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Bombay Stock Exchange

Massage Envy is the largest provider of "therapeutic" massage in the USA, and the largest employer of massage therapists/practitioners, etc.

...Massage Envy's true headquarters is in Mumbai, India...

5/7/2008 News- Massage Envy sold to Natural Wellness- Edgeview Partners, a CIT company, is pleased to announce the sale of Massage Envy Limited LLC to an affiliate of Natural Wellness USA, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Essel Group headquartered in Mumbai, India

Essel Corporate Resources Private Limited
135, Continental Building
Dr. Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai No. 400 018.
11/27/08: True story : the editor of this website had a minimum of two members of his extended family inside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, India at the onset of recent terrorist attacks there.  They are now safe.  Several friends and neighbors of my family are dead.
[Offhand, despite news media stories to the contrary, there were in fact members of the US military inside the Taj Hotel at the onset of these terrorist attacks.  I know this because I have a cousin whose wife is half-German, half-"India"-Indian, and all-American.  (How am I supposed to say that?)  Her family in Mumbai is apparently quite wealthy and deeply involved in the Bombay Stock Exchange.  I hope to visit my extended family in Mumbai someday.  Two of her brothers are the family I am talking about who were inside the Taj at one of the restaurants at the time of the terrorist attacks.  Both were active-duty US Marines at the time.  I am close enough with my cousin and his wife that I think of their son as a nephew of sorts...
In fact, the cousin that I am talking about and I both have essentially the exact same relationship to deceased US President and Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft.]

PA Farm News, October 27, 2008

Veal production totaled 12.8 million pounds, up 37 percent from September a year ago.


Scottish agenda: What’s done is done as Goodwin looks towards F1

In Macbeth, the Scottish king rages at Banquo’s ghost while those present at the feast can only see an empty chair.

In the Shakespearean setting of the Church of Scotland’s Assembly Hall last week, shareholders in the Royal Bank of Scotland were full of sound and fury as they tackled outgoing chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin on the need for a £20 billion government bailout.

But, like Banquo, it was as if Goodwin wasn’t there. He rarely spoke and merged into the blue and black funereal background, which, given Goodwin’s description of the government’s intervention in the banking crisis as “more of a drive-by shooting than negotiation”, seemed rather appropriate.

As his career at RBS entered its death throes, Goodwin sat quietly...

As for Goodwin, it is hard to see him remaining in banking, but I hear rumours that he is already being touted as the man to take over from Max Mosley running FIA, the body that governs Formula One. Yes, that Max Mosley.

In my view, Goodwin would be a good choice. He knows plenty about motor sport and money, the two things that matter at F1, as well being a dab hand at cutting costs, which is going to become more important in these austere times...


Pam Maffei’s Justice in America class invites you to join Rachel Lloyd, Nola Brantley, Laurel Freeman and other activists to view this film in the MA Theater on Sunday, December 7, at 4 PM. Following the movie, students will moderate a panel discussion on the issue of teen sex trafficking and then serve dinner in the MA Café. Tickets for the movie and dinner are $10 and can be purchased online or at the door. Doors open at 3:30.


A San Mateo spa has agreed to pay a woman $500,000 after an employee touched her inappropriately during a massage


Sheriff accused of taking part in spanking and whipping session at sauna quits

...It became a bit of a joke that we would need to get the whip out every time we saw him coming in...


Edinburgh, Scotland was the first city in the UK to effectively decriminalise brothels when it gave saunas and massage parlours entertainment licences in 1982

...a single ticket for...A Midsummer Night's Dream...

I know their Don Giovanni, with its staging in a brothel, was controversial, but I thought it was great. I plan to increase my funding next year because of the donations I know they will lose with negative fallout from that opera

..."I don't consider myself a philanthropist. That nomenclature scares me. It's a big, big word. I think of Carnegie and Rockefeller as philanthropists."


going down well

...all of Bollywood is operatic in style, with larger than life emotions...

how numerologically sound is the word Bollywood?

The word ‘Bollywood’ adds up to Number 40 which is not auspicious. It should be banned or spelt either with a double ‘B’ or a single ‘L’. May be, that is why we see such inconsistencies in our film industry.

I Am is the title of Onir Anirban's newest project, a film comprised of five short films in one: A film defining Identity. Each short film shines the light on a topic that is not generally seen in Hindi cinema, including child sexual abuse, male sex workers and their mistreatment at the hands of the police, and a corrupt NGO (non-government organization)...

..."It seems unreal sometimes that a film is getting made through Facebook funding, but now that I have completed the first shoot and starting the second.... I feel confident that this could be a new way for independent cinema."


12 years in Mumbai as a masseur, a garb under which thousands of male sex workers work

...17 per cent of the masseurs have tested HIV positive...


Shereen Bhan interviews Essel Group’s Punit and Amit Goenka

...So he needed somebody who is not scared and can go out and make things work. And I said I am willing to take that channel.
S: And not be sacked at the end of the day if it was a wrong decision taken? 

P: Well you still get sacked. It is not that you can’t get sacked because my dad is very clear on this. The only rights we have is his inheritance as he puts it, not to running his companies. It is only we are capable to run the company we will be made to run the companies...


Chandra means beautiful

(Subhash Chandra's family owns Essel)