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37wolverinedreams has 7 videos posted on youtube 

Featured speakers include: Christine Mihelich, Daisy Anarchy, Carl Jensen, Darryl Cherney, Elisabeth Sheff, Rocky Rohwedder, Earth Circus.


POSTED: 1:55 pm PDT October 29, 2008, San Francisco..."If people really knew what was happening in these massage parlors, there would be outrage," (Gavin) Newsom said.



37 films entered into competition to make a short horror film of no more than ten minutes in length

It is here that our hero struggles to sleep, listens to opera, ingests industrial amounts of coffee and sulks about his wife leaving him.

Fall 2008 Tracking Study of the Affluent Market--#14, American Affluence Research Center, Oct 2008, Pages: 37

"The word “luxury” appears to have a rather ambiguous meaning for the affluent. This is evidenced by the broad range of price points that the affluent use to define luxury for the 37 different products and services measured and their apparently limited familiarity with the brands normally associated with luxury."

37 students broke the Guinness world record for longest lesson learned

The record was formerly held by Sanjay Kumar Sinha who taught 59 pupils English grammar for 73 hours and 37 minutes at the Bay City Club, Bandra in Mumbai, in October 2005.  The new record of 78 hours was taught by Kathiravan M Pethi on the subject of Mahatma Gandhi.

Zombie Strippers has 37 minutes of deleted/extended scenes

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Scope of veterinary practice October 15, 2008 Scope-of-practice laws draw attacks...concern over laypersons providing care without proper experience, training, or skills... anxiety centers on quality of care

...AVMA Model Practice Act states that... alternative therapy, such as massage therapy, is the administration of a treatment or method to an animal designed to impact that animal's health, and as such, qualifies as the practice of veterinary medicine...

...Nonveterinarians argue they are being hindered or excluded from their right to earn a living practicing their trade... law firm, the Institute for Justice... is defending lay horse teeth floaters and a lay horse massager from what it calls "elitist veterinary cartels" in Minnesota, Texas, and Maryland.

According to court documents, the civil liberties law firm is fighting against the state laws for their clients' "constitutional right to economic liberty." Institute for Justice attorneys claim these veterinary state boards have an established public policy of unreasonable occupational licensing restrictions...

11/4/08 Oprah Winfrey calls in to New York’s Power 105.1 Ed Lover Morning Show to discuss the importance of the election, reasons to vote, her plans to be with Democratic nominee Barack Obama at Grant Park in Chicago...

“I voted early the other day and it was a wonderful thing," she explained. "I wasn't in my normal precinct, because I was doing the early voting. The precinct was across the street from a drug treatment center. There were 37 women who had just detoxed, and they had come over to vote for the first time."


"Ah, yes, divorce," Robin Williams once mused, "from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet."

The derivation may not be found in dictionaries, but he was on well-trodden ground...

"A flagging economy clearly leads to an increase in misery,"...

...less likely to fall foul of the (economic) downturn are the divorce lawyers themselves.

The Economist


open communication and honest negotiation are needed to avoid hurt feelings and bad breakups

...There are still many opportunities for the temptation of corrupt officials...


It was a lovely Lawsuit, and I wish you could have been there, but maybe next time! 

GOODWIN, BRIAN 09/12/08 09:00 AM A CIV084155OSC/TRO


Marin County Superior Court
Hall of Justice
Marin County Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Drive
San Rafael, California 94903

(see also CIV 081806)

Please note the following testimony from CIV 081806, May 8, 2008:


For the Plaintiff:  Erica Lynn O'Connor, In Pro Per

For the Defendant: Steven Duditch, Attorney at Law, 1110 Lincoln Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901

Page 10, line 25: (Steven Duditch) Q.  Was he (Brian Goodwin) physically abusive to you in any way?

Page 10, line 26: (Erica Lynn O'Connor) A.  No.


Legal fees?  Approximately $4000, so far.