have a hard time proving who I am. I am not allowed to ceremonies because I can't prove it...


(it is my understanding that Corbin died in Sonoma County partially due to the fact that I organized Corbin's first visit to Sonoma County in 1992...)


a profound impact on the spa industry : the bedrock for future industry growth
...contemplating an opportunity to witness a wedding in Bombay... 

DiSalvo holds the AMA record for consecutive pole positions at 13 over a two year span, has won 10 nationals, recorded 37 pole positions, and 60 podium finishes in his AMA Pro Road Racing career.

A life changing event?
DECEMBER 12, 2010:  SAN FRANCISCO!: ...met  V. Vale and Charles Gatewood at RE/Search! event at Prelinger Library.
301 8th St/Folsom. 
celebrating the release of the Deluxe Hardback 20th Anniversary Edition of MODERN PRIMITIVES
- a book which Changed the World.
" travels fast, and your reputation is very important.  Keep it spotless..." - Charles Gatewood
I wonder if anyone wants to talk about my "other" recent visit to San Francisco?  
When I parked my car directly across the street from the  United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
while court was in session,
(I was there to visit the local CIDESCO campus)
there was a teenage (15?) male transvestite prostitute pissing on the sidewalk...

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The marchers lit 37 torches to support 37 faculty members of the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Law 

(why don’t you let your daughter become a prostitute so you can eat pork every day?)

The Vinuya case was a petition by some 70 “comfort women” allegedly forced into prostitution by Japanese forces during World War II. The war victims are seeking compensation from the Japanese government.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

As of November 24, 2010, 3:37 p.m., with 100.0% ( 24,845 of 24,845) precincts partially or fully reporting:  

Attorney General of California - Statewide Election Results

Kamala D. Harris (Dem): 4,396,359
Steve Cooley (Rep): 4,338,135
Diane Beall Templin (AI): 168,559
Peter Allen (Grn): 254,832
Timothy J. Hannan (Lib): 243,706
Robert J. Evans (P&F): 158,551
... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Sure they're nice to me, but heaven knows how they'll treat you or my mother.  "service is a religion...    skilled... pairings always worked wonders"


November 3, 2010:  Hotel chain Hilton Worldwide to help prevent child sex trafficking at its hotels.

"Hilton is moving forward with discussions with ECPAT-USA and other organizations about steps to prevent child prostitution and human trafficking, and we continue to engage in and evaluate methods for prevention,"

Jennifer Silberman, Hilton's vice president of corporate responsibility, told the Washington Business Journal.

ECPAT-USA is a branch of ECPAT International, short for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes. ECPAT's code of conduct requires members to establish

an ethical policy regarding commercial exploitation of children, train employees to detect and report trafficking activities, and introduce a clause in contracts with suppliers repudiating commercial exploitation of children

( As of August, 937 individual tourism companies and local and national NGOs in 37 countries had signed the code.


October 30, 2010: A car from the Marin County Sheriff's Department follows me home from work.  How relaxing. 

October 30, 2010: My credit card is maxed out at L'ARISTOCRATE Night Club in Douala, Cameroon, which is described by the African Business Network as "a very good and classy nightclub"

with "a very high level of security" and "the best DJ's".  L'ARISTOCRATE: (00237) 99 61 55 55 / 77 87 27 00...

Repeatedly recall that Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, Former United States Global AIDS Coordinator...honorary Doctor of Laws served 13 years as a trustee of Duke University,

including 3 years as chair of the board..."Norman Vincent Peale Humanitarian of the Year"...

According to ABC News, Tobias said he contacted Deborah Jeane Palfrey's service "to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage"... "Officials determined Palfrey's death to be a suicide"...

Watched the much rumored episode of "The Good Wife", the one about the "Licensed Massage Therapist", the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the Judge in Room 370...

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 10, 2010 The Body Shop International plc is the original, natural and ethical beauty brand,
 with over 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. The Body Shop seeks out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to deliver products bursting with effectiveness,
to enhance your natural beauty. By striving to use the planet's resources wisely, The Body Shop searches for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in
its range of products. The Body Shop is proud to have been the first beauty brand to have brought the benefits of fair trade to the beauty industry through its own unique Community Trade programme,
to have introduced sustainable palm oil into its soaps, 100% recycled packaging, and to raise funds and awareness on key issues of the day, including the sex trafficking of the most vulnerable
in our society, children and young people.

A woman who really was stalked and raped...
...gave this to me and encouraged me to continue my study of politics & law...

I held her hand at the doctor's office...

W Magazine Sept 2010- An Aesthetician's gentle French accent says,“It’s not supposed to be pleasant,” borrows a move from Rolfing

“But if I’m really hurting you, tell me.”

(October 28, 2010, New York, N.Y. - Chief Executive Officer of Condé Nast, Charles H. Townsend, announced that William Wackermann has been promoted to Executive Vice President, Publishing Director of Glamour, Brides, W, and Details
and will assume additional business responsibilities for Bon Appétit and the Gourmet brand.  The appointment is effective immediately.  “Bill brings a record of leadership, marketing expertise and brand building success to this expanded role,” Mr. Townsend noted.)


LODGING: Hilton Concord, Concord, California
USABP negotiated a special rate of $102 per night

The first eforia: spa at Hilton, debuted October 21, 2010

The concept name eforea is designed to transcends the languages of the 76 countries it serves offering a calmer, more spiritual place transforming the senses

hence the brand's iganture ico--a butterfly freed from its cocoon

John F. Kennedy Parkway TEL: 1-973-379-0100


Realtor Zar Zanganeh confirmed that the Sultan of Brunei's 73,000-square-foot residence is listed at $37 million by his company,

(Sultan of Brunei's low-key third marriage ends with quiet divorce)  /  Brunei Urged To Preserve Malay Language; "What are our roles and our position?"

Women-only Greenhouse Spa to be auctioned on Nov. 19, 2010...includes 37 guest rooms...inspired after a trip to the 377-acre Golden Door Spa

"we're hoping to get $10 million or more."


Green and Cool Kerala: Identifying tourism as an opportunity area, Ayurveda and the serene backwaters...

Houseboats offer luxury accommodation amidst backwaters, there are plenty of Ayurvedic massage and treatment centers across the state...

reunite with nature... also physiotherapists, medical practitioners and health professionals from across the world visit Kerala to learn about Ayurvedic treatments.

Grand Total: $45.93 Order confirmed 10/16/10... To: Senior Editor...

Thank you!
for your order, Brian...

We look forward to serving you again.


Am I anal?  As of 10/16/2010, The Rolf Institute website was offering a course in, "Phase I: Advanced Foundations of Rolfing Structural Inegration". 

On 7/29/2010 the Rolf Institute emailed me: 

The following information was submitted to the Rolf Institute:

Name: Brian Goodwin


Message: Your website misspells the word "integration" at the very top of the page (on the Schedule page) of your website. Personally, this sort of thing drives me insane. How can you misspell the name of what you teach?

Thank you for contacting the Rolf Institute. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-530-8875.


(you know you're in law school when you walk by Lars Ulrich while going to buy Michelle a ginger ale and your first thought is being reminded that you are supposed to brief United States District Court, Ellefson v. Megadeth, Inc.(2005) 

"a dispute regarding the distribution of profits"...)(see bottom of this page for another law school bonus+)


...Cheerful333 has Delivered Legalines Torts 5th, Keyed to Dobbs...


Beard suggested that Guelph had this tiger by the tail in licensing such parlours because that allowed them to make them safer places for their employees and subject to such things
as routine police visits and bylaw enforcement staff inspections. Then, she reversed field and asserted that Guelph doesn’t and wouldn’t license such operations and that they don’t exist in the community...

"After working with a number of women victimized in the commercially-fronted brothels advertised in the Post..." 

Washington Post Co. (which owns Kaplan LSAT test preparation)(Reuters co-owns Barbri) spokeswoman Kris Coratti e-mailed the following statement (9/27/2010):

The Washington Post will no longer accept advertisements for massage parlor businesses.

It has always been The Post's policy not to accept advertising from illegal businesses. Customarily, in making judgments about advertisements, we rely on local government licensing procedures

and law enforcement actions to determine whether a business is operating legally.

In the case of massage parlors (sometimes called spas), we have required proof of a valid business license from the jurisdiction where the establishment was located. If we learned that

a specific business was not operating within the law, we would discontinue their advertising.

We have been examining the policy on massage parlors over the past several years. Over that time, we have seen law enforcement identify a number of such businesses

as being engaged in illegal activities. We have also been directed to postings on adult websites from customers of these businesses that refer to illegal activities taking place

at these establishments.

It has become clear to us that our existing standards needed to evolve.

We have therefore decided not to accept such advertisements going forward. (Originally posted by Rob Pegoraro on the Washington Post website  | September 28, 2010; 10:06 AM ET) -The Washington Post newspaper is an operating division of The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO)


Other recent possibly pertinent developments in language:

I was listening to a lecture by my Writing professor on 9/22/2010, and she was wearing a beautiful starfish pendant, and for some reason I thought, "starfish, star, s t a r... soft-tissue adhesion release"...

I thought I was the first person to use this phrase, but upon performing an internet search I discovered that this term is used in the recently published International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice, Vol 3, No 2 (2010) by Douglass W. Black , PT, DPT, SCS, ATC Duke Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Durham, NC, USA...

(I  sent Douglass flowers and a card.  Thank you for trusting your important delivery to Proflowers)

(I note that Douglass uses the term SCS, not CSCS, presumably to refer to himself as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist who is not certified by Donald Chu and company over at the NSCA...

In the past I have been hesitant to use the initials AT after my name, as some Athletic Trainer/Therapists have done.  Despite significant studies of Athletic Therapy/Athletic Training,

 I never did receive full Certification by the National Athetic Training Association, (Douglass has, hence the ATC designation), primarily because the NATA would not allow me to sit for their examination

until I had completed their required 1600-hour internship... instead I took various relevant academic courses, and of course somehow accumulated over 21,000 hours of experience practicing

various forms of  what some people call "massage", "bodywork", etc...   

Treatment of Knee Arthrofibrosis and Quadriceps Insufficiency after Patellar Tendon Repair: A Case Report Including Use of the Graston Technique 

-  "a decision was made to focus on soft-tissue adhesion release"...

I subsequently coined another term, "soft-tissue adhesion relaxation", which I think is more accurate to describe what I am trying to describe at the moment anyhow...

An expanded version of this is currently a work-in-progress, "soft-tissue adhesion release, fascial integration, structural healing", and/or "soft-tissue adhesion releasing, fascia integrating, structural healer".   

Can this term, "starfish", serve as an umbrella of sorts to help unify practices such as Rolfing, Hellerwork, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Massage, Deep Bodywork, etc.?  Am I still a "Massage Therapist"?  or like my Washington State Massage license says, a "Massage Practitioner"?  Perhaps.  Right now I think I rather like being called a starfish... (Not that kind of starfish!)...

Spa Starfish


Rushed, disorganized, and behind schedule, but compelled to do the best I can...

Boston NPR reporters, formerly of NYT and WSJ say "(Note: physical therapists hate the term “massage”" (ring of fire???)

[When I dropped out of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program in 2003, it was for two reasons:  1)  The school informed me that they had an immediate expulsion policy

for any male seen wearing so much as one earring on campus.  What would Michael Jordan do???  2)  My anatomy professor, Gary Gorniak, gave me his lecture notes, which were

generally unreadable photocopies of illegible handwritten rough drafts, which in fact managed to misspell the word "skeleton"... True, I sometimes wish I had stayed...

"Massage" was one of the mandatory courses of the first trimester...  Stanley Paris is amazing... His sense of presence was absolutely profound...  ...Shaking Stanley's hand is an experience I will never forget...] 

[Mary McMillan's book, Massage and Therapeutic Exercise, was the first comprehensive text on physical therapy written by an American physical therapist...]


...Stanley Paris is founder and first president of the Orthopaedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)...founding chairman of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy...


Latest Event:

Sausalito CA
Delivered - Sep 22, 2010 10:48:00 AM

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  • Posted: Sep. 10th, 2010 | By Debbi & William D. Kickham, Esq.;...The most talked-about is the Euphoria,

    an indulgence that involves having your face enveloped in sage-oil-dipped towels...Shakti Gawain...My happy huge miracle...magic...

    Shakti Gawain
    P.O. Box 377
    Mill Valley, CA 94942
    phone: (415) 888-8320
    fax: (707) 769-7410

    Shakti is touched to know that her work has helped others on their path of personal growth. She appreciates people taking the time to write to her.

    Shakti regrets however, that she is not able to respond personally to requests. Her staff will answer all inquiries directly or on Shakti’s behalf.

    Medlemsnummer: 377

    You can call it therapy, you can call it whatever you like. We're there to help...

    ** Fernley NV Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit - 6:03:37 PM (Plain English for Lawyers (5th Edition) Richard C. Wydick
    **Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care, One Day Class, San Francisco, California - Monday August 16, 2010 (Thank you Dr. Johnson... Class held at a KIMPTON Hotel, the Sir Francis Drake, one block from a brothel named after a porn movie..."The Green Door"...)
    ...Side Note 1a) The only other male to attend this workshop was a licensed Naturopathic Physician.
                     1b) John Burton wrote California's law licensing Naturopathic Physicians.
                     1c) John Burton is now Chair of the California Democratic Party.
                     1d) David Field is Chair of the Naturopathic Medicine Committee, the first licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND-1) in California and an inaugural member of the Naturopathic Advisory Council.
                     1e) The first time I ever received acupuncture was in David Field's office, from one of his colleagues.
                     1f) When I was studying Organic Chemistry, my tutor Debra had been David Field's secretary...
                     1g) John Burton's position celebrating sexual harassment of Massage Therapists and using Massage Therapy as a front for promoting prostitution and organized crime appears to be crystal clear, yes?  
    ...Side Note 2) The Green Door is across the street from the stairway between Bush St. and Stockton St. (which is across the street from the Consulat général de France à San Francisco) where I was brutally mugged years ago 
    while walking from my apartment at 513 Bush St. to catch the 30 Stockton bus on a Sunday afternoon during the holiday shopping season.  Three gang members cracked two of my teeth and threatened to both rape and murder me
    before stealing $20 from me.  My neck and teeth were permanently injured during the initial attack, where gangbanger #1 followed me while I was walking down the stairs and then... 
    Remember, when I called the San Francisco Police Department they literally laughed at me and hung up the phone, refusing to ever investigate or even take a report. 
    The following day the San Francisco Chronicle published a front page "news" story about how someone had used impolite language to someone in the Castro neighborhood, and the San Francisco Police Department's Hate Crimes Unit was on the case...

    Kitaro lives in Sebastopol now?

    Sunday, 8.15.2010 at 11:00a.m. at SUPERFROG Gallery in San Francisco, private Ceremony

    for Peace with performance by Grammy and Golden Globe-Winning Artist Kitaro and incense master and artist Kihachiro Nishiura on the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II...

    Admission was free 

    Since I've been accepted to Law School...

    An offer in compromise: If William Randolph Hearst, III, Margaret Hearst, the Hearst Corporation, etc. all want to continue to profiteer from 

    using the terms "massage" and "spa"as a front for promoting prostitution 

    so they can "celebrate sexual harassment" of those working in the massage and spa industry, "celebrate conspiracy to create a hostile work environment for massage and spa professionals",

    and use the massage and spa industry as fronts for promoting prostitution and organized crime, 



    Let's talk about the time Chair of the California Massage Therapy Council, Beverly May, demanded that I either help her conspire to use Massage Therapy as a front for promoting prostitution and organized crime, or leave the state. 

    Let's talk about how Beverly May mocked me, my education, my Massage License from Florida, and my family, demanding to know why I had "moved" to California. 

    I pointed out to Beverly May that both my maternal grandparents were buried in California, and that I have lived in California since 1971

    (I applied for a Massage Therapist License in Florida so I could work while studying for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy) adopting stepfather (my legal father) was born in California...

    I refuse to submit the safety, dignity, and integrity of my true friends and colleagues to the ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION of the California Massage Therapy Council...

    I have no intention of wasting my time and/or my money in pretending to trust Governor Jerry Brown and his cabal of pimps that my good friend Christine Mihelich quit her job at the Claremont Resort and Spa and left California to escape from... 


    FORBES: Learning from America's Prostitution Industry  ..."corrupt officials and police"...

    Let's talk about the time San Rafael Police Officer Frank Reed, thinking I was a gay prostitute, solicited me for bribes, AT CITY HALL, AT THE BUSINESS LICENSING DESK.


    Sunday,8 August 2010- Government of India- The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that to make India fully literate, and to eliminate the gender bias in literacy must be our immediate priority goals

    We hope there will be interest in something that has been banned, which also happens with artistes such as Madonna (India Bans Paris Hilton Video...)

    Mumbai-based EMI Virgin India Ltd said Friday (Oct. 6, 2006) it will recall all copies of the new Slayer album "Christ Illusion" following protests by a Christian group, Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum


    The first person to solicit me for prostitution while I was working as a Massage Therapist was the Mayor of Cotati...I wonder if Bob Davis ever tried that on Larry Allen?

    Asia’s most luxurious home has been sold... ...37-metre infinity swimming pool, barbecue terrace and covered outdoor massage and dining areas... 

    I have been asked to comment on recent developments in regards to the case of the Atlanta Eagle raid of September 9, 2009, the 2010 Folsom Street Fair, etc...
    If a new legal case was filed in regards to Brian Goodwin vs. Erica O'Connor, would Lambda Legal represent BOTH sides?  Would Risa and/or Michael be subpoena'd, and if so, would they honestly testify what they know,
    that in fact it was Erica O'Connor who initiated the romantic relationship between Erica and Brian, and that in fact Erica O'Connor is guilty of commiting FELONY perjury?

    Am I allowed to wonder which of Risa's movies is selling better on Amazon?  Massage-Two Hours With Risa or Newsgirls???...


    California Code of Civil Procedure Section 527.9

    (a) A person subject to a temporary restraining order or
    injunction issued pursuant to Section 527.6 or 527.8 of the Code of
    Civil Procedure, or subject to a restraining order issued pursuant to
    Section 136.2 of the Penal Code, or Section 15657.03 of the Welfare
    and Institutions Code, shall relinquish the firearm pursuant to this



    Love's Easy Tears


    youtube video of Kamala Harris and Starchild on CNN

    (Kamala Harris is the Democratic Party's candidate for Attorney General of California in 2010, and was the director of Barack Obama's campaign in California while he was running for President of the USA. 

    Starchild has run for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as a member of the Libertarian Party, etc.)

    youtube video of Bill O'Reilly talking to Sex Work Supremacist Carol Leigh on Fox

    Make The Loop Again (what would Gail Balas do???)...(practicing massage without a license is a class E felony)(in New York)(I sent Gail Balas a bouquet of flowers)...


    8/4/2010 -I received a "waitlist" acceptance letter from the JFK University School of Law, then after meeting with the Dean, a full acceptance letter was sent 8/16/2010...

    When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed a known Sex Work Supremacist to Chair the California Massage Therapy Council, did he open the doors for the largest sexual harassment lawsuit of all time???

    Isn't that kind of like appointing David Duke to Chair the NAACP?

    In my application to the School of Law at JFK University, I point out the fact that while Carol Leigh is frequently cited as the creator of the terms, "sex work" and/or "sex worker", I coined the term "sex work supremacist"... 

    So the next time Fox News or MSNBC interviews Carol Leigh, I hope they will use the "politically correct" term "sex work supremacist" to decribe Carol Leigh, her philosophy, and her work,

    as opposed to the ludicrous phrase used by Bill O'Reilly "Advocate For Sex Worker Rights"... If Carol Leigh was a true advocate for Sex Workers in any way whatsoever, her #1 concern would be Gun Rights for Sex Workers...

    Also included in my Application to the School of Law at JFK University, I point out that the Chair of the California Massage Therapy Council, Beverly May, has in fact demanded that I help her use Massage Therapy as a front for promoting prostitution.


    7/30/2010: If John G Louis reads this, I'd rather not link to the New York Times owned Santa Rosa Press Democrat right now, but I have to here to recollect that the time that I met Donald Chu,

    Byron Craighead (2010 Olympic Winter Games U.S. Medical Staff, Trainer/ATC, Bobsled) drove the vehicle I was in, and I had been invited by Steven Winter 

    “I am also upfront and honest with the athletes and the coaches,” Craighead said. “To tell a lie, because that’s what someone wants to hear, that lie is only good for the present. It will catch up to you and you will lose all credibility. And then no one will have faith in you.”

    And then there is Craighead’s style of massage.

    “I don’t give frou-frou massages,” he said. “When I work the soft tissue, I want to achieve results for the athlete. I used to have a vise grip. When I would massage an athlete for the first time,

    I’d tape two tongue depressors together and ask the athlete to put it in his mouth. They’d ask why. I’d say, ‘Because I don’t want you to chip a tooth when I start massaging you.’ Every once in a while someone would laugh.

    So I’d start and they would be screaming for the tongue depressors in a few seconds.”

    Craighead is not shy about it, not at all: “I’m an enthusiastic, passionate guy.”...


    Meeting James made me cry... because it brought up incredibly strong memories of KARIN, who once wrote out the lyrics to "Fade To Black" to me in a love letter...

    the first time I met James I was fine, until the next day, while I was driving up Mt. Tam, I started thinking about Karin, and subsequently had to pull over for about ten minutes, having completely loss the ability to drive...

    so the second time I met James, it wasn't so easy to stay focused

    I will try to stay focused if I meet James again... Forgive, Forget, Breathe... (AAAS: results indicate that, if you want to stay cheerful, you're better off focusing on the present)

    The bidet also has a pulsating massage to help people relax 


    35.7% of the California Massage Therapy Council advocates using Massage Therapy as a front for promoting prostitution. 

    This includes:

    Chair of the Board-Beverly May;

    Chair of the Credentials Committee-Bob Benson;

    Chair of the Public Policy and Local Government Committee-Mark Dixon; 

    Board Member-Keith Grant;

    Board Member-Dixie Wall... these are just the people I know and have argued with about this issue...

    (Some of this commentary was included in my "personal statement" when I recently applied to attend Law School at JFK University...)

    I missed going to the 27th International Conference on Shamanism, Healing and Transformation Wisdom of Our Ancestors-Bridge to The Future...

    I wanted to meet Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD who has written:

    ...Zuni pueblo in New Mexico practice a technique very similar to the high-velocity adjustment of the neck and spine popularized as chiropractic...

    ...Hopi people and their practices were the source of inspiration for a type of massage now called Hakomi..

    ...Discussion exists among Native American scholars as to whether A.J. Still, the father of American osteopathic medicine, who was also the physician for the Shawnee Nation for more than 20 years,

    lifted much of what became osteopathic medicine or chiropractic from Shawnee healing practices.

    The Shawnee were originally native to northern Kentucky and southern Ohio and were neighbors to the Cherokee, with whom they share many similarities in bodywork practices...


    I was talking to a friend recently who told me that she personally believes that the "discovery" of chiropractic by Palmer fails to mention the influence brought by Chinese laborers Palmer met...


    Wednesday, July 7, 2010- The mall also hosts an aqua park, a wave pool, massage halls, spa and a 37-meter drop tower

    ...The opening of the mall coincided with the anniversary of Astana’s founding and Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s 70th birthday and hosted prominent guests including Turkish, Russian, United Arab Emirates, Armenian, Tajikistan and Ukrainian presidents...

    “art of mastery.”...


    Audio File: 42 Seconds of MaximumRR

    World Magnetic Tour - 2010

    Metallica to play Christchurch, New Zealand  09/22/2010  SOLD OUT IN 5 MINUTES!!!

    "truly incredible!": Second show in Christchurch, New Zealand at CBS Canterbury Arena on September 21!  SOLD OUT IN 28 MINUTES!

    right now the main thing is to not have a heart attack on stage.

    People were asking why I was dancing around like a clown


    Acupuncture Today, July, 2010 What's In A Name? by William Morris, DAOM, PhD, LAc

    ...truth be told, I was also chosen because of a willingness to take time to write about the "hot topics" that we all face... It is first prudent for us to discuss, as a field, the name we use to identify ourselves...

    (MPA Media publishes: Acupuncture Today, Massage Today, and Dynamic Chiropractic.)

    Big in Finland!

    Audio file: Swans sample...

    Audio file: tierdrama/ben&brian

    I understand CIDESCO Congress is a very significant and meaningful event where global skincare professionals can enhance their friendship and share information.
    The 60th CIDESCO World Congress & Exhibition 2011 is scheduled to be held in the Republic of Korea, organized by Korea Central Esthetician's Association.
    June 10, 2010 - 12:45 PM PST- Parked next to California Senator Diane Feinstein (stunt double?) while she was sitting in her car eating frozen yogurt... Celebrity encounters...
    it's not surprising really, being I can drive to Diane's house from where I am sitting now in about 20 minutes...I've come across Nancy Pelosi and George Schultz walking around San Francisco in the past...

    June 9, 2010 - 11:40AM, Western Australia, Perth Supreme Court orders signage displaying the name Bikini Girls Massage must be obscured within seven days, while their website must be taken down within 14 days...

    The Supreme Court also prevented the owners from placing any recruitment advertisements unless they included a clear statement that job seekers will be required to massage nude men

    while wearing bikinis or similar clothing, if that is what they will be required to do.

    A draft of any future advertising seeking employees must be provided to Consumer Protection before publication, the court ruled...

    Bikini Girls Massage, has been fined $6000 in the Perth Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to 11 offences under the Fair Trading Act, relating to misleading employment advertisements

    A PERTH court has ordered massage parlour owner Bon Levi to pay more than $17,000 for misleading employees and operating under unregistered business names

    ...The charges for misleading employees stemmed from a series of nearly 100 advertisements for Bikini Girls Massage that were published in newspapers between March and June 2009,

    portraying the business as a health salon...

    San Francisco- May 14, 2010, ACTCM is excited to announce that it will launch a post-graduate TCM Dermatology Specialization Certificate Program in January of 2011...

    first Chinese medicine college in the U.S. to offer a specialization certificate in TCM Dermatology...

    destiny makeovers

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Contact: Office of Communications 404-651-7774 ATLANTA – Governor Sonny Perdue Signs SB 364

    May 26, 2010- Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a bill Tuesday regulating Massage businesses...

     The measure increases penalties for convictions, including misdemeanor charges for the first offense and an aggravated misdemeanor for a second offense.

    Anything after that will be a felony with prison time of one to five years, and/or a $25,000 fine per offense


    11:26AM BST 05 May 2010... Lord Sebastian Coe - a Conservative - chairman of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics -

    says he is relieved that not one party has made political football out of the General Election...''The Olympics have not tumbled from the lips of a single politician in this campaign..."

    ...the victor of the election will be keen to massage and manipulate and boost national pride while inflicting tough decisions elsewhere on the economy...

    ---  ---  ---  ---  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Monday, May 10, 2010 -Mumbai- ...there is need to establish guidelines for spas and a regulatory body ...approached the Quality Council of India to come up with a document binding on all spas

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Spa Solage, Calistoga, Napa Valley, California

                                         CAPELLA Suite – Our most indulgent studio offers a spacious private patio with jetted hot tub.
                 Features a plush king bed, separate living area, two 37" plasma TVs, and a pebbled-floor steam shower with separate deluxe bathtub.
    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Tom Mitchell was my Sports Psychology teacher...

    According to Desiree Moores, who said this while she was the manager of Spa Radiance, 'Brian is the best Massage Therapist I have ever met'


    Who is Ken Zankel?

    Past President, Golden Gate Restaurant Association

    Ken Zankel is passionate about San Francisco restaurants. A native New Yorker,

    he switched coasts more than a decade ago and has firmly entrenched himself

    in the restaurant community here.

    After working at Visa USA as the Director of Restaurant Industry Marketing, Ken

    opened Zinzino Ristorante in San Francisco in 1995. Ken garnered accolades for

    Zinzino from the James Beard Foundation, the San Francisco Chronicle and the

    San Francisco Examiner before selling the establishment in 2001. In 1999, he

    opened The Grove Café on Chestnut Street, which was joined by its sister

    establishment, The Grove-Fillmore, in 2002. These two restaurants represent the

    combining of Ken’s great loves -- music, food, and design – to create warm,

    inviting, rustic, hip environments.

    Ken has served on the GGRA Board since 1999 and relishes the opportunity to

    serve the city’s restaurateurs. An alumnus of Skidmore College, Ken also holds an

    MBA from Columbia University.


    Zankel’s bequest to Skidmore of $46 million is the largest gift in the College’s history. Of the bequest, $15 million went to the Arthur Zankel Music Center

    Zankel served on the board of directors of Citigroup, Travelers Property-Casualty, and other corporations, and was a trustee of the UJA Federation, the New York Foundation,

    Carnegie Hall, and Skidmore College. He and his wife, Judy, made a major donation to Carnegie Hall, which led to the construction of a new Carnegie concert space named in their honor.

    Zankel’s connections to Skidmore were many. Two of his four sons graduated from Skidmore, Kenneth in 1982 and James in 1992, as did a nephew, Harun Zankel, Class of 2001,

    and a daughter-in-law, Pia Scala Zankel, Class of 1992. As a Skidmore trustee, he was known for his astute leadership of the board’s investment committee—particularly for his role

    in shepherding the College’s endowment—and for his incisive contributions to discussions, frequently enhanced by his sense of humor.

    Zankel endowed a professorship in management and the liberal arts and the related Zankel Lecture Series, which fosters discussion of business issues from a societal and ethical perspective.




    and tells of someone who strikes the ball with beautiful fluidity and an economy of effort that minimises damage to his body...'
    The ones who inspire me are those who can do it again and again at the highest level - Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacher, Tiger, Michael Phelps.
    It's amazing to me that I have been able to do something similar... 'I just sat there for a few minutes on my own in the quiet and took it all in...


    Dead Hands: A Social History of Wills, Trusts, and Inheritance Law

    new from $13.70


    I am asking you for help, this is a challenge for me and I realize I will only be able to work to improve this situation if I make myself accountable to all of you.


    Dear Sir
    My apologies for the delay.
    We can supply Stone Heaters with Digital Display in 110v or 240v as follows:-
    15" Diameter @ £209.00 ( $ 325.00 )
    13" Diameter @ £179.00 ( $279.00 )
    Freight charges to USA £99.00 ( $155.00)
    (The $ prices are estimated)
    Terms : payment with order.
    Delivery 10-14 days
    Ref: SQ1003082

    Roy Gerrard

    Unit 3 Island Farm Avenue
    West Molesey Surrey KT8 2UZ
    Tel. No. 020 8941 9922
    Fax No. 020 8941 9955


    Why did I have to go to a website in Ghana to read this???

    Does the media still deserve the accolade the Fourth Estate? Is appreciating the general performance of significant sections the concept of an illusion or outmoded or anachronistic or a simple nightmarish joke?

    "...staffed with illiterates, untrained persons, charlatans, yes-men, impostors and soli-minded false journalists, even in the persons of some editors who cannot write simple editorials or common news items,

    disgracing this noble profession..."


    20 Mar 2010, 0108 hrs IST, NYT News Service US hotel chains expand into Asia, create new options


    March 20, 2010- ''Gay and homo are words wealthy and educated people use,'' he says. ''The people around here call us gur [raw sugar] or mitha [sweet].''

    ...Young homosexual men in Mumbai often move between multiple city identities including sex worker, massage boy, student and even Bollywood film extra...

    ...''In India we have this great contract of silence. It's like 'you know and I know' and it's only when we start talking about it that it becomes a problem.''...


    06.04.10 Gulf Film Festival,held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority,

    Selection Of 37 In-competition Shorts At Gulf Film Festival Depicts Myriad Facets Of Life In The Gulf

    03/22/2010, Issuance of new licenses for massage parlours stopped by Dubai


    Wednesday, 7 April 2010, The 366-room Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre has opened under a franchise agreement with Interstate Hotels & Resorts


    Thursday, April 29 - 2010; Dubai Healthcare City, a member of Tecom Investments, today announced the launch of Royal Ayurveda Clinic,

    the first in the region to provide a full range of Ayurvedic medical services...


    05.19.10, 37 Jewish members of the Democratic caucuses meet with US president

    "sometimes there are misunderstandings that have to be resolved"

    May 18th 2010, 11:11 PM, Obama meets with 37 Jewish pols for a 'group hug and group gripe'

    "it was not a feel-good meeting - everyone spoke their minds and from the heart"


    March 19, 2010- French Parliamentarian Chantal Brunel, who was appointed head of the country's sexual equality watchdog last month,

    argues in a new book on violence against women that the reintroduction of bordellos would protect prostitutes from exploitation, trafficking and physical attack.

    (Does she talk about prostitutes who are not women?)

    ...(Brunel) says many of the country's 90,000 prostitutes have been pushed out of city centers and are "now hidden in woods and on the Internet, where it is far easier to harm someone."

    Hundreds of women are also believed to have quit the country for work in legal brothels just across the border in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


    Wednesday, 17 February 2010: 501-room Shanghai Marriott Hotel Changfeng Park opens its doors...

    The ceremony included an additional flare with a display of high-profile Ducati motorcycle models...always in pursuit of excellence...

    Guests can also experience the ultimate relaxation at Marriott's award-winning Quan Spa, where they are rejuvenated by hydrotherapeutic treatments and

    massages using pure essential oils and natural fruit extracts...


    UK POLITICS:Published: 7:30AM GMT 15 Feb 2010: Massage parlours and escort agencies will be banned from advertising their services in newspapers...

    The new law would set clear guidelines about which advertisements will be banned by defining the difference between brothels masquerading as massage parlours and spas offering therapeutic massages...

    ...Publications carrying advertisements for prostitution could be fined £10,000 under the new law, which will be put forward in Labour’s election manifesto...

    March 9, 2010-, ...The law will also affect rent boy adverts, which are carried in the back of many gay magazines...London-based QX is one gay magazine which carries ads for male escorts...


    Posted : Fri, 12 Feb 2010 18:20:37 GMT Author : Kimptons Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

    (Hi Kay!)



    massage well

    The Ministry of Railways may adopt a name-based train ticket system in the future, depending on travelers' responses to a trial operation at 37 railway stations this Spring Festival

    Only in Marin County?

    "I fell as suffering prey to the tortures of the city" - Kahlil Gibran

    There is a building in San Rafael where Star Wars
    The Empire Strikes Back (the best one) was made... I went to a business meeting there in 2009...
    I heard Les Claypool has an office there now...
    My slumlord/landlord charged me full rent while
    his crew of illegal electricians completely trashed my entire apartment and everything in it...

    Because this apartment never had hot water the entire time I lived there, on paper, it was never legal to rent it out in the first place.

    Superbike 848 EVO : Dry weight 168kg (370lb)
    Arctic White Silk
    Dark Stealth
    Have you ever seen the movie "Faster"?
    From Harvard Business Review:
    (Asia gave me this)

    Golub Capital Provides Financing to Support the Acquisition of Massage Envy by Sentinel Capital Partners

    Corporate Carveout
    Management Buyout

    (does Mumbai still matter???)


    "In every time and every culture, artists have lit the way toward progress," she said. "They've helped to provide a common language, a fabric that weaves us together as human beings." 

    - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


    The world's largest picture of the Milky Way is 37 meters long; highest-resolution, most sensitive

    "stitching together"

    The brothel next door to my lawyer's office...

    ...Whereas Margaret Hearst expressed disdain for Kevin Stone's "celebrity" atmosphere...

    Franz Klammer, who is sitting at the bar...
    spoke highly of Dr. Stone

    In 1987 Klaus Heidegger retired from competitive skiing and joined his wife in New York to help run Kiehl's

    Kevin Stone

    (...1989/1990, when I first started formally studying massage...)

    ...Thank you, Susie...

    ...Thank you, Kay...

    - - -

     Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    The passing of Dr. Richard E. Erhard, PT, DC

    NAIOMT is greatly saddened by the passing of Dr. Richard E. Erhard, PT, DC on October 3, 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Dick Erhard was the complete physical therapist; clinician, educator, and researcher.

    “To me Dick was (and will always be) one of the 'gentle giants' of OMT. I shall always remember him as one of the greatest ambassadors of peace
    and understanding between chiropractors and PTs. What a huge loss.” Erl Pettman

    “Dick was a true autonomous practitioner and the first president of IFOMT. He was also a great friend and an example to all”. Stanley Paris

    “He was a great human being and a great professional. We will miss his smiling face forever”. Joe Farrell

    “Dick was a giant in our profession. He was one of the first three US PTs to pass the first international manual therapy examination in the Canary Islands in 1973.
    He was the first president of IFOMT and one of the eight founding fellows of the AAOMPT. He, with Rick Bowling established an integrative model
    for evaluating and treating low back pain and published on the evaluation of the sacro-iliac joint in the initial issue of on orthopedic journal that would later develop into the respected journal, JOSPT.
    His seminal works, including the “treatment-based classification of low back pain” spurred the rise in evidence-based practice in manual physical therapy.
    Dick felt restrained by the lack of autonomy as a PT and trained to become a chiropractor. He, however always held on to his PT base of a biomechanical model
    of systematic evaluation and treatment of the spine. He was active in teaching, writing and scientific pursuits even after he had been diagnosed with his terminal condition.
    Dick and I served as the original examiners for the newly formed AAOMPT. He had a great sense of humor, and an infectious laugh. He inspired those around him to excel.
    His legacy lives on through the many people he mentored at the University of Pittsburgh and elsewhere. He was my friend and mentor and I will miss him dearly”. Bill O’Grady

    A memorial service was held at the University of Pittsburgh on October 16 2009, attended by many past presidents of AAOMPT and friends. NAIOMT sent flowers and condolences to his wife and family.

    At the AAOMPT conference in Washington DC, October 17th, friends and AAOMPT’s founding members paid tribute to this great physical therapist and read a tribute from Freddy Kaltenborn.
    We also learned that Dick’s family was amazed by the outpouring of tributes from around the country and around the world.
    They knew him primarily as the man who loved to be home with his family, and to go fishing and hunting.


    Ann Porter Hoke on behalf of the NAIOMT Board of Directors.  


    Friday, October 30, 2009- The Brown Daily Herald: The Rhode Island Senate Thursday night passed a compromise version of a bill banning indoor prostitution

    The General Assembly also passed a bill that would allow University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College and Community College of Rhode Island students to apply Advanced Placement and other credits towards an accelerated three-year bachelor’s program.


    How many known prostitutes and/or advocates for using "Massage Therapy" as a front for promoting prostitution are currently on the California Massage Therapy Council???

    I count 5, at a bare minimum.

    I took these pictures when I lived at 513 Bush St.
    Thank you, Will
    ...I remember you telling me your true feelings about Harry Britt...

    Harry Britt was appointed to fill Harvey Milk's seat after Milk died... Harry Britt was first appointed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in January 1979 by Mayor Dianne Feinstein,

    succeeding Harvey Milk who was killed at City Hall along with Mayor George Moscone by former Supervisor Dan White. 

    Britt was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1980, 1984, and 1988.  Britt served as President of the Board of Supervisors from 1989-90.

    Britt introduced domestic partner legislation in 1982 which was passed by the Board of Supervisors, but vetoed by Mayor Feinstein. In 1989, under Britt's leadership, the board passed domestic partner legislation, which was signed by Mayor Art Agnos.

    However, voters repealed the domestic partnership law by initiative; a modified version was reinstated by another voter initiative, 1990's Proposition K, also written by Britt. 

    Britt ran unsuccessfully for the 5th Congressional District of California in 1987, narrowly losing to Nancy Pelosi. He was unsuccessful in his race against Mark Leno for the California Assembly in 2002.

    When I met Tim Barnett in 2006 he gave me this:
    I remain surprised to this day that his visit received virtually zero media coverage.
    Thank you, Margaret.

    A brief comment... Thursday Oct 29, 2009 Updated 10:40 AM PT...

    I'm thinking about how Erica told me that she had never met her father, and that her fears of abandonment, of being alone, are some of her many "issues".

    Orlando told me that somewhat recently Erica and her father had some sort of contact, or chance at contact, but that Erica's father flaked out.

    I feel so sad for Erica sometimes.

    I first fell in love with Erica as she stood with two of the girls she used to be a nanny for (this is the job she left so she be near me). 

    I first fell in love with Erica in "mother" mode...

    Erica read my essay about Jerry Norman Uelsmann...
    Did I tell her that my photography teacher knew Ansel Adams?

    Jerry N. Uelsmann

    Erica kept the original version of this collage:
    As far as collages go, it's not my best work, but why did she keep it?

    Consider the symbolic value.  Consider the fact that I asked Erica to marry me while giving her this collage... 

    Monday Oct 19, 2009 Updated 7:44 PM PT: Tonight I talked with a man named Orlando,

    who apparently recently ended a relationship with Erica O'Connor. 

    We shook hands over the phone.  

    Orlando told me that Erica has been to this website, and while on the one hand, her initial story about me began with Erica saying I was some sort of stalker guy,

    Erica eventually told him that our relationship was "complicated",

    and Orlando seems to have come to appreciate my side of the story enough that we may talk again at some point in the future. 

    As I pointed out to him, at least she didn't try to get Nathan Dorris to run you over with his car, or try to send you to jail. 

    Orlando told me that Erica is facing hard financial times, a circumstance which I certainly have compassion for.  She no longer lives with Nathan Dorris and now lives in Corte Madera. 

    The money she inherited from her grandmother is gone. 

    I wonder if Erica appreciates the fact that I essentially helped her get her job working the front desk at Massage Envy Sausalito (Clinic 137)? 

    I wonder if Erica recalls that she took a pay cut from her previous job to work at Massage Envy San Rafael, a job which, according to Michael Woo, she took specifically so she could be near me...

    Orlando is an accountant in San Francisco, and got me to think specifically about the financial impact Erica has had on me so far.  

    After Erica had me sacked from my $1000 per week job, I was essentially unemployed for nine months.  There goes $36,000. 

    Legal fees paid to Steve Duditch: $4000. 

    Underemployed from January 2009 to January 2010, when compared to the $1000 per week I was making before Erica broke up with me: a loss of a minimum of $1000 per month...

    Falling in love with Erica cost me over $50,000?

    Will Erica and I ever even speak again?

    Orlando told me that Erica had never mentioned anything to him about the book "The New Erotic Photography", published by Taschen, edited by Dian Hanson and Eric Kroll.

    I scanned, heavily censored, and uploaded a copy of page 449, from the edition of "The New Erotic Photography" that Erica gave to me.  I feel deeply conflicted when I consider posting it.

    I wonder what George Pitts, or Taschen, would have to say about that?  What would Erica have to say?

    Erica got mad at me when I offered to pay her for modeling for me, just as she got mad at me when I offered to pay her the first time she bought me lunch (a pizza slice).

    How can Erica continue to treat me this way, as an artist, a friend, a lover, a human being? 

    (As my friend Candi put it, "Bitter Bunny!")

    The first time I asked Erica to marry me
    in the College of Marin parking lot, I gave her 3 satin roses & 3 teddy bears.
    Erica kept the original three teddy bears and three satin flowers)
    Photo below taken by: Krista Fechner
    (Krista has a BA from Brown University... Radio DJ at WBRU AM at Brown University 1985-86)
    The play lasted 37 minutes...
    Thank you, Alice.
    We had the day off from work at Massage Envy...
    ...later, Erica lied to Massage Envy about me. I lost my job. Erica got a raise...

    - a life wherein I found it well to accept a name - my present one - which is very common and carries no meaning.
     H.P. Lovecraft (1890–1937)

    Malicious prosecution

    The last time I saw Erica O'Connor, aka "Holly Hearse", (August 21, 2009) she was working the front desk at Massage Envy in Sausalito, California (Clinic #0137).

    [Please note that while I helped Erica O'Connor get hired at Massage Envy San Rafael (Erica failed her first interview, and was only given a second interview due to my giving her a positive reference and encouraging the manager to give her a second chance), after we became a couple and then broke-up, she in turn lied about me to the manager, the owners, and various co-workers and friends so she could have me maligned and "indefinitely suspended" from my position as Massage Envy San Rafael's #1 most popular employee.]

    Massage Envy San Rafael Massage Therapist, Michael Woo, specifically told me that the reason Erica O'Connor was applying for a job at Massage Envy San Rafael was so that she could be near me, and seduce me.

    The only reason Erica had to be angry with me, to lie about me to the San Rafael Police Department, the Marin County Sherrif's office, the Marin County Superior Court and others is this: I insisted that Erica tell Nathan Dorris about our relationship.  (Erica was living with Nathan Dorris during our entire relationship.)

    "If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you."

    Really?  How is it then, that through false statements, perjury, malicious prosecution, and an absolutely frivolous lawsuit, Erica O'Connor had a "Temporary Restraining Order" filed against me without my having proper legal representation?  This TRO stripped away my Second Amendment Rights, as well as my right to peacefully and freely travel for three years.

    At no point have I ever threatened Nathan Dorris or Erica O'Connor in any way.  Nathan Dorris threatened me repeatedly, coming to my apartment and even trying to run me over with his car.  He got away with it, completely. 

    (I should point out that Erica O'Connor sued me twice.  The first time Erica sued me I hired Steven Duditch as my attorney.  (I almost hired David Vogelstein as my attorney, but he was unavailable to take my case at the time.)  I won the first trial, but it cost me $4,000.  Then Erica sued me again.  For the second lawsuit, I could not afford an attorney.  At the time of the second trial I hadn't worked full-time in several months and could barely afford to pay my rent.  I should also point out that in both these cases, Erica sued me for free claiming, "I ask the court to waive the filing fee because [the accused] has used or threatened to use violence against me, has stalked me, or has acted or spoken in some other way that makes me reasonably fear violence."  None of these things have ever happened.)

        An interesting side note- there is a "massage/spa" brothel next door to Steve Duditch's law office in San Rafael. 

    Sometimes I wish I hadn't erased the voicemail Erica left me after we had gone out together clubbing at

     Bondage-A-Go-Go in San Francisco with a bunch of friends from work at Massage Envy in San Rafael.

    She knew I was pissed off that she had ignored me at the club because she wanted to keep our relationship some sort of secret from certain people. 

    I tried to hold her hand, and she walked away...

    So she called me later that night, crying, asking to come over to my apartment, telling me she understood if I refused to ever see her again.

    She stood outside my apartment building and threw her fancy leather boots at my second-story window trying to wake me up.


    Which leaves me contemplating the benefits of attending law school again.

    If I had that recording of Erica crying for me, I would play it for Ed and Lou (two of the co-owners of Massage Envy San Rafael).

    Would I play it for you?

    Medic 37

    "nothing more than a friend"
    Two days before Nathan Dorris tried to kill me...
    ...he left a note for me on my doorstep...
    "Silence is an act of aggression"-Robert Sapolsky
    Ruth Werner is President
    of the Massage Therapy Foundation
    Men wearing earrings are not tolerated
    at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences...


    Very Good News!  February 20, 2010 my Transunion, Experian, and Equifax credit reports for Sallie Mae all stated:

    Status: Open/Never late. - and my credit scores were updated high enough

    to where I could realistically consider returning to graduate school...

       TransUnion Experian Equifax
        788     776      783    

    After over a year of trying to get someone at Sallie Mae, Transunion, etc. to recalculate the obvious mistakes on my account which had

    destroyed my credit and nearly made me homeless, someone listened!

    (actually, this response is quite prompt when compared to the fact that the American Massage Therapy Association has NEVER returned my phone calls.  I've been waiting since 2003...)


    The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences was founded by Stanley Paris, who was born in Dunedin, New Zealand on August 13, 1937. 

    Stanley Paris was appointed to the New Zealand Olympic Team as a physiotherapist for the Summer Games in Rome in 1960, and Mexico City in 1968.

    In 2006 Stanley Paris received the highest honor awarded annually by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in delivering the 37th Mary McMillan Lecture.   

    So the two famous former residents of New Zealand I have met with are Stanley Paris and Tim Barnett. 

    I recall that while it is true that my reasons for withdrawing from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences were due to my disappointment with the quality of instruction provided,

    I was also unhappy with a dress-code policy of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences ruling that male students were not allowed to wear earrings on campus. 

    It's true I rarely wear earrings these days, but it is also true that both my ears are pierced. 

    I was wearing earrings in both ears when I met Tim Barnett, in fact.

    Life Chiropractic College West has pictures of males wearing earrings in it's public relations materials, and allows male student interns to wear earrings in it's Health Center.  

    All I want to do right now is go back to graduate school... business? law? chiropractic? acupuncture? naturopathic medicine (including midwifery)? psychology? art? writing?

    Would I consider going back to the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and completing the clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy,

    particularly now that they have a campus in San Diego?  (Last time I wrote them, they returned my letter unopened.)

    I wish I could find sponsorship of some kind...

    Is business booming?

    How is business over at Ferrari and Maserati of San Francisco (which is not in San Francisco, but Mill Valley) these days?

    One of my coworkers, a graduate of one of the "best" massage schools in Illinois, told me she was astonished by some work I did with her shoulders, saying it was the best massage she'd ever had in her life. 


    Why did Nathan Dorris try to run me over with his car?

    Why do we sometimes care so deeply about symbols, words, flags, jewelry, etc.? 

    Why did Erica O'Connor keep the three teddy bears and three satin roses that I gave her the first time I asked her to marry me, in the College of Marin parking lot

     after her performance in A Midsummer Night's Dream, instead of returning them, as Nathan promised?

    Why did she keep the collage I made for her, a collage very much about our relationship?

    (Items returned by Nathan Dorris with this note included: Bizarro! The Art & Technique of Special Make-up Effects by Tom Savini,

    a pair of leopard-print fuzzy Sanita clogs, even obscure items, like a scrap of paper with my phone number on it, but for some strange reason, no collage, no satin flowers, and no tiny teddy bears...)

    Why did I mail a postcard to Nathan Dorris, a collage made from his own handwriting, saying, "please return everything boyfriend"?

    Why did Erica buy me chicken soup and organic fair-trade flowers from Whole Foods

    Why did Erica lie, lie, and lie yet again about me?

    Why did Erica give me a copy of "The New Erotic Photography" (edited by Dian Hanson and Eric Kroll, published by Taschen in 2007),

    and refuse to take it back when I tried to return it to her?

    Who is the model on page 449, photographed by George Pitts?

    The collage I gave Erica, which she kept, included a receipt from Earthworks in Santa Rosa:

    1" 14K White Gold Tiny Butterfly Necklace  $370.00

    10% Discount (because my best friend's wife was the salesperson)  -$37.00

    $370 - $37 = $333


    333 ft. tall George Washington Masonic Memorial
    When Erica posted this picture on her myspace page
    Did she credit the photographer? Did she mention whose motorcycle she is on? Why?
    When I gave Erica a copy of this picture
    she swooned, fell into my arms, and almost started crying...

    Fascia Research Congress

    The Fascia Research Congress proposes to gather together scientists involved in the research of the body's connective tissue matrix (fascia)

    with professionals involved in the therapeutic manipulation of this bodywide structural fabric. The information presented at the Fascia Research Congress will also be of interest

    to all who labor in the vineyard of 'Spatial Medicine' - healing the body through changing mechanical relationships (and their proprioception).

    Thus the primary audiences are:

    Scientists who are either engaged or interested in –

    Biomechanics of ligaments and other dense fibrous connective tissues · Biomedical Researchers · Connective tissue research · Gait & postural dynamics · Matrix biology ·

    Musculoskeletal dynamics · Orthopaedics · Rehabilitation · Rheumatology · Sports medicine

    The emphasis and centerpiece of this conference will be the presentation of the latest and best scientific fascia research from around the world. The Fascia Research Congress will be a valuable resource of data, new ideas, and networking for researchers working in many areas of study involving the human fasciae.

    Clinicians who should attend –

    Acupuncturists · Athletic Trainers · Chiropractors (DC's) · Energetic, hands-on healers (Therapeutic Touch) · Exercise Teachers · Massage Therapists ·

    Nutritionists · Osteopaths · Personal Trainers · Physiatrists and other physicians practicing neuromusculoskeletal medicine or manual medicine ·

    Physical Therapists (PT's) · Practitioners of Structural Integration (e.g., Rolfers®) · Prolotherapists (Sclerotherapy) · Rehabilitation Specialists...

    Major Sponsoring Organizations (2009)

    Sponsoring Organizations (2009)

    Supporting Organizations (2009)   


    Sponsoring Organizations (2007) 

    Supporting Organizations (2007) 

    Brian at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
    6/5/08, In partnership with the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley

    When I (Brian) read this: "...sexuality is not generally life-threatening unless one recklessly engages in unprotected sex or has sex with the partner of a jealous mate." - by Eugene Schoenfeld, Friday, June 19, 2009, in the San Francisco Chronicle, I thought about how lucky I am to be alive.

    I thought about the time Nathan Allan Dorris tried to run me over with his car.   I thought about how the San Rafael Police Department, the Marin County Sheriff's office, and the Marin County Superior Court bent over backwards to do absolutely nothing about this case of attempted murder... 

    I thought again about Erica Lynn O'Connor, Nathan Allan Dorris, three missing tiny teddy bears, a butterfly diamond necklace, risks, revenge and LIES, LIES, LIES...  I asked Erica to marry me and gave her three tiny teddy bears and three small satin roses.  I usually asked Erica to take off Nathan's ring when we were together... Eventually, she got around to destroying my life as well as Nathan's... One day I asked Erica to have children with me, and she kissed me harder than she had ever kissed me before, and we went out to dinner together for Puerto Rican food at SOL FOOD in San Rafael...I remember Erica driving, squeezing my left knee, and I remember Erica telling me how much she trusted me... The day after I asked Erica to have children with me, she came over to my apartment and apparently broke off our relationship.  Nathan Allan Dorris came to my apartment and returned the white gold necklace, the butterfly with diamond encrusted wings, but the teddy bears and roses I gave Erica the first time I asked her to marry me were missing... Erica apparently remains focused on destroying my life, taking revenge on me for the fact that I insisted that Nathan deserved to know about our relationship... Am I losing my mind?  Good question!

    Nathan Allan Dorris left a note at my apartment door, "I am returning everything you ever gave her..."

    Where are the teddy bears and roses?  Why did Erica keep them?  Why did Erica also keep the collage that I gave her simultaneously along with the white gold necklace and white gold diamond-encrusted butterfly pendant, all symbols representing my love for Erica and my obvious and clearly stated desire to court her for marriage?

    This of course leads me to think about the ever glorious wonder that is Amy Pfaffman, and wonder why she kept the blue glass bowl I gave her...   


    Should I comment on San Francisco's new (June 2009) massage law?  Is it relevant?  Does anyone care?  Should I comment on the various media's recent coverage of this issue, in light of the perhaps pertinent fact that I sold the WR Hearst III family a portable massage table for $780 on January 12, 2001, and/or that I was interviewed by Massage Today about this issue so many years ago ( July, 2004, Vol. 04, Issue 07 ) ...???  Should I note that the only massage therapist to ever really even try talk to me about this issue is Sister Rosalind Gefre, and that the AMTA, NCBTMB, etc. have never returned my phone calls???  Sister Rosalind suggested that I pray to Christ...

    ...I double checked the date and it was Friday, August 18th 2006 that I met with Tim Barnett, the author of New Zealand's Civil Union Act 2005, establishing the institution of Civil Union for same-sex and opposite-sex couples, as well as the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, decriminalizing prostitution and brothel keeping for adults in New Zealand. We met at the Café de la Paz located at 1600 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley.  This event was coordinated by Sex Workers Outreach Project USA and Berkeley Citizens Action.  I shook Tim Barnett's hand twice, and I gave Robyn Few a hug.

    I need to think about something else.  I need to figure out a way to make more money than I am now...

    Tim Barnett is now Global Programme Manager of the World AIDS Campaign, and is based in South Africa.

    Sometimes people ask me about my work at the 2002 Winter Olympics.  In light of global politics, I tend to think the most important thing I did at the Olympics was to give a massage to a dignitary representing Pakistan at the massage space in the Olympic Family Hotel. 

    Should I comment on recent developments regarding India's IPC 377?  Should I note that the one of the major sponsors for the Naz Foundation's work is San Francisco based Levi Strauss & Co.? ... (In December 2002 Naz India filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to challenge section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in the Delhi High Court)


    Your Support is Invited!

    The Fascia Research Congress Executive Committee invites academic centers and professional membership organizations to support the 2009 conference in Amsterdam, either as a sponsor or as a supporter.

    Sponsorship includes a substantial monetary and/or a significant in-kind contribution (donation of facilities, major advertising placement, personnel services) plus communicating announcements on behalf of the Congress to your related constituencies. For FRC 2009 there are two sponsor levels: Sponsors…contributing $2,500 - $7,500 and Major Sponsors…$10,000 and above.

    Supporters back the conference goals with a formal letter of support. In addition, supporters make information about the conference available to their members and associates in whatever manner is most appropriate/feasible (making information about the Fascia Research Congress available on their websites, ads and mentions in membership journals/newsletters, sending emails announcements on behalf of the congress to appropriate parties).

    Academic centers and professional membership organizations wishing to support the Fascia Research Congress can contact us at  

    Yes, it's a lavender stuffed poodle.
    While Erica was driving us to see
    Erica told me she wanted me to cage-fight Nathan Dorris...and she wanted me to win!
    I sculpted this in 1989/1990, in a class at the JC
    in Stockton, where I met Stephanie Miller, who first encouraged me to study massage...
    I did not make this collage...
    ...but I paid $2300 for the Pacific Sun staff to design and publish it...
    Bin in Iran
    Can you do 160 hours of massage in four weeks?
    I really shouldn't be posting this...
    How am I supposed to forget Erica giving this to me, along with a bouquet of flowers...
    ...and this copy of her favorite book...

    From "Contracts In a Nutshell", Seventh edition, by Rohwer & Skrocki, subsection 2.2.3:  "...the fact is that people do incur expenses and otherwise rely upon these tentative arrangements often with the full knowledge or even encouragement of the other party.  Under such circumstances, when the other party terminates negotiations (perhaps because it received a better proposal from a competitor), this can produce bitter feelings and may result in a lawsuit..."

    False reports of rape divert police resources from genuine cases and in making this false allegation (she) has undermined the genuine victims of this horrific crime [Woman is jailed for a year for 'cry-rape' charge that drove ex-boyfriend to try and kill himself twice]


    Sing your dissertation.


    Phil Frank once asked, "What rhymes with 'San Francisco Values'?"

    Man can Crisco pal ewes


    How are Big Gay Power and Big Tobacco similar?  How are they different?  [(The Toronto Star dances around this question below...)]


    Why does University of British Columbia law professor Benjamin Perrin and the Vancouver Courier openly, aggressively, and proudly cover-up males trafficked into the sex trade, while simultaneously asking Craigslist to stop listing erotic services???

    (It's important to give the above comment a personal perpective.  My first rented apartment in San Francisco was across the street from Golden Gate Park, about a block from the University of San Francisco on Fulton.  The entire building was a completely illegal remodel designed to exploit poor renters.  There were eighteen residents.  The landlord lived alone on the top floor, and habitually brought home young Asian boy prostitutes.  When I say "boy", I mean "boy".  Tell me Professor Perrin hasn't seen the same thing...) 


    Nettwerk Records: What it takes for a label to last

    ..."We knew we had to have a strong visual look and we thought that was important," Jowett says. "Terry was a DJ at the Luv-A-Fair. He knew what people would dance to. That was important, too."...

    ...eventually rose to symbolize many of the convictions Nettwerk embraced. Integrity. Individuality. Responsibility...

    ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

    DIJ news... PEACEFUL SNOW to be album available on a custom made 1 GB USB Flash drive... 17 songs on 3,000 limited edition CD's...

    The double 10" picture disc (1,000 copies) and coloured vinyl versions ( 700 Snow White & 300 Snow Blue) of 'Peaceful Snow' have the same track order as the CD 1 except no track# 13

    {{{1ST PRESS 300 RED / 700 BLACK VINYL}}}

    'Hymns Of Faith' by Crisis is finally re-released after some thirty years and yet it seems like only yesterday that I bought it upon its release. For thirty years, I have championed Crisis, like some kind of leper in the musical wilderness. I still cannot believe that La Vida Es Un Mus finally heard me. Very few records deserve the tag of classic, but 'Hymns Of Faith' is a classic record! Recorded by a band that was in the throes of death, this mini-LP features seven tracks of political punk (although some would describe it as post punk, an insult of the worst kind), covering the political spectrum from the Italian Red Brigades to the Kanada Kommando of Auschwitz. The LP may have lacked the bite of the earlier singles, but 'Hymns' was innovative and original, and has never been bettered, yet alone equalled. Forget 'Killed By Death', this my friends is the real deal! After Crisis, Douglas P and Tony Wakeford formed Death In June and Luke Rendall joined Theatre Of Hate. Kneel and bow in reverence to 'Hymns Of Faith'!


    After over 25 years I've decided to close NER Mail Order.

    The advent of the internet and the flourishing of online stores that deal more comprehensively with selling the Death In June and associated catalogue has made this once very important venture now redundant.

    The fact that Death In June releases are now issued from anywhere except England is also a contributing factor. It makes no financial or logical sense to send stock of titles to England (or Australia!) only to be sent on elsewhere in the World when people can easily order direct from the original source in America, Portugal, Belgium etc.

    The establishment of the NER mail order service in the 1980s was fundamental to the establishment of Death In June itself. It provided a much needed service to a hungry and very enthusiastic and interested audience that wasn't really being catered for. But, gone are the days when I would be crawling into bed at 2 - 3 in the morning after having first cleared it of the overflow of orders waiting to be packed and taken in their sackloads to the local Post Office the next day. In fact, I haven't personally dealt with the bulk of it since 1997. 13 years on it's time to put the final nail in its coffin.

    I'd now like to thank and say "Heilige!" to all those who have helped with and run NER Mail Order over these long years: JRP, Jack Collyer, D. Roehm, Keith Hinton, Peter Winkworth, John Rawlston, Peter Lane and, of course, Ian Read.

    The BM June address in London remains the main business address to send letters, gifts, birthday cards, death threats etc to.

    The future of the much loved promotional postcards is still being thought about and if one is sent out for the forthcoming Death In June - PEACEFUL SNOW album it will possibly be the last one.

    Festivals End As Festivals Must!
    Douglas P.


    ...maybe there was never a word because it lives so deep in the ocean," said Munuthia, who, after consulting with her language teacher, came up with a name that means dancing starfish.  (literacy is unpopular)

    Published On Sun Oct 31 2010: David Fewer, a lawyer and director of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic at the University of Ottawa, says the difference between tobacco and adult ads is that the Tobacco Act of 1997... (...wrote a letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster...)


    If you are accused of a sex crime, get the best criminal attorney in the area to represent you...


    Spare no expense because it is the most important investment you will ever make.

    Make sure you have an attorney present...